EUR/USD: US economy strengthens the dollar

EUR/USD, currency, EUR/USD: US economy strengthens the dollar

FOREX Fundamental analysis on September 7, 2022

Yesterday's release of the ISM index of business activity in the U.S. reiterated the hypothesis that if the economic slowdown in the United States does begin, in contrast to the Eurozone, it is unlikely to be prolonged and deep. Investors are choosing the New World. That's been evidenced by four out of six weeks of capital inflows into U.S. funds. But that's not the only factor putting pressure on the EUR/USD.

Not only is a strong economy supporting the dollar, but the dollar is supporting the economy. Rising inflation in the world is forcing Central Banks to tighten monetary policy which, at best, slows economic growth. Because most commodities are traded in dollars, the strengthening greenback is worsening financial conditions for consumers. According to an analysis by Capital Economics, Germany loses 3.3% of GDP on this, Italy loses 5.3%. Even in the oil crisis of the 1970s, the losses were not as severe.

In those days, rising costs eventually turned into a collapse in prices. The same thing will happen to the price of gas, only we don't know when. Oddly enough, the exchange value of energy will depend a lot on the weather. AccuWeather predicts that the winter in Europe will be 1 - 2 degrees above the average temperature, but warm winters tend to have abnormally cold periods. At the same time, Goldman Sachs believes that the markets do not fully appreciate the consequences of the energy crisis and thus underestimate the "bearish" potential of EUR/USD.

Even in the estimation of the dollar positioning there are contradictions. According to Bloomberg, the greenback is at a record high while the real effective dollar exchange rate is 11% below its 1985 peak.

At the time, the Fed was pursuing an aggressive campaign to rein in inflation. Jerome Powell also intends to follow the path of his predecessors. The EUR/USD downtrend is far from over, so our forex trading strategies use any recovery in the asset for new selling towards 0.95.

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EUR/USD, currency, Forex analysis for EUR/USD: US Employment Breaks Records FOREX Fundamental analysis for EURUSD on June 5, 2023The US labor market report once again confirmed the steady recovery of the American economy. Contrary to all expectations the employment growth amounted to 339K and the average wage growth slowed down to 4.3%. Even a cursory comparison with the Eurozone explains the sharp decline of EURUSD on Friday.In such a situation the Fed does not necessarily need to raise the rate in June, but the FOMC members are still divided on the issue. Of course, Friday's NFP will be a boon for the hawks who think a continuation of monetary tightening is necessary. Indeed, the U.S. economy added 1.5 million jobs in 2023 with an average monthly job gain of 314,000. This is well above the pre-pandemic 187,000 jobs. So the tightening of financial conditions by the regulator is not affecting the economic recovery as much as analysts had anticipated.Non-farm Payrolls was good news for both the dollar and the stock indices.At the same time, the doves will be nodding to an increase in unemployment from 3.4% to 3.7% and a slowdown in average wage growth.Derivatives are betting on a pause. The likelihood of a monetary restriction in June has fallen, but the odds of a July rate hike have risen from 54% to 68%.The Fed raised the cost of borrowing 10 times for a total of 500 points and brought the rate to 5.25%. It no longer makes sense for the regulator to move brashly forward now. Most likely, further movement will be varied, so investors do not rule out easing of the monetary policy in December-January.Certainly, the Fed will base its decisions on the inflation figure. It is unlikely that consumer prices will collapse as sharply as they have risen, but it is already clear that the Central Bank is up to the task.The labor market report showed that the EUR/USD downward movement remains in force. However, in the medium term we still expect the pair to consolidate. Our forex trading strategies consider both short-term selling towards 1.0655-1.0670 and 1.0670 and medium-term buying.
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USD/JPY, currency, Forex analysis and forecast for USD/JPY for today, June 1, 2023 On Thursday, USD/JPY is developing an upward correction of the two-day decline and is trading around 139.70.Today investors are waiting for the US labor market report from ADP, which is a forerunner of Non-farm Payrolls. It should be noted that these reports are not always 100% correlated, but there is usually some correlation between them. Analysts expect employment to fall from 296,000 to 170,000 for the month and the number of new jobs to fall from 253,000 to 190,000.The news about the problems with the U.S. national debt ceiling was overtaken by events, as the bill, negotiated by Democratic and Republican representatives, was approved in the House of Representatives and sent to the Senate for approval.Japan's manufacturing activity index was released this morning, slightly slipping from 50.8p to 50.6p in May.The Bank of Japan continues to test the digital yen and is considering switching from traditional banking to digital banking.Technical analysis for USD/JPY: Bollinger Bands, MACD and Stochastic OscillatorTechnical indicators and chart patterns do not show any clear-cut signals. The pair is in a correlation phase. Bollinger Bands are still directed upward while the MACD indicator is actively declining, but still in the positive range. The Stochastic Oscillator is also pointing down.If the price fixes below 138.90, we will open a short position with Take Profit at 137.50. Stop loss is set at 139.67.In case of a break above 139.67, we go long, aiming at 140.91. We place a stop loss at 138.90
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