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Forex analysis and forecast for AUD/USD for today, June 30, 2021
AUD/USD, currency, Forex analysis and forecast for AUD/USD for today, June 30, 2021 On Thursday, AUD/USD is actively growing, beating off the losses of the "bearish" momentum of the beginning of the current week. The pair is testing the 0.6900 resistance for an upward breakdown, receiving support from macroeconomic reports.The volume of lending to the private sector in Australia increased by 0.8% over the month, which is better than analysts' forecasts. Business activity indices have been released in China. In the manufacturing sector. In June, the index rose from 49.6 to 50.2 pp with expectations of 50.5 p. In the service sector, the index rose from 47.8 to 54.7 pp with a forecast of 52.5 pp.Today, data on personal income/expenses and the number of applications for unemployment benefits are being released in the United States.Among the negative aspects, it should be noted the development of the energy crisis in Australia, despite the fact that the country belongs to the leading gas exporters. Due to the sharp cold snap in Australia, there is a severe shortage of electricity, which forces the government to restart coal-fired power plants, although the outdated infrastructure of the CHP requires significant financial injections.Technical analysisAccording to the daily TF Indicator, the Bollinger Bands smoothly rearrange into a horizontal plane.The MACD indicator is in the negative range, but its histogram draws an almost straight line and does not give any signals, as does the CCI indicator.The stochastic oscillator is flat at the bottom of the workspace.In case of a confident breakdown of 0.6849 support, we open sales with a take profit of 0.6750. The stop loss is set at 0.6900.When anchoring above 0.6950, long positions with a target of 0.7050 and a stop loss of 0.6900 become ...
AUD/USD analysis by Murray levels for today, June 28, 2022
AUD/USD, currency, AUD/USD analysis by Murray levels for today, June 28, 2022 This week, AUD/USD is moving within the boundaries of the descending channel, but buyers are trying to go on the offensive, breaking up 1/8 of the Murray levels indicator at 0.6958.The Australian dollar remains under pressure amid the divergence of the monetary policy rates of the Fed and the RBA, as well as weak Australian economic statistics. So far, the Reserve Bank of Australia is not actively intervening in the growth of inflation, but the head of the regulator hinted that the rate could be raised at the July meeting.S&P has lowered its forecast for Australia's economic growth from 4.0% to 3.6%. The inflation forecast remained at 5%.The US dollar remains more attractive to investors, although rumors of a possible recession in the United States periodically arise in the markets. Meanwhile, most analysts believe that a possible downturn in the US will be short-lived and shallow.Technical analysisAUD/USD is testing the Murray 1/8 level from the bottom up, the breakthrough of which opens the way for the pair to the middle line of the Bollinger Bands at 0.7030 and the Murray 2/8 level at 0.79080. 38.2% of the Fibonacci grid lies here, which strengthens the resistance area.In the long term, the global trend remains downward, which confirms the slope of the Bollinger Band Indicator. For the bears, the key support is 0/8 at 0.6835. A breakthrough in this area will allow sellers to move towards the Murray level [-1/8] and 50% of the Fibonacci grid at 0.6714.With a rise to 0.7030 or a breakout of 0.6915, we assume entry into short positions with target marks of 0.68235 and 0.6713. Stop losses are set at 0.6975 and 0.7100 ...
AUDUSD - Technical analysis of the AUD/USD currency pair on June 27
AUD/USD, currency, AUDUSD - Technical analysis of the AUD/USD currency pair on June 27 On the daily chart, the pair did not reach the lows of May-June at 0.6835, it held above the nearest "round" level of 0.6900. At the same time, stabilization can be seen, since despite reaching a lower relative maximum, the relative lows of the pair are growing. Thus, support at the lows of May-June has probably strengthened, although it is premature to talk about an upward reversal. According to directional movement indicators, the trend is a decline: DM is significantly higher than DM+, the ADX level has increased, the MACD histogram is in the negative zone, the MACD line has a negative slope.On the four-hour chart, the pair came out of the downward wedge from mid-June upwards. Now consolidation is in a narrow range of 0.6900-0.6950. Further movement is likely to be towards the exit from this narrow consolidation. Since the exit from the descending wedge was up and the pair remains above its upper limit, the more likely direction of exit from consolidation is growth, but it is worth waiting for the actual exit.  Resistance levels: 0.6950; 0.7000Support levels: 0.6900; ...
Analytical Forex forecast for today, June 24, for AUDUSD, USDCHF, WTI oil & Gold
AUD/USD, currency, USD/CHF, currency, WTI Crude Oil, energetic, Gold, mineral, Analytical Forex forecast for today, June 24, for AUDUSD, USDCHF, WTI oil & Gold AUD/USD: The asset is trading at 0.6900.The Australian currency is trading corrective growth, restoring the lost positions of the last days. The AUD/USD currency pair again reached the level of 0.6900 within the framework of an uptrend, having secured support for strengthening the corrective growth of activity from the US dollar. Bidders hurriedly fix profitable deals, at the same time pay attention to weak publications from the United States. Thus, the data published on the eve from S&P Global confirmed the drawdown of the PMI positions of the US services segment to 51.6 points from the previous 53.4 points, contrary to experts' expectations of growth to 53.5 points. The manufacturing sector showed a sharp decline to 52.4 points from the previous 57.0, which is much lower than forecasts of a reduction to 56.0 points. The main PMI showed a decrease from 53.6 to 51.2 points while waiting for the level of 53.7 points.Resistance levels: 0.6950, 0.7000, 0.7050, 0.7100.Support levels: 0.6900, 0.6849, 0.6800, 0.6750.USD/CHF: US dollar remains under negative factorsThe US currency is trading in corrective growth, making attempts to restore positions, having suffered moderate losses over the past week. The USD/CHF trading instrument is trading at 0.9600, developing upward dynamics, being at the local minimum of June 3. The US currency continues to remain under pressure due to the release of weak macroeconomic indicators from the US on the eve, which showed a decline in the PMI of the manufacturing and services sectors, exceeding economists' forecasts. At the same time, the indicator for initial applications for unemployment benefits for the last 7 days on June 17 decreased to 229 thousand from the previous 231 thousand, only slightly exceeding the expectations of 227 thousand.Resistance levels: 0.9618, 0.9700, 0.9762, 0.9847.Support levels: 0.9540, 0.9459, 0.9400, 0.9300.Oil Market OverviewDuring the Asian trading session, the price of WTI grade oil showed multidirectional dynamics, holding at 104.00, approaching the local minimum on May 11.The trading asset is trading under pressure due to the comments of the head of the US Federal Reserve, who spoke before the Senate Banking Committee, in which he confirmed the continuation of the hawks' policy in further regulating monetary policy as part of the fight against record inflation. A number of economists fear that drastic tightening steps could lead the national economy into recession. Recall that during the June summit, the regulator decided to increase the key indicator by 75 basis points, which gives room for analysts to predict how the rate will change based on the results of the July meeting. A similar situation is observed in other countries – for example, the Central Bank of England decided to increase the rate for the fifth time in a row during the last meeting.Resistance levels: 105.00, 107.67, 110.00, 113.13.Support levels: 103.00, 101.09, 100.00, 98.00.Gold PricesThe precious metal quotes are trading in consolidation, having turned around from the downward dynamics earlier, within which the support levels from June 16 were updated. The asset is at the level of 1825.00. having secured support due to technical factors. The instrument received negative dynamics due to the comments of the head of the American regulator Jerome Powell, who recognized the likelihood of a recession in the national economy. At the same time, the official confirmed the commitment of the department to tough measures, under which the interest rate will continue to rise until an acceptable level of inflation stabilizes. Statements by J. Powell was also touched upon the topic of stagflation, which was actively discussed on trading platforms the day before. According to the head of the regulator, such risks do persist and it is not worth denying them completely, however, their probability under the current circumstances is very restrained. Gold gained support due to the release of weak macroeconomic statistics on the eve of the US PMI for June. The current indicators are fixed at more negative levels than experts expected, which led to an increase in the decline in the pace of economic development in the country.Resistance levels: 1843.37, 1857.27, 1869.49, 1878.84.Support levels: 1823.09, 1800.00, 1775.00, ...
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