Overview of Adobe Systems

Overview of Adobe Systems

It is a mega-giant of software development for graphic and web design, as well as printed products. The American concern introduces innovations in the fields of processing photo files, video files, graphics. To solve these problems, the issuer already has three most popular programs: Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro.

In the field of digital technologies, enterprise software is used for marketing, data analysis and management. Relatively recently, according to the combined opinion of global financial experts, Adobe was recognized as the leader in the list of software suppliers, the success of which is largely explained by the use of powerful developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

In addition to these well-known programs, the company's list of offers also includes SaaS services that continue to collect excess profits for several current years. Many analysts consider this product to be the component that will ensure the company's prosperity in the near future.

The basis of the product is that customers do not need to look for third-party suppliers of a particular service, the consumer receives all of them in full by issuing a single Adobe subscription. This fact leaves almost no room for competition in the market. Thanks to these advantages, the company managed to achieve record revenue figures of $12.9 billion for the current year.

In fact, the entire SaaS sphere is a multibillion-dollar market, which, according to minimum estimates, will reach $307 billion by 2026. Moreover, Adobe firmly occupies 10% of its volume. A somewhat larger part is given to Microsoft and Salesforce.

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For many decades, the company has carried out global work, but in addition to intellectual values, it is worth paying special attention to the financial component. For about 4 decades, from year to year, the issuer continues to demonstrate consistently stable growth, supported by double-digit numbers.

Over the last quarter, Adobe reported an increase in indicators, including revenue. This figure was 23% year-on-year. An equally significant result was a double-digit increase in revenue in the main areas of activity. In the first half of 2021, the net profit of the IT megagigant increased by 16% compared to the same indicators in 2020.

Over the past year, the company's shares have grown by almost 30%, and in five-year terms - by more than 530%.

Adobe Components

Even the pandemic crisis and lockdown could not cause serious damage to such a monumental giant. There are two explanations for this:

  • The subscription to the platform's services lasts exactly one year. To cancel it, you need to pay a fairly large amount. So it is much easier for the client to continue using Adobe's offers than to cancel the subscription.
  • The company has a huge segment of digital media under its jurisdiction. Due to the demand for its own products, the company has all the opportunities to form a pricing policy of the market.

The vast majority of the organization's revenue comes from the implementation of digital tools. Over the two quarters of this year, this segment grew by 25% and reached $2.79 billion.

In this regard, special attention should be paid to Creative Cloud, which owns Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and other cloud service applications. Among digital media, Document Cloud with Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign located in it deserve special appreciation.

According to the forecasts of the organization's analysts, in the 3rd quarter, the growth of profitability indicators should be 22%, which is in relation to the same period last year. This figure, like nothing else, demonstrates that Adobe's rebirth into cloud services is successful and brings its results.

The digital media infrastructure also includes Digital Experience, a platform that provides organizations with tools for e-commerce analysts. This division previously included Adobe's Advertising Cloud, which was transformed into Publishing and Advertising in Q4.

Revenue from the platform increased by 21% over the year, which in monetary terms amounted to $938 million. After the merger of Adobe and Advertising Cloud with another division that previously showed unacceptable results,the segment was able to significantly improve its performance.

Adobe expects that it is Digital Experience that will allow to finish the third quarter with an active revenue growth of 21% for the period, that is, by 20% for the year.

The weak link

Despite its own perfection and steadfastness, the giant also has its own weaknesses. The main painful point is close cooperation with such a large partner as Microsoft and the Azure cloud. The partnership consists in adapting the tools of both megagigants relative to each other, for example, software for interacting with customers and the Office 365 package.

The Achilles' heel is where mutual understanding between companies ends. Adobe simply does not have its own data centers, which Salesforce and Oracle have. To implement its projects, Adobe rents data centers from a more influential partner – Microsoft. If the mutual understanding between these two companies ends, Adobe will not have a single chance to influence Microsoft. By the way, the capitalization of the first enterprise today is $315 billion, which is a drop in the ocean compared to Microsoft's 2.2 trillion.

What should I do with Adobe shares?

After the release of the financial statements for the 1st quarter of the financial year, Adobe announced the forecast for the future period compiled by analysts. The following indicators were included here:

  • revenue growth-up to 20%;
  • non-GAAP profit growth is about 17%.

However, the financiers have developed their own, more realistic forecast, where the annual revenue/profit ratio will be in the range of 22/21%, respectively. Investors expect that these indicators will amount to 15/14%. If the experts' estimates are justified, the group's profit will be 40 times higher than predicted by analysts, and the sales volume will be 17 times higher.

The company has been engaged in the repurchase of its assets for quite a long time. This is also one of the main reasons why their price is growing from year to year. In September, this indicator reached $670 per unit, then slightly fell back to the level of $640. There was a sharp rebound here, and the shares began to rise. At the moment, the maximum reached has not been updated, so analysts recommend refraining from buying. The momentum shows a continuation, and after breaking through the level of $670, we can talk about the next maximum of $740.


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Sri Lanka was left without fuel
Sri Lanka was left without fuel Sri Lanka (an island nation in southern Asia) has literally run out of gasoline and diesel fuel. India will provide assistance. Fuel from neighbors will arrive in the country in mid-July.India has been helping Sri Lanka for 3 months. During this time, 400,000 tons of fuel were shipped. For comparison, in the USA, more than 17 million tons are spent per day. So stocks in Sri Lanka go only for the most necessary.At gas stations, gasoline is issued by coupons, if at all. Electricity is periodically cut off. The workers were transferred to a 4-day week. The authorities recommend spending free time in vegetable gardens. But the food, apparently, will have to be eaten raw (or fried on a fire) — gas is also in short supply.How did the fuel crisis happen in Sri Lanka in 2022?The country is going through the worst crisis since 1948. Sri Lanka faced a default (not like in Russia, but with the present). Payments have been stopped on all bonds and bilateral loans.It all started with a pandemic. Due to the coronavirus, the country was left without tourists (more than 10% of GDP). The inflow of foreign currency has decreased. Ceylon tea has not grown due to the ban on the import of chemical fertilizers. Another source of foreign currency has disappeared.Sri Lanka's external debt has exceeded $50 billion. Inflation has exceeded 50%. Fuel debt to other countries is more than $700 million. The crisis is accompanied by hunger. The main food product - rice has risen in price by 93%, lentils - by 117%. Other countries supply humanitarian aid with food, but this does not relieve tension: protests against the government have been going on in the country for several months, there are victims and dead on both sides.
Jul 05, 2022
Bank scandal: Swiss Credit Suisse made money on cocaine
Bank scandal: Swiss Credit Suisse made money on cocaine The "pearl in the crown of Switzerland" and one of the richest banks in the country, Credit Suisse, is again at the center of a scandal: the company was fined 2 million francs for legalizing the proceeds from international cocaine trafficking.As it turned out, the capital of the Bulgarian mafia was stored in Credit Suisse. From 2004 to 2008, the bank conducted transactions for 146 million francs, with a third brought in cash in suitcases.The money belonged to Bulgarian drug dealers led by Evelyn "Brando" Banev, a former athlete and developer. All operations were carried out by the Customer relations manager Elena Pampulova-Bergomi.Brendo has been accused of drug trafficking, organizing murders and money laundering since 2007. He faces 20 years in prison in Italy and 6 in Bulgaria.He has been successfully hiding for the last seven years. It turned out that the cocaine king had been living in Eastern Europe all this time using forged documents. But in the autumn of 2021, he was detained near Kiev and extradited to his homeland.Was Credit Suisse aware of the mafia's affairs?The bank knew about Banev's crimes, but continued to cooperate with him, Pampulova-Bergomi believes. The girl herself quit the company in 2010.At the same time, representatives of Credit Suisse assure that the businessman earned money on construction, and do not admit guilt. But this did not convince law enforcement: a Swiss court sentenced Pampulova-Bergomi to 20 months in prison and a fine. And Credit Suisse will take away 12 million francs received from the bandits, and 19 million francs of compensation.It's not the first time the bank has been caughtCredit Suisse often gets into the criminal chronicle. What else did Switzerland's second largest bank do?He bought gold in Nazi Germany during World War II, and after the war he did not give money from the accounts of the deceased to the legitimate heirs. As a result, he paid $1.25 billion to the Holocaust Victims Fund to hush up the scandal.For decades, he helped residents of the United States, Brazil and Germany to evade taxes. Several bank employees were jailed, and the company paid a $2.6 billion fine.He issued loans to state-owned companies in Mozambique for "kickbacks" to bankers and local officials. As a result, a fine of $475 million had to be paid for bribery and fraud.He laundered money of politicians and oligarchs from Belarus, Ukraine, Spain, Jordan, Russia and other countries. The full list was compiled in 2022 after a major leak of documents.However, the verdict on mafia money laundering is a turning point for Switzerland, says Mark Pit, an expert at the University of Basel. After all, Credit Suisse is not just a company, but the second largest bank in the country, which manages assets worth $ 1.6 trillion.Perhaps the Swiss authorities will strengthen control over banks to avoid such scandals. But it is possible that Credit Suisse will get off with a fine again.
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Dotcom Bubble 2.0: Is it possible to repeat the 2000 scenario?
Dotcom Bubble 2.0: Is it possible to repeat the 2000 scenario? The Nasdaq Composite index has already lost more than 30% since the beginning of the year. And according to Alan Greenspan, the iconic chairman of the Fed, if the stock market falls by 30-40% in a few weeks or months, then it's a bubble.So, what's in our yard? Maybe this is the dotcom 2.0 crisis?The Dotcom Bubble in 2000: How the market collapsed 20 years agoFrom 1995 to 2001, the stock market was overwhelmed by a wave of HYPE associated with the development of the Internet. Numerous Internet startups with "brilliant business ideas" and a complete lack of net profit began to enter the IPO. But investors were ready to invest long-term.In 2001, the NASDAQ index collapsed, the so-called "dotcom bubble" burst. This was provoked by two factors:The crisis in Japan provoked an outflow of Japanese investors from the American stock market - in particular, from dot-coms.It turned out that for 5 years, many Internet projects have not learned how to generate profit, but at the same time they coped well with spending money on advertising their own brand. News about bankruptcies and criminal cases involving blatantly fraudulent schemes began to appear more and more often.As a result, the bursting of the bubble in 2002 was followed by a short recession. Even strong companies have suffered huge losses, losing a significant part of their market value. However, later most were able to recover - for example, Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo (now owned by Verizon).What does the bubble of 2000 have in common with today?Behind any bubble there is a new idea, a myth. This is usually facilitated by the aggressive growth of some technology and a burning belief in it. There is talk of a "new world" and a "new economy". Then, at the end of the 90s, the shares of companies with the cherished ".com" in their names flew away like hot cakes. Approximately the same thing is happening today, only the "fetishes" are new: "crypto", "green", "IT projects".During the bubble inflating period, the value of shares significantly exceeds the fundamental indicators of the company. During the dot-com era, investors were willing to buy the securities of unprofitable companies for the long term. Economists also echoed them - "these are growth stocks", "a new economy has come." Even today, investors, looking at the success stories of American big techs like Google or Facebook, are trying to find promising companies without bothering much with their fundamental assessment.Inflating the bubble is greatly facilitated by the influx of cheap money into the economy. There is an opinion that in the 90s the Fed contributed to the dot-com crisis by maintaining a low interest rate: investors had a lot of extra money that went to the stock market. In the 2000s, the key rate, on the contrary, was sharply raised - so the market "deflated".Despite the fact that now there is an order of magnitude more money poured into the economy than in the late 90s, because then there was no "quantitative easing" in sight. And the "low" Fed rate of that time, 5%, does not look so low: today it is about 1%.In addition, inflation in the period 1995-2000 was in the range of 1.5-3.5%, while now it is above 8%.All this suggests sad thoughts: the dotcom bubble of 2001, compared with the impending crisis, may seem like a burst balloon against the background of the big bang.
Jun 15, 2022
"Ghost Armada": how does Iran circumvent sanctions on oil trade?
Brent Crude Oil, commodities, WTI Crude Oil, commodities, \ In 2019, the "sub-sanctioned" Iran began to increase oil supplies in circumvention of sanctions. Mostly tankers went to China and the Mediterranean: Syria and Turkey. And by the beginning of 2022, the fleet for transporting sanctioned Iranian and Venezuelan oil had tripled. It accounted for approximately 400 million barrels per year. And such a "ghost armada" successfully undermines the business of transport companies.Why did Iranian tankers get such a name?Last year, The Mail on Sunday reported: 123 Iranian vessels circumvent sanctions on oil trade. They change their location to GPS and create the appearance that they are anchored at sea, but at this time they are loading/unloading at the port. They also actively forge documents, use flags of different countries, disable identification systems and use front companies. Oil is often loaded onto several vessels and mixed before reaching its destination. This is also the case with "toxic" Russian oil.At the same time, Iran has a whole "underground" financial system for trade bypassing sanctions, writes the WSJ. It includes accounts in foreign banks, intermediary companies outside the country and firms that coordinate prohibited trade. The annual turnover is estimated at tens of billions of dollars.And Iranian banks attract affiliated firms to manage trade under sanctions. They register "daughters" outside the country, become trusted for Iranian traders, and then trade with foreign buyers of Iranian oil in foreign currency through accounts in foreign banks.Will the "Iranian Armada" help Russia?She is already helping her to circumvent sanctions, writes the Daily Mail. The international non-profit organization United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) accuses the Iranian navy of cooperating with Russian oil companies. Allegedly, Russian oilmen are using "Tehran's black market vessels" to circumvent the export ban. And the US, the EU and the UK are even calling for the formation of a team of "ghostbusters".At least 5 Iranian "ghost armadas" are transporting oil from Russia to China and India, according to UANI. And recently, the WSJ reported that Zamanoil from the UAE was linking Iranian and Russian oil workers. The US Treasury accused her of working with the Russian government and Rosneft on the supply of Iranian oil to Europe.However, at the end of March, Iran denied a "secret offer from Russia" to help it circumvent sanctions in exchange for support in concluding a nuclear deal. And in May, he noted that he could not be a competitor of Russia in the global oil and gas market. The country has its own regular customers, and Iran sells the maximum amount of oil.So officially, Iran does not seem to be planning to use its "army of ghosts" to help for the benefit of Russia, despite the fact that these countries have "converged" before. But then there was no question of an embargo on Russian oil and there was no ban on ship insurance. In the new reality, the actions of the "ghost armada" are quite difficult to predict.
Jun 09, 2022
There was a successful merger of the Ethereum Ropsten test network with Beacon
Ethereum/USD, cryptocurrency, There was a successful merger of the Ethereum Ropsten test network with Beacon Today, on June 9, Ethereum developers informed the community about the successful merger of the oldest Ethereum Ropsten test network using the Proof-of-Work algorithm with the Beacon test network using the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, which was one of the final test steps before the full update of the Ethereum 2.0 network.Repeated testing of the chain with Proof-of-Stake, according to the developers, will allow for a secure merger of the existing blockchain with a new version of the block network and obtain a single effective Erhereum blockchain that will not have existing problems and will open the way for the introduction of innovative ideas in the development of a decentralized financial system and the digital economy as a whole.Before the full launch of Ethereum 2.0 with the deployment of PoS, two more mergers of the Beacon network with the Goerli and Seoplia test networks are planned.The final implementation of PoS in the Ethereum blockchain, according to co-founder Vitalik Buterin, should take place in August of this year.The market reacted sluggishly to the technologically important event that took place, and investors did not show high purchasing activity.Ethereum is trading at around $1,800 with no spikes in volatility.The acute foreign policy and macroeconomic situation today has a greater impact on the mood of investors seeking to preserve their capital than the prospect of future income.Therefore, analysts do not predict a surge in volatility even with the full completion of the Ethereum 2.0 update. Volatility may arise, perhaps, only if problems arise in the network that can affect user incomes.
Jun 09, 2022
In the USA, an emergency regime has been declared
In the USA, an emergency regime has been declared Duties on the import of solar cells have been canceled. On Monday, President Biden declared a state of emergency in the United States. The reason is not a natural disaster, as one might think, but the threat of a shortage of electricity. It, in turn, is associated with a shortage of production capacity, according to the White House.The reaction of the United States - until the emergency regime is lifted for the next two years, duty-free import into the United States of "some solar cells and modules" of batteries imported from Southeast Asian countries is allowed.Is the "solar sector" growing?After the release of such news, shares of companies engaged in solar energy reacted with growth. It was strongest in the shares of solar panel installers: Sunrun (RUN) and Sunnova Energy International (NOVA) jumped by more than 10%.But not everyone in the industry was happy about what was happening. First Solar (FSLR), a major manufacturer of solar panels from the United States, said that the tariff freeze will provide unhindered market access to Chinese companies, which the state will subsidize over the next two years. As a result, the company grew by only 4%.What will change after the removal of duties?Such support from the US government stimulates activity in the industry, easing some uncertainty in prices, but does not solve important problems.The renewable energy (RES) industry is particularly vulnerable to the rising interest rates that are currently taking place in the United States. In particular, renewable energy for residential premises requires loans for financing. That is, now it becomes more expensive to install solar panels. In addition, against the background of uncertainty in the market, investors are shifting their money to safer fixed-income assets - which means that "solar companies" risk attracting less money.According to the WSJ, about two-thirds of "solar projects" in the United States planned for 2022 may be postponed or canceled, which clouds the prospects. This is due to the fact that utility companies are facing an increase in the cost of loans and a shortage of goods needed to conserve solar energy (batteries).How will the abolition of duties affect the renewable energy industry?Western countries are trying to move away from classical energy sources as much as possible, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine only accelerates this process. The decision to remove duties by the US government is positive for the industry, but does not solve the underlying problems.
Jun 09, 2022
You can pay with cryptocurrency: which companies accept crypto in 2022
Ethereum/USD, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Visa, stock, MasterCard, stock, Coca-Cola, stock, PayPal, stock, Shopify, stock, You can pay with cryptocurrency: which companies accept crypto in 2022 The governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, said that bitcoin is impractical as a means of payment. While cryptocurrencies are not being calculated massively. But today, large companies not only use blockchain, but also accept crypto as payment:Coca-Cola. In 2020, the corporation's Asia-Pacific division announced that it would allow customers in Australia and New Zealand to buy drinks with bitcoin and other coins. Payment is available through devices that accept digital payments.PayPal is the first payment system to add cryptocurrency for transactions. The company acts as an intermediary: the service will exchange cryptocurrency for ordinary dollars at the internal exchange rate, which already includes the cost of conversion.Visa and Mastercard, following PayPal, thought about the possibility of conducting transactions with cryptocurrencies. The systems focus on stablecoins, which have collateral in the form of real assets.Shopify is a platform for creating online stores. Thanks to the developers, the owners of these stores can accept cryptocurrency.Emirates. The airline from the UAE intends to accept bitcoins as payment. Moreover, Emirates will add its own NFT tokens to the site. This is not the first airline operating with cryptocurrencies. Latvian airBaltic has been selling tickets for the crypt for several years.Balenciaga, Gucci, Tag Heuer are also starting to accept cryptocurrency. Moreover, the new payment method will be available not only online, but also in regular stores using QR codes. And the first major retailer that started accepting the crypt was Overstock.Brazilian developer Gafisa announced that now an apartment can be bought for bitcoins. So the company wants to attract investors from other countries, and the cryptocurrency helps to transfer funds quickly and safely.
May 26, 2022
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