Forex forecast for today. Oil trading will remain volatile

Forex forecast for today. Oil trading will remain volatile

WTI crude oil was almost unchanged at the end of the trading day on Wednesday, although market volatility remained as high as possible. The quotes are still in the area of the level of 59.6 US Dollars (USD) per barrel.

Commercial oil reserves fell by 3.52 million barrels last week, according to the US Department of Energy. At the same time, analysts polled by the Bloomberg agency expected a decrease in inventories by 2 million barrels. It is expected that oil trading will remain volatile, both on the background of negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program, and due to the increase in cases of coronavirus in Europe, and the decision of OPEC+ to increase production of raw materials by 2.15 million barrels per day in the next three months. Most likely, the markets will maintain a smooth downtrend in the coming weeks.

The US nuclear program with Iran is particularly interesting for oil traders, but the market is dominated by doubts about the success of the negotiations. Reviving the nuclear deal that Donald Trump tore up in 2018 will not be a simple event, and will take at least a year. Therefore, political factors influencing the market are considered as a long-term prospect of influencing prices, rather than a short-term one.

In the trading forecast I place a signal - decline in the price of WTI crude oil to the level of  58.75 USD per barrel.

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Forex trading. Cryptocurrency forecast for today, July 30, 2021
Forex trading. Cryptocurrency forecast for today, July 30, 2021 Bitcoin again fell below the support of $40,000 and reached the level of 39700. Ethereum is trading around the level of $2300. The price of XRP strengthened to 72 cents. The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market was $1.55 trillion.Over the past week, the hashrate of the leading cryptocurrencies has been restored. This is due to the transfer of capacity from China, where mining bans have led to the shutdown of many farms. The bans of the Chinese authorities led to a drop in the bitcoin hashrate by 45% - to the levels of the beginning of 2020. The bans of the Chinese authorities affected the network of the second cryptocurrency less significantly ― the drop was about 20%. But even here, recently, there has been a tendency to restore the indicator, which is facilitated by the migration of mining equipment outside of China. Some companies export their devices to the United States, others choose Kazakhstan or Russia.Bank of America analysts believe that state-owned cryptocurrencies can form a much more efficient payment system than cash, as well as reduce the popularity of stablecoins. The bank said that the introduction of state-owned cryptocurrencies is inevitable, citing the decline in the role of cash, the expansion of the use of blockchain by the private sector, the loss of control over the currency and the potential of state-owned cryptocurrencies to stimulate the economy. According to the document, central banks that do not issue their own digital currencies may face a serious decline in demand for their currencies and a change in their global role.Analysts emphasize the "very cautious approach" of Central Banks to the issuance of state cryptocurrencies, which is associated with the possible competition of new systems with bank deposits, the departure of customers from private banks and the threat to the security of individuals. State-owned cryptocurrencies can reduce the need for stablecoins, the latter can pose a serious risk to financial stability during periods of market stress, according to Bank of America.The forecast expects a decline in bitcoin to the levels of 39500, 39300 and 39000 dollars. Ethereum will decline to the levels of 2270, 2250 and 2200 dollars, and XRP - to the price values of 70, 68 and 65 cents.
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Forex trading. WTI Oil forecast for today, July 30, 2021
Forex trading. WTI Oil forecast for today, July 30, 2021 Global oil prices rose by more than 1% on Thursday on an increase in interest in risk. The price of a barrel of WTI reached the level of 73.3 dollars.In general, risk sentiment prevailed on the world markets, which led to an increase in the US stock market by 0.5% and the European stock market by almost 0.1%. Investors played back the results of the US Federal Reserve meeting. Reports that the regulator will continue to support the economy were received with optimism by traders. In addition, on the eve of the US Department of Energy reported that over the past week, oil reserves in the country fell by 4.1 million barrels, and analysts expected a decrease of only 2.9 million. In the coming weeks, most likely, the reduction of oil and petroleum products reserves will continue, which will support the quotes.On Thursday, the US published a preliminary estimate of GDP growth for the second quarter of 2021. The data turned out to be better than the consensus forecast, and this allowed oil prices to continue growing. Economic activity in the United States in the second quarter was strongly influenced by the improvement in consumer and business sentiment, due to the normalization of the economy after the pandemic. The probability of a slowdown in economic growth is now higher than in the second quarter of the year, but most market analysts still believe that the negative consequences for the economy from the new wave of coronavirus will generally be limited.The forecast assumes a further increase in the price of WTI oil to the resistance levels of 73.5, 73.7 and 74 dollars per barrel.
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Forex trading. Gold exchange rate forecast for today, July 30, 2021
Forex trading. Gold exchange rate forecast for today, July 30, 2021 The price of gold reached a two-week peak near the resistance level of $1,830 per ounce.On Thursday, quotes rose by more than 1% after the US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell assured investors a day earlier that a rate hike is not expected in the near future. As a result of these words, the dollar went to multi-week lows.The gold market seems to be reacting to the usual indicators, such as the dollar exchange rate and the yield of US Treasury rates, which are now the most favorable for the growth of the asset price. And this is despite the fact that there are still no significant changes in the Fed's policy. Powell said that the US labor market still has a lot to strive for before the time comes to withdraw support, and the Fed is still far from considering raising rates. Low interest rates in the United States put pressure on the yield of the dollar and bonds, increasing the attractiveness of the precious metal, which does not bring guaranteed returns.The growing uncertainty of monetary policy, inflation and the increasing risk of stock market volatility should contribute to the demand for safe assets. Global demand for gold rose in the second quarter to the highest quarterly level in a year, as central banks and investors increased purchases. The quotes managed to break away from the strong support of $ 1800, and there is a good chance of further movement to the next benchmark of $1900.The forecast expects a further increase in the price of gold to the levels of 1835, 1840 and 1850 dollars per ounce.
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Forex trading. Pound/Dollar GBP/USD forecast for today, July 30, 2021
Forex trading. Pound/Dollar GBP/USD forecast for today, July 30, 2021 The British currency rose against the US dollar to the ratio of 1.3965. The pound has been strengthening for five consecutive sessions against the background of the fall in the US currency exchange rate across the entire spectrum of the market.Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said that raising rates is a long way, making market participants doubt the near tightening of monetary policy. The exchange rate of the pound/dollar pair has reached a more than one-month high and retains the potential for further growth. The number of cases in the UK is increasing, but not at a dramatic pace. There are no prerequisites for the fact that the national economy will be closed again. As a result, traders are counting on strong indicators of the country's economic growth in the third or fourth quarters.Next week, market participants will pay attention to the Bank of England, which is likely to continue to stimulate the economy in full. Two representatives of the Central Bank previously noted that the quantitative easing program worth almost 900 billion pounds may have to be stopped earlier when inflation accelerates. Nevertheless, the British regulator maintains its position unchanged and does not plan to ease monetary policy in the coming months.The forecast assumes a decline in the pound/dollar exchange rate to the support levels of 1.3950, 1.3930 and 1.3900.
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Forex trading. Euro-Dollar EUR/USD forecast for today, July 30, 2021
Forex trading. Euro-Dollar EUR/USD forecast for today, July 30, 2021 The euro continues to grow in price against the US dollar. On Thursday, the quotes reached the level of 1.1890.The data showed that the US economy grew by 6.5% year-on-year in the second quarter, which is lower than the market consensus forecast of 8.5%. Despite the lower growth rate in the second quarter, real GDP is now 0.8% higher than it was at its peak before the pandemic at the end of 2019. At the same time, the volume of production is still 2.5% lower than the pre-crisis level. Economic growth in the second quarter was mainly driven by consumer spending. Real spending on personal consumption increased by 11.8%, which was stronger than most analysts expected. Almost all the main categories of expenses showed strong growth.Overall GDP growth is projected to remain generally strong in the coming quarters. Consumers still have a lot of cash, and there is still a pent-up demand for services. In addition, the recent monthly indicators of orders in the industry showed that business spending on equipment remains stable. These orders will need to be completed in the coming months. The data contained in yesterday's report is another indication that inflation remains a problem. The deflator for personal consumption expenditures, which is a measure of consumer prices, jumped in the second quarter to 6.4% in annual terms, and this is the highest consecutive increase since 1982. The noticeable increase in consumer prices in the second quarter reflects a combination of strong growth in consumer spending and limited supply.The forecast assumes a rollback of the euro/dollar exchange rate to the levels of 1.1870, 1.1850 and 1.1825.
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