EURUSD: Jerome Powell softens his tone

EUR/USD, currency, EURUSD: Jerome Powell softens his tone

FOREX Fundamental analysis for EURUSD on March 9, 2023

The first speech of the head of the Federal Reserve System to the US Congress was hawkish. On Tuesday the rhetoric of Jerome Powell has eased and the strengthening of the dollar did not have the expected continuation despite good labor market statistics from the ADP. The report showed a growth of 242K jobs in February. This is higher than Bloomberg experts believe.

At the same time the number of vacancies was down from 11.2 to 10.8 million, which is still better than the pre-pandemic 7 million. The labor market doesn't prevent the Fed to continue its aggressive policy.

For January, U.S. exports were up 3.4% and imports were up 3%

U.S. foreign trade dynamics

U.S. foreign trade dynamics

At the same time, Jerome Powell twice said that the Fed has not yet made a final decision on rates. It will depend on external data, in particular, the labor market report which will be released tomorrow. That remark cooled down the buyers of the dollar, who thought the rate hike in March was a done deal.

Bloomberg Economics thinks the NFP will fall short of 200K, so the Fed will only raise rates by 25 basis points in March. At the same time, the Bloomberg consensus forecast calls for 225,000 jobs.

U.S. Employment Dynamics

U.S. Employment Dynamics

Investors have been consumed by the Fed's monetary policy discussions and have stopped responding to the rather curious news from Europe. And here a scandal is brewing. The head of the Central Bank of Italy came out strongly against monetary restriction, thus supporting ECB Council member Fabio Panetta, who compared raising rates to a night race in a car with lights out.

It turns out that not all European monetarists agree with the ECB's tightening of monetary policy. But now traders are waiting for the Non-farm Payrolls release. The report can send the EURUSD to 1.04 or lift the pair to 1.07. Forex trading based on the news is risky, so those who are not used to taking high risks should delay taking positions. From the technical point of view, if the price fixes below 1.0525, we will get a new signal to enter short positions.

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EUR/USD, currency, EUR/USD: will the Fed find arguments against the dollar? FOREX Fundamental Analysis for EUR/USD on September 20The Fed is unlikely to raise the rate at today's meeting, but it will probably keep the forecast of monetary restriction in November. Expectations that the federal funds rate will rise to 5.75% remains a long-term supportive factor for the dollar, which will prevent EUR/USD from staying above 1.07 for long.Oil is getting more expensive in the market and this could add strength to the new round of inflation. CPI is already reacting to rising energy costs, core inflation will not be long in coming, although it does not take into account the cost of the energy component. But, rising fuel costs are dragging up prices in all segments of the economy.Clearly, the oil market will not allow the Fed to put a stop to the cycle of tightening financial conditions. U.S. bond yields continue to storm to new highs, which confirms the market's faith in the Fed's hawkish monetary policy course.The background favors the greenback, which not unreasonably feels itself a full-fledged leader in forex currency trading. Of course, in six months to a year, China's economic recovery will help revitalize the euro. But getting rid of the dollar now is not the best trading strategy. We will use every EUR/USD growth to enter sales.Today the Fed meeting may give a signal for realization of this forex trading strategy. Markets have no doubt that Jerome Powell will confirm the regulator's intention to raise the rate in 2023 to 5.75%.Moreover, if the Fed chief shows concern about the rising cost of oil and the subsequent round of inflation, investors may intensify dollar purchases in hopes of more aggressive actions of the Central Bank.Today the volatility of currency pairs should come out of its usual lull. We can consider risky purchases of EUR/USD if resistance at 1.0715 is broken. But it is better to use the growth of the pair for selling, as well as a break of support at 1.0650.
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