Forex forecast for Gold. Possible growth

The price of Gold recovered to the level of $1730 per troy ounce. This is largely due to the dollar index's retreat from last week's five-month high on Wednesday, following the announcement by US President Joe Biden, who announced his second multi-billion Dollar legislative proposal in two months to rebuild infrastructure.

According to analysts of the American bank Wells Fargo, the price of Gold may rise this year to $2200 per ounce. The supply of the precious metal on the market has moved from a surplus to a deficit. In the past, this state of affairs led to the beginning of the price rally of the asset. It is worth recalling that since 2011, the gold market has been experiencing an oversupply, since over the previous 10 years, the price of Gold has increased from $250 to $1900 per ounce. But over the past three years, the situation has changed markedly. The supply of Gold on the market has passed into the stage of shortage. In past years, the shortage of precious metals has always led to a significant increase in its value. According to analysts, Gold may now be at the beginning of a new cycle in the commodity market. The price of the asset has increased by more than 40% since 2018. The bank believes that investors can count on the continuation of the upward trend, which will bring them even greater returns.

Not only will a reduction in the supply of Gold in the market support the value of the precious metal in the future, but also other factors that have a positive impact on pricing at the moment. First of all, these are low interest rates, the printing of unsecured money by central banks and the weakening of the US Dollar (USD). These trends will remain in force for quite a long time. Wells Fargo estimates that the price of one ounce of Gold should rise to $2100 - $2200 this year.

In the forecast, I expect a further recovery in the price of Gold to the level 1750 USD per ounce.

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Cryptocurrencies. Trading forecast and signal for today, May 6, 2021
Bitcoin strengthened towards the $57,400 resistance level. Ethereum returned to the price value of $3,400, and the price of XRP rose to $1.39. The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market has increased to $2.36 trillion.Investments in cryptocurrency-based products rose to $489 million last week. The indicator reached its highest since February of this year, with products on Ethereum being particularly popular. According to a new report from digital asset management company CoinShares, the influx of money into Ethereum investment products reached 30 million last week. Many digital asset managers saw an outflow of investment in Europe, while their North American counterparts confirmed the active growth of investments in similar products. The largest inflow of investment was in Bitcoin-related products. Analysts at CoinShares believe that some investors are starting to take riskier positions while others capitulate and take profits.Over the coming months, customers of some US banks will be able to buy, sell and store bitcoin using existing accounts. To provide financial institutions with such opportunities, a subsidiary of the asset manager Stone Ridge has entered into a partnership with the financial technology giant Fidelity Information Services (FIS). Hundreds of banks are already participating in the program, most of them small institutions with several branches. In recent months, plans to launch bitcoin-related products have been reported by major financial corporations such as Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan. But it was about cryptocurrency access solutions for major players. The new initiative will allow retail customers to invest in digital assets through the traditional banking system. Bitcoin, ETH and XRP Trading Signal for Today, May 6, 2021 The forecast expects the Bitcoin price to rise to the levels of 57700, 58000 and 58500 Dollars. Ethereum will reach the levels of $3425, $3450 and $3500, while XRP will reach the price values of $1.40, $1.42 and $1.45.
06.05.2021 Avatar MaxMar Read
Forex. WTI Oil trading forecast and signal for today, May 6, 2021
WTI crude oil declined in price to the support level of $65.5 per barrel.The US Department of Energy reported that commercial stocks of raw materials in the country last week decreased at the maximum rate of 8 million barrels. According to forecasts, a decrease of 2.3 million was expected. At the same time, production remained at the level of the previous week and amounted to 10.9 million barrels per day. In general, expectations of economic recovery and demand continue to support oil prices. Traders especially pay attention to the authorities' desire to relax quarantine restrictions and reopen borders. The quotes turned around from the local weekly high of $66.65 and marked the beginning of a corrective trend.Saudi Arabia's national oil company, Saudi Aramco, the world's largest producer and reserve, on Wednesday cut the delivery prices for its products to customers in the Asian market for June. It is specified that this is the first reduction in selling prices for the Arab Light variety since December 2020. Bloomberg analysts attribute the lower prices for Asian customers to a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus infections in India, reducing the demand for energy in this country. It is also noted that the Saudi company has reduced prices for June deliveries of its oil to Europe. For buyers in the United States, prices were raised by 20 cents for all grades of oil. WTI Oil trading signal for today, May 6, 2021 The forecast assumes a decline in the price of WTI oil to the levels of 65.25, 65 and 64.7 Dollars per barrel. 
06.05.2021 Avatar MaxMar Read
Forex. Gold trading forecast and signal for today May 6, 2021
On Wednesday, the price of Gold strengthened to the level of $ 1,782 per ounce.A day earlier, the quotes fell against the background of statements by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. The former head of the Federal Reserve suggested in an interview that the regulator may need to raise interest rates to prevent the economy from overheating. But she later said she did not predict or recommend a rate hike by the Fed. Yellen also noted that rapidly rising inflation will not be a permanent problem for the country's economy.Gold is still in a good position despite the recent drop, and could go even higher if the Fed remains flexible in the face of high inflation.On Wednesday, ADP reported that U.S. businesses created 742,000 new jobs in April, the most in seven months. Gold prices fell immediately after the release of the report on employment in the private sector, and then rose sharply. The data comes ahead of the key official US non-farm payrolls report on Friday. According to forecasts, the number of jobs is expected to grow by almost a million. A strong release will support the dollar and return Gold to the middle of the range. The weak data will allow the precious metal to come close to the $1,800 resistance again. Gold trading signal for today May 6, 2021 In the forecast, the price of Gold is expected to rise to the levels of 1785, 1790, 1795 Dollars per ounce.
06.05.2021 Avatar MaxMar Read
Forex. GBP/USD trading forecast and signal for today, May 6, 2021
Forex pair Pound/Dollar is trading just above the level of 1.3900.No major changes are expected, as the market has been stuck in a neutral sideways range for the past two months. According to analysts at Credit Suisse, the pair's growth will begin only when the strong level of 1.4000 is broken. The nearest support is located at 1.3800. Quotes cannot leave the range due to a combination of opposite factors. The US and UK economies are recovering at a fairly rapid pace, the latest indicators show stable growth. There are concerns about a recovery in UK inflation, but this is not yet enough for a full-fledged downtrend.According to the Bloomberg review, the forex pair Pound/Dollar exchange rate will remain at today's values until June. But some analysts confidently predict a decline in quotations. Credit Agricole recommends selling the pound against the dollar in the short term, one of the reasons is the political risk over Scottish independence. Analysts at Barclays Bank declined a call to open a long position on the pound against the euro due to potential pre-election volatility. UBS lowered its forecast for a select group of UK bank bonds to neutral and warned that a long position on UK credit instruments could prove unprofitable due to the risk of a referendum. The odds show that a repeat of the events of 2014, when Scotland voted to remain united, remains a distant prospect. However, market participants put this scenario in their estimates. GBP/USD trading signal for today May 6, 2021 In the forecast, forex pair Pound/Dollar is expected to decline to the supports of 1.3900, 1.3875 and 1.3850.
06.05.2021 Avatar MaxMar Read
Forex. EUR/USD trading forecast and signal for today, May 6, 2021
On Wednesday, Euro/Dollar fell to the support level of 1.2000 on Forex.ADP data showed that U.S. private sector employment increased by 742,000 jobs in April. The number was high, but still below market expectations of 800,000. ADP analysts noted that the labor market continues to accelerate and grow, showing the strongest performance since September 2020. As the economy recovers, there is an increase in the number of jobs. The US dollar has weakened significantly over the past 9-12 months, but the latest data allows us to expect a change in the trend in the very near future.Nordea economists expect the euro / dollar rate to resume falling, as an improved macroeconomic environment and stronger inflation signals may convince the Fed to change the course of monetary policy earlier than expected. The United States may surpass all countries in terms of economic growth in 2021, which will eventually lead to a stronger dollar. First, Treasury bonds may still yield higher returns than similar securities from other countries. Second, the Fed is likely to respond to high growth rates with slightly tougher policies, possibly as early as this summer. A change in interest rate expectations may also lead to a reversal of the euro/dollar pair in the second half of this year. According to Nordea forecasts, the quotes will reach the range of 1.1500–1.1600. EUR/USD trading signal for today May 6, 2021 The forecast assumes a decline in the Euro/Dollar on Forex to the levels of 1.1975, 1.1950 and 1.1930.
06.05.2021 Avatar MaxMar Read
Cryptocurrencies. Trading forecast and signal for Bitcoin, ETH and XRP
The price of Bitcoin (BTC) fell to the level of $54,100. Ethereum (ETH) rose to the level of $3320, and the price of XRP fell to the support of $1.39. The total capitalization of the digital currency market was $2.22 trillion.The total volume of liquidations of short positions on derivatives on Ethereum has reached a new record. The impetus for this was the rise in the price of the second-largest cryptocurrency to a new historical high above $3,500. Over the past day, Ethereum has increased by 12.7%, and its capitalization has reached $405 billion. Over the past seven days, the asset has risen by 39%. According to CryptoQuant analysts, the selling pressure is significantly lower than at the peak of the previous growing market in 2018. On the Deribit derivatives exchange, for the first time in history, the volume of trading options on Ethereum exceeded the corresponding figure for Bitcoin. At the end of April, this ratio was 4.1 times higher for the first cryptocurrency.The Capital Dollar Foundation, together with a major consulting company, will launch five pilot projects to test the digital Dollar this year. The US does not yet have information on which tools are best suited for the development of state-owned digital currencies, so such an initiative will be aimed at collecting the necessary data. Despite the fact that the Fed is cautious about state-owned stablecoins, the regulator sees the need to test them, as this issue has become very relevant among central banks. Recently, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell once again said that it is much more important to work out the right strategy for launching a digital Dollar than to try to overtake the People's Bank of China, which has already tested the digital yuan several times, or other banks that have already launched their own digital currencies. Today, more than 60 countries are engaged in the development of state-owned cryptocurrencies, and the United States does not plan to lag behind them in development. Bitcoin, ETH and XRP trading signals for today May 5, 2021 The forecast assumes a drop in the price of Bitcoin to the levels of 54000, 53700 and 53500 Dollars. Ethereum will decline to the levels of 3300, 3250 and 3200 Dollars, and XRP - to the price values of 1.37, 1.35 and 1.30 Dollars.
05.05.2021 Avatar MaxMar Read
Forex. WTI Oil trading forecast and signal for today May 5, 2021
WTI crude oil reached a price value of $65.15 per barrel.Global markets gained almost 2% on the day. Traders' risk appetite and positive expectations for oil demand support the news about the quarantine in Europe. The European Commission's recommendations to ease restrictions on entry from third countries may be agreed by the end of May, so that they can come into force as early as June. Overall, expectations of an easing of quarantine restrictions support the prospects for economic recovery and oil demand.Market participants also expect an active automotive season this summer in the United States and Europe, which should support the growth of oil demand. At the same time, the unfavorable situation in India and a number of other Asian countries has a restraining effect on prices. So far, the Indian authorities are trying to limit the introduction of local restrictions to avoid an economic downturn, but some experts are already noting signs of weakening demand for oil in the country.In addition, the likely lifting of US sanctions on Iran may become a limiting factor for oil prices, which will allow the Iranians to significantly increase production and export of raw materials. Before the introduction of sanctions in 2018, the volume of production in the country exceeded 3.8 million barrels per day, and in the middle of last year, due to the pandemic, it fell to 1.9 million. At the moment, this figure has recovered to 2.5 million, but the growth potential is still there. If the negotiations on the nuclear deal are successful, Iran will be able to increase oil exports, which will partially offset the efforts of OPEC+ to balance the market. WTI Oil Trading signals for today May 5, 2021 The forecast assumes a decline in the price of WTI oil to the levels of 65, 64.75 and 64.50 USD per barrel.
05.05.2021 Avatar MaxMar Read
Forex. GBP/USD trading forecast and signal for today, May 5, 2021
The British Pound again declined in price against the US Dollar. On Tuesday, the quotes fell to the level of 1.3890.The index of business activity in the UK manufacturing sector rose to the level of 60.9 points-this is slightly higher than forecasts. As a result, GBP lost a minimum in price, despite the strengthening of demand for USD. The country's economy is recovering rapidly, and this allows the Pound to hold its position. Only an insufficiently rapid increase in inflation in the UK can lead to new measures of the Bank of England to ease monetary policy, which will cause the collapse of the Pound. It is the uncertainty of the regulator's further actions that keeps GBP from further growth.The U.S. economy fell slightly short of forecasts, growing 6.4% year-on-year in the first quarter. A full business recovery and further stimulus will lead to double-digit growth in the second quarter. In this case, US GDP growth will be higher at the end of the year than it would have been before the pandemic. The US economy has already received $5 trillion in stimulus thanks to measures taken by Presidents Trump and Biden. In the future, it is planned to increase spending by another 4 trillion Us Dollars, which will be partially offset by tax increases. These volumes are equivalent to about 40% of the country's GDP, so it is not surprising that the US economy shows such results. Trading signals for the GBP/USD forex pair for today May 5, 2021 In the forecast, the GBP/USD is expected to decline to the support levels of 1.3870, 1.3850 and 1.3825.
05.05.2021 Avatar MaxMar Read
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