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J&J will completely stop the production of talc-based baby powder
J&J will completely stop the production of talc-based baby powder In 2023, Johnson & Johnson will completely stop selling talc-based baby powder and focus on the production of corn starch powder. In 2020, sales of the product were stopped in the USA and Canada after numerous lawsuits against the manufacturer.The company was presented with about 38 thousand lawsuits from consumers and their relatives claiming that talc contains ...
Google in Australia will pay $43 million for misleading users
Google in Australia will pay $43 million for misleading users The Australian Antitrust Authority reported that the country's Federal Court ordered Google (a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc) to pay a fine of 60 million Australian dollars ($42.7 million) for misleading users when collecting their personal location data.The court found that Google misled some customers about personal location data collected using their Android mobile ...
Forex analysis and forecast of GBPUSD for today, August 12, 2022
Forex analysis and forecast of GBPUSD for today, August 12, 2022 On Friday, GBP/USD continues to retreat from the local maximum. In the Asian session, the bears attempted to gain a foothold below the 1.2200 level.The strengthening of the pair took place on the release of the US inflation report on Wednesday, according to which the consumer price index for July fell from 9.1% to 8.5%, and core inflation remained at 5.9%The ...
EURUSD: Investors ignore the Fed's policy
EURUSD: Investors ignore the Fed\'s policy FOREX Fundamental analysis on August 12, 2022The markets went against the Fed. The "hawkish" rhetoric of FOMC members did not stop S&P 500 buyers. Demand for risky assets is growing, and any slightly positive news sharply strengthens stock indexes, and through currency correlation, and EUR/USD.However, literally the day after the release of the US ...

Articles about financial markets

Sex and Forex: what do they have in common?
Sex and Forex: what do they have in common? In another interpretation, it is also called lovers' day. But, in the end, what difference does it make, the root is one - love! And love, as the poet said, all Forex is submissive! Did the poet say something wrong? Well, it's just that there was no forex back then, he would have corrected himself…Have you ever wondered what there might be in common between FOREX ...
Sri Lanka was left without fuel
Sri Lanka was left without fuel Sri Lanka (an island nation in southern Asia) has literally run out of gasoline and diesel fuel. India will provide assistance. Fuel from neighbors will arrive in the country in mid-July.India has been helping Sri Lanka for 3 months. During this time, 400,000 tons of fuel were shipped. For comparison, in the USA, more than 17 million tons are spent per day. So ...
Bank scandal: Swiss Credit Suisse made money on cocaine
Bank scandal: Swiss Credit Suisse made money on cocaine The "pearl in the crown of Switzerland" and one of the richest banks in the country, Credit Suisse, is again at the center of a scandal: the company was fined 2 million francs for legalizing the proceeds from international cocaine trafficking.As it turned out, the capital of the Bulgarian mafia was stored in Credit Suisse. From 2004 to 2008, the bank conducted ...
Dotcom Bubble 2.0: Is it possible to repeat the 2000 scenario?
Dotcom Bubble 2.0: Is it possible to repeat the 2000 scenario? The Nasdaq Composite index has already lost more than 30% since the beginning of the year. And according to Alan Greenspan, the iconic chairman of the Fed, if the stock market falls by 30-40% in a few weeks or months, then it's a bubble.So, what's in our yard? Maybe this is the dotcom 2.0 crisis?The Dotcom Bubble in 2000: How the market collapsed 20 years ...

Why do we need trading signals

Anyone who plans to engage in trading needs to constantly monitor the global economy, conduct stock market analytics, and predict the behavior of assets. This kind of work takes a lot of time. Traders' signals, made by professionals, help to make a quick decision before buying stocks or currencies. This page of the site contains real-time trading signals that help you quickly navigate the situation occurring in the market. Signals on the financial markets allow you to predict the behavior of the exchange rate when trading on the stock exchange. Relying on analytics, statistics and recommendations of forecasts, you can make successful transactions. Also, Forex trading signals help to avoid possible failures and minimize risks.

How free and paid trading signals work

Signals Marketplace IndexaCo publishes online trading signals that come from independent traders. When the signals are completed, IndexaCo calculates their accuracy and profitability. All forecasts and signals posted on the portal are presented openly in the trader's profile or in the "Completed forecasts" section. Users of the site receive reliable and truthful information about the quality of forecasting, based on statistics, and not emotional reasoning. The main indicator of the number of profitable transactions is the accuracy of the trend forecast. The higher the indicator, the more profitable transactions. A secondary factor is the accuracy of the price forecast. This is an indicator of how correctly the trader predicted the strength of the price change. Thanks to the profitability, you can predict the income received. The larger the size of the trading lot, the higher the income and the cost of a point per day. The portal contains paid and free forecasts. They can be used in trading. You can also subscribe to any trader and use all his signals.

Risk disclaimer

IndexaCo does not bear any responsibility for the results of trading on these signals in the future. The content provided by IndexaCo does not include financial advice, recommendations or recommendations for making or not making any transactions, investments or decisions in relation to any issue. The content provided is impersonal and is not adapted to any particular client, trader or business. Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Trading involves inherent risks, including the loss of your investment. Past market performance is not an indicator of future results. Any investments are made solely at your own risk, you take full responsibility.
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