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Analytical Forex forecast for USD/CAD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD and Gold for Tuesday, June 6
Analytical Forex forecast for USD/CAD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD and Gold for Tuesday, June 6 USD/CAD: the pair is moving in the local corridor 1.3330–1.3250The Canadian currency is strengthening against the background of strong macroeconomic statistics, and the key support area of 1.3330–1.3250 is currently the goal of reducing the USD/CAD pair.Last week, data on Canada's gross domestic product (GDP) was published, which in quarterly terms amounted ...
The "ceiling" in the United States has been raised. But the problems remain
The \ Everyone was very afraid that the US would default, but it seems to have been cleared: Congress approved the increase of the national debt limit. But that doesn't mean that all is well ahead. As soon as the US starts printing new Treasuries, their stock market might crash. After all, the big problems of the US economy are not going anywhere.The budget deficit will ...
EUR/USD: bond buyback could shake the dollar's position
EUR/USD: bond buyback could shake the dollar\'s position FOREX Fundamental analysis for EUR/USD on June 6, 2023No sooner had the fears concerning the national debt ceiling subsided, than a new shock awaits the financial system of the United States. In the near future the Treasury will have to redeem more than $1 trillion worth of debt bonds. This will severely reduce liquidity at banks and increase short-term borrowing ...
Forex analytical forecast for EUR/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD and NZD/USD for Monday, June 5
Forex analytical forecast for EUR/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD and NZD/USD for Monday, June 5 EUR/USD: experts expect decline in business sentiment in the EUThe pair EUR/USD showed a decline, reaching the level of 1.0697, and a negative trend compared to its main competitors, including the U.S. dollar. This trend could intensify after the publication of macroeconomic data.Today, investors will pay attention to the Italian Service Business Activity ...

Articles about financial markets

Changee: A Review of a Modern Cryptocurrency Exchange Service
Changee: A Review of a Modern Cryptocurrency Exchange Service Changee is a modern exchange service that provides users with the best exchange rates for their cryptocurrency transactions. The platform's new rate selection system ensures that users get the best possible rate for their exchanges. The service is user-friendly and completely transparent, making it a popular choice for cryptocurrency ...
Credit Suisse - will the Lehman Brothers story repeat itself?
Credit Suisse - will the Lehman Brothers story repeat itself? "History repeats itself" is a well-known expression, which is based on the hypothesis that the development of society is a cycle of certain events and phenomena, and that history, like economics, is characterized by cyclicity. Considering that history does not only record the heyday of empires, and that the cycle of the economy always goes through crises, it becomes ...
U.S. vs OPEC+: who will win the oil race
U.S. vs OPEC+: who will win the oil race OPEC+ is markedly reducing oil production - in fact, the exporting countries will pump about 1 million barrels less per day. We have written earlier on why this is so.As a result, supply at the market has become lower, so prices have gone up and are approaching $100 per barrel again.What will the U.S. do after the OPEC+ statement?The coming energy ...
Investing in meta-universes: 4 ideas
Investing in meta-universes: 4 ideas Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the word "meta-universe" is still misunderstood by the vast majority of people in the world. That's why Apple is trying to avoid the term. The company has mentioned it once. But Meta (recognized as an extremist organization) has used the word "meta-universe" 36 times in its reports this year.And before, Apple was not afraid to set trends ...

Why do we need trading signals

Anyone who plans to engage in trading needs to constantly monitor the global economy, conduct stock market analytics, and predict the behavior of assets. This kind of work takes a lot of time. Traders' signals, made by professionals, help to make a quick decision before buying stocks or currencies. This page of the site contains real-time trading signals that help you quickly navigate the situation occurring in the market. Signals on the financial markets allow you to predict the behavior of the exchange rate when trading on the stock exchange. Relying on analytics, statistics and recommendations of forecasts, you can make successful transactions. Also, Forex trading signals help to avoid possible failures and minimize risks.

How free and paid trading signals work

Signals Marketplace IndexaCo publishes online trading signals that come from independent traders. When the signals are completed, IndexaCo calculates their accuracy and profitability. All forecasts and signals posted on the portal are presented openly in the trader's profile or in the "Completed forecasts" section. Users of the site receive reliable and truthful information about the quality of forecasting, based on statistics, and not emotional reasoning. The main indicator of the number of profitable transactions is the accuracy of the trend forecast. The higher the indicator, the more profitable transactions. A secondary factor is the accuracy of the price forecast. This is an indicator of how correctly the trader predicted the strength of the price change. Thanks to the profitability, you can predict the income received. The larger the size of the trading lot, the higher the income and the cost of a point per day. The portal contains paid and free forecasts. They can be used in trading. You can also subscribe to any trader and use all his signals.

Risk disclaimer

IndexaCo does not bear any responsibility for the results of trading on these signals in the future. The content provided by IndexaCo does not include financial advice, recommendations or recommendations for making or not making any transactions, investments or decisions in relation to any issue. The content provided is impersonal and is not adapted to any particular client, trader or business. Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Trading involves inherent risks, including the loss of your investment. Past market performance is not an indicator of future results. Any investments are made solely at your own risk, you take full responsibility.
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