EUR/USD: selling on an upward pullback

EUR/USD, currency, EUR/USD: selling on an upward pullback

FOREX Fundamental analysis on September 15, 2022

Within a month, stock markets have managed to step on the same rake twice. Investors blindly believed that the Fed would pause in its tightening of the monetary policy. Unfulfilled hopes caused the S&P 500 to plummet 9% in August and its worst daily performance since June 2020 in September.

If it happens once, it's an event, if it happens twice, it's a trend. It is possible that this year we will see another illogical rise in the indices, followed by a collapse and huge losses for traders.

Unlike the markets, the Fed cannot afford to be wrong. While investors wait for a rate cut in 2023, though they are already resigned to the fact that the rate will reach 4.3% at the end of the year, the Fed will continue to fight inflation, bearing in mind the experience of Paul Volcker, who took over as head of the regulator in 1979. Back then, uncontrolled price increases forced the Central Bank to raise the rate to 17% by April 1980. However, the discontent of large companies, primarily automakers, investors and fund managers forced Volcker to retreat and lower the rate to 10%, even though inflation had reached the 12% mark. As a result, the Fed had to hike the rate to 20% in an emergency and plunge the United States economy into the deepest recession since World War II.

This sad example keeps today's Fed leadership from going after the markets. The Central Bank intends to beat inflation on the first try, albeit with a minor downturn in the economy.

It is entirely possible that the Fed's projections after the last inflation report will show a 4.5% figure for rates at the end of this year. And here, the figure is likely to remain for all of next year. Together with other regulatory mechanisms, this will keep U.S. bond yields rising and help the greenback strengthen.

But no matter how optimistic Jerome Powell is about the future, it is unlikely that the US economy will be able to avoid a recession. That means the dollar is once again feeling like a fish in water.

"The EUR/USD bearish trend remains in force. Markets are waiting for the FOMC meeting on September 21. In the meantime, let's keep selling from 1.018 and build up short positions from an upward correction. In any case, so far the pair is holding below parity level.

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EUR/USD, currency, EUR/USD analysis: let\'s use the fall to buy FOREX Fundamental analysis for EUR/USD on March 27, 2023Recession in the U.S. economy may start sooner than it was expected by Jerome Powell's team and earlier than in other countries. This is not particularly good news for the dollar.In 2022 one of the main factors of EUR/USD falling down was the fear of the European economy recession because of the energy crisis. However, everything was not so sad and in March 2023 Eurozone business activity returned to a ten-month high of 54.1 p.The dynamics of European business activityNevertheless the greenback is still trying to recoup its losses, as investors fear that the problems of Credit Suisse can spill over to the Eurobloc financial system. A number of analysts consider Deutsche Bank to be the next victim, although the position of the main German lender is quite stable. At the end of 2022, the bank's net profit reached $6.1 billion, which is a maximum for 15 years. Liquidity and stability indicators are as strong as ever. But investors began to get rid of the euro quickly, which led to a decline of EUR/USDThe strong banking system and economic recovery will allow the ECB to become the main "hawk" among central banks of developed countries unlike the Fed, which raised rates by only 25 basis points in March and signaled about a possible pause in monetary policy tightening. The European regulator, meanwhile, added 50 basis points. And Christine Lagarde announced the regulator's intention to bring inflation back to 2%.Now the divergence in monetary policy rates has turned to the ECB. The yield differential between U.S. and German bonds has narrowed to 70 basis points. This differential was last seen in 2021. At that time, EUR/USD was trading above 1.21.EURUSD and the U.S. and German bond yield differentialMany experts believe that in the current environment EUR/USD will head towards 1.10. In this regard, Eurozone inflation data is of particular interest. According to Bloomberg, CPI will slow down in March, but the core inflation may show a new record of 5.8%.I think that the EURUSD decline is a good buying opportunity. The pivot level for the pair is 1.0715. As long as the quote remains above, we focus on long positions. At a breakout of 1.08 and 1.0825 we plan to increase buying.
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GBP/USD, currency, Forex analysis and forecast for GBP/USD for today, March 22 While waiting for the Fed's interest rate decision on Wednesday, GBP/USD is moving without any clear direction near the 1.2230 level.Prior to the Fed's release and Jerome Powell's press conference, market participants will pay attention to British inflation data. Analysts expect a decline from 10.1% to 9.8% (y/y) and an increase of 0.6% (m/m).Core inflation is likely to remain at 5.8%.But of course, the main event of the day will be the news from the United States. The Fed has a difficult task. On the one hand the regulator has to continue the fight against inflation, on the other hand it has to pay attention to the problems of the financial sector and not to allow the banks to go bankrupt.Analysts mostly believe that the Fed will choose the "middle" option and raise the rate not by 50 but by 25 basis points to 5.00%. Investors want to see from Jerome Powell's speech whether the Fed will end its monetary restriction cycle or take a pause. Or maybe the central bank will continue to raise the rate to the previously indicated targets.The Bank of England will hold a rate hike of 25 basis points tomorrow, although today's inflation report might influence the regulator's decision.Technical Analysis GBP/USDBollinger Band indicator is rising moderately. MACD indicator remains in the positive range. Stochastic Oscillator from the top down is testing the 80% level and trying to get out of the overbought area.Today is an eventful day, each of which can completely cancel the signals of technical analysis. At the same time Forex trading based on the news is risky and for traders who prefer calm position trading, the best option is to stay out of the market.For the followers of "technique", a break-down of the resistance at 1.2283 will be a buy signal. The target is at 1.2400. Stop-loss is taken out at 1.2230.It is advisable to open short positions after the price fixes below support at 1.2yo176. Target level is 1.2100. Stop-loss is set at 1.2225.
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