XRP (Ripple): there may be a shortage of cryptocurrency in the market

XRP (Ripple): there may be a shortage of cryptocurrency in the market

The settlement of the lawsuit between Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may lead to a sharp decrease in the supply of the XRP token on the market, according to lawyer Jeremy Hogan.

Cryptocurrency lawyer Jeremy Hogan predicts that the market could face an XRP supply shock if the San Francisco-based crypto startup settles a lawsuit with the SEC.

According to the lawyer, the settlement agreement is likely to include the payment of a fine that will be imposed on the company Ripple. At the same time, it will not pay compensation to the owners of the XRP token allegedly affected by its actions.

In addition, the agreement may contain a condition that will restrict the sale of XRP issued from escrow, which will reduce the supply of XRP in the market.

Recall that in 2017, Ripple blocked 55 billion XRP on its escrow accounts to ensure the stability of the token supply. For 4.5 years, the company promised to release 1 billion tokens a month.

Hogan notes that if Ripple reaches a settlement with the SEC, it would make it the first company in the crypto industry to fully align its actions with regulators.

SEC is trying to extend the pretrial investigation phase of the Ripple case by 60 days. The regulator believes that it needs additional time to study the testimony of the remaining 8 witnesses in the XRP case.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and co-founder Chris Larsen filed a motion in court asking the SEC to investigate the activities of Bitfinex, Huobi Global, OKEx, Bitstamp and some other foreign trading platforms.

According to the defendants, the records obtained from foreign exchanges will prove that they did not violate the fifth section of the Securities Act of 1933, which prohibits the sale of unregistered securities in the United States. Ripple executives noted that the sales of XRP tokens were carried out on foreign exchanges, which means that they did not fall under the jurisdiction of the SEC.

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The US dollar fell following the results of the Federal Reserve meeting
The US dollar fell following the results of the Federal Reserve meeting The US dollar fell on Wednesday after the announcement of the results of the US Federal Reserve meeting.The US dollar index tested two-week lows against the background of the soft tone of the Fed's statements.Following the results of the two-day meeting, the Fed left the parameters of monetary policy unchanged, as expected.The final statement notes that the economy has made progress in meeting the targets for employment and inflation, and that the central bank will continue to evaluate its stimulus programs.The US dollar weakened after the Fed softened the tone of its statements and avoided a clear indication about the timing of the start of the curtailment of stimulus.The resumption of the increase in the incidence of COVID-19 supports the forecasts of those who expect the continuation of monetary stimulus until at least the end of 2022, which some analysts consider a negative factor for the US currency.The Fed has announced the launch of a new type of operations to provide dollar liquidity. From July 29, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York will conduct repo operations with American banks and foreign central banks on a daily basis.The Federal Reserve is preparing a tool in advance to prevent a repeat of the 2019 liquidity crisis. In the meantime, the markets see the actions of the regulator as a continuation of the "printing press" policy.Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said during a press conference that the Fed is still far from starting discussions on raising interest rates. He promised that the Central Bank will give many signals to the financial markets before starting to curtail purchases, so as not to catch investors by surprise. In April, Powell said that the conditions for such a step by the Fed have not yet developed, and in June he stated that the economy is very far from the necessary indicators."The approach of the US central bank plays into the hands of USD sellers, forming the basis for a pullback to the lower limit of the trading range around 89.60 at DXY. The key pair of the currency market, EURUSD, has once again received support over the past 12 months on the decline in the area of 1.16-1.17. The development of this movement opens the way to the area of this year's highs 1.22–1.23
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Binance lowers the withdrawal limits. Is Changpeng Zhao leaving?
Binance lowers the withdrawal limits. Is Changpeng Zhao leaving? Binance reduces the withdrawal limits for a number of users.Changpeng Zhao announced the search for a successor to the role of head of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange.The Binance crypto exchange on Tuesday announced a reduction in the withdrawal limit for accounts with a basic verification level to 0.06 BTC per day. Previously, it was 2 BTC.The company justified its decision with the desire to "support the current security of all users". Apparently, it was adopted due to the close attention of regulators around the world.The restrictions will apply to all new users, and will be extended to existing accounts from August 4 to August 23. The basic level is the lowest level of account verification on Binance and is provided after filling in the basic information about the user, without confirming them with documents.A few days ago, the exchange lowered the leverage for trading on futures to 20 from 125.Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao at a press conference on Tuesday announced the search for a candidate who could take over the management of the company from him. He stressed that he would like to find a specialist with experience in interacting with regulators, since as an entrepreneur from the technology industry, he is not too advanced in this area.According to Zhao, Binance plans to establish regional headquarters around the world. The new tactic should help the exchange get widespread approval from local authorities.In the past few months, Binance has come under pressure from regulators in many countries because of its unregulated status.
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US authorities are preparing a new trial over Tether - Bloomberg The US authorities are ready to resume the prosecution of Tether, the issuer of the USDT stablecoin.The US Department of Justice has launched an investigation into Tether with the prospect of opening a criminal case, Bloomberg reported, citing informed sources.The company is suspected of bank fraud and providing false information in financial reports.The US Department of Justice intends to analyze the activities that Tether conducted in the first years of its existence. In particular, he is interested in the possibility of hiding transactions related to cryptocurrency. The decision to open a case may be made later, after the Ministry of Justice has established the validity of the charges.As Bloomberg notes, the current investigation suggests that the investigation could have switched attention to bank fraud from market manipulations that Tether was accused of in the past.Tether called the Bloomberg article a "clickbait" based "on unnamed sources and statements from many years ago."Tether has already become a person involved in the trial in 2019, when the company gave a loan to the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex. In February, the crypto exchange Bitfinex and Tether settled a conflict with the New York State Prosecutor's Office (NYAG). As part of the settlement agreement, Bitfinex and Tether paid $18.5 million.Recall that in June, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Eric Rosengren, called the USDT stablecoin a "new destroyer" of the short-term lending market.On July 20, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called for the creation of a regulatory framework for stablecoins. According to her, in the coming months, regulatory authorities plan to issue recommendations to eliminate regulatory gaps in relation to stablecoins.On July 22, the head of the SEC, Gary Gensler, said that cryptocurrencies that are tied to the value of traditional financial assets fall under the securities legislation.Tether is the permanent leader of the segment. According to The Block, the share of USDT in the total supply of stablecoins is 57.81%. According to Tether's quarterly report, as of March 31, 2021, cash and cash equivalents formed 76% of Tether Holdings Limited's reserves.
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Amazon has denied rumors about the integration of Bitcoin
Amazon has denied rumors about the integration of Bitcoin Bitcoin jumped 9% on Monday amid rumors about Amazon, breaking through the round $40,000 mark at the end of the day.Altcoins from the top ten rose more moderately — from 1.8% (Binance Coin) to 6.2% (Dogecoin).Earlier, the publication City A.M., citing an insider, reported that the e-commerce giant Amazon plans to add support for bitcoin payments by the end of 2021.According to the source, this will be the first step in realizing the company's ambitions in the field of digital assets — in the future, it allegedly plans to add "about eight of the most popular cryptocurrencies".The sharp growth of bitcoin, at least in part, was caused by the liquidation of short positions, the holders of which were forced to buy cryptocurrency and thus pushed the market up. After a jump above $39,000, crypto exchanges liquidated traders ' positions totaling almost $900 million.Meanwhile, according to Zero Hedge, Amazon has denied rumors that it is preparing to accept bitcoin by the end of this year, but promised to continue studying digital assets.On Monday, Tesla published its financial report for the second quarter. Contrary to optimistic expectations, the company did not increase its position in bitcoin, but it did not cut it either. Tesla continues to hold about $1.3 billion in cryptocurrency, after it liquidated part of the position in the first quarter.
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Soros' associate predicted the collapse of the market bubble
Soros' associate predicted the collapse of the market bubble American billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller predicted hyperinflation and the collapse of markets.According to the investor, the Biden administration's plans to spend $2 trillion on infrastructure projects are capable of overheating the American economy and turning into a "devastating collapse".Unprecedented injections of central banks for $10 trillion generated a rally in the markets from stocks to raw materials and threw the capitalization of global stock exchanges to an unprecedented 125% of GDP."This is the biggest bubble in my career," the billionaire noted.Druckenmiller, a former associate of George Soros on his Quantum fund, is considered one of the most successful investors on Wall Street with a personal fortune of $4.8 billion.In June 2019, he predicted the defeat of Donald Trump in the election, suggesting that he could destabilize the fragile economy.The markets will collapse by 50-75%, so everyone should stock up on gold, says David Stockman, a former congressman and head of the Congressional Budget Office under Ronald Reagan.In his opinion, "the head of the Fed, Powell, and his merry group of crazy money printers are criminally incompetent, and large-scale money printing is not justified by anything."Over the past almost two years, the Fed has printed more dollars than in the previous 100 years of its existence. Therefore, gold is the only asset that will retain its value over time, Stockman believes.
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Bitcoin soared to $40,000 amid Amazon's plans
Bitcoin soared to $40,000 amid Amazon's plans Bitcoin jumped by 5 thousand dollars at the beginning of Monday and is approaching the round mark of $40,000.Last Tuesday, the first cryptocurrency fell below $30,000.Traders were inspired to buy by rumors that the Amazon giant plans to start accepting bitcoin before the end of the year.The world's largest e-commerce platform Amazon will start accepting bitcoin by the end of this year, the business publication City A.M. reported on Sunday, citing an "insider".The rumors about this are based on a vacancy for the head of the cryptocurrency and blockchain direction, which the company published last week. It says that Amazon needs an employee who could use "experience in the field of blockchain, distributed ledger, digital currencies of central banks and cryptocurrencies" to implement "the necessary capabilities".Similar rumors about the possibility of accepting cryptocurrencies in Amazon have repeatedly appeared on the network over the past years, but the company has always denied them. However, over the past time, other major players have started working with cryptocurrencies, for example, PayPal has allowed its customers to buy bitcoin and pay them with outlets on the platform.As it became known later, a well-known member of the CryptoCobain crypto community said that he was the author of the rumor.Bloomberg expert Mike McGlone believes that bitcoin will return to $60,000 rather than fall to $20,000. He builds his forecast on the basis of "similar periods of recovery from too cool conditions in the past."Meanwhile, the options market estimates the probability of Bitcoin rising to a new maximum above $64,800 by the end of the year at only 8%, and only 2% of bidders put on growth to six-digit marks.
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Bitcoin (BTC): what to expect next?
Bitcoin (BTC): what to expect next? Despite the rebound of bitcoin in recent days, many experts believe that the first cryptocurrency has not yet reached the "bottom".Amber Group CEO Michael Wu believes that bitcoin will fall to $25,000 before large investors start buying up the asset in large volumes again.According to the founder of New Street Advisors, Delano Saporu, BTC will reach the bottom around $22,000."I think that bitcoin will return to the levels of December last year. It will drop to $22,000 or even $17,000. Nevertheless, I think we will go up from there, " he said on CNBC.According to Saporu, the greatest losses were suffered by short-term traders who invested in cryptocurrency at highs. Only those players who bet on long-term retention of bitcoin (hodlers) remain in the black.According to IntoTheBlock, over the past year, the total volume of cryptocurrency under the control of hodlers has reached 10.1 million BTC. The number of such wallets has been steadily increasing for 12 months.Bitokin will fall to $15,000, according to Guggenheim Partners investment director Scott Minerd. In his opinion, the first cryptocurrency will decrease to this level based on the statistics of past corrections, during which the asset lost about 80% of its value.According to the head of the FTX derivatives crypto exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried, BTC will not be able to fall below $10,000. At this level, many buyers will become more active, who will start buying cryptocurrency en masse and will not let the quotes fall below.Some experts give bullish forecasts. So, the CEO of the Morpher trading platform, Martin Froiler, predicts the growth of bitcoin to $160,000 by the end of this year.Thomson Reuters technologist and futurist Joseph Raczynski gave a forecast of $75,000 by the end of the year, and Arcane Crypto cryptanalyst Vetle Lunde pointed to $120,000.The question of the fall of bitcoin up to $23,300, where it took a pause in growth before last Christmas, becomes relevant. It cannot be excluded that in the case of mass liquidation of margin positions, the price will even close the gap in the area of $18,000.In general, such a turn of events will be a repeat of the "crypto winter of 2018", opening the possibility for a commensurate collapse of BTC with a "bottom" near $10,000, zeroing out the rally from October 2020.
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