Forex trading. Cryptocurrency forecast for today, July 26, 2021

Forex trading. Cryptocurrency forecast for today, July 26, 2021

The price of bitcoin has risen to the level of $34,300. Ethereum strengthened to the level of $2,150, and XRP reached 60 cents. The total capitalization of the digital currency market was $1.39 trillion.

The main cryptocurrency on Sunday briefly reached a 12-day high of $34,800. The growth relative to the lows of the beginning of the week was almost 20%. According to analysts at Santiment, the current movements are taking place against the background of the minimum trading volumes since October 2020. The volume shows the investors ' confidence in the trend. A small volume means that a limited number of investors puts a limited amount of capital at risk. Such investors are able to move the price up or down, but if others do not follow them, a quick return to previous levels is possible. Santiment emphasizes that low trading volumes do not guarantee a decline in bitcoin, but only mean that the actions of individual traders will have a greater impact on the price. In addition, bitcoin balances on exchanges are approaching the lows of 18 months ago. The continued withdrawal of coins from the exchanges against the background of a depressed exchange rate is a promising sign that the markets are reducing the risks of a mass sell-off.

For the first time in many weeks, analysts are noting positive signs and expect bitcoin to head to the upper limit of the $30000-40000 range. A significant amount of open interest remains in monthly July options with a strike of $35,000. This level may become the ceiling for bitcoin for the current month. Participants of the options market estimate the probability of bitcoin rising to a new maximum above 64800 by the end of the year at only 8%, and they give only 2% for growth to six-digit marks. The expected volatility for the six months ahead is now at the lowest level in more than two months, about 80%, after it jumped to 122% on May 17. In other words, traders anticipate further market consolidation. Meanwhile, Bloomberg claims that bitcoin will return to 60,000 rather than fall to 20,000. Analysts build their forecast based on similar recovery periods in the past.

The forecast assumes a decline in the price of Bitcoin to the levels of 34000, 33700 and 33500 dollars. The cost of Ethereum will reach the marks of 2120, 2100 and 2080 dollars, and XRP will fall to the price values of 58, 56 and 55 cents.

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The total turnover of bitcoins has reached record levels
The total turnover of bitcoins has reached record levels Bitcoin is trading near the $48,000 resistance level. Ethereum rose to the level of $3,600, and the price of XRP fell to the support of $1.1. The total capitalization of the crypto assets market amounted to $2.18 trillion.Bitcoin's breakthrough of the key resistance is accompanied by a resumption of the interest of large investors, according to blockchain data. According to IntoTheBlock, the total turnover of bitcoins in transactions over $100,000 has reached a record $ 480 billion. In bitcoin, the volume of large transactions has reached a two-year high. Analysts conclude from this that institutional activity in the bitcoin market is gaining momentum. Although each such transaction by itself does not imply the purchase of bitcoin by institutions, together with the stable growth of the exchange rate since the beginning of August and an increase in the balance of large wallets, they can really indicate a resumption of investor interest. Based on these observations and finding bitcoin above the 200-day moving average, analysts conclude that the path of least resistance lies upwards. Jurgen Schaaf, adviser on the development of market infrastructure and payments at the ECB, said that research on the possibilities of the digital euro does not guarantee its launch at all. In the next two years, the European Central Bank will continue to experiment with the digital euro. However, the final decision on the launch of the Central Bank's digital currency will be made if its advantages outweigh the possible risks. Earlier, ECB analysts concluded that central banks need to launch their own digital currencies as soon as possible, otherwise it will be difficult for them to compete with technology giants. In addition, according to Bison Trails, about 80% of central banks are already studying scenarios for using state-owned stablecoins.The forecast assumes a decline in bitcoin to the levels of 47750, 47500 and 47000 dollars. The cost of Ethereum will decrease to the levels of 3550, 3500 and 3400 dollars, and XRP will reach the price values of 1.09, 1.07 and 1.05 dollars.
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WTI oil is trading near the resistance level of $72 per barrel
WTI oil is trading near the resistance level of $72 per barrel It is actively in demand after the publication of statistics on the decline in stocks in the United States, according to trading data and analysts ' comments. The indicator for the last week decreased by 6.4 million barrels, or 1.5%. Analysts had expected a decline of only 3.5 million barrels. The indicator has been at its lowest level since September 2019 for the third week in a row. In addition, traders are monitoring the situation in the Gulf of Mexico, where Hurricane Nicholas threatens oil production. Markets fear that the consequences may affect oil production in the same way as after Hurricane Ida. For another week, the production shutdown and the decline in oil refining volumes balanced each other — and last week both indicators barely increased. The indicators of production and workload of oil refineries remain low, although they increased slightly in the reporting week. The oil infrastructure on the Gulf Coast is struggling to recover after Hurricane Ida. Imports were almost unchanged compared to the previous week, and high volumes of exports from ports not affected by the hurricane contributed to a strong reduction in oil reserves.The forecast assumes a decline in the price of WTI oil to the support levels of 71.8, 71.5 and 71 dollars per barrel.
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On Thursday, the gold price fell to the support level of 1755
On Thursday, the gold price fell to the support level of 1755 The drop was the highest in the last six weeks and occurred against the background of a sharp increase in the yield of the US dollar and Treasury bonds after data indicating a strengthening of retail sales last month. The US government also said on Thursday that over the past week, the number of initial applications for unemployment benefits in the US increased from 20,000 to 332,000. Retail sales rose 0.7% last month, although economists had forecast a 0.7% drop. In addition, the Philadelphia Federal Reserve's business activity index rose to 30.7 points in September from 19.4 in August, breaking a four-month series of falls. Precious metals prices will be volatile in the near future, as investors are waiting for clarity from the Fed next week on plans to reduce bond purchases that provided liquidity to markets during the pandemic in the spring of 2020. Traders will also be watching for signals regarding the timing of a possible increase in interest rates. Given the Fed's desire to reduce asset purchases, gold has room for further falls in the coming days, and there is no positive catalyst in the short term yet.The forecast assumes a reversal and a corrective recovery of the gold price to the resistance levels of 1760, 1765 and 1775 dollars per ounce.
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The value of the British currency declined against the US dollar
The value of the British currency declined against the US dollar The value of the British currency declined against the US dollar and reached the level of 1.3780.The dollar strengthened across the entire spectrum of the market on the back of strong retail sales data last month. The indicator grew by 2.5% in annual terms, although even a slight decrease was expected according to forecasts. The pair has remained in the middle of the 1.3600–1.4000 range since June 2021. Despite the high demand for the US currency, the pound continues to hold its positions against the dollar. The situation with the energy crisis in Europe may put pressure on the pound in the very near future. Yesterday, a major fertilizer manufacturer announced the closure of two plants in the UK. This can be considered the first sign that the record increase in gas and electricity prices may slow down the recovery of the region's economy. At the same time, the company did not give any forecasts about the timing of the resumption of production. The problem is connected with a serious shortage of energy resources in Europe and a record increase in gas and electricity prices. The continent does not have time to fill the storage facilities before the beginning of winter, as flows from leading suppliers from Russia and Norway are still limited. In addition, countries are competing for the supply of liquefied natural gas, while Asia is buying up cargo to meet its own demand. The crisis can lead to serious economic consequences. According to Goldman Sachs, due to a sharp increase in prices, there may be a risk of power outages in the winter. The power outage is likely to lead to an even greater increase in energy prices, increasing concerns about inflation and increasing the costs of enterprises for raw materials.The forecast expects a further decline in the pound/dollar exchange rate to the price values of 1.3760, 1.3730 and 1.3700.
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Forex trading. Euro-Dollar EUR/USD forecast for today, September 17, 2021
Forex trading. Euro-Dollar EUR/USD forecast for today, September 17, 2021 On Thursday, the exchange rate of the euro/dollar currency pair fell to the level of 1.1765.The latest US macroeconomic data showed a slight slowdown in the growth rate of inflation, but it continues to remain at an elevated level by historical standards. As a result, the Fed will sooner or later be forced to start reducing the asset purchase program. Specific plans may become clear as early as next Wednesday, and until that time, investors will probably prefer not to make sudden movements. World commodity prices remain at ten-year highs, which is a strong inflationary factor. ECB Governing Council member Olli Rehn said yesterday that the economic growth of the Eurozone remains strong, but still requires support from the regulator. According to the banker, production problems caused by supply disruptions have a negative impact on the economic prospects of the region. No rate hike is expected yet, but one day it will take place. Market participants estimate the probability of a rate cut in the Eurozone as the lowest possible, and do not expect a tightening of monetary policy in the next year or two.The forecast assumes a further decline in the euro/dollar exchange rate to the levels of 1.1740, 1.1720 and 1.1700.
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Appian: the bubble has not completely deflated
Appian: the bubble has not completely deflated Since the beginning of the year, Appian shares have fallen by 30%. The company provides solutions for automating the development of low-level code, which is extremely important for companies that do not have a large staff of programmers, but at the same time are not eager to contact outsourcing developers from India and other countries. Despite the price drop, the EV/S ratio remains high – 19.5 x. At the same time, management expects revenue growth next year by only 17%, to $355 million. As we can see, the potential for further decline in quotations remains. In the second quarter, revenue increased by 24% yoy, to $83 million, the figures were higher than in the first quarter (+13% yoy). The reason for the acceleration is the growth of the share of the fast-growing cloud service (+44% yoy) in total revenue (about half). At the same time, existing customers began to pay 21% more than last year, which means Appian is successfully monetizing the existing customer base. This is where the positive moments end. In the third quarter, management expects a slowdown in the growth rate of cloud revenue to 31-33%, which is more than 10 points lower than in the second quarter. And the expectations for total revenue leave much to be desired-plus 17-18% yoy. The volume of adjusted EBITDA loss doubled compared to last year-minus $18.3 million. Such dynamics are completely unacceptable for a company whose revenues are actively slowing down.
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PayPal: a cloudless future lies ahead
PayPal: a cloudless future lies ahead PayPal shares are trading 22% higher than the values of the beginning of 2021. Perhaps the payment service does not show the strongest results in terms of revenue growth, but other indicators please investors. According to the results of the second quarter, revenue increased by 19% yoy, while in the same quarter of last year – by 22% yoy. Management predicts revenue growth in the third quarter by only 14%. The main reason is the departure of a large customer – eBay. However, investors following the company were already ready for such a development of events and, judging by the lack of panic, they expect that buy-now-pay-later will help to neutralize the negative effect. A similar service appeared on many other platforms. It is a mixture of online acquiring and an installment program. Incomplete payment at the time of the transaction and subsequent gradual debiting of funds. At the same time, buyers do not face overpayments, and sellers receive the entire cost of the goods at once. According to PayPal calculations, this function contributes to an increase in the volume of transactions by 15%, as a result of which the company will be able to increase the cost of service for new sellers joining the payment service. Another important point is that the management still expects to receive more than $5 billion FCF this year. It turns out that for every dollar of revenue, PayPal generates 19 cents in the form of free cash flow. In addition, this opens up excellent opportunities for increasing share repurchases: if $1.6 billion was spent for these purposes in 2020, then $1.5 billion was spent for the first half of 2021.
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Forex trading. Cryptocurrency forecast for today, September 16, 2021
Forex trading. Cryptocurrency forecast for today, September 16, 2021 The price of bitcoin rose to the level of $48,100. Ethereum reached the $3,500 mark, and XRP reached the price value of $1.12. The total capitalization of the digital currency market has increased to $2.18 trillion.On Tuesday evening, the Ethereum blockchain was attacked. Unknown miners published their own chain of 550 blocks, but the vast majority of nodes rejected them as faulty. Most Ethereum nodes, after determining an incorrect confirmation, rejected alternative blocks. But a small proportion of the nodes on which the Nethermind client is installed switched to a fake chain. However, very soon the length of the main Ethereum chain exceeded the indicator of the alternative one, and customers independently switched to the correct version of the blockchain. At the same time, the hackers were unable to take advantage of the situation in their favor. September 14 was the day of mass attacks and errors in blockchains ― the developers of the Ethereum scaling solution Arbitrum reported about the problems. In addition, the main network of the Solana cryptocurrency did not function for more than 15 hours. The Central Bank of Turkey has begun to develop a platform for testing and subsequent implementation of the digital Turkish lira in the country's existing payment infrastructure. Together with private companies, the Central Bank will work on creating a prototype of a blockchain-based platform, with the help of which research will be conducted on the potential advantages of the digital currency. The Turkish Central Bank announced the completion of testing the proof of concept of the digital lira and the transition to the next stage, which will involve technology partners. If the upcoming testing stage is successful, new participants will be attracted to the platform in the future. In the future, the Central Bank of Turkey plans to conduct tests to determine how effectively the digital lira can be used in payment systems. However, the regulator explained that the final decision on the launch of the state stablecoin has not yet been made, and the results of the initial stage of the pilot project will be known in 2022.The forecast expects a decline in the price of bitcoin to the levels of 48000, 47500 and 47000 dollars. Ethereum will decline to the levels of 3400, 3300 and 3200 dollars, and XRP - to the price values of 1.10, 1.08 and 1.05 dollars.
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