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Forex analytical forecast for today, December 2, for EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY & USDCAD
EUR/USD, currency, GBP/USD, currency, USD/CAD, currency, USD/JPY, currency, Forex analytical forecast for today, December 2, for EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY & USDCAD EURUSD: consolidation at the local maximumDuring Friday's trading session the EUR/USD currency pair is developing a sideways trend on the market, being at a local high of 1.0520 on June 28.In the last two trading sessions the EUR has rapidly strengthened on the trading floors on the statements of the head of the US Federal Reserve about his intention to decrease the activity of interest rate strengthening. Meanwhile, positive data on consumer prices gave additional support to the instrument, which contributed to the reduction of panic moods about the depth of economic recession in the region. Thus, the EU annualized inflation rate for November fell to 10.0% from 10.6%, while experts expected it to be 0.4% higher, and the monthly calculation showed a deflationary process - a decrease of 0.1%, having earlier strengthened by 1.5% for October. Moreover, economists were able to estimate retail sales in Germany for October which showed a decrease of 2.8% against expectations of 0.6%, and an annual value of 5.0% against expectations of 2.8%. This situation is due to an increase in the cost of goods and services due to which households have reduced the level of demand in all segments. Economists are preparing for a downturn in holiday goods at Christmas and a recession in the German economy by Q4.Resistance levels: 1.0550, 1.0600, 1.0640, 1.0700.Support levels: 1.0500, 1.0450, 1.0400, 1.0350.GBPUSD: waiting for signals from the statisticsThe British currency shows mixed dynamics, having kept the local maximum of June 27 updated earlier. GBP/USD is at 1.2240, reinforcing a positive trend, but investors are refraining from excessive trading activity on the threshold of the weekend.Today market participants will want to get acquainted with the announced publications on the US employment market. The current estimation foresees the downfall of the new vacancies, without taking into account the AIC sector, for November down to 200.0 thousand from the current 261.0 thousand. Taking into consideration the previous day released by Automatic Data Processing (ADP) corporate reporting on the private sector employment, which came to 127.0 thousand to the expected 200.0 thousand, the probability of the real dynamics worsening is still high. Experts allow for a moderate decline in the rate of increase in hourly earnings to 0.3% from the current 0.4%.Resistance levels: 1.2311, 1.2400, 1.2500, 1.2600.Support levels: 1.2152, 1.2027, 1.1939, 1.1853.USDCAD: pair is moving in the sideways trendDuring the Asian trading session the pair USD/CAD is demonstrating sideways movement of quotations, testing the level of 1.3440.Investors are gradually reducing the activity at the session, waiting for the US and Canada employment data in November, the "American" meanwhile is under the influence of the negative factors after the US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell`s statement the day before. The official announced plans to reduce the rate of interest rate hike, so it is more appropriate to reduce the degree of "hawks" in tightening of monetary policy. Analysts believe that the U.S. Federal Reserve will strengthen the key indicator at the December meeting to a maximum of 0.50%, followed by an analysis of the situation. Employment expectations call for a 200,000 increase in the non-farm payrolls rate, having previously strengthened by 261,000 in the previous period. Data from Canada may turn out to be even more negative, as market participants expect an increase in the level of employed population by only 5.0 thousand for November, while for October the same indicator was increased by 108.3 thousand.Resistance levels: 1.3450, 1.3500, 1.3550 and 1.3600.Support levels: 1.3400, 1.3356, 1.3300, 1.3226.USDJPY: pair is under the influence of the bearsThe weaker USD/JPY has allowed the pair USD/JPY to consolidate under the key level of 139.00, after which there is an opportunity to consolidate at the levels of 132.00-130.00.Meanwhile, the situation in the economy of Japan is positive. Thus, the retail sales for October rose by 4,3% mom, which did not meet the market expectations of 5.0%, however it was quite a strong result, capital investments for Q3 added 9,8% yoy, exceeding analysts' estimates of 6.4% and the previous 4,6%. Investors reacted positively to the statistics because it significantly strengthened Japanese Yen.Economists are expecting the publication of the labor market in the United States, announced for today at 15:30 (GMT+2), which according to preliminary data will amount to 200.0 thousand. However, if the actual statistics does not match the expected one, trading instrument USD/JPY has a chance to develop the momentum of "bears".Resistance levels: 139.50, 142.50.Support levels: 135.00, 132.00, ...
Forex analytics for USDJPY and NZDUSD on November 29, 2022
USD/JPY, currency, NZD/USD, currency, Forex analytics for USDJPY and NZDUSD on November 29, 2022 USDJPY: fall in the pair will continueOn the eve USD/JPY reached its minimum since August, testing support at 137.50. Investors are moving into safe-haven assets, avoiding buying the dollar as they wait for a slowdown in the pace of monetary tightening from the Fed.The dollar index has renewed its multi-month lows again, reflecting the release of the minutes of the latest FOMC meeting, which suggested a more modest rate hike than previously planned. After that, the probability of a 50 basis point monetary policy tightening in December has risen to 80%.Yen buyers are also supported by the deteriorating covid situation in China and the related mass protests of the population dissatisfied with the zero-tolerance COVID policy.Moreover, today it became known that according to Reuters poll 24 of 26 economists expect the Bank of Japan to switch to a tighter monetary policy. If this scenario comes true, the divergence between the rates of the two regulators will decrease, which will be a negative factor for the dollar.Based on the fundamental news, indicator readings and chart patterns we believe that the downward movement in USD/JPY will continue and we recommend placing a sell order.Sell-limit 138.70 take-profit 136.00 stop-loss 139.70Read more: USD/JPY: chart, forecast for today, currency pair overviewNZDUSD: The pair is approaching the upper boundary of the descending channelNZDUSD is developing an uptrend and is trading near the level of 0.6200.The New Zealand dollar was supported by the Statistical Office of New Zealand employment report, although it did not show a strong improvement in the labor market. Construction permits data will be released tomorrow. The figure rose 3.8% last month.The DXY U.S. Dollar Index is trading just above support at 106,000. Yesterday traders reacted to statements made by some FOMC members who noted the need for further Fed rate hikes until 2024. On these comments the NZD/USD locally decreased.The Alligator moving average fan is correctly open upwards, the awesome oscillator is in a positive range, but it is building bearish bars.After the price fixes above 0.6265, we open a long position with Take Profit at 0.6467. Stop-loss is recommended to be set at 0.6200.If the price fixes below support level 0.6100, this may be a signal to buy. The nearest target for the "bears" is 0.5878. Placement of a stop-loss at ...
Forex analytical forecast for today, November 28, for USDJPY, AUDUSD, Gold & Brent Oil
AUD/USD, currency, USD/JPY, currency, Brent Crude Oil, commodities, Gold, mineral, Forex analytical forecast for today, November 28, for USDJPY, AUDUSD, Gold & Brent Oil USDJPY: The dollar started the trading week with declineThe US currency showed a downward trend against the Japanese yen, holding near the local low of November 15, at 138.50.The dollar has not lost its intention to recover losses since the end of the previous Friday, after the release of the final minutes of the US Federal Reserve System meeting, which indicated the agreement to reduce the "hawkish" intensity regarding the interest rate strengthening in the future. For investors, it gave hope for a 0.50% correction in the next December meeting of the agency. However, financial authorities noted that such a decision does not signal the end of the fight against inflation, because the latter is still being held at record levels.Resistance levels: 139.58, 140.79, 141.50 and 142.54.Support levels: 138.50, 137.50, 136.50, 135.57.AUDUSD: Australia's economy is decliningA downward correction in the Australian currency allowed the AUD/USD pair to reach the 0.6685 level."Bears" gained the dominant advantage after the release of weak macroeconomic data. According to the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics), retail turnover for October was down 0.2% after strengthening 0.6%, the first time since December's 4.1% slump last year that the value has corrected downwards, the current swing was due to the weakening of all major industries except perhaps the grocery retail sector. Department stores were the key contributors to the negative movement, down 2.4%, followed by clothing retailing with -2.0% and restaurant and café chains also down -0.4% for the first time since January. The head of statistics of the retail segment of the ABS noted that the current situation is caused by an increase in the percentage indicator and will have a long-term impact on the market.Resistance levels: 0.6765, 0.6970.Support levels: 0.6600, 0.6410.Read more: AUDUSD: analysis, signals, forecast for today and quotesGold pricesThe price of the precious metal is consolidating at 1750.00, waiting for another positive signal, ending the moderate strengthening the day before, where the correction in gold was due to the weakness of the US dollar because of the release of November minutes of the US Federal Reserve meeting.This week is important for further price movement of the asset, first of all, the release of the euro area consumer price statistics, as well as the data on the US employment market in November, which will be announced by the end of the week. Preliminary market assessments imply the reduction of the inflation rate to 10.4% from 10.6%, while the core CPI value will remain at the same level of 5.0%. The labor market statistics from the US are not expected to be sensational as forecasts expect new job postings excluding the agribusiness sector for November at 208,0K previously showing an October increase of 261,0K and the number of unemployed to display zero correction and remain at 3.7%.Resistance levels: 1765.30, 1786.28, 1800.00, 1816.62.Support levels: 1734.91, 1720.00, 1700.00, 1688.58.Oil signalsThe current trading week started with the active decrease in the Brent oil, revealing the potential of the "bears", which had gained the advantage since the end of the previous week, getting ready to test the 81.00 level.A decline in U.S. crude reserves provides little support for the "black gold. The EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration) reported a week earlier that strategic reserves were down by 3.691 million barrels, having previously declined by another 5.4 million barrels. Meanwhile, OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) approved an extended license for 6 months for the largest national energy enterprise, which will allow the supply of oil and petroleum products from Venezuela, partially offsetting the shortfall in the Russian oil market and stabilizing the fall in market prices. However, the document still prohibits the payment of any tax duty or royalty to the Venezuelan government, besides receiving any dividend from PDVSA, which is a Venezuelan state oil company or other legal entity is still prohibited.Resistance levels: 82.27, 83.89, 86.00, 87.00.Support levels: 81.00, 80.00, 78.28, ...
Forex. Technical analysis for EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY & USDCHF on 25/11/2022
EUR/USD, currency, GBP/USD, currency, USD/CHF, currency, USD/JPY, currency,  Forex. Technical analysis for EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY & USDCHF on 25/11/2022 EUR/USD analysisAt the trading on Friday the currency pair EUR/USD is trading with the growth of quotations, staying within the current support level near 1.0296 with the resistance level near 1.0427. The four-hour chart shows growth above the exponential EMA moving averages, demonstrating the upward potential of the EUR/USD pair in the short term.The moving averages with periods of 21 and 55 days continue to move upwards, increasing the divergence, which evidences in favor of a bullish nature of the current market trend of the pair in the short term.The technical picture also shows the strength of the buyers, as MACD histogram remains above its central line, and the indicator of the strength of the current movement RSI is above the 60 line, confirming the bullish potential of the euro-dollar pair in the short term.So we recommend buying in this pair today.GBP/USD analysisSince the opening of the trades on Friday this currency pair has been trading with increasing quotes, remaining within the current support level at 1.1883 and resistance level at 1.2138, where the market chart shows the growth well above the exponential moving averages with the period of 21 and 55 days, demonstrating the bullish potential of this market in the short term.On the four-hour chart the moving averages continue to move upward, increasing the divergence, which speaks in favor of strengthening the uptrend in this market in the short term.The technical analysis also demonstrates the loss of the buyers' advantage, as the MACD histogram returned to the area above its center line, while the RSI strength indicator of the current movement rose above the 70 line, confirming the bullish potential in this market in the short term.Thus, we intend to buy in this currency pair today.USD/JPY analysisDuring the Asian trading session on Friday, the USD/JPY currency pair traded slightly lower, remaining within the current support level at 138.05 and the resistance level around 139.67.The moving averages with the period of 21 and 55 days continue to move downward, increasing the divergence, demonstrating the strengthening of the bearish trend. The four-hour chart is progressing below the exponential moving averages, which indicates in favor of the downward movement of this market in the short term.The technical picture also shows strengthening of the sellers, as the MACD histogram remains in the area well below its center line, and the indicator of the strength of the current movement RSI remains below the 40 line, promising the continuation of the downtrend of this market in the short term.So, we are going to sell this pair today.USD/CHF analysisAt the Friday trading this pair traded with the decrease of quotes, remaining within the limits of the current support level at 0.9385 and the resistance level at 0.9488.On the four-hour chart the moving averages with the period of 21 and 55 days continue their downward movement, moderately increasing divergence, which speaks in favor of the bearish direction of this market today. The four-hour chart of the quotes progresses below the exponential moving averages, which indicates the continuation of the descending trend of this market in the short term.The technical analysis also evidences the advantage of the sellers, because MACD histogram remains in the area just below its central line, the indicator of the strength of the current movement RSI is fixed below the 40 line, confirming the stability of the downtrend of this market in the short-term outlook.Thus, we intend to sell in this currency pair ...

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Dollar falls, losing support from US government bonds
USD/CAD, currency, USD/JPY, currency, NZD/USD, currency, US Dollar Index, index, Dollar falls, losing support from US government bonds The dollar fell against the Canadian dollar and hovered near multi-month lows against European currencies on Tuesday as Treasury bond yields were little moved amid expectations the US Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates in the near future.Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan reiterated on Monday that he does not expect interest rates to rise until next year, lowering expectations that inflationary pressures could force the Fed to change policy sooner than stated.Read more: Causes of inflation and scientific approaches to their studyThe yield on 10-year US Treasury bonds stood at 1.6454%, continuing a decline from last week's five-week high.The dollar index to a basket of six major currencies was down 0.19% to 89.991 by 09:34. The euro rose 0.25% to $1.2181, close to its lowest level since February 26. At the same time, the pound rose 0.31% to $1.4178. The British currency was supported by the lifting of coronavirus restrictions in the UK.The Canadian dollar rose 0.31% against the US dollar to $1.2029, almost hitting a six-year high, thanks to higher oil prices. "The Aussie rose 0.46% to $0.7799. The New Zealand dollar rose 0.58% to $0.7242.The mainland yuan rose 0.2% to 6.4257. The Japanese yen rose 0.1 per cent paired with the dollar, to 109.08 yen.In the cryptocurrency market, bitcoin rose 3.81% to $45.255 but remained near a three-month low following tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Etherium rose 7.58% to $3,529.95, recovering from a two-week low hit on Monday.Read more: The history of Federal Reserve (Fed) and its ...
Forex trading: understanding the forex market
EUR/USD, currency, GBP/USD, currency, USD/JPY, currency, Forex trading: understanding the forex market The foreign exchange market is better known as Forex or FX. Trading in this market has become very popular in recent years. However, this is not the case - Forex trading raises a number of questions. For example: what is the foreign exchange market? Which currency pairs are best to trade? Is currency trading risky? Some of the answers to these questions will be found in this article.What is the Forex market?The foreign exchange market is also called the Forex market or the English foreign exchange market. It is simply a market where currencies are exchanged. According to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the foreign exchange market is the largest market in terms of total volume, with up to USD 5 trillion traded daily. It is not a physical place, but rather an electronic network where institutions or individuals trade with each other.The left-hand currency is called the base currency and the right-hand currency is called the quote currency. The second currency indicates the value relative to 1 unit of the base currency. For instance, the formula EUR/USD = 1.4000 implies that EUR/USD trades at 1.4000, i.e., 1 Euro has a value of $1.40. The first currency is always expressed in the second currency. USD/JPY at 110.50 means that one USD is worth JPY 110.50. EUR/USDWhat are the best currency pairs to trade?The best currency pairs to trade effectively depend on your trading style. If you have a short term strategy, for example, if you like to scalp, then the major currency pairs will be most profitable for you because of the low spreads.On the other hand, for a fundamental trader, smaller currency pairs will be of interest based on long-term analysis. The most profitable currency pairs may be those involving the Australian dollar, Japanese yen or Canadian dollar.The best forex currency pairs:EUR/USD: this pair has the lowest spread and is not very volatile.GBP/USD: this pair is interesting in terms of spreads and possible gaps, but it is quite volatile.USD/JPY: this pair has low spreads and offers some interesting possibilities. GBP/USDHow to get started trading currencies online?To start trading currencies online, follow these steps:- Choose a regulated and reputable broker- Choose a broker by the quality of execution of trading instructions- Decide on the trading style that suits you best (scalping, intraday trading, swing trading - you keep your position open for several days)- Determine the appropriate leverage effect in the stock market according to your strategy and experience.- Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.- Choose an intuitive, simple and secure trading platform such as MetaTrader 4.- Try all the above steps on a demo account, before trading live.Read more: Features of intraday trading on the Forex marketGoldIs online currency trading dangerous?Like any financial investment, currency trading online is subject to risks. However, there are different methods to control these risks:- Determine the price of the currency pair at which you want to close a position if developments are unfavourable (for example, if you buy and the price falls, or if you sell and the price rises),- Determine the size of the trade so that your potential loss should not exceed 2-3% of your capital per trade,- Estimate your risk/return ratio (loss/profit) before you open the trade. By default you should have a greater potential for profit than loss, e.g. risk 50 pips, but try to make a profit of e.g. 100 pips.For proper money management and risk reduction it is advisable to start trading on a demo account and try things out on the dirt first. Such an account will allow you to trade in real market conditions, but with fictitious capital, so that you have a complete understanding of the foreign exchange market without any risk.Read more: Forex broker: how to choose a good ...
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