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Indexaco is the first Forecast Exchange in the financial markets, completely independent of brokers, analysts and traders.

Now there is no need to search for forecasts on third-party resources, read long spatial analytical texts and look for information that is useful to you in them. We collect all the forecasts for you in one place and provide them in a form convenient for search and perception.


Our story began in 2008, when a group of like-minded people began to search for forecasts that could be used to invest available funds.


We have determined that most financial portals are primarily interested in raising funds from investors and traders, so they do not publish erroneous forecasts of their own analysts. As a result, we decided to start the search for independent analysts in order to independently evaluate the quality of their forecasts.


Over 12 years, we have done a great job of analysing various articles in the media to evaluate published forecasts, we have had a lot of meetings with representatives of brokers and hedge funds to find talented analysts.


During this time, we managed to find successful analysts from whom we received forecasts for the purchase of securities and currencies, and as a result, we collected a large base of forecasts from various experts, and also evaluated the accuracy and profitability of their forecasts.

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In 2019, we decided not to confine ourselves to an independent search for analysts and created the Forecasting Exchange, where each analyst can publish their forecasts and set prices for them.


In the Forecast Exchange, it is not possible to delete or adjust a previously published forecast. Everything published on the Exchange is stored and analyzed to provide truthful information to the user about the accuracy and profitability of each analyst’s forecasts.


We created the Forecast Exchange to:

  • help users make the right decisions by providing them with the most accurate information on all forecasts and analysts
  • find as many professional analysts as possible and give them an additional opportunity to earn money.

Only here you will find an unbiased and honest history of analyst forecasts and based on this you can choose a specialist whose forecasts you will use.


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