Forex trading. Pound-Dollar GBP/USD forecast for today, June 17, 2021

Forex trading. Pound-Dollar GBP/USD forecast for today, June 17, 2021

The British currency fell sharply in price against the US dollar and reached the support of 1.4000.

Data showed that UK inflation unexpectedly exceeded the Bank of England's 2% target in May. This has raised some concerns that policymakers may start to signal a change in policy thinking if prices continue their upward streak. Inflation has hit 2.1%, and looks set to rise further as the country reopens its economy after a lockdown against the coronavirus.

While the rise in inflation is largely driven by local factors, the Bank of England will be watching closely to see if a stronger currency will help ease price pressures. The British pound is one of the strongest currencies against the dollar this year with a net gain of 3.3%. The yield on two-year UK government bonds rose almost one basis point to a one-month high of 0.11%. British economic data supported the pound, but the key factor was the reaction of the markets to the Fed's comments. As a result, the pound/dollar pair fell to the lowest value since the beginning of May. It is unlikely that the British currency will be able to return to the recent highs around the level of 1.4200 in the near future.


Forex trading. Pound-Dollar GBP/USD forecast for today, June 17, 2021


In our forecast, we assume a further decline in the Pound-Dollar exchange rate to the price values of 1.3980, 1.3960 and 1.3930.

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Retail sales in the UK increased by 23% in July The growth of retail sales in the UK in July was 23% compared to June, when their rise was noted at the level of 25%. Such data is contained in a report published by the Confederation of British Industry. According to economists' forecasts, a more significant slowdown in sales growth was expected - up to 21%. At the same time, orders in the British retail sector jumped by 49% over the past month – the fastest pace since the end of 2010. In June, their growth was 30%. According to the retailers who took part in the survey, 29% of respondents expect sales growth to continue in August. At the same time, 39% of the survey participants predict an increase in orders next month. The volume of online sales in July slowed down slightly, almost remaining at the level of the previous month. The slowdown in sales growth in online stores has been noted for 5 consecutive months. The survey participants believe that online sales will grow weakly next month. Ben Jones, chief economist at the Confederation of British Industry, noted the record low level of inventories in the retail sector, where the problem of labor shortage also persists.
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Intel: Depressing financial report Intel's financial results continue to keep investors in suspense regarding the future prospects of the developer. Fortunately for the chip manufacturer, the shortage in the chip market persists, because in a "normal" situation, it continued to lose its share in favor of more efficient competitors.The company's revenue in the second quarter increased by 2% y/y due to the ”success" of the Client Computing Group-the direction that is responsible for computing power solutions. While the data center segment suffered significantly due to good sales of AMD's 7-nm Eypc 3: revenue decreased by 9% y/y, to 66.5 billion, and operating profit by 37%, to $1.9 billion. It is quite obvious that AMD managed to beat Intel: over the same period, the revenue of the newcomer firm increased by 87%. At the same time, analysts predict a doubling of AMD's market share to 25% already in 2022.The forecasts of Intel representatives themselves are quite pessimistic: in the third quarter, revenue should slightly decrease compared to last year's values to $18.2 billion. If earlier the amount of income for 2021 was expected in the range of $72.5-72.84 billion, now it is near $73.5 billion. The nuance is that in the second quarter, the company managed to ”surprise" investors and demonstrate a result of $0.7 billion more. And this figure alone was enough to increase the forecast values to $73.54 billion, which means that the figures in the following quarters will continue to disappoint market participants.
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Forex trading. Cryptocurrency forecast for today, July 27, 2021
Forex trading. Cryptocurrency forecast for today, July 27, 2021 Bitcoin gained almost 15% in price and reached the level of $39700. Ethereum strengthened to the level of $2,380, and XRP reached 66 cents. The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market was $1.56 trillion.Bloomberg analysts believe that the current upward movement of bitcoin may have a continuation. The rapid recovery of the main cryptocurrency above the psychologically significant 30,000 mark will give impetus to buyers who pushed the price through the key resistance of $36,500 on Monday. This movement confirms the formation of the classic double bottom technical pattern, which is considered one of the main reversal patterns after a downtrend. The latest price movement confirmed the classic pattern, which potentially indicates a rise to the $44,000 mark, where the double bottom target and the 200-day moving average intersect.One of the largest American rating agencies, Morningstar, believes that Cardano has a chance to enter the big three of the cryptocurrency market along with bitcoin and Ethereum. This blockchain has many application scenarios that can attract the interest of institutional investors, and in this sense it is similar to Ethereum. Currently, ADA occupies the fifth place in the market with a capitalization of $43 billion. Despite the recent pullback, the growth of the cryptocurrency since the beginning of the year is still 650%. Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, believes that his project is unfairly criticized for its slow progress towards supporting smart contracts. On Twitter, he promised that the next two months will be fun as the Alonzo hard fork is deployed. The completion of the implementation of smart contracts is expected in early September with the launch of the Alonzo Purple update.The forecast expects Bitcoin to decline to the levels of 39500, 39200 and 39000 dollars. Ethereum will decline to the levels of 2350, 2330 and 2300 dollars, and XRP - to the price values of 65, 63 and 60 cents.
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Forex trading. WTI Oil forecast for today, July 27, 2021
Forex trading. WTI Oil forecast for today, July 27, 2021 On Monday, a barrel of WTI oil strengthened to the level of 71.8 dollars. The cost of raw materials continues to be at high values due to the continued shortage in the market. According to the International Energy Agency, in June 2021, the production of exporters amounted to 40.9 million barrels per day, and demand was at the level of 42.3 million barrels. A supply shortage of 1.4 million barrels per day continues to support oil prices. Experts believe that the imbalance in the market may even increase by the end of the year, which will cause further strengthening of raw material quotes until the annual highs are updated, but only if it is possible to contain a new wave of morbidity in the world.Additional pressure on the energy market is exerted by the continued increase in the number of drilling rigs in the United States. According to the oilfield services company Baker Hughes, at the end of last week, the number of aggregates increased by 7 units, to the maximum value since April 2020 of 491 units. The increase in the number of installations indicates the activation of oil production in the country during a period of high prices for hydrocarbons, which can also increase the supply on the market.The forecast assumes an increase in the price of WTI oil to the resistance levels of 72, 72.3 and 72.5 dollars per barrel.
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Forex trading. Gold exchange rate forecast for today, July 27, 2021
Forex trading. Gold exchange rate forecast for today, July 27, 2021 Gold is trading near the level of $1800 per ounce. On Monday, prices rose slightly, helped by a decline in US bond yields and fears of an increase in cases of infection. At the same time, investors focused on the meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee this week. Although no actual changes are expected, investors will be looking for clues when the Fed may start to rein in its loose monetary policy. The growth of inflation is already exceeding forecasts and threatens to affect consumer activity. Last month, US consumer prices rose at the fastest pace in three decades. According to a survey conducted by UBS, almost half of professional investors believe that prices will continue to rise in the next twelve months.Recently, the positive correlation between gold and inflation has weakened. The precious metal retains the attractiveness of a safe haven, and this makes it more in demand in a weak economic situation, when central banks print money to finance asset purchases and with low inflation. These factors prevailed after the global financial crisis of 2008, during the subsequent sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone and last year, when the pandemic led to the closure of economies. But in the current conditions of rising consumer prices, the link between gold and inflation may well become more obvious. Governments have sent money directly to workers, businesses and health systems. Major infrastructure work has yet to be carried out, so raw material prices and wages are likely to remain at a high level for a long time.The forecast assumes a strengthening of the Gold price to the levels of 1805, 1810 and 1820 dollars per ounce.
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Forex trading. Euro-Dollar EUR/USD forecast for today, July 27, 2021
Forex trading. Euro-Dollar EUR/USD forecast for today, July 27, 2021 On Monday, the single currency exchange rate rose against the dollar to the level of 1.1812.Economic data from the US was below expectations. Sales of new homes fell to 676,000, below the expected 800,000. The index of business activity in the manufacturing sector from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas for July fell to 27.3 points. An improvement in risk sentiment could also weaken the US dollar. The Nasdaq index reached a new record high, and the Dow Jones fell by 0.21%. The yield on 10-year Treasury bonds recovered to 1.27%, but this did not help the US currency to restore intraday positions.For the first time since March 2020, short-term traders have become net buyers of the dollar. The latest report of the commodity futures Commission showed that large speculative bets on the purchase of the euro, the Canadian dollar and the pound sterling fell, which helped weaken the cumulative net short position on the dollar. Euro contracts fell to levels last seen 16 months ago. This is happening as the dollar's prospects have become more opaque against the background of hawkish signals from the Fed, despite the threat to economic growth, a double deficit and the debt ceiling problem looming on the horizon again. Demand for safe-haven assets will limit the dollar's decline amid fears that a new variant of the virus will hinder the recovery of global growth.The main focus will be on the Fed and the consideration of whether strong inflation data will cause talk about the need to wind down the quantitative easing program as soon as possible. This could be the next catalyst for the growth of the dollar, and speculators foresee a strengthening of the currency, since they abandoned the net bid for sale for 2021.The forecast expects a decline in the Euro/Dollar exchange rate to the levels of 1.1800, 1.1775 and 1.1750.
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