Signals to Buy Cryptocurrency

Signals to Buy Cryptocurrency

Trading in cryptocurrencies and investing in various types of such coins became a real panacea in terms of maintaining material prosperity during the downturn of the world economy. These assets allow you to save and increase your funds in the long term and earn money for everyday needs in the foreseeable future. All this is possible if the following conditions are met: the presence of an initial deposit and the ability to buy cheaper and sell more expensive.

Since not everyone is ready to spend several months mastering all the subtleties of such analytics, services with trading signals for cryptocurrencies have appeared. Their essence, the rules of choice and use will be discussed further.

What are cryptocurrency buy signals?

Signals are advisory notices, notifications, or visual marks on the chart that indicate the prospects for buying or selling a particular cryptocurrency.
They make it clear the main parameters of the upcoming transaction:

  • which cryptocurrency is better to open an order for;
  • in which direction will the price move-to rise or fall;
  • at what price level it is necessary to close the deal and fix the profit.

In addition, the signals may indicate points on the chart where it is desirable to stop trading, if suddenly the calculations turn out to be incorrect (yes, the signals are also not always perfectly accurate).
The signals are intended for traders and investors. In the first case, they are short-term, and are calculated for a period of several minutes to several days. In the second case, the investor plans to make a profit on the growth of quotations in the long term, and signals for the purchase of cryptocurrency are focused on a period of several weeks to several months or even years.

Types of cryptographic signals

Taking into account the time differences between the described situations for traders and investors, we can distinguish such three categories of trading signals designed for operations with cryptocurrency:

  • Short-term.
  • Medium-term.
  • Long-term.

But the classification is not limited to this-there are three types of such notifications based on availability:

  • free – fully available for all categories of participants in the cryptocurrency market. They are published on open services and platforms, they can easily be found on the Internet and even subscribe to them;
  • conditionally free-they are also available without strict conditions except for one-the user must be registered either on the service where the signals are broadcast, or on the website of a specific crypto exchange or with a specific cryptocurrency broker;
  • closed-such signals are provided to a narrow circle of investors and traders under certain conditions. These conditions may include adding a specific amount to an account with a partner company, paying for the service or analytics costs, or meeting the conditions for the number of open transactions.

Naturally, taking into account this classification, such notifications about the prospects of buying or selling are paid and free.
In addition, the signals differ in the analysis algorithms. They can be based on the fundamentals of fundamental analysis, the economic calendar, the Martingale principle, Elliott waves, oscillator readings, candlestick or graphical analysis models.

Pump signals

Special attention should be paid to the so-called pump signals. First you need to understand what this term is and what lies behind it. In fact, this is an artificially created hype around a certain coin, usually quite young and cheap. Pump notifications aim to provoke inexperienced investors to invest in such coins the maximum of their capital in the hope of intensive growth of quotations and, accordingly, huge profits.

In fact, the big players are not going to invest in these coins, and are waiting for the peak maximum price to sell the coins bought for almost nothing to novice crypto traders.
However, even beginners can avoid this hook, which is thrown to them along with the bait by experienced participants. And it is enough for them to pay attention to some signs of signals for cryptocurrency pumps:

  • a sharp increase of more than 5% from the initial quote;
  • no coins in the top, at least - in the first 50 positions;
  • little-known coins with extremely low cost are growing;

Suddenly, there is a surge in information about the growth of this cryptocurrency.

If all these signs were noticed late – then all is not lost, since at the peak there will be a period of decline and growth with frequent alternation. And at this point, it is advisable to get rid of the coins purchased earlier, as soon as the price becomes higher than the purchase price.

Where to look for trading signals on cryptocurrencies

Signal compilation is a vast field of activity, where there is a place for both experienced traders, artificial intelligence, and, sad to say, outright scammers. Signals are usually broadcast in group accounts, channels, or on exchange websites. Common signal sources for cryptocurrency trading:

  • channels in the Telegram service;
  • trader forums;
  • social networks – special groups and profile pages;
  • mobile apps;
  • bots and programs that can collect and analyze information from various sources.

Recently, the most comfortable and fast conditions are represented by telegram channels. In closed channels, signals for different types of cryptocurrencies are published with entry and exit points, desired volumes, and an indication of the timeframes in which the analysis was conducted.

How to choose signals for trading cryptocurrency assets

As you can see, there are many sources and varieties of signals for the purchase of cryptocurrency. This makes it difficult to choose, but you can rely on the basic signs of reliability – this will help you avoid risks and not spend money on false signals from scammers:

  • availability of a financial license or certificates from the signal provider;
  • availability of reports on the site with signals;
  • uninterrupted and competent feedback;
  • availability of a legal address;
  • duration of the service or channel activity;
  • the number of subscribers to signals for cryptocurrency trading;
  • reviews of accuracy on independent sites.

It is also advisable to conduct your own audit. Namely, to mark several open signals, record their indications for entering and exiting a trade. Then track whether the signal is triggered in plus or minus. And after a few days, check whether the supplier has changed the characteristics of the signal retroactively.

With this approach, trading cryptocurrency using trading signals will become reliable, fast and profitable.




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Analysis - Investing in Adobe
Analysis - Investing in Adobe For several decades, Adobe remained an important player in the software market. If you need to edit an image, develop a mobile app, create graphics for social networks, or add effects to a video, then you need the products of this company.Over the past 5 years, Adobe's stock has seen explosive growth, overtaking Facebook, Amazon, and Zacks Technology. However, since September 2020, the paper has held at a strong level, which for a long time could not break through, and only now there has been a shift.ADBE is one of the first major companies to report earnings for the second quarter of 2021. Let's see how the software developer completes the first quarter and whether this document deserves the attention of investors.The company has created a number of tools that are very popular among designers, creatives, and anyone who needs to process text, video, and images.Adobe went public in the mid-1980s. Having created a number of important programs, the software developer became popular, but the transition to the SaaS subscription system helped him win the global market.The company's subscription-based business model allows it to grow steadily, and cloud computing software is actively used by various businesses, schools, design studios, etc.Adobe has three cloud computing divisions. The biggest Creative Cloud is software for creative professionals, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Adobe has expanded its business to include services such as electronic signature, marketing, and others. This is done by the Document Cloud division: Acrobat and e-signature offerings. In December 2020, the company completed the purchase of Workfront, a leading platform for marketers.The third cloud department, Experience Cloud (marketing programs and services), is responsible for this segment. Business diversification and unique solutions help the issuer to maintain a strong position in the SaaS market, which is full of similar offers. The emphasis on signature and unique software makes the company an attractive investment target.The company's return on equity is an incredible 300%. Bottom line: For every dollar spent on running this business, the issuer gets almost $3 in operating profit. Financial aspectAccording to the reports, in 2020, the company's revenue increased by 15% compared to the same period last year, and sales - by 26%. The largest number of sales was received in the Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Experience Cloud industries.Adobe Creative Cloud revenue rose 31% to $2.4 billion in the first quarter. The figure itself is impressive, and it also shows that the company's growth accelerated by 22%.Earnings growth in the first quarter ended March 5 forced the company to raise its annual targets for 2021. Earnings per share for the period increased by 38%, with the indicator growing for the second quarter in a row. In the three quarters, revenue grew 14% and sales grew 26%.In the first quarter of 2021, cash flow is also expected to increase by 39% to $1.71 billion, which will be more active growth than sales growth. This pace is expected to continue until the end of 2021. Buy or sell paper? Adobe According to Zacks, second-quarter sales are expected to grow 19% and adjusted earnings are expected to grow 15%.This dynamic allows the company's shares to grow in price. The upward trend will be supported by a resurgence in both the US and the global economy.Adobe has coped well with the pandemic thanks to the increased demand for digital technologies. However, it would be a mistake to assume that the growth of the issuer's shares over the past 12 months is only related to the pandemic. It would be more accurate to say that the pandemic accelerated the already excellent growth rate of this company. It is clear that Adobe has become an important component of the global software market, and this will not change after the defeat of the coronavirus.While the start to the fiscal year is impressive, the stock has been in this range for a long time and is only now showing a shift in the market.At the same time, the company can not be called overpriced, and the long apartment was rather a small respite before a new growth cycle.The shares of the software manufacturer look very attractive. Like other companies in the industry, Adobe can expand its business. After spending on the development and implementation of the software, the revenue from its use is directed to the net profit, as well as to further development.We have already written that the newspaper has reached a strong level, which it has repeatedly tried to break through since September 2020. And only in June 2021, it was possible. After another assault on the level of $520, the price first rolled back to the level of $470, which this time was used as a springboard for growth. Adobe shares successfully broke through the $520 level and quickly rose to the $540 level. After breaking through the strong resistance zone, we expect the price to move up to the $600 resistance.
Analysis - Investing in Oracle
Analysis - Investing in Oracle Let's just say that oracle is not the strongest paper in the technology industry. The issuer has been building software for businesses for 40 years, showing weak sales growth compared to giants such as Amazon and Microsoft. Oracle executives are often criticized for often organizing buyouts rather than expanding their core business.Relatively Everything. Yes, compared to tech mastodons like apple and Amazon, Oracle's profits are small, while Oracle's DBMS share has grown 75% over the past 5 years, and total corporate profits, including reinvested dividends, have been around 90%. Note that this company is considered more resilient than other aging tech giants like IBM and others.A few words about the company and its business. Oracle Corporation, based in the United States, is a major server hardware and software company. The company specializes in database management systems, middleware, and business applications. The most famous is the Oracle Database software, which the company has published since its inception.The company operates in three main segments.1st segment of cloud and on-premises software. In this segment, the company develops such areas as the SaaS solution (software as a service), PaaS models (platform as a service), IaaS, infrastructure as a service (cloud structure as a service), as well as software license renewal and product support.Hardware segment. In this segment, the company is active in two areas: the development of hardware products and their support.Service segment. This segment includes a wide range of services, such as support, advice, training, etc The secret of the company's successThe company posted impressive growth figures in its recent earnings report as the pandemic set low payouts for 2020. While experts say the transition from Oracle to the cloud is slow, the tech giant is reaping the rewards of its acquisitions and investments. Its shares are still trading at a moderate P / E ratio of 17, with more than $ 37 billion in cash.What is the secret of the company's success? First, Oracle has moved its enterprise software to cloud services. The transition proved difficult, but the expansion of cloud services driven by major acquisitions such as NetSuite eventually offset slower growth in on-premises software sales.Second, Oracle spent most of its free cash flow (FCF) on the repurchase, not the dividend. Over the past decade, the issuer has reduced its shares by almost 42 percent, which has steadily increased earnings per share and the share price. Why does the company buy up cloud servicesOracle, like IBM and other older software companies, has reached its limits over the past few decades. The market was divided, and nothing seemed to change the balance of power. Everything changed with the advent of the SaaS service. The new service immediately became widespread, it is easy to install, update, configure. The emergence of SaaS destroyed the old business structures and drew the line "before" and "after".This paradigm shift has forced the old tech giants to play by new rules. Some companies, such as Microsoft, have been successful. Others, such as IBM, have failed. The transition to the Oracle cloud was more successful than IBM, but less impressive than Microsoft.The turning point for Oracle was the migration of the on-premises database and enterprise software to the cloud, as well as the acquisition of cloud-related companies.Gradually, Oracle's revenue began to grow. So, in the first half of the 2021 fiscal year (which began in May last year), this indicator increased by 2%. The expansion of cloud services compensated for the slowdown in local operations. In the new financial year, experts expect an increase in revenue by 3%. Stable operating profitability OracleOracle's non-GAAP operating margin remained unchanged at 44% in fiscal years 2019 and 2020. In the first half of 2021, it increased from 42% to 46% year-on-year, as operating expenses fell by 5%.This margin increase shows that Oracle is not spending too much money on moving to the cloud, and that this continues to affect prices in the enterprise software market. Oracle buys back its sharesExperts often say that the repurchase of shares of Oracle, on which the company spent 100% of free cash flow over the past 12 months, was used to increase the value of the shares against the background of low profits.Of course, the Oracle share buyback was also necessary. Thus, over the past 10 years, the issuer has reduced the number of shares issued by it by almost 42%. This approach has proven successful compared to other technology companies, which have often used buybacks to avoid diluting capital by issuing new securities.According to analysts, if Oracle continues to buy back its shares and supports sales growth, it can increase the company's profit by 13% in 2021 and by 7% in 2022. By comparison, IBM, which has reduced share buybacks over the past two years, is still struggling with declining profits and losses. Buy or sell Oracle shares?Oracle is trading at 14 times forward earnings and is ready to pay a dividend of 1.5% per annum. Dividend payments have remained unchanged over the past two years, but this low payout rate of 28% gives the issuer the opportunity to start increasing them in the future.Such a low valuation and decent profitability make this company attractive for investment, especially if rising US interest rates and other macroeconomic factors force investors to abandon more expensive shares of technology companies.This does not mean that the oracle is an ideal investment document. The company has questions, but they intend to solve them. This company is focused on growth and easily overcomes any financial crisis. We think that from time to time it is worth betting on a marathon runner, not a sprinter, and investing in oracle is exactly what you need.Overall revenue growth accelerated to 3% in recent months, compared with 2% growth in the last two quarters. That figure was $10.1 billion, against expectations of $10.07 billion.The company is opening new data centers to strengthen its position in competition with cloud computing leaders Microsoft, Amazon and Google.Slowly but surely, it will achieve all its goals, which makes these stocks a good choice for a long-term investment.Shares of this company with short stops and pullbacks have been steadily growing since January. The latest growth momentum has just ended. Buyers did not have enough strength to capture the level of $84.70. The asset retreated to the level of $83.00 and now wants to grow again.If we look at the history, we can see that long pullbacks are not typical for this paper. We suggest buying the company's shares from the current levels with a medium-term goal of around $90.00.
Brent oil price tops $73 for first time since May 2019
Brent oil price tops $73 for first time since May 2019 Oil quotations are rising amid expectations of a further recovery in demand. International Energy Agency forecasts oil demand to be higher than before the pandemic by the end of 2022.The price of Brent crude futures on the ICE London exchange has surpassed $73 in August, trading data shows. It peaked at $73.07 during the trading session - the last time Brent traded above $73 a barrel was on 20 May 2019.WTI Texas Intermediate crude futures are up 1.22% to $71.15 in July.The International Energy Agency (IEA) today published The IEA Oil Market Report (OMR), which said that oil demand will return to pre-crisis levels by the end of 2022. At the same time, the organization kept the demand forecast for 2021 at 5.4 million barrels per day.OPEC+ member countries will have reserves of around 6.9m bpd between May and July. And if sanctions on Iran are lifted, market supply would increase by 1.4m bpd in the short term.The price of Brent crude oil has been in an uptrend since May 21. During this period it rose from $64.5 to $73, and there were only two trading sessions which closed lower.The IEA stressed that OPEC+ countries will have to increase production to meet rising market demand. Bloomberg points out that road traffic in the US and most of Europe has recovered to pre-pandemic levels.At the same time, the full recovery of flights, and with them, demand for jet fuel remains in doubt, says Investec Bank's head of commodity markets, Collum McPherson. The return of Iranian oil to the market, he believes, will be a challenge for OPEC+ if demand does not pick up. IndexaCo
Dogecoin - invest or not?
Dogecoin - invest or not? The cryptocurrency market is constantly expanding and it offers us more and more new digital coins. In this article, we will analyze about a special cryptocurrency – Dogecoin.When it was created, it was not considered a serious project at first. It was a joke or meme of Billy Marcus, a programmer who created the currency as a parody of other rapidly growing digital currencies. Billy created a meme symbol for his brainchild — the dog Shiba Inu, who smiles.If you compare the technical aspect of Dogecoin with Ethereum or Bitcoin, the creation of which is the infrastructure and billions of Dollars of investment injections, and serious opportunities, we can safely say that the structure of the coin is as simple as possible.At the same time, this currency is more environmentally friendly than Bitcoin, it does not have a limit on the issue, which makes the possibility of creating tokens less energy-intensive. In addition, this made Dogecoin even more convenient to replace the fiat currency, since the price of Dogecoin will not increase very much in the medium-term perspective.For a long time, this crypt was not noticed, but gradually it was noticed by several commercial networks, sports and medical companies. After that, the attitude towards Dogecoin changed, and the cryptocurrency itself began to be used as a payment instrument.The total value of Dogecoin in the spring of this year was more than $85 billion. For comparison, this figure is more than the cost of Gazprom and General Motors.The token has a godfather-Elon Musk. He started mentioning the coin both on social media and on various TV shows. The owner of Tesla praised Dogecoin in various ways, called its strengths, and this was the reason that the coin began to grow significantly. However, Elon Musk allowed this currency not only to grow, his messages on Twitter also influenced its fall. So, on May 9, Musk once again spoke about Dogecoin, and the coin fell by thirty percent. And, although this decline has not really changed the situation with the value of the coin, the current price continues to grow and has already exceeded more than a hundred times the value of the beginning of the year.The coin increased its value by more than twenty percent after the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange listed it on its trading platform. The placement of Dogecoin on Coinbase Global allows many possible investors around the world to conduct token trading. Those users who have Coinbase Pro accounts can trade Dogecoin for US currency, Euro, Pound sterling, BTC, and Tether. When this became known, the value of the cryptocurrency increased from $0.31 to $0.38. Do I need to invest in DogecoinIf you bought Dogecoin for one thousand in January of this year, then now you can have about 85 thousand Dollars. This digital currency is very unpredictable, so it is not known what limit its value can reach. But it is precisely because of this volatility that it deserves special attention. If you are lucky, you can potentially make good money by investing now.Keep in mind that the hope that this meme currency will definitely be a reliable and long-term investment is very small. And if you decide to buy Dogecoin, it is better to treat this investment as an experiment. Invest as much money as you allow yourself to lose and do not expect much from this coin. For you, it should be primarily a speculative asset with potential for growth.To successfully trade this coin, you need to first subscribe to Elon Musk's tweets. Although the Tesla boss is interested in Dogecoin, the digital currency is likely to show good growth. Why not invest in Dogecoin?There are two aspects that you should consider when thinking about buying this coin or be very careful when trading. In fact, it is not as strong as other coins.Now there are several types of digital currencies that are similar in structure and purpose. However, investing in Dogecoin is very different from other, established coins such as Bitcoin. Dogecoin was created in 2013, and although the coin has grown since then, it still doesn't have the same strength as other crypto assets.So, one of the reasons to invest in BTC is a small number of coins, the number of which is no more than 21 million. This limited number of bitcoins affects the growth in value. No wonder many experts called BTC "digital gold", because the asset is limited, as well as precious metals.At the same time, the brainchild of Billy Marcus has 129 billion tokens in circulation, and this automatically affects the price reduction. With so many more available coins, the value is low.In addition, there are not many businesses that accept this cryptocurrency as a means to pay for their products and services. Among all those who interact with it, they may prefer to accept bitcoin rather than Dodgecoin. Without the widespread adoption of Dogecoin, it will be difficult to achieve a steady growing result.There is also nothing special that sets Dogecoin apart from its competitors. For example, BTC has the most recognition, which makes the coin profitable in the digital currency market. Ethereum is the second digital currency after Bitcoin, and its creation technology is used for non-exchangeable coins (NFT). This allowed the use of Ethereum outside of the cryptocurrency space. As you can see, Dogecoin has no special qualities, without which this coin will be difficult to grow in the long term. Possible “bubble”Apart from the fact that the coin is supported by celebrities and electronic hype, there is nothing behind this meme currency that would guarantee a profit. All that we are now seeing are indirect signs that point to a bubble that will definitely burst at some point.Dogecoin is very similar to businesses such as GameStop and AMC, whose securities have soared in the blink of an eye, and their activities do not justify such an increase.As with GameStop and AMC, the increase in Dogecoin can be artificial, which is largely influenced by Elon Musk's comments that promote the coin on social media. And, as with GameStop and AMC, the fall of Dogecoin is probably only a matter of time. Buy or not?So, as the forecast shows, an increase in the price of Dogecoin is expected soon. Experts expect that in 2022, this digital currency will double to $0.72. In addition, it is possible that Dogecoin will reach a record level of $2.09.According to the short-term forecast of Digital Coin Price, in June the token will grow to $0.67. The average cost of the asset, which is expected in July, is $0.61. Dogecoin is projected to remain around $0.59-0.60 in August and September.
Brent oil price forecast for 2021 and 2022
Brent oil price forecast for 2021 and 2022 In international markets, the price of Brent crude oil in April of this year averaged $65, which did not change compared to the average value for March. According to the US Energy Short-term forecast (EIA), published on May 11, 2021, they are projected to average $65 per barrel in the second quarter of 2021, and then an average of 61 per barrel in the second half of 2021, therefore, a correction is expected to develop.Brent crude oil prices were high in 2020, averaging $64 a barrel in January. But they fell sharply in the second quarter, closing at about $9 a barrel in April 2020, when the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil fell to a negative price around -37 dollars a barrel.By June 2020, the price of Brent crude oil exceeded $40 per barrel, and by the end of 2020, it rose to $50 per barrel. In March and April 2021, prices rose to $65 per barrel due to rising oil demand due to an increase in the number of vaccinations and an increase in overall economic activity worldwide.The price increase also reflects supply constraints from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and OPEC partner countries. OPEC restricts oil production due to lower demand during the pandemic. At its meeting in April 2021, OPEC announced that it would start increasing oil production, with each adjustment being no more than 0.5 million barrels per day.According to the EIA forecasts, the average price of WTI oil in 2021 will be $59 per barrel, and in 2022 oil will be at the level of $57 per barrel. Four reasons for volatile oil pricesPreviously, oil prices had predictable seasonal fluctuations. They rose sharply in price in the spring, as oil traders expect high demand for cars for the summer holidays. When demand peaks, prices fall in the fall and winter, especially if the winter is warm.Oil prices have become unstable due to factors affecting oil prices. The coronavirus pandemic has led to a sharp drop in oil demand. This offset three other factors affecting oil prices: rising U.S. oil production, declining OPEC influence, and a stronger dollar. Slowing global demandThe EIA estimates that global demand for oil and liquid fuels in 2020 was 92.2 million barrels per day. This is 9 million barrels per day lower than in 2019. Demand is expected to grow by 5.4 million barrels per day in 2021 and another 3.7 million barrels per day in 2022. US oil production growthProducers of shale gas and alternative fuels such as ethanol in the US have increased their supply. They slowly increased the supply, maintaining prices high enough to cover the cost of developing new fields. Many shale gas producers have become more efficient at extracting oil. They found ways to keep the fields open, saving on the cost of closing them. This growth began in 2015 and has since affected supply.In August 2018, the United States became the world's largest oil producer. In September 2019, U.S. crude oil production rose to a record 12.1 million barrels per day. For the first time since 1973, the US exported more oil. In February 2021, U.S. crude oil production averaged 9.9 million barrels per day, down 1.2 million barrels per day from January. The EIA estimates that U.S. crude oil production rose to 10.9 million bpd in March and nearly 11.0 million bpd in April.U.S. crude oil production is estimated to average 11.3 million barrels per day in the fourth quarter of 2021 and increase to 11.8 million barrels per day in 2022. Reducing the influence of OPECAmerican shale oil producers have become more powerful, but they don't act like an OPEC-type cartel. To maintain market share, OPEC did not cut production enough to set a minimum price level.OPEC's leader, Saudi Arabia, wants higher oil prices because it is a source of government revenue. But it must balance this with the loss of market share to American and Russian companies.Saudi Arabia does not want to lose market share to its main rival, Shiite – led Iran. The 2015 nuclear peace Treaty lifted 2010 economic sanctions and allowed Saudi Arabia's biggest rival to export oil again in 2016. But that source dried up when President Donald Trump reimposed sanctions in 2018. The rise in the value of the dollarCurrency traders have been raising the value of the dollar since 2014. Many traders use the dollar as a safe investment in times of economic uncertainty. For example, the value of the dollar rose by 30% between 2013 and 2016 in response to the Greek debt crisis and Brexit. From March 3 to March 23, 2020, it grew by 8.4% due to the coronavirus pandemic.All oil transactions are paid in US dollars. Most oil-exporting countries link their currencies to the dollar. As a result, a 25% rise in the dollar offsets a 25% drop in oil prices. Global economic uncertainty keeps the US dollar strong. Brent oil price forecast for 2021 and 2022On the weekly oil chart, a large bullish "Wolf Wave" model was formed with the aim of working out the model at the level of $120 per barrel. As we can see, the potential for continued growth is still there. Moving averages indicate the presence of a short-term bullish trend in oil. Prices broke through the area between the signal lines up, which indicates pressure from buyers of "Black Gold" and the potential continuation of the growth of the asset value from the current levels. At the moment, we should expect an attempt to develop a correction and test the support level near the area of $68.50 per barrel. Further, the continuation of the growth of the oil exchange rate in the region above the level of $ 85 per barrel in 2021 and $ 120 in 2022.An additional signal in favor of the rise in quotations and prices for Brent oil will be a test of the support line on the relative strength indicator (RSI). The second signal will be a rebound from the lower border of the inverted "Head and Shoulders" reversal pattern. Confirmation of the rise in quotations will be the breakdown of the resistance level and the closing of Brent prices above the level of 70.55, as we can see, buyers can not break through this area in any way.Thus, the Brent forecast for oil prices for 2021 and 2022 suggests an attempt to develop a correction and test the support level near the area of 68.50. Further, the continuation of growth with a goal above the level of $85 per barrel in 2021 and $ 120 in 2022. A test of the trend line on the relative strength indicator, as well as the formation of a large inverted "Head and Shoulders" model, will be in favor of the rise. Oil price forecast for 2025 and 2050The EIA predicted that by 2025, the nominal price of Brent crude oil will rise to $66 per barrel.By 2030, it is expected that global demand will lead to an increase in the price of Brent crude oil to $89 per barrel. By 2040, prices are projected at $132 per barrel. By then, the sources of cheap oil will be exhausted, which will make oil production more expensive. By 2050, oil prices will be $185 per barrel, according to the EIA's Annual Energy Outlook.The EIA expects oil demand to stabilize as utilities rely more on natural gas and renewable energy sources. It is also assumed that economic growth averages about 2% per year, while energy consumption is declining by 0.4% per year. The EIA also has forecasts for other possible scenarios. Can oil cost $200 a barrel?Although it seems ridiculous now, there are situations in which the price of oil can reach $200 per barrel. The EIA forecasts Brent crude prices at $185 a barrel in 2050 if the cost of oil production falls and it displaces competing energy sources, but economic conditions could lead to even more price increases.In July 2008, oil prices reached a record high of about $147 per barrel. In December, they fell to about $40 per barrel, and then rose to $123 per barrel in April 2011. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) previously predicted that the price of Brent crude could rise to $270 a barrel on rapidly growing demand from China and other emerging markets.The price of oil at the level of $200 per barrel can change consumer consumption. The use of oil as an energy source has led to climate change. There is an opinion that high oil prices lead to a "drop in demand". If high prices persist long enough, people change their buying habits. The drop in demand occurred after the 1979 oil shock. Oil prices have been falling steadily for years.The $200-a-barrel oil price forecast seems disastrous for the American way of life, but people in Europe have been paying high prices for years because of high taxes. As long as people have time to adjust, they will find ways to live with higher oil prices.
Dollar falls, losing support from US government bonds
Dollar falls, losing support from US government bonds The dollar fell against the Canadian dollar and hovered near multi-month lows against European currencies on Tuesday as Treasury bond yields were little moved amid expectations the US Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates in the near future.Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan reiterated on Monday that he does not expect interest rates to rise until next year, lowering expectations that inflationary pressures could force the Fed to change policy sooner than stated.The yield on 10-year US Treasury bonds stood at 1.6454%, continuing a decline from last week's five-week high.The dollar index to a basket of six major currencies was down 0.19% to 89.991 by 09:34 Moscow time. The euro rose 0.25% to $1.2181, close to its lowest level since February 26. At the same time, the pound rose 0.31% to $1.4178. The British currency was supported by the lifting of coronavirus restrictions in the UK.The Canadian dollar rose 0.31% against the US dollar to $1.2029, almost hitting a six-year high, thanks to higher oil prices. "The Aussie rose 0.46% to $0.7799. The New Zealand dollar rose 0.58% to $0.7242.The mainland yuan rose 0.2% to 6.4257. The Japanese yen rose 0.1 per cent paired with the dollar, to 109.08 yen.In the cryptocurrency market, bitcoin rose 3.81% to $45.255 but remained near a three-month low following tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Etherium rose 7.58% to $3,529.95, recovering from a two-week low hit on Monday. IndexaCo
How to choose a reliable broker
How to choose a reliable broker At the end of the last century, the forex market emerged. The currency began to change its rate due to the influence of external factors. The first brokers appeared as early as the beginning of 1990. Now the market is full of unique offers from traders. Therefore, making the right choice was not as easy as it may seem at first glance. It is worth understanding what you should look for when choosing a broker. The right broker can be distinguished by the following features: considerable professional experience, official working license, comfortable working conditions, quality customer service.LicenceThe broker's activity is an intermediation and implies the execution of transactions. It is regulated at the legal level. Experts believe that the licence proves the transparent work of the company. It proves the safety of personal data and client funds.How important is professional experience?Many people do not pay attention to this criterion. It is worth mentioning that it takes time to develop effective strategies. Young brokers can only take their cue from someone else's knowledge. There will be no proper impact in this case. To develop your own strategy, you need experience in the work. There are also unscrupulous firms that attribute a few years of work to themselves. The authenticity of such data can be verified online. This is important as there are many fly-by-night companies. The client should double check the facts about the broker's activities. This will save him from crisis situations in future.Comfortable working conditionsWith this criterion, the client can check how comfortable the broker's platform is to use. This is a very important criterion. The service should be supported by modern gadgets. In addition, the software should be regularly improved. The data should be transferred clearly and smoothly. It is very important that a trader gets access to global trading exchanges and all the additional tools to control the transactions. A stylish website interface will attract an additional number of clients. The fast payout feature will differentiate the broker from its competitors. It is better to place useful information easily accessible. Trading signals should inform the client in advance. The underlying assets should also be available. The client should not look for another broker. All options should be managed through the personal locker.Withdrawal of fundsThey should not restrict the user in the options of withdrawing the money earned. The fewer options for payment systems, the lower the platform rating. Global banking networks are as secure as possible. It is tried and tested. Replenishment is interest-free. All data is reliably protected. It is important that the broker can guarantee prompt withdrawal of funds.Customer serviceThe staff should be competent. Regardless of the client's experience, the staff should be able to provide adequate support. Questions may arise at any stage of using the software. In this case, the operator must be able to familiarise the client with the functions of the system to reveal its main advantages. Enquiries should be dealt with promptly. In addition, the broker's website should provide materials for self-study. Verified users are usually given access to additional study materials. Support staff should be available via live chat, email or phone.ConclusionThe above points are the most important criteria for choosing a quality broker. It is better to study the features of the software even before registering. Special attention should be paid to the length of time the office will operate and the availability of a licence. Special care helps to avoid problems. A broker must be credible. The broker's job is to provide comfortable software for users. IndexaCo
8 psychological tips for becoming a successful forex trader
8 psychological tips for becoming a successful forex trader To be a successful trader in the financial markets you need to follow these tips.1. Do only one thing and do it right.All you have to do is become an expert in only one type of trading. There is no need to trade 10 different trading strategies. Focus on just one system. Learn it perfectly, understand it and become an expert in it. If you do it well, you can become a very successful marketer.For example, trade only one type of trade over and over again and don't think about stop-loss placement and entry. The only thing to think about a bit is the location of the profit target.2. In trading, patience is generously rewarded.Patience pays off, and patience is probably the most important thing in trading. Successful traders can patiently wait for their perfect trading signal. Even several days. Many amateur traders trade mainly for fun and adrenaline or simply because they need to do something all the time.3. the best time to trade is when everyone thinks otherwise.When you think about it, it makes sense. The best time to buy is when everyone is sure the price will fall. Conversely, the best time to sell is when everyone is sure the price will rise. This simple change of perspective can yield incredible profits, even if you look like a fool (in the eyes of other marketers).4. There's nothing wrong with being wrong.Sometimes it happens, and it's definitely not a reason to panic. If it happens, the easiest thing you can do is just close the deal and wait for the next one.5. Let the business come to you.Take your time to trade on fifty different currency pairs and ten different timeframes. Wait for the market to show its cards. The most important and most difficult thing in trading is the art of waiting. Watch the market and wait. Wait for the market itself to offer you the opportunity to make a trade with a high probability of success. Many novice traders enter a trade for no reason at all. Successful trading means monitoring the market and being ready for the market to offer you money (the perfect trading signal). When that time comes, the successful trader quickly seizes the opportunity the market offers him.6. Create your trading style.Some "experts" say things like "Fibonacci doesn't work!" Or "never trade announcing new news", or "scalping in forex is impossible". But one thing is for sure. It doesn't mean you have to reinvent the wheel to become a good trader. It doesn't matter to trade like other successful traders. The point is that your trading style has to make sense to you.That's exactly what we recommend you to do. The easiest way is to adopt a strategy from one successful trader, and adapt it to your liking as it suits you. You will understand your strategy, it will make sense to you and therefore you will trust it.7. Trading should entertain you.Like anything in life, if you enjoy something, you are willing to sacrifice all your time and do it 110%. You need to know as much as you can about the markets. You need to have the strength to persevere and be able to change your ideas and beliefs.8. Everyone has moments when they fail.Even the best traders sometimes have their worst periods in the form of a series of losing trades in a row. But the most important thing is not to lose confidence in yourself and your trading system. The next time your signal to enter a trade comes up, you just need to open the trade, even if you had 5 losing trades in a row before. You have to really trust your strategy. And that's how you should look at a series of losses. It is important to know that in the long runyou will get back that lost money and some more, so there's really no reason to panic. IndexaCo
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