Main Traders' Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Training and tactics of binary options trading


Training and tactics of binary options trading
Recently, I have often been asked about playing binary options. Admittedly, such questions put me at a dead end. For me personally, binary options are not a game. After all, these are...
Jan 15, 2022  Read
How do binary options brokers cheat?


How do binary options brokers cheat?
In this article I would like to tell you how binary options brokers deceive traders. To begin with, let's discuss what brokers are. I must say right away that I don't believe in "white"...
Oct 21, 2021  Read
8 mistakes of novice investors


8 mistakes of novice investors
1. Stubborn retention of unprofitable positions when losses are very small and seem acceptableMost investors could limit themselves to small losses, but due to the fact that emotions...
Jul 29, 2021  Read
DAX, index, Dow Jones, index, NASDAQ 100, index, S&P 500, index, 3 major cryptocurrency trader mistakes


3 major cryptocurrency trader mistakes
Cryptocurrency is in vogue these days, and its popularity continues to grow. With the frequent emergence of new cryptocurrencies and people with high social clout, such as Ilon Musk,...
May 03, 2021  Read
Ethereum/USD, cryptocurrency, NASDAQ 100, index, S&P 500, index, Actions of a new Forex trader


Actions of a new Forex trader
Trading price signals instead of emotional reactionsIt is said that over 90% of active traders in the Forex financial markets do not make money in the long term. There is a lot of confusion...
Apr 21, 2021  Read

Complete forecasts for traders

. Traders constantly get tips from the market. But not all traders can take advantage of them. This requires theoretical knowledge and practical skills - then the trader will be able to interpret the signals in a timely and accurate manner. Forecasts are recommendations made on the basis of technical analysis. Do not rush headlong into a maelstrom. Before using a signal, independently analyze if the hint is worth believing. Remember about the risks of stock trading. First form a hypothesis, then open a position and set a stop loss if the hypothesis turns out to be false, in order to limit your losses when the price reaches a certain level. Completed trading signals and non-activated forecasts are published on this page of the site, which can be used for market analysis and stock trading. Paid and free forecasts are available at this portal. Both of them are reliable. But paid forecasts contain more useful information than free ones. It is possible to subscribe to a trader and use his predictions only. Or you can analyze the market by yourself and prepare your own signals for other traders. Register on the portal beforehand in order to use all its functions.

How forecasts and trading signals work

Rise and fall of quotations seems chaotic only at first sight. In fact, the exchange lives by its own laws, follows specific trends and is based on principles. From time to time the market generates signals. They tell of the beginning of a bearish or bullish trend. The task of the trader - to see these signs, correctly interpret them, and then open a long or short position. If the hypothesis turned out to be correct, the trader takes an ideal trading position and can make a significant profit. If the hypothesis is incorrect, the open position is closed by a stop loss to minimize losses. The signal gives a probable pullback that is intended to move the stop to Breakeven. But it is impossible to say in advance whether the price will go further in the desired direction. Therefore it is necessary to manage the position, and not to sit idly, waiting for a stop or profit. In addition, in today's conditions, it is extremely wrong to determine the signals only by the price chart. It is necessary to use other parameters: the volume and the strip, market expectations, news. And then profitable trading is guaranteed.
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