Forex analysis and forecast GBPUSD for today, September 7, 2022

GBP/USD, currency, Forex analysis and forecast GBPUSD for today, September 7, 2022

GBP/USD was actively declining during the whole Asian session on Wednesday, but with the Europeans coming to the market the buyers gained a slight advantage.

The day before in the United States there were released several economic indicators. The ISM service sector business activity index showed a gain from 56.7 to 56.9 ppt and the employment index rose from 49.1 to 50.2 ppt. The reports confirmed the steady growth of the US economy, which once again increased the likelihood of the Fed rate hike in September by 75 basis points, not 50.

Today, the Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey is scheduled to speak.

The market continues to discuss the victory of the Conservative Party representative Liz Truss in the elections of the British Prime Minister. The new Cabinet of Ministers in addition to the problems of the national economy was given the controversial issues on Brexit, as well as an increase in geopolitical tensions against the background of Russian military aggression in Ukraine. Due to the sharp rise in energy prices, analysts forecast a 22.0% increase in consumer prices in the UK.

Technical analysis

The Bollinger Band indicator on the daily chart is confidently indicating a decline.

MACD indicator is declining in the negative range and keeps the signal to sell.

The oscillator stochastic broke through the 20% level from below, came out of the oversold area and continues to grow.

GBP/USD Daily Chart Forex

A strong break-down of 1.1442 will be a signal for continuation of sales with Take Profit at 1.1300. Stop-loss is set at 1.1510.

In case the price gets above 1.1531, small volume purchases may be done as intraday trading with the nearest target at 1.1700. Protective stop is set at 1.1442.

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GBP/USD, currency, GBP/USD: US jobs report disappoints investors. GBPUSD analysis for December 1, 2022 On Thursday the pair GBP/USD keeps the uptrend and tries to hold above the broken resistance level of 1.2100.The day before the rise was caused by the speech of Jerome Powell in which the head of FRS confirmed the regulator's intention to reduce the monetary restriction rate but keep the course for the further toughening of the monetary policy. Jerome Powell believes that the fight against inflation requires caution as it can provoke unwanted consequences, so the rates should be raised without too much haste, analyzing the effectiveness of the measures taken.The dollar was also pressured by the U.S. labor market report from ADP. The US economy created only 127 thousand jobs in October against the forecast of 200 thousand and the previous indicator 239 thousand.In the UK, Rishi Sunyak's government has come up with a new tax in the form of a duty, which can essentially wipe out all the small oil production companies.On the daily chart, the pound-dollar pair remains within the boundaries of the ascending channel and is approaching its upper boundary. The Alligator indicator is correctly open to the upside, and the awesome oscillator is in the positive area.If the price fixes above the level of 1.2180, I recommend to keep buying the pair with the next target of 1.2650. Stop-loss is set at 1.2000.At decrease below support level of 1.1940 we will switch to short positions with the final target at 1.1490. Stop-loss is set at the price of 1.2020.
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EUR/USD, currency, Forex. EURUSD: the peak of the dollar is behind us FOREX Fundamental analysis for EURUSD on December 1, 2022The end of autumn was marked by active trading. The volatility of currency pairs on Forex exceeded historical levels. As a matter of fact, the whole year of 2022 was the same. A series of turmoil that hit the markets changed the currency trading on Forex. It was possible to become rich within a day or lose your entire trading account, as it happened on November 30, when EUR/USD was fluctuating between 1.0325 and 1.0395.At the news release traders felt hot and cold. And it is not surprising. On Tuesday the report on the US labor market (ADP), US GDP dynamics and inflation data of the Eurozone were published. The U.S. economy created only 127,000 jobs for the month, against a forecast of 200,000. The third quarter U.S. GDP data showed a growth of 2.9% with a forecast of 2.6%.The "cherry on the cake" of the day yesterday was the speech of Jerome Powell, who didn't throw a lifeline to the dollar, as a result of which the stock indices went up, pulling EUR/USD above 1.04.Nevertheless, the head of the Fed did not say anything out of the ordinary. Jerome Powell expressed the need for further rate hikes, but the FOMC members decided to slow down the pace of monetary restriction in order not to overdo it. Many financial market experts believe that the sell-off of the dollar, which began in early November, has dragged on. The Fed intends to determine the appropriate level of the rate, and in such conditions a hurry is not necessary.At the same time, the head of the Fed reminded that the regulator's goal is to bring inflation down to the target level of 2%. But markets, as usual, heard only what they wanted to hear.Of course the Fed's desire to take into account bilateral risks, i.e. risks of inflation and risks of the economy is a good signal for the stock indices and therefore for EUR/USD. We can assume that the dollar has passed the highs and will weaken from here on out. However, being focused on the prospects of the dollar, traders somehow underestimated the European inflation data, where the rate declined from 10.6% to 10.0%. And that means there's no point in the European Central Bank raising rates sharply. It is not by chance that Christine Lagarde talked about possible restriction of 50 or even 30 basis points.For now the situation in the market is in favor of EUR/USD bulls. Moreover, the weak report from ADP sets up a similar Non-farm Payrolls. However for the dollar to come back to strengthening it needs a strong driver, which might be tomorrow's Non-farm Payrolls report. Moreover, the Euro should also be under pressure with the CPI falling from 10.6% to 10.0% which might allow the ECB to slow down its monetary tightening.EUR/USD: how long will the growth of the pair last?On Thursday EUR/USD keeps the bullish trend and is trying to hold above the resistance at 1.04. Since the trading started the pair has gained 0.2%.Although major forex indicators are showing an uptrend, there is a strong resistance at 1.05, which buyers are unlikely to overcome on the way up. Yesterday on the rebound from 1.039 long positions were opened, which we keep for the targets 1.05 and 1.061.Considering the technical aspects and the fundamental background, we offer a sell order for the EUR/USD.Sell-stop 1.0390 take-profit 1.0200 stop-loss 1.0450
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USD/CHF, currency, Forex analysis and forecast for USD/CHF for today, November 30, 2022 In trading in Asia on Wednesday, the USDCHF is trading in a narrow channel, slightly retreating from the local highs of November 22.The pair is testing support at 0.9520, but traders are unlikely to show any activity without a new strong push to trade the currency on forex. Today we are expecting a big set of statistics from the USA, such as ADP labor market report, GDP data, followed by Jerome Powell's speech and publication of the Fed's Beige Book economic survey.Switzerland will publish the KOF leading indicators index. It is expected to rise from 90.9 to 91.3 points. Here also it is expected the index strengthening from (-52.1) to (-41.9) p. p.At the same time the Swiss authorities are worried about energy shortages and appeal to the population to save energy.USD/CHF Technical analysisBollinger Bands on the daily chart has shifted into the neutral state.The MACD indicator is in the negative area, but it is rising towards the zero line and generating a buy signal.The stochastic oscillator is rising and approaching the border of the overbought area of 80%.The signal to buy will be a price retention above the resistance level of 0.9550. The nearest target for transaction closing is 0.9650. Stop loss is set at the level of 0.9478.On a rebound from 0.9550 downwards, wait for a breakout of support at 0.9478, and then enter short positions with a target at 0.9350. I recommend setting a stop-loss at 0.9550.
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Forex. EURUSD: the euro does not hurry to give up positions
EUR/USD, currency, Forex. EURUSD: the euro does not hurry to give up positions FOREX Fundamental analysis for EURUSD on November 30 2022Despite the hawkish comments of FOMC members, worsening of the covid situation in China and weak Eurozone statistics, EUR/USD is in no hurry to go down. It means that Jerome Powell will need a lot of efforts to bring the quotes on the financial markets back to the required values.Investors are tired of the "bearish" trend of the Euro, and even the possibility of December's ECB rate hike by 50 or even 30 basis points instead of 75.The decline in Eurozone consumer prices from 11.6% to 11.3% allowed ECB Council members to abandon the high speed of monetary tightening. Inflation has stopped, and there is no reason to raise rates significantly. This is a strong argument in favor of euro buyers.After a small downward correction to 1.0325-1.0330, EUR/USD returned to the renewal of the highs. The pair did the same maneuver after the release of the weak Chinese business activity index.Having bounced again from the area of 1.0325-1.0330, the pair EUR/USD confirmed the idea that the key support is the level of 1.033. It is a kind of pivot point for the pair.Certainly, the FOMC members' assurance that the rate hike cycle will continue until 2024 took the pair away from 1.05. However Jerome Powell needs strong arguments to develop a downtrend. If the head of FRS just repeats the thesis about the importance of the further toughening of the monetary policy, the pair EUR/USD may continue its uptrend.On the technical side, we can talk about it this way. If the price lingers below 1.0325, it means that the pair can be sold. If the price remains above 1.0390-1.0395, it means that a trend reversal signal appears.
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USD/JPY, currency, NZD/USD, currency, Forex analytics for USDJPY and NZDUSD on November 29, 2022 USDJPY: fall in the pair will continueOn the eve USD/JPY reached its minimum since August, testing support at 137.50. Investors are moving into safe-haven assets, avoiding buying the dollar as they wait for a slowdown in the pace of monetary tightening from the Fed.The dollar index has renewed its multi-month lows again, reflecting the release of the minutes of the latest FOMC meeting, which suggested a more modest rate hike than previously planned. After that, the probability of a 50 basis point monetary policy tightening in December has risen to 80%.Yen buyers are also supported by the deteriorating covid situation in China and the related mass protests of the population dissatisfied with the zero-tolerance COVID policy.Moreover, today it became known that according to Reuters poll 24 of 26 economists expect the Bank of Japan to switch to a tighter monetary policy. If this scenario comes true, the divergence between the rates of the two regulators will decrease, which will be a negative factor for the dollar.Based on the fundamental news, indicator readings and chart patterns we believe that the downward movement in USD/JPY will continue and we recommend placing a sell order.Sell-limit 138.70 take-profit 136.00 stop-loss 139.70Read more: USD/JPY: chart, forecast for today, currency pair overviewNZDUSD: The pair is approaching the upper boundary of the descending channelNZDUSD is developing an uptrend and is trading near the level of 0.6200.The New Zealand dollar was supported by the Statistical Office of New Zealand employment report, although it did not show a strong improvement in the labor market. Construction permits data will be released tomorrow. The figure rose 3.8% last month.The DXY U.S. Dollar Index is trading just above support at 106,000. Yesterday traders reacted to statements made by some FOMC members who noted the need for further Fed rate hikes until 2024. On these comments the NZD/USD locally decreased.The Alligator moving average fan is correctly open upwards, the awesome oscillator is in a positive range, but it is building bearish bars.After the price fixes above 0.6265, we open a long position with Take Profit at 0.6467. Stop-loss is recommended to be set at 0.6200.If the price fixes below support level 0.6100, this may be a signal to buy. The nearest target for the "bears" is 0.5878. Placement of a stop-loss at 0.6200.
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Forex. USDCAD: the pair corrects yesterday's strong rise
USD/CAD, currency, Forex. USDCAD: the pair corrects yesterday\'s strong rise USD/CAD rate analysis from November 29, 2022In trading on Tuesday, USDCAD is developing a downward movement, correcting yesterday's strong growth.Trading in the Canadian dollar and the currency in general on the forex shows the uncertainty caused by the reaction of traders to the comments of the monetary authorities. In particular, the previous day Christine Lagarde confirmed that ECB plans to tighten its monetary policy. Moreover, the regulator is not only planning to raise deposit rates, but also to use other methods to fight inflation.Almost at the same time as Christine Lagarde, FOMC members also spoke about the need to continue raising rates in 2023.There is not much significant news on the market today. On Wednesday a big block of important statistics will be released, so more volatility is expected on the forex market. The main news for the USD/CAD is expected on Friday, when the labor market reports will be published in both the US and Canada.Read more: What is the FOMC?Technical analysis of the USDCADCandlestick patterns, chart patterns and technical indicators do not provide unambiguous buy or sell signals. Bollinger Bands are rebalancing horizontally. The MACD indicator is approaching the zero line from below and may move into the positive area. Oscillator stochastic is rising, approaching the level of 80%.In case the pair is fixed below the level of 1.3440, we get a signal to enter into the sale with Take Profit at 1.3300. Stop loss will be set at the level of 1.3500.Upon breakdown of resistance level 1.3599, we take long positions towards 1.3600. We will place a protective stop-loss at 1.3440.
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GBP/USD, currency, Forex analysis and forecast for GBPUSD for today, November 29, 2022 On Tuesday the pair GBPUSD does not demonstrate any clear directional movement and remains near the important level of 1.2000. The day before the pound was falling actively reacting to the hawkish statements of the FOMC members. In particular, the head of FRB of St. Louis James Bullard noted the need to continue to raise rates throughout 2023.At the same time, the pound is pressed by the negative outlook for the British economy. The statistics confirms the evident economic recession. Moreover the impact of energy crisis is felt in the country. The UK government is forced to allocate £1.0 billion to improve insulation of houses and infrastructure.Today the UK will publish the report on consumer credit dynamics.GBPUSD Technical AnalysisOn the daily chart the Bollinger Band indicator remains in steady growth while the MACD histogram is declining in the positive range. Stochastic oscillator is out of the overbought zone and is developing a downward trend.Price fixation below the level of 1.1939 will be a signal to enter short positions (sell) with a target at 1.1700. I recommend placing a stop loss at 1.2050.In case of a breakdown of the resistance level at 1.2027, we will start a buy with Take Profit at 1.2236. Stop-loss is set at the level of 1.1939.
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