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  • CNY/RUB 58%
  • GBP/RUB 57%
  • EUR/RUB 65%
  • EUR/USD 66%
  • GBP/USD 66%
  • USD/CAD 50%
  • USD/CHF 50%
  • USD/JPY 64%
  • USD/RUB 63%
  • EUR/GBP 65%
  • EUR/JPY 50%
  • Dash/Bitcoin 50%
  • Dash/USD 65%
  • Stellar/USD 62%
  • EthereumClassic/USD 31%
  • Zcash/USD 64%
  • Cardano/USD 65%
  • BitcoinCash/Bitcoin 0%
  • BitcoinCash/USD 62%
  • Litecoin/USD 66%
  • IOTA/USD 63%
  • NEO/USD 65%
  • Ethereum/USD 64%
  • BitcoinGold/Bitcoin 100%
  • Monero/USD 66%
  • Bitcoin/USD 68%
  • BitcoinGold/USD 66%
  • Nem/USD 66%
  • XRP/USD 65%
  • Brent Crude Oil 66%
  • WTI Crude Oil 100%
  • Silver 65%
  • Gold 65%
  • Dogecoin 75%
  • Binance Coin 66%
  • Polkadot 64%
  • Binance USD 100%
  • Solana 64%
  • Terra 59%
  • CNY/RUB 46%
  • GBP/RUB 47%
  • EUR/RUB 56%
  • EUR/USD 56%
  • GBP/USD 57%
  • USD/CAD 50%
  • USD/CHF 50%
  • USD/JPY 54%
  • USD/RUB 53%
  • EUR/GBP 56%
  • EUR/JPY 0%
  • Dash/Bitcoin 0%
  • Dash/USD 56%
  • Stellar/USD 54%
  • EthereumClassic/USD 26%
  • Zcash/USD 57%
  • Cardano/USD 55%
  • BitcoinCash/Bitcoin 0%
  • BitcoinCash/USD 52%
  • Litecoin/USD 56%
  • IOTA/USD 55%
  • NEO/USD 55%
  • Ethereum/USD 53%
  • BitcoinGold/Bitcoin 0%
  • Monero/USD 58%
  • Bitcoin/USD 59%
  • BitcoinGold/USD 58%
  • Nem/USD 58%
  • XRP/USD 56%
  • Brent Crude Oil 57%
  • WTI Crude Oil 13%
  • Silver 54%
  • Gold 53%
  • Dogecoin 66%
  • Binance Coin 61%
  • Polkadot 58%
  • Binance USD 0%
  • Solana 57%
  • Terra 53%
  • CNY/RUB 28
  • GBP/RUB 17
  • EUR/RUB 18
  • EUR/USD 15
  • GBP/USD 3
  • USD/CAD -43
  • USD/CHF 15
  • USD/JPY -2
  • USD/RUB 15
  • EUR/GBP 0
  • EUR/JPY 4
  • Dash/Bitcoin 1
  • Dash/USD 2
  • Stellar/USD -6
  • EthereumClassic/USD -19
  • Zcash/USD -25
  • Cardano/USD 14
  • BitcoinCash/Bitcoin -4
  • BitcoinCash/USD -24
  • Litecoin/USD 15
  • IOTA/USD -41
  • NEO/USD -12
  • Ethereum/USD -52
  • BitcoinGold/Bitcoin 0
  • Monero/USD 35
  • Bitcoin/USD 24
  • BitcoinGold/USD -5
  • Nem/USD -5
  • XRP/USD -36
  • Brent Crude Oil -3
  • WTI Crude Oil 21
  • Silver 1
  • Gold 3
  • Dogecoin 37
  • Binance Coin 44
  • Polkadot 0
  • Binance USD 1
  • Solana -47
  • Terra -328

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Binance Announces the Sale of Coin98 (C98) Tokens on Launchpad
Binance Coin, cryptocurrency, Binance USD, cryptocurrency, Binance Announces the Sale of Coin98 (C98) Tokens on Launchpad The total number of Coin98 tokens is 1,000,000,000, of which 50,000,000 (5% of the total number of tokens) are allocated for Binance Launchpad.Binance has announced the sale of Coin98 (C98) on its platform to launch an initial token offering. The sale of Coin98 tokens is already the 20th project on Binance Launchpad, which uses the Launchpad subscription format with the recording of user balances in BNB, starting from July 16 at 03:00 to July 23.According to Binance officials, the exchange will determine the maximum amount of money that each user can invest in BNB within seven days based on the calculation of the average BNB rate for the day, already announced by Binance. The expected exchange rate of 1 C98 token is 0.075 USD, although Binance will announce the actual exchange rate only before launching the token.Learn more about Launchpad on BinanceThe sale of new tokens on Launchpad resembles the sale of new tokens that cannot be bought anywhere yet, at low prices. The bottom line is that there is a common BNB pool and a common COIN98 pool. Depending on who throws how much into the BNB pool, the percentage of these C98s will be distributed. The more BNB you have, the more you can buy C98 as a percentage, taking into account everyone who wants and everyone's bid.The total number of C98 tokens is 1,000,000,000, of which 50,000,000 C98 (5% of the total number of tokens) are allocated for Binance Launchpad. The subscription will be open to all eligible users for 4 hours. Users must sign an Agreement to purchase tokens. BNB user accounts will be locked after the user completes the operation, and will be available for trading, withdrawals and transfers only after the final distribution of tokens.The final distribution of tokens will take place on July 23 at 14:00 and the corresponding amount of BNB will be deducted from the amount that was blocked.After the deduction, the C98 and BNB tokens will be transferred to the users ' spot wallets.Read more: Binance: history, features, coins and verificationWhat is Coin98Coin98 is an inter-network liquidity protocol that uses Internet aggregation through innovative solutions such as Multi-chain Engine, Fully automatic liquidity and Space Gate (cross-chain bridge). The platform provides users with access to the DeFi ecosystem, including borrowing protocols, decentralized exchanges, games running on the blockchain, as well as network management (via Snapshot). Users of the platform can also switch from blockchain to blockchain through mobile applications. The protocol provides a complete set of products, including Coin98 Wallet, Coin98 Exchange and Coin98 Bridge, and allows you to easily transfer assets.The C98 token is the platform's own service token for paying for services, as payments for staking, management and unique membership rights.The Coin98 wallet is built as an infrastructure for the future of the crypto world based on a variety of blockchains. It supports more than 20 blockchains, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Terra and so on. The Coin98 wallet allows users to store, send, receive, manage crypto assets and connect to dApps on the blockchains that it supports.Coin98 Exchange is a multi-chain liquidity aggregator. It allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies, place bets, borrow, earn cryptocurrency with the best rates and low slippage.Space Gate: An inter-network bridge that allows you to exchange and transfer assets over several networks. Supports token exchange between ERC20, BEP20, SPL tokens, etc. "Due to the fact that the Coin98 wallet contains several chains, it provides a "permanent connection", helping users to access numerous DeFi services through separate block chains without problems and at the same time. Users can also make transactions with tokens with an optimized gas commission and simultaneously manage several digital assets in the Coin98 wallet, " the company wrote on its official website."The C98 token supports multiple tokenomics, serving as both a management and a service token. The C98 tokenomics unites the entire Coin98 ecosystem, " they ...
The illusion of money. Top 5 largest cryptocurrency thefts in history
Ethereum/USD, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Binance Coin, cryptocurrency, Binance USD, cryptocurrency, The illusion of money. Top 5 largest cryptocurrency thefts in history The alleged theft of cryptocurrency on the Africrypt platform has become the most expensive in history. Any hacking of the exchange negatively affects the value of the cryptocurrency, but hackers arrange attacks not only for the sake of stealing money. Many thus reduce its course. Fierce competition in the market over time only increases the likelihood of such hacks. We calculated how much the most expensive hacks in history cost investors.Binance: $40 millionHacking Binance — the most popular exchange in 2019 cost 7 thousand bitcoins. At the time of the hack, it cost about $40 million. "We discovered a major security breach today, May 7, 2019, at 17: 15: 24. Hackers managed to obtain a large number of user API keys, 2FA codes and, possibly, other information," the report says.The exchange announced that hackers used various methods, including phishing, viruses and other attacks. "During the hacking, hackers were able to gain access to the "hot" Binance wallet, which, at the time of the attack, had about 2% of the funds. In just 44 transactions, the attackers managed to withdraw 7074 BTC, " said Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the exchange. By "other information", the company meant the theft of personal data of customers, which negatively affected the trust in the platform.The exchange announced that it will cover all the lost funds from its funds, and no user will be affected by this hacking. Binance representatives reported that the losses will be covered at the expense of the previously created SAFU fund (user asset Security fund). Previously, 10% of the platform's commission fees were sent to his address.Nicehash: $80 millionOne of the largest thefts can be called the story of the Slovenian company Nicehash, which occurred in 2017. In fact, Nicehash is not an exchange — it is a cryptocurrency miner with an integrated market. Users leased their computing power to those who mined cryptocurrency without investing in equipment. Hackers could easily get new coins.Nicehash has published an official comment: "It is important to note that our payment system was hacked, and the contents of the NiceHash bitcoin wallet were emptied. We are working to verify the exact number of stolen BTC. It is clear that this is a matter of deep concern, and we are working hard to correct this in the coming days. In addition to conducting our own investigation, the incident was reported to the relevant law enforcement agencies, and we are cooperating with them as a matter of urgency."As a result of the investigation, it turned out that hackers stole 4,700 bitcoins, which is approximately $80 million. The company announced the return of 60% of the stolen coins, and in 2019 it froze the payment program for victims of hacking. NiceHash claimed that it reimburses users for funds received from commissions, thereby reducing the platform's profit, and promised to resume refunds in the future.Mt.Gox: $390 millionAnother Japanese exchange, Mt.Gox, suffered in 2013. At that time, the platform handled 70% of all global bitcoin traffic. For unclear reasons, bitcoins worth about $390 million went missing. It turned out that for two years the hacker stole bitcoins from users ' wallets, but the platform recognized the expenses as deposits and charged some users up to 40 thousand additional bitcoins.After that, the head of the exchange, Mark Karpeles, announced that he was resigning from the board of the Bitcoin Foundation. At the same time, an official document of the administration leaked to the network, which showed the deplorable state of the platform. It followed from the text that unknown attackers stole about 744 thousand bitcoins, and the exchange administration is not able to pay off its users, since the stolen amount is huge. Karpeles was arrested and charged with embezzlement.In February 2014, it declared bankruptcy, when the company's debt reached $63.6 million, and the number of creditors exceeded 127 thousand people. In addition, it turned out that the platform itself was affected - 120 thousand of its own bitcoins were stolen from the exchange. At that time, experts predicted the collapse of the entire cryptosphere, since the theft affected approximately 6% of the issue of all bitcoins in circulation.CoinCheck: $533 millionAnother major hack occurred in CoinCheck - on the leading Japanese cryptocurrency platform. In January 2018, hackers outside the country infected the exchange's internal network with a virus that was transmitted by email. This allowed attackers to steal users ' private keys. As a result, 523 million NEM coins worth $533 million were stolen.This amount was in a cold wallet, which is safer from possible attacks or theft than hot wallets. The company itself has acknowledged problems and failures in the management of the cold portfolio: the theft occurred due to the neglect of the storage of this cryptocurrency. The CoinCheck exchange did not use smart contracts with multiple signatures, so all coins were stored on the same wallet.However, such a large theft did not lead to the collapse of the cryptocurrency market. CoinCheck does not have such a systemic importance as Mt.Gox and other exchanges had at the dawn of the crypto market development. Its total value at the time of the theft was less than 0.25% of the value of the entire cryptocurrency, and the options for buying and selling crypto assets are very different today. The quick reaction of CoinCheck allowed to reassure investors, who were reimbursed in full.Africrypt: $3.6 billionThe founders of the investment platform Africrypt, two brothers Amir and Race Keiji are suspected of stealing about 69 thousand bitcoins, which is equivalent to $3.6 billion at the current exchange rate. In April 2021, they announced that the platform had been hacked and the funds stolen. Users were asked not to contact law enforcement agencies, because, according to Amir, this would make it difficult to return the cryptocurrency.However, the investors did not listen to the advice and turned to the law firm Hanekom Attorneys, which initiated an investigation. It turned out that the employees of Africrypt lost access to the site a week before the founders announced the hacking of the platform. Now the case is being investigated by the South African police, law enforcement officers have contacted crypto exchanges to prevent attackers from selling the stolen cryptocurrency.It will not be easy to track it, since special services that confuse transactions were used when sending bitcoins. The site of the site is currently unavailable. Africrypt was launched in 2019, the Keiji brothers promised investors high profits - a huge yield of up to 10% per day. According to Bloomberg, this story can become the largest scam in the field of cryptocurrencies, if the fact of theft is confirmed. Now the court has temporarily liquidated the brothers ' company, they have been given until July 19, 2021 to respond to the court ...
The Binance crypto exchange has introduced mandatory verification for all users
Binance Coin, cryptocurrency, Binance USD, cryptocurrency, The Binance crypto exchange has introduced mandatory verification for all users Already registered users who have not confirmed their identity will be limited to the operations that they can conduct on the crypto exchangeThe Binance crypto exchange has introduced mandatory verification according to the principles of "Know your customer" for all users – new and already registered. The company announced this in a publication on the website.Starting from August 20, all new users will have to go through the identity verification process. For the basic level, it is enough to enter personal information (full name, date of birth) without documentary confirmation.To get access to a higher limit on trading, you will have to attach a scan of the identity document and take a selfie.Users who are already registered on Binance, but have not passed the identity verification process, will be limited to the operations that they can conduct on the exchange.Binance notes that the new measures will strengthen the protection of users, and are also aimed at combating financial crimes.Binance has added mandatory identity verification amid numerous claims from regulators from different countries. The crypto exchange is accused of non-compliance with the rules aimed at combating money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism. Similar claims were made by the authorities of Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan and other countries.More about Binance:Binance has been hit by global regulatorsBinance crypto exchange is under ...
Why do stablecoins remain stable
Ethereum/USD, cryptocurrency, USD Coin, cryptocurrency, Binance USD, cryptocurrency, Why do stablecoins remain stable What is a stablecoin?Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that use various methods to maintain their fixed value.Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies designed to maintain the price stability of (strong) fiat currencies while maintaining the security, speed and low cost of transactions with virtual assets. Initially, this was done to minimize the impact of cryptocurrency price volatility in trading and as a bridge to basic expenses and financial institutions.Now they are beginning to spread in banking as well, in order to reduce the costs of making payments and facilitate their execution.There are four main types of stablecoins. Three centralized stablecoins are backed by fiat currencies, commodities or cryptocurrencies, while the decentralized ones rely on algorithms and smart contracts to automatically maintain the value.Stablecoins are contradictoryWhile bankers and authorities consider stablecoins as a very useful tool, the ability of some tokens to compete with national currencies is very alarming to regulatory authorities.The reason is that it all depends on how the stablecoin is used and by whom. In June 2019, Facebook launched its Libra project, then renamed Diem. The idea was to create a stablecoin backed by the national currency, which could be used as a means of payment by 2.3 billion participants of the social network.The reaction that followed this event ranged from cautious calls for strict regulation to outrage and warnings of possible legal proceedings from individual officials, central banks, regulators and international financial organizations, calling Libra a threat to national sovereignty and global financial stability.On the other hand, in January 2021, the now ex-head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) within the US Treasury, Brian Brooks, issued a letter in which banks were allowed to use stablecoin networks to facilitate payments and launch nodes, while the EU is working on a broader regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, which will include stablecoins.What is a fiat-backed stablecoin?A fiat-backed stablecoin maintains the price level by storing a fiat currency that provides each individual coin.The first and simplest stablecoin is provided with a fiat currency, in particular, the US dollar, as well as the euro, yen and others, in a one-to-one ratio. As long as the base currency – or a basket of currencies, as originally proposed for Libra-remains stable, the stablecoin will retain its value. In fact, they are supported by the" full faith and trust " of the issuer of fiat money, and their value is protected by the central bank of this country.Undoubtedly, the largest of such stablecoins is Tether with a market capitalization of $62.51 billion at the time of writing this article. Other leading stablecoins include Circle and USD Coin from Coinbase ($23 billion), Binance USD ($9.6 billion) and DAI ($4.8 billion).Tether has long claimed that it is 100% backed by US dollars one to one. After the New York Attorney General sued Tether, it turned out that 26% were ious from the Bitfinex exchange, a subsidiary of the company. Tether recently reported that its "cash reserves" contain about 3% of cash.What is an asset-backed stablecoin?An asset-backed stablecoin is similar to a fiat-backed one, except that it contains physical assets such as gold.Stablecoins, backed by goods, replace fiat currencies with many other material values, in particular, the traditional means of saving - Gold. But others are supported by baskets of precious metals and even Swiss real estate. As a rule, these stablecoins are tied to a certain amount of goods and are stored in some well-known place and are often subject to external audit – something that Tether, backed by fiat, has long avoided.Pax Gold, an ERC-20 standard token created by Paxos CEO Charles Cascarilla, is backed by one troy ounce of London Good Delivery gold, which is stored in the LBMA-approved Brinks gold vault in the UK capital. And this cryptocurrency can be exchanged for a precious metal. Digix Gold, on the other hand, is one gram of pure 99.99% gold stored in Singapore and verified quarterly.What is an algorithmic Stablecoin?These sophisticated stablecoins use algorithms and smart contracts to protect price stability by increasing or decreasing supply, using market forces to maintain the price at the desired level.The most complex version of a stablecoin is an algorithmic stablecoin that is not secured by any collateral. Rather, as the name suggests, its value is controlled by specialized algorithms and smart contracts that automatically reduce or increase the supply of tokens on the market in order to maintain the stability of the price of the token with the fiat currency it tracks. If the market price begins to fall below the value of the dollar, euro or something else, the algorithms remove some of the tokens from circulation. If the value of the stablecoin exceeds the value of the fiat currency, the system will throw new stablecoins on the market.In other words, the goal is to create a decentralized and automated central bank that increases or decreases the supply of stablecoins as necessary to maintain the price level.What is a cryptocurrency-backed stablecoin?To ensure the correct binding of its value, cryptocurrency-backed stablecoins use something similar to loans with excess collateral.Stablecoins backed by cryptocurrencies are supported by a basket of one or more other cryptocurrencies. Since they are very volatile in themselves, these stablecoins use excessive collateral and require buyers to lock their collateral tokens in smart contracts, which will be liquidated if the collateral drops too much in price. The deposit can be obtained by exchanging it for stablecoins.One of the most famous cryptocurrency – backed stablecoins is MakerDAO's DAI, pegged to $ 1. But as history showed on March 12, 2020, when the value of ETH halved in less than 24 hours, it is very important to make sure that the system can cope with extreme conditions. After these events, MakerDAO was forced to make significant changes in corporate governance and auction management. Since the improvements were successful, at the time of writing this article, the market capitalization of the stablecoin exceeded $ 5.49 billion.This summer, Free TON, a fully decentralized blockchain project that continued the work of the Telegram Open Network blockchain, is competing with it.This summer, Free TON plans to release a stablecoin for its TON Crystal token. The liquidity of the stablecoin will be 100% provided by the blocked ether, which will provide potential profit to the liquidity providers. It will have "wide application for services with a periodic subscription and high-risk offers," said TON Labs, the main developer of the Free TON project.Can stablecoin make Ethereum scalable?The cryptocurrency-backed stablecoin Free TON aims to provide a second-level solution to the scalability problems of Ethereum.Due to the fact that the overloaded Ethereum is increasingly suffocating due to slow transaction speeds and excessively inflated gas prices, the Free TON stablecoin will be "a real second-level solution with huge growth potential", TON Labs added. "The use of the second-level Free TON solution helps to solve these problems in many ways. With the help of stablecoin, you can now make super-cheap microtransactions, and it will take much less time than on the original blockchain."This, in turn, opens up a wide range of new opportunities, ranging from ensuring the viability of small payments in areas such as payments and games, the report says.According to Free TON, along with the new bridge between Free TON and Ethereum created by Broxus and the huge potential for scaling the dynamic segmentation of Free TON, the biggest obstacle for the upcoming stablecoin "will be to force users to recognize the quality of the platform and prove that it can cope with the high workloads for which it was created."Read more: What are Stablecoins and how do they differ from other ...
Trading on the stock exchange & cryptocurrency exchange
Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Ethereum/USD, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Binance Coin, cryptocurrency, Binance USD, cryptocurrency, Coinbase, stock, Trading on the stock exchange & cryptocurrency exchange Trading on the stock exchange is generating income on the difference in the exchange rates of various assets (cryptocurrencies, gold, fiat currencies, shares). Any user can trade cryptocurrencies on the exchange — all that is needed is Internet access. But to start trading other assets on the exchange, you need to confirm the status of an accredited investor or pay a broker.  The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is extremely small compared to the stock market, but despite this, you can earn much faster on the cryptocurrency exchange. This is due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies, which is much higher than that of securities.Cryptocurrency exchange exchanges are suitable for both professional traders who came here from the stock markets, and ordinary users, investors and miners. You can use these platforms both for trading and for the purchase of tokens for investment purposes.How to trade on the stock exchangeHow to start trading on the stock exchangeHow to trade on the stock exchange: what you need to knowTrading on the stock marketTrading on the cryptocurrency exchangeCryptocurrency trading on the stock exchange: types of platformsCentralized exchangesDecentralized exchangesA short Trader's DictionaryTypes of orders on the exchangeHow to read graphsOrder bookJapanese candlesTrading Volume IndicatorTradingview for a novice traderThe importance of technical analysisTrading rules on the exchangeTreat trading as a businessMake a trading planAnd risk what you can afford to loseAnalyze the market yourselfKnow when to stopTrading on the stock exchange: which platform to chooseTrading on the cryptocurrency exchangeTrading on the stock marketHow to start trading on the stock exchangeIf we approach the question purely technically, the answer is simple - trading is carried out using orders (which ones, the trader decides himself).To start trading on the stock exchange:Top up the deposit.Open an order to buy the desired asset at the desired price.Get an asset.Open an order to sell it at the right price.Get the money.Repeat.Next, we will analyze each step in more detail in stages.How to trade on the stock exchange: what you need to knowTrading on the stock exchange, like any other financial activity, requires systematization and a certain strategy. It is the strategy that determines when to buy, when to sell, which assets to trade and which orders to use.Experienced traders, as a rule, form their own strategy, and beginners can use the established patterns:Scalping is a super-fast trading, in which transactions are concluded several times an hour, and the main profit is provided by short-term and insignificant fluctuations in the exchange rate. The risks are minimal, because you do not need to calculate the trend for several months (and even days), but you can earn only with high volumes;Hold - "buy and hold". The strategy is based on long-term forecasts and is designed more for investors than for traders. In the crypto market, it has not taken root too much, but private purchases of shares often occur precisely on the principle of "buy and hold";Positional strategy - a trader conducts a transaction only in a certain position, for example, buys an asset as soon as the trend turns from bearish to bullish. The main thing is to correctly determine the position. On average, transactions with a positional strategy are concluded once a day/several days;Using cycles and corrections - any asset, especially cryptocurrencies, has a market cycle that includes price growth, reaching a peak, correction, reaching a local minimum. The cycle, as a rule, takes place within the framework of a trend and lasts from several days to several weeks, while the price difference is formed at its various stages, which allows you to earn money.These are common strategies of traders that are used both in the stock and crypto markets. Below we will talk about some of the features of working on each of them.Read more: How to determine the beginning of the movement of the "bull" market?Trading on the stock marketThe stock market has a long history and a corresponding accumulated database, it is a "mature" market.Therefore, events that can reverse the general trend and make assets volatile happen very rarely (the last time it ended badly in 2008).When forming a strategy for the stock market, you need to take into account that:Technical analysis for the long-term period is more accurate than when working with cryptocurrencies;The profitability of trading largely depends on the selected financial instruments, that is, assets, and there are several thousand of them;The Central Bank's liquidity on the stock market is higher than that of most cryptocurrencies;The volatility of assets is lower, there are practically no "x" in profit, and the main income is formed due to trading volumes.In addition, unlike the cryptocurrency, the stock market is regulated in all countries where it exists and it is often impossible to access it directly.Read more: Bulls and bears, as well as other animals on the stock exchangeTrading on the cryptocurrency exchangeIt is believed that the cryptocurrency market is still at the stage of formation, so it is more susceptible to the influence of third-party, non-economic factors. Crypto trading has its own peculiarities:High scalping efficiency - relative volatility allows you to get more income on short-term transactions than on the stock market;Small statistical base - since the market is young and different from other segments, it is not yet possible to study all the situations on it and technical analysis works only in the short term (very short);The dependence of trading not only on the asset, but also on the exchange - this is caused by low liquidity on some platforms and artificial inflating of trading;Lower entry standards and, accordingly, a large number of unreliable, and sometimes scam coins.But the crypto market also creates an additional earnings strategy - arbitration.Arbitrage is the purchase of a coin on one exchange for sale on another at a more favorable price. It is possible due to the autonomous formation of prices on each exchange, and although the cost difference is not as big now as it was 2-3 years ago, arbitration can bring up to 10% profit with the right strategy.However, to get at least a little significant income, you need investments of several thousand dollars and preferably an algorithm for automating the process.Read more: What are arbitration trades and arbitration strategies?Cryptocurrency trading on the stock exchange: types of platformsIn essence, all cryptocurrency exchanges are divided into two types – centralized and decentralized, respectively, CEX and DEX. Both types have both their advantages and disadvantages.At the same time, the second ones are currently ten times less than the first ones, and by 2020 they are just beginning to develop and catch up with CEX in terms of functionality.Centralized exchangesThis type of trading platforms is a platform, all internal processes of which are managed by a company acting as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer.For this service, the exchange charges a commission – for creating an order, for canceling it, for conducting a transaction and withdrawing funds. That is, for almost every operation, except for entering money.At the same time, centralized platforms are well suited for beginners who are just beginning their acquaintance with trading on the cryptocurrency exchange. At one time, they gave a good boost to the liquidity of top coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies, to enter the masses.But there are also disadvantages of centralized exchanges:An attempt to control the authorities of different countries. To date, not all governments welcome cryptocurrencies, and some apply or try to apply a policy of strict regulation of both trading and mining, and in general all operations with virtual coins;High probability of hacking and subsequent loss of all funds. Centralized exchanges are not the most secure in terms of storing cryptocurrencies, which attracts hackers, since it is CEX that manages all passwords, not the user. Over the past 9 years, at least 30 sites have been hacked, and in most cases, customers are not reimbursed for the loss;Mandatory verification on the exchange, especially in the case of trading with fiat. Of course, not all exchanges ask for documents. However, in case of hacking and loss of funds, it is almost impossible for the user to return the money back without verification.The list of the 10 most popular centralized cryptocurrency exchanges includes: Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Coinbase, OKEx, Huobi Global, Poloniex, BitMEX, Exmo and HitBTC.Read more: Volatility: types, how to track and how to useDecentralized exchangesThe main difference between DEX and CEX is the absence of an intermediary when conducting a transaction between a seller and a buyer.On a decentralized exchange, trading takes place exclusively between traders who place orders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Due to this, transactions on DEX have a lower commission for conducting transactions.Decentralized exchanges, unlike centralized ones, do not have a single control center. They are created on the basis of a distributed registry. At the same time, decentralized platforms have greater confidentiality, since they do not require verification from users.In addition, they have an increased level of security, since the funds are stored in the client's wallet, and not on the exchange's account. Hacking such exchanges does not make any sense.Despite all these advantages, decentralized exchanges do not have the popularity that centralized ones have.This implies one of the main disadvantages when trading cryptocurrency on an exchange of this type – low liquidity and trading volume. That is, the transaction will take longer to complete than on CEX.It is also worth mentioning about the functionality. Compared to centralized platforms, there are no advanced trading options on DEX, such as stop losses, margin trading and other necessary things for a professional trader.And the disadvantages of decentralized exchanges can also be distinguished:Limited trading pairs. Since DEX, at least most of them, are based on smart contracts, it will not be possible to trade cryptocurrencies that do not support them;There is no support service.Among the most popular decentralized platforms are: Binance DEX, Waves DEX, Bancor Protocol, Bisq, Kyber Network and 0x.  At the same time, Binance, creating its DEX, tried to combine the advantages of centralized and decentralized exchanges. This can be called a kind of hybrid. The developers of Binance DEX took all the best aspects of their centralized platform and added positive qualities and security of decentralized platforms to it.It is assumed that, in this way, Binance will be able to overcome one of the main problems of DEX – liquidity. However, many users are wondering whether Binance DEX is really decentralized, because all the nodes of the blockchain are mostly controlled by Binance itself.Read more: Overview of the Huobi Global ExchangeA short Trader's dictionaryBefore you start trading on the exchange, you need to know some important terms:Ask – the selling price of the purchased asset;Bid – the purchase price. It is usually lower than the ask;Order – a request to buy or sell a certain number of assets on the exchange at a specified price;Spread – the difference between the cost of selling and buying an asset;Dump – an artificial decrease in the exchange rate value in the short term. It is carried out by selling assets;Pump - an artificial increase in the exchange rate value created by buying a large amount of an asset in a short period of time.Rekt – loss of funds as a result of an extremely unprofitable transaction;FOMO (Fear of missing out) – the fear of missing out on benefits, which most often causes rash actions;Flat – the sideways movement of the asset rate when it neither rises nor falls;To the moon – the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency exchange rate;Hold - a strategy based on buying and holding cryptocurrency, despite its fall. It requires a lot of patience and faith in the asset.Read more: What is a spread and its typesTypes of orders on the exchangeAs mentioned above, an order is a trader's order to buy or sell a specific asset. To create it, the user must specify five parameters:The type of the order.An asset that a trader wants to buy or sell.The currency that he wants to get in return.The transaction amount.The value of the asset that you want to buy or sell.In total, there are eight types of orders:Market order is the most common and frequently used type of orders, suitable for quick purchase or sale of an asset. The order is made at the current market price. In this case, it is enough to specify only the amount of the asset that you want to buy or sell.Limit order is also one of the most common types. However, in this case, in addition to the desired purchase/sale volume, the trader also indicates the desired price. Suppose we buy bitcoin and at the moment its rate is $9500, but you have information that it will grow to $13,000 at night. In this case, you simply create a limited sell order at the price you need, and as soon as the exchange rate reaches it, your asset will be sold.Stop loss is an order created to minimize losses if the asset rate has started to move against the trader's position. This order is always associated with an already open position and is usually closed at a loss.Take profit – like a stop loss, this order is also associated with an open position. But its purpose is to fix profits when a certain level of the asset's exchange rate is reached. Such an order is closed with a profit.A stop limit order is a combination of two orders – a stop and a limit order. It is most often used during sharp price jumps, for example, during a pump and dump. For example, you have revealed that an asset that was worth $1 has started to grow sharply in price, that is, there is a pump. You place a buy order that is obviously higher, for example, by $1.5-2 and wait until it reaches a peak. Let's assume that it has soared to $10, and in the meantime the trader places sell orders at $8-9, which allows him not to miss the opportunity and profitably close the deal before the price falls to the previous levels.Trigger order - designed to trigger after the execution of the previous order. The trader sets the first one for the purchase of an asset, and the second one is a trigger for the sale of the same stock, but with a profit.Iceberg order – it is also called a hidden order. It is most often used by professional traders who do not want to publicly show their buy or sell contracts. Also, hidden orders are used by large players who do not want to create panic in the market.Trailing stop is a more advanced version of the stop loss. It is set at the desired distance from the current price of the asset. In the event that the rate goes up, increasing the profit, this order automatically changes the stop loss level, keeping at a distance. If the asset price goes down, it remains at the specified level and closes the transaction with profit-taking.Read more: What is a Trailing stop and how to use it?How to read graphsAs for the charts, the cryptocurrency exchanges are, in fact, identical to the classic stock platforms. The main difference is the types of assets offered for trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Accordingly, most of the tools used are the same. In total, there are three types of graphs:Order bookThis chart is shown in the form of two diverging waves showing the ratio of orders to buy and sell an asset. In the screenshot above, the orange line is responsible for the number of buy orders, and the blue line is responsible for selling. The green one shows the change in the history of the asset price and is read from top to bottom.Most of the time, both lines are approximately the same, which indicates the stability of the market. However, if there are distortions in one direction or another, it shows that a certain trend may appear in the near future.Japanese candlesThe most visual graphs, which are divided into two components – the body and the shadow. The first one is colored green or red, depending on the ratio of the opening and closing prices of the position. The second one shows the current trend, representing a line coming out of the body.Trading Volume IndicatorThese charts show trading volumes and allow you to evaluate the behavior of a particular asset on the market. They display price fluctuations and changes in the trading volume.Traders use them to determine changes in trends. For example, if the value of an asset falls, and the market does not respond to this in any way, then we should expect a subsequent increase and vice versa.Tradingview for a novice traderRegardless of the market in which trading is conducted, a trader always needs access to up-to-date data on an asset or trading pair. One of the most popular services for trading is Traidingview, it provides:The value of the asset on the largest exchanges;The possibility of quick trades through the account;Tools for technical analysis (and quick conclusions for decision-making);Tools for communication and interaction of traders.TradingviewAt first glance, it is frightening, but if you deal with everything in order, you can quickly master the basic tools for working with the schedule and technical analysis.Editorial advice: First try the tools on the left and top panel (do not be afraid, you can always delete an extra line), and then proceed to studying the information on a specific asset.Very soon, you will be able to quickly analyze any Traidingview chart.The importance of technical analysisTechnical analysis is a set of tools for predicting the movement of value based on previous fluctuations in value. Technical analysis is used in both the stock and cryptocurrency markets, usually based on a price chart.A professional trader conducts a technical analysis of each asset in the portfolio and the market as a whole, analyzing their correlation.During technical analysis, the following methods are used:Support and resistance lines - the first is a straight line drawn through the points of the minimum cost, the second is through the points of the maximum. The lines allow you to predict the change in value within the current trend. If the price chart goes beyond them, then this indicates a change in the trend.Figures - fluctuations in value when applied to a graph often form simple and complex geometric shapes (triangles, rectangles, trapezoids, etc.). Figures also allow you to predict the movement of value and are applied both to short-term charts and to charts with a long period.Indicator - indicators are lines that are displayed together with the price chart and may or may not coincide with it. In fact, the indicator line is the result of calculating a certain indicator (for example, the average cost or trading volume), which can be compared with the current price chart and output a certain correlation. There are ready-made indicators of several types, a trader can also create his own indicator by including the necessary indicators on his own.Statistical analysis - includes monitoring of the trading volume, order glass, spread and other data on a specific asset and their further use to predict the value.In general, technical analysis is used for short-term forecasts, and since its accuracy depends on the already accumulated market data, it is less effective when working with cryptocurrencies. The crypto market still depends on many non-economic factors, which makes it poorly predictable against the background of relatively small volumes.For example, a technical analysis will show the growth of the bitcoin exchange rate for the next month, and the European Parliament will issue a directive on banning cryptocurrencies tomorrow and the cost will collapse sharply. Therefore, the technical analysis should be supplemented with a fundamental one, which takes into account the economic, political, psychological and other reasons for the change in value.Trading rules on the exchangeTrading on the stock exchange can not be called a hobby, because without constant analysis, monitoring and obtaining new knowledge, you will not be able to accumulate the necessary experience.The result depends on hard work, market research, trade planning, the ability to adapt and, most importantly, discipline.Treat trading as a businessTrading on the stock exchange implies risks, costs, losses and uncertainty. And the main reason for successful trading is a competent strategy.Make a trading planAs mentioned above, discipline is one of the most important things in trading on the stock exchange, and you need to follow your plan without hesitation. To conclude deals contrary to it means to show your unprofessionalism.Often, when due to deviations from the plan, not profitable deals are concluded, made on emotions or just greed.Risk what you can afford to loseSince trading is a rather risky way of earning money, investing the last money in it is not the smartest decision.That is why you need to invest what you can lose without serious consequences. If you put everything on the line, then emotions cannot be avoided, and they are followed by the opportunity to make the wrong decision.At the same time, it is important to assess your own risk tolerance, as well as to develop the right attitude to losses. Not all traders are able to close every trade in a plus, which means that there will be losses. And the correct attitude to them and the analysis of the situation that has arisen will help in the future not to make a mistake or close a deal on time.Analyze the market yourselfAt the moment, you can find a huge amount of information and trading developments on the web. But using them is not quite right. Not all of them really work.Therefore, when trading on the stock exchange, you should independently analyze the market. Of course, you can use someone else's experience when drawing up your plan, but you should not copy it completely.Important in the analysis of the situation is the entry and exit strategy, which must be worked out in advance. The technical analysis of the asset will help in this well.At the same time, professional traders agree that the most important is the exit point, which is the cornerstone of the success of the transaction.Know when to stopThere are only two significant reasons to suspend trading. The first is a large loss of total capital due to the inefficiency of the chosen strategy. In this case, it is worth reviewing the approach to trading, making adjustments, and analyzing the market again.The second is the inefficiency of the trader. There can be many reasons for this – excessive emotions, stress, poor health, but most often – indiscipline.Even an ideal strategy will not bring the proper result if you do not adhere to the plan.In this case, it is worth completely revising the concept of your own approach to trading, and if you can't cope with yourself, it is better to either finish or automate trading.Trading on the stock exchange: which platform to chooseIt's time to choose a platform for trading. The convenience, pace and profitability of trading depends on it, so the choice of an exchange for trading should be approached comprehensively.However, the mechanism for allowing traders to conduct transactions on the cryptocurrency and stock markets is different, as we will discuss below.Trading on the cryptocurrency exchangeCryptocurrency exchanges are characterized by open access, that is, anyone who accepts the trading conditions and rules of the platform can trade on them. As a rule, the requirements for traders are reduced to identity verification.The difficulty arises when choosing a platform for trading — many have inflated volumes, not everywhere a convenient interface, some require too high a commission.We recommend that you focus on the rating of CoinMarketCap exchanges, as well as ratings and reviews of various crypto publications.    Pay attention to such cryptocurrency exchanges that have already established themselves in the crypto market:Binance - transparent statistics, functional interface;Bitfinex - strict security rules, high liquidity and trading volumes;Exmo - to deposit and withdraw fiat, verification is required.When choosing an exchange, consider whether it works with citizens of your country, because in some jurisdictions, sites prefer not to conduct activities so as not to face law enforcement agencies and regulators. Also make sure that the documents of your country are suitable for verification.Trading on the stock marketThe situation with the stock market is somewhat different. Large stock exchanges have formed all over the world, which are much smaller than cryptocurrency platforms, and they all work according to the same standards.The problem is that stock exchanges allow transactions only to registered participants - brokers and institutional investors. Therefore, an ordinary trader needs the mediation of a broker to access the exchange.Read more: Stock market Broker: how to choose it and how to work with itAt the moment, you can use the following services:"Live" brokers - who communicate directly with clients;Telephone agents - personal meetings are not provided, but the details of the service can be agreed by phone;Internet services - as a rule, such services provide only the possibility of access to the exchange, without consultations, transaction support, etc.By choosing a broker, you can write a separate article, but the criteria are about the same as when choosing a lawyer for a business - the cost and volume of services, reliability, competence, ...
What are altcoins? List of popular altcoins in 2022
Cardano/USD, cryptocurrency, BitcoinCash/USD, cryptocurrency, Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Ethereum/USD, cryptocurrency, XRP/USD, cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, cryptocurrency, Polkadot, cryptocurrency, Uniswap, cryptocurrency, Binance USD, cryptocurrency, Chainlink, cryptocurrency, What are altcoins? List of popular altcoins in 2022 Bitcoin as the first widely known cryptocurrency immediately took the place of a leader in the industry. A number of applied technological solutions in it, such as the use of blockchain technology, a distributed structure and anonymity, have become the main principles for other coins, which have been called alternative cryptocurrencies or altcoins.How to make money on altcoins, a list of the most promising coins of 2021 and other important information is further in our article.What are altcoins?Altcoins are alternative cryptocurrencies that, in addition to transferring value, offer users certain solutions that Bitcoin does not have.Despite the genius of bitcoin, created by Satoshi Nakamoto, the main cryptocurrency has a number of vulnerabilities. Altcoins, being inferior to Bitcoin in the scale of application and the balance of the internal structure, offer improved blockchain technologies and capabilities, unlike bitcoin, whose main function is the transfer of value.For example, such altcoins as Monero and Zcash offer anonymous transactions, and such an altcoin as Dash is easy to handle, has a high speed of asset transfer, and you can send it even without an Internet connection - just via SMS. The Tether stablecoin (USDT), is a US dollar in digital form.Types of altcoinsAltcoins, depending on their characteristics, can be divided into three groups.Unique altcoinsThese are altcoins that have exclusive technologies that are different from bitcoin. Examples include the Ethereum altcoin (ETH) with the function of smart contracts, or IOTA with its directed acyclic graph (DAG) technology, which is not a blockchain, or Dash (DASH) with its ability to transfer via SMS.StablecoinsSo-called stable coins, stablecoins designed to hedge financial risks, "digital havens", digital assets protected from volatility, which even the main cryptocurrency Bitcoin is subject to.These include such altcoins as Tether (USDT), TrueUSD( TUSD), Binance USD (BUSD), Dai( DAI), Gemini Dollar (GUSD).Read more: What are Stablecoins and how do they differ from other cryptocurrenciesAnonymous altcoinsConfidential cryptocurrencies aimed at users who want to hide their digital assets from prying eyes, whether it is the government or criminals.In addition to hiding wallet addresses and personal data of users, they also encrypt the movement of cryptocurrencies, transactions on the network, without disclosing information about the movement of funds from address to address.Most of the world's governments and financial regulators are extremely negative against this type of altcoins, calling them a tool for money laundering and terrorist financing.Earnings on altcoinsAltcoins, thanks to the constant fierce competition between projects and the rapid growth of the entire industry, offer enough ways to earn money for both experienced users and beginners. These methods can be briefly divided into earnings with investments and earnings on altcoins without investments.We can immediately say that the most realistic and effective way to improve your financial situation is precisely the ways of earning altcoins with investments.This both encourages the user to take a more responsible approach to the process of earning altcoins, and will help to avoid a long period of "swinging", during which the user will have to operate with amounts that at best barely exceed several tens of US dollars.We recommend reading: 11 ways how to make money on cryptocurrency with or without investmentsAltcoin earnings without investmentsLet's look at how you can earn altcoins without investing:AirdropAs you can understand from the name, alcoins "fall on you from the sky", that is, tokens are obtained for free. Many novice crypto projects want to introduce users to the capabilities of their cryptocurrency and send it to users who have completed simple tasks.Large amounts of altcoins should not be expected, but you will get the skills to work with cryptocurrency.Cryptocurrency faucetsYou perform a number of simple tasks on specialized Internet resources, such as viewing ads or selecting images for a very small amount of remuneration (on average up to $0.50 per 1 hour) and get altcoins.There is also no need to expect large sums, no matter how much time you spend on this type of activity.Subscription campaigns on BitcointalkThe most important forum dedicated to the topic of cryptocurrencies offers its users participation in subscription campaigns of various crypto projects in exchange for a reward in the form of tokens of this team.There are several pitfalls in this method, such as the status of the profile on the forum (the more prestigious it is, the higher your reward, respectively), the promotion of accounts on other platforms, access or ownership of a thematic Internet site. The better the situation in these matters — the better the bonuses and more altcoins.Read more: What is an airdrop of cryptocurrencies - is the game worth the candleAlso, the possible amount of remuneration in altcoins depends on the number of participants in the subscription campaign and the honesty of the team (there were precedents with non-payment and fraud).Affiliate programsBlockchain projects are interested in maximizing their influence and provide both site owners and well-promoted and popular social media accounts with the opportunity to earn money by providing a special referral link.For each user who clicked on such a link and performed the necessary action, the resource owner is given a bonus, usually in the form of payment with project tokens.Perhaps this is the most realistic and profitable way to earn altcoins without investment.Content on cryptocurrency topicsThe number of thematic cryptocurrency information resources is growing, and they constantly need high-quality specialized content. If you have the necessary knowledge and are able to coherently express your thoughts in printed form — this is a real way to earn good amounts both in altcoins or bitcoin, and in the usual fiat money.Ways to earn altcoins with attachmentsTradingIn fact, the same game on the stock exchange as in the case of stocks, futures or currencies. You will need the amount in altcoins, composure, the ability to "read the market", financial discipline and a lot of luck.Altcoins are very volatile digital assets, their price is constantly rising and falling, so if you have strong nerves and an excellent understanding of the situation on the cryptocurrency market, then you have every chance to multiply funds by correctly operating trading orders on cryptocurrency exchanges.Be especially careful with trading based on margin trading, since the wrong choice of "leverage", a bet, a traded asset or a crypto exchange can cost you all your savings, and literally in one second.Read more: How to invest in stocks and what you need to knowInvestingHere you will need savings, a deep understanding of the market and patience. Bitcoin is a direct demonstration of the high profitability of such activities with an increase from a few cents to tens of thousands of dollars for 1 BTC.Altcoins are not inferior to bitcoin in any way, and some of them have already shown impressive growth. But their stability is much lower than that of bitcoin, and in a bear market or during a crisis, they can devalue dozens of times!On the other hand, the price of altcoins at the moment is significantly lower than their previously reached maximum value and possible potential, and now, with a higher probability, is a very good time to enter them.The main condition for the success of investments in altcoins is the principle of distributing your funds among several promising projects (not investing all your funds in one promising project) and a very deep study of all available information regarding their technology, team, reputation of the founders and development prospects.Read more: Bulls and bears, as well as other animals on the stock exchangeYou should definitely study the latest news on projects, understand the trends of their development, analyze the project profile on Reddit.MiningMining is the extraction of altcoins through the provision of computing power for internal calculations of the project and support of its transactions.It is necessary to purchase either specialized mining devices (ASIC miners), or high-performance components for PCs or farms, depending on the consensus algorithm on which the altcoin works.It is also necessary to take into account the financial and time costs for servicing both the mining devices themselves, and for organizing the appropriate infrastructure for cooling them and blocking the noise coming from them.The cost of equipment is high, and the probability of profit is not obvious, since the volatility of altcoins or the increase in electricity tariffs can negate all the efforts of the miner.In addition, the time of private solo miners has long passed and to make a profit you will have to launch a very large number of ASICs, mining farms or join a pool for mining.Ways to earn money with investments, despite the real possibility of losing investments, offer the most effective methods of increasing cryptocurrency assets with competent financial management and endurance.Understanding the volatility of the cryptocurrency market and knowledge of the principles of blockchain technology, as well as a thoughtful analysis of the situation with the development of projects and the state of affairs in their teams will give you all the necessary tools for effective earnings on altcoins.Read more: Volatility: types, how to track and how to useAltcoins: list of top coinsList of altcoins from the TOP 20:Ethereum is the TOP 2 cryptocurrency by capitalization after bitcoin, the leading ecosystem for launching smart contracts and dApps;Binance Coin is a native cryptocurrency of the exchange of the same name;Cardano is the leading cryptocurrency for building blockchain 3.0, an ecosystem for launching smart contracts;XRP is a means of payment aimed at application in the banking sector;Dogecoin is a meme-cryptocurrency, the main purpose is a means of payment, supported by Elon Musk;Polkadot is a technology aimed at creating "bridges" between different blockchains;Uniswap is the most famous decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX);Bitcoin Cash - payment method, a fork of bitcoin;Litecoin - payment method, a fork of bitcoin;Solana is a scalable blockchain with high throughput for running dApps;Chainlink is a network of oracles that allows you to upload any information to the blockchain;Wrapped Bitcoin - ERC-20 token secured by bitcoin;Polygon - a network for scaling the Ethereum blockchain;THETA is a streaming platform that works on the basis of blockchain technology;Ethereum Classic is a coin that appeared as a result of the Ethereum hard fork;Stellar is a fork of the XRP cryptocurrency.StablecoinsStablecoin is another altcoin (alternative cryptocurrency) created to solve the main problem of modern digital assets — high volatility and vulnerability to pumps and dumps on crypto exchanges.The cost of a stablecoin is usually tied either to one specific fiat currency or to their basket.Precious metals, such as gold or palladium, can also act as a stabilization fund that ensures the stability of the price of a stablecoin.Stable coins make it possible to save investors ' funds during high volatility in the cryptocurrency market or translate the results of activities into more understandable units of value, in the form of a digital version of the US dollar.The most popular stablecoins (according to the CoinMarketCap rating):Tether;USD Coin;Binance USD;Dai.Tether (USDT)The most popular stablecoin with the largest capitalization on the market. It was launched by the vice president of Starbucks in 2014. It is launched on several blockchains, including Tron, Ethereum, Solana and others.  USD Coin (USDC)An example of a pronounced stable cryptocurrency with its price pegged to the US dollar. This stablecoin is managed by two of the largest companies in the crypto industry — Coinbase and Circle and is an ERC-20 token, using the Ethereum blockchain as the basis.Binance USD (BUSD)A native stablecoin on the exchange of the same name, launched on the Binance Chain blockchain. It is one of the top coins in its segment, thanks to trading without commissions on Binance.TrueUSD (TUSD)Another stablecoin, also pegged to the value of the US dollar. The developer of this altcoin is the TrustToken company, which positions this coin as an alternative to the scandalous Tether token (USDT) with its extremely controversial situation with a failed audit.Gemini Dollar (GUSD)The brightest representative among the stablecoins, a token from the famous Winklevoss twins. This stablecoin is approved by the NYDFS itself, known for its extremely tough position on issues related to cryptocurrencies, which indicates the impeccable reputation of the project.JPM Coin (JPM)Altcoin from the giant of the financial world JP Morgan, the largest US bank. This cryptocurrency is in fact an internal token of a closed blockchain and is used exclusively within JP Morgan to work with large institutional clients of the company.Diem (formerly Libra)The sensational cryptocurrency project from Facebook. Altcoin was supposed to be provided with a whole basket of assets made of currencies and precious metals and provide access to an instant payment system, but at the moment it has met fierce resistance from financial regulators and governments around the world and is now winning back its right to exist.What will happen next with this altcoin is still unclear, it may be banned.DAIThe first decentralized stablecoin using the Ethereum blockchain. It is more open compared to other stablecoins and its issue does not cause any questions from market experts.Altcoins, like bitcoin, provide all the possibilities of blockchain technology, while the user can find and use altcoins for almost any task or orientation, without making compromises.Using stablecoins, you will avoid volatility, the main scourge of this industry, and using anonymous cryptocurrencies, you will be able to keep assets secret from unnecessary attention from third parties.In the case of investments with a high level of risk, altcoins will provide you with much more interesting opportunities, and in the case of earnings, competition between individual altcoins will play into the hands of both you and the entire cryptocurrency market.Read more:What are AltcoinsAltcoins for ...
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