Forex analysis and forecast USD/JPY for today, October 17, 2022

USD/JPY, currency, Forex analysis and forecast USD/JPY for today, October 17, 2022

With the opening of trading the USD/JPY continues to grow, approaching a new record high - the level of 149.00.

Despite the rumors about possible intervention of the Bank of Japan in forex trading, the regulator has a wait-and-see attitude. The central bank does not plan to go over to tightening of the monetary policy and to refuse from the stimulation program, but expresses extreme concern about low yen rate, as it strongly affects the prices of imported products, first of all energy resources.

Earlier, the maximum USD/JPY was fixed in 1998 at 145.00. Analysts believe that around 150.00 the Bank of Japan will need to intervene to strengthen the national currency.

Some support for the yen was provided by today's block of economic news from Japan. Industrial production rose 3.4% in August, which was better than the market forecasts.

USD/JPY Technical analysis and signals

Bollinger Bands of Daily remain in the growth phase.

MACD indicator is confidently rising in the positive range and holds a strong buy signal.

Stochastic Oscillator is in the area of maximum values.

USD/JPY Daily Chart Forex

After the pair has consolidated above 149.00 we are opening long positions towards 150.00, bearing in mind that the Bank of Japan can intervene at any time. We will place a protective stop at 148.00.

On breakdown below 148.00 we start selling, aiming at 146.00. Stop-loss is set at 149.00.


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GBP/USD, currency, Forex analysis and forecast for GBP/USD for today, September 19 GBP/USD is trading in a narrow price range near 1.2375 on Tuesday. The volatility of currency pairs on the market is low, as the Fed and Bank of England meetings will be held this week.Investors do not expect the Fed to change the interest rate while the Bank of England may conduct an act of monetary restriction by 25 basis points and raise the rate to 5.5%, completing the cycle of tightening financial conditions. Prior to the publication of the results of the regulator's meeting in the UK, the inflation report will be released. The indicator is expected to rise by 0.7% (m/m) or from 6.8% to 7.1% (y/y) in August. At the same time, core inflation may slow from 6.9% to 6.8%. According to a recent survey, 40% of the population believe the Bank of England's policy of a sharp rate hike is wrong. This is the lowest amount of doubts about the regulator's actions since 1999.Tomorrow, the UK will release its retail price index. The index is expected to grow by 0.9%.Technical analysis for GBP/USDThe Bollinger indicator on the Daily remains in a steady decline, as does the MACD indicator, which maintains a strong sell signal. The Stochastic oscillator is flat in the area of minimum values.If the pair consolidates below the level of 1.2369, we continue to form short positions in the direction of 1.2240. Stop-loss is set at 1.2440.The transition to buying is possible only in case of price consolidation above the level of 1.2450. The nearest target for buyers will be 1.2550. Stop-loss is set at 1.2400.
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EUR/USD, currency, EUR/USD: can market rumors disperse Euro? FOREX Fundamental Analysis on September 14, 2023The U.S. inflation report failed to revive forex trading, and now investors' attention has shifted to the European Central Bank meeting. Rumors appeared on the market that the Eurozone CPI forecast for 2024 is 3.0%, and immediately the probability of a rate hike to 4.0% at today's meeting of the regulator soared from 20% to 70%. Against such a backdrop, EUR/USD cannot continue to decline, no matter how much US inflation threatens the Fed.Actually, having seemed quite "hot" at first, due to the fact that CPI growth exceeded the forecast and reached 3.7% rather than 3.6%, in the end the report did not make a strong impression on investors, as core inflation slowed down in August, depriving the Fed of the justification for a rate hike.The probability of another act of monetary restraint in 2023 has fallen from 45% to 43%. US debt bond yields fell, stock indices strengthened and EUR/USD returned to the pivot level at 1.072.Now it's up to Christine Lagarde's team. It is expected that the ECB, despite the threat of recession, will be forced to raise the rate by 25 basis points to 4.0% due to an increase in the forecast of inflation expectations.Investors considered three options for further developments. The "basic" one, which was considered until yesterday, assumed the ECB pause without the regulator's refusal to raise rates further. The second option provided for an act of monetary restriction with a hint at the end of the cycle of tightening financial conditions. And the third - continuation of the "hawkish" course until a special decision of the ECB. It was the third option that became the master plan as of yesterday.The Fed and the ECB have swapped places. The Fed is leaning towards a cautious approach while the ECB is forced to act decisively. Against this background, investors ignored the weak Eurozone statistics and are preparing for EUR/USD to storm the level of 1.0765. But will the euro have enough arguments to continue its upward movement?
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