Amazon filed an antitrust lawsuit in court

Amazon filed an antitrust lawsuit in court

The US authorities intend to hold the Amazon corporation responsible for deliberately raising prices. The relevant claim has already been filed in court. The company is accused of entering into such an agreement with its partners, the terms of which do not allow them to sell goods on other trading platforms at reduced prices. Carl Racine, who serves as the Attorney General of Washington, demands that the company stop the existing practice. He also intends to seek a large fine from Amazon. This story has been going on for a long time. Until 2019, Amazon's agreement with partners contained a ban on the sale of goods at reduced prices in other online stores. Then the regulator demanded to exclude this clause from the contract. Amazon has met this requirement. But there is a new clause in the agreement. It gives the corporation the right to apply sanctions against those partners who sell goods on the sites of competing companies and at a discount. Last year, Congress examined Amazon's operations. As a result, he came to the conclusion that the corporation is crushing its competitors.

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Bitcoin has formed a new support level of 58200
Bitcoin has formed a new support level of 58200 Forex. Cryptocurrency Forecast for todayBitcoin formed a new support level of $ 58,200, after which it declined slightly in the American session. It is possible that profit-taking occurs after steady growth. Against the background of a strongly oversold fundamentally strong digital gold, a strong wave of growth may begin.The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market by the end of Thursday amounted to 2.67 trillion US dollars against 2.61 on Wednesday. This market position indicates the build-up of long positions before a new growth.November showed that the cryptocurrency market may be influenced by trends in the foreign exchange market. A noticeable strengthening of the US dollar forces investors to direct capital to safe haven assets. Recently, gold and cryptocurrencies have become unpopular, which creates preferential sales in these segments.This time, the US dollar moved to a slight decline on Thursday, retreating from a high of more than a year paired with the euro and an almost five-year peak paired with the yen. The growth at the beginning of the session was caused by a hawkish mood in the leadership of the Federal Reserve System, supported by good US economic statistics. This created a contrast with the softer monetary forecasts in Europe and Japan.
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Gold is trying to turn against the established downward trend
Gold is trying to turn against the established downward trend Forex. Gold exchange rate forecast for todayThursday's results showed that gold is trading with a predominant growth and is trying to turn around against the established downward trend. However, the trades are more speculative in nature. During the week, market participants have been selling bank metal against the background of excessive strengthening of the US dollar due to rising inflation of the Fed's intention to fight this.Recall that US consumer prices in October increased by 6.2% compared to the same month last year. This is the maximum pace in almost 31 years. The market is closely monitoring US inflation indicators, as they are key for the Federal Reserve System (FRS) to make decisions on the further direction of monetary policy.Today, the focus was on macro data from Germany, one of the key economies of the Eurozone. A precedent has already been set for the risk of global economic growth against the background of a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic. According to the final data of the Federal Statistical Agency of Germany, the German economy grew by 1.7% in the third quarter of 2021 compared to the previous three months. It was previously announced that GDP growth in the last quarter was 1.8%. Experts did not expect a revision of the indicator. In annual terms, Germany's GDP increased by 2.5%, as previously announced.
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The GBP/USD pair strengthened in the support area of 1.3317
The GBP/USD pair strengthened in the support area of 1.3317 Forex. Pound/Dollar (GBP/USD) forecast for todayThe pound/dollar exchange rate is steadily declining. The pair has gained a foothold in the support area of 1.3317, the market trend of the last trading sessions remains. If the currency pair breaks through the support at 1.3321, then the pound can gain a foothold in a lower trading framework, at the level of reliable support at 1.3230.The yield on 10-year UK bonds has moved away from the November minimum and is now at 0.9685%.The US dollar is still strongly strengthening and putting pressure on the pound. Meanwhile, according to the latest minutes of the Fed, published on Wednesday, some of the leaders of the US Central Bank, including the deputy chairman of the Fed Richard Clarida, member of the Board of Governors Christopher Waller, as well as the heads of the Federal Reserve Banks (FRB) of St. Louis and San Francisco James Ballard and Mary Daly, have already made it clear that they are ready to discuss increasing the pace of reduction of the asset repurchase program at a meeting on December 14– 15.Market participants are likely to wait for the pound's reaction on Monday. On this day, the news background will be focused on the UK. The focus will be on the volume of consumer lending by the Bank of England, the M4 monetary aggregate, the number of mortgage loans approved and the number of mortgage loans approved.
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The euro fell against the US dollar to 1.1186
The euro fell against the US dollar to 1.1186 Forex. Euro/Dollar (EUR/USD) forecast for todayThroughout the day, the pair tried to gain a foothold in the trading range of 1.1226-1.1186. But still, the US currency continued to strengthen.The yield on 10-year US bonds is now at 1.643%.The minutes of the Fed's meeting of November 2-3, published on Wednesday, showed that the leaders of the US Central Bank noted the importance of a flexible approach to curtailing the asset repurchase program, as well as the timing of an increase in the base interest rate.Recall that after this meeting, the October US inflation data were published, showing an acceleration in the growth rate of consumer prices in the country to 6.2% in annual terms – this is the maximum since 1990. Meanwhile, data from the American labor market indicate an improvement in the situation, the number of Americans who applied for unemployment benefits for the first time decreased by 71 thousand last week – to 199 thousand people – this is the minimum since 1969.On Friday, the foreign exchange market will show an increase in trading activity. ECB President Christine Lagarde will speak on this day. A little later, the volume of lending to the private sector of the Eurozone will be announced and a speech by Panetta, a representative of the European Central Bank, will take place.
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Bitcoin is consolidating near the level of 55400 dollars
Bitcoin is consolidating near the level of 55400 dollars Forex. Cryptocurrency Forecast for todayBitcoin continued to rise in price. Now digital gold is consolidating near the level of 55400 dollars. Trading is influenced by pressure on the US and European stock markets. At the same time, the first digital currency is oversold within the weekly perspective, so it is logical to expect a reversal at the end of this week.The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market by the end of Wednesday amounted to 2.55 trillion US dollars against 2.59 on Tuesday.From the news, we highlight the following: the financial regulator of South Korea announced the possibility of taxation on transactions with non-interchangeable tokens (NFT). At the same time, in early November, the agency argued that NFTs do not fall under the definition of virtual assets and should not be taxed.The head of the US Senate Banking Committee, Sherrod Brown, called on the heads of Circle, Coinbase, Centre, Gemini, TrustToken and Binance.We have until December 3 to disclose data on the stablecoin-related business. According to media reports, US banking regulators have identified a number of areas related to the regulation of digital assets that require additional clarification. The result should be the definition of the areas of responsibility of each regulator and the establishment of a mechanism for cooperation.
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Gold is trying to turn around
Gold is trying to turn around Forex. Gold exchange rate forecast for todayGold, after an unsuccessful attempt to break through the level of $ 1,785 per ounce, is trying to turn around. The banking metal is still very sensitive to the US dollar. The growth of inflation indicators and the appointment of Jerome Powell to the post of head of the US Federal Reserve for another term makes the US currency strengthen strongly.Meanwhile, the US Department of Commerce reported that sales of new homes in October increased by 0.4% compared to the previous month and amounted to 745 thousand in terms of annual rates. According to the revised data, 742 thousand homes were sold in September, and an indicator of 800 thousand was previously named. This, in turn, serves as an additional driver in favor of strengthening the US dollar against gold.The stock market was weak on Wednesday. Western European stock markets mostly fell. Germany, after fixing a record daily incidence, is considering options for tightening anti-covid measures.According to Markit Economics, the composite Purchasing managers' Index (PMI) of 19 eurozone countries in November 2021 rose to a maximum in the last two months – 55.8 points compared to 54.2 points in October. Analysts had expected the indicator to drop to 53.2 points.
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GBP/USD fell to the level of 1.3321
GBP/USD fell to the level of 1.3321 Forex. Pound/Dollar (GBP/USD) forecast for todayThe currency pair is at the December price levels of last year, in a lower trading range.The yield of 10-year UK bonds is close to the October maximum, and now it is at 0.9970%.The decline of the pound is strongly influenced by the US dollar, and the reaction of market participants to American statistics. The US GDP turned out to be worse than the previous value and worse than the forecast. But inflationary indicators were the drivers of the strengthening of the dollar against the pound. The index of consumer confidence in the United States in November fell to 67.4 points compared with 71.7 points a month earlier, according to the final data of the University of Michigan. Note that this is the minimum value of the indicator for the last 10 years.Previously, the indicator was estimated at 66.8 points. Analysts predicted a revision to 66.9 points. The prospects of maintaining high growth rates of consumer prices have a negative impact on the mood of Americans.Today, the market will be waiting for the volume of UK retail sales for November. This indicator is the main indicator of consumer spending. The current value above the forecast will only strengthen the pound against the US dollar.
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The euro/dollar exchange rate broke through an important level around 1.1226
The euro/dollar exchange rate broke through an important level around 1.1226 Forex. Euro/Dollar (EUR/USD) forecast for todayA strong signal for sellers is that the euro/dollar chart continued to decline, this served as a strong signal to sellers. In case of further strengthening of the US currency, we can expect to reach the support of 1.1168.The yield of 10-year US Treasury bonds is approaching the recent maximum value, now it is at 1.648%.According to preliminary data from the US Department of Commerce, GDP for the third quarter increased by 2.1% year-on-year. In the second quarter, the growth was 6.7%. The ministry noted that the decline in growth rates is caused by a slowdown in the increase in consumer spending. Among other reasons, there is also an increase in the number of cases of coronavirus infection, the introduction of new sanitary restrictions and the reduction of some social benefits. According to experts, the growth turned out to be worse than forecasts. They expected GDP to increase by 2.2% year-on-year in the third quarter.The US is celebrating Thanksgiving today, but trading activity will focus on German GDP for the third quarter. At this time, the GFK consumer climate index will be published in Germany. The minutes of the ECB monetary policy meeting are also in the spotlight.
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