USD/JPY: the pair is consolidating near historic highs

USD/JPY, currency, USD/JPY: the pair is consolidating near historic highs

In Asian trading on Tuesday USD/JPY is consolidating near the level of 144.50. At the moment there is a parity of forces between the sellers and the buyers.

Last week the Bank of Japan kept interest rate in negative territory (-0.1%) and kept the yield of 10-year debt bonds near zero mark. In addition, the regulator, fearing an uncontrolled depreciation of the yen, conducted a currency intervention for the first time since 1998, the effect of which, it should be noted, was short-lived.

Inflation in Japan accelerated to 3%, which of course is lower than in the US, but for the Land of the Rising Sun is a repeat of the 2016 record.

Some support for the yen during the week was provided by macroeconomic statistics. In September the index of business activity in the service sector went up from 49.2 to 51.9 points against the forecasted decline of 49.3 points. But the similar indicator of the manufacturing sector went down from 51.5 to 51.0 points.

Durable Goods Orders report will be released today in the United States (12:30 GMT). Analysts expect the index to decline by 1.1%. The Bank of Japan will publish the minutes of its recent meeting on Wednesday.

Technical analysis for USD/JPY

The CCI indicator remains pointing upward, while the Bollinger Bands started to change to a horizontal plane.

MACD indicator remains in the positive range, but its histogram is declining towards the zero line.

Stochastic oscillator continues to rise in the middle part of the indicator window.

USD/JPY Daily Chart Forex

After a confident breakthrough of the key resistance at 145.00 we return to buying with Take Profit at 147.00. We take out a stop loss at 144.00.

In case of a rebound from 145.00 we expect breakdown and holding of the price below support at 144.00. From here we form short positions with a target at 142.00. Stop-loss is taken out at 145.00


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USD/JPY, currency, USD/JPY: the Bank of Japan could not stop the fall of the yen USD/JPY analysis on July 16, 2024After a sharp drop caused by the actions of the Bank of Japan, USD/JPY is in a weak uptrend near the 158.64 mark on Tuesday.The market is confident that the currency intervention to support the yen was carried out by the Bank of Japan last week, but its impact was limited. This is due to the fact that the cost of borrowing in Japan remains significantly lower than that of its main competitors, and the tightening of monetary policy is proceeding at a slow pace. Investors want to wait for the balance sheet report. The latest data was released on July 12, before the start of the intervention, and new ones will be published by the end of this week. Additional pressure on the yen is exerted by macroeconomic statistics. In June, the index of business activity in the services sector fell by 0.4% after an increase of 1.9%, which confirms the weakness of the Japanese economy.The dollar index is being adjusted around 103.90. The reaction to the speech by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell at the Economic Club of Washington was neutral, as he repeated that the transition to a "dovish" exchange rate depends on macroeconomic data. Despite the decline in the index of personal consumption expenditures in June from 2.6% to 2.5%, these data are not enough to change the course of monetary policy. The CME FedWatch Tool shows a 91.2% probability of interest rates remaining at the July 31 meeting.On the daily chart, the pair is moving within the ascending channel 163.00–157.70, moving away from the support line.The indicators do not give unambiguous signals. The alligator averages are approaching the signal line while the awesome oscillator indicator is forming correction bars in the buy zone.Long positions can be opened when the price is fixed above 159.40 with a target of 161.70. We will set the stop loss at 158.70. At the same time, we do not forget about the potential for currency intervention by the Bank of Japan, which is concerned about the record low exchange rate of the yen.We will consider entering sales when the price decreases and fixes below the support of 157.70. We will mark the target at 154.70. We will place a stop loss at 159.00.
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USD/CHF, currency, USD/CHF: the pair retains its strengthening potential Trading idea for USD/CHF on July 16, 2024During Tuesday's Asian session, the USD/CHF pair declined slightly and reached the level of 0.8950. There have been no significant changes on the pair's chart since the end of last week, as traders assess the future steps of regulators, taking into account the latest inflation data.Recent data from the United States showed that the consumer price index fell from 3.3% to 3% in annual terms in June and reached a multi-year low. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said earlier that the regulator is ready to ease monetary policy, but additional data is needed for this. Nevertheless, the probability of a Fed rate cut in September is estimated at more than 90%. Moody's suggests that the Fed may begin easing as early as this month (the next meeting is scheduled for July 30-31).Traders' attention today will be focused on US retail sales data, which will be released at 12:30 GMT. Another weak report could be an additional signal for the Fed.The head of the Swiss National Bank, Thomas Jordan, noted last week that he expects inflation to continue to decline with the support of a strong national currency. In June, the consumer price index in Switzerland fell from 1.4% to 1.3% in annual terms, after which the National Bank confirmed its intention to adhere to a "dovish" policy. In June, the NBSH cut its key interest rate by 25 basis points to 1.25%, while the Fed keeps the rate at 5.5%.Given the possibility that the NBSH may cut the rate again before the Fed, the USD/CHF pair has the potential for growth.It is recommended to include a new USD/CHF order in the trader's trading plan:Buy Stop at 0.8970, with a target of 0.9050 and a stop loss at 0.8940.
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EUR/USD, currency, EUR/USD: the pair balances between political and economic risks FOREX Fundamental analysis for EUR/USD on July 16, 2024Difficult political events, such as the French elections, could weaken the euro, but in the current situation they rather support EUR/USD. Officials of the European Central Bank (ECB) fear that the generous fiscal policy of the new French government will accelerate inflation. This makes it difficult for small countries to comply with EU rules if large states like France and Italy ignore them. In this regard, it is unlikely that the ECB will signal monetary policy easing at the July meeting, which has a positive effect on the regional currency.Forex currency trading is subject to fluctuations. In June, traders were choosing between political instability in France and a slowdown in the US economy. In July, the emphasis shifted, and expectations of a weakening of the Fed's policy, as well as the Trump renaissance, came to the fore. The market is confident in the beginning of monetary easing at the September meeting of the Federal Reserve. Moreover, a 50 basis point reduction in the federal funds rate gives a 12% probability.In addition, Goldman Sachs noted that the conditions for lowering rates were ripe already in July, which increased the probability of three acts of monetary expansion by the Fed in September, November and December to 60%.The change in investor sentiment was caused by comments from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell and San Francisco Fed President Mary Daley that the FOMC's confidence in achieving the 2% inflation target has increased significantly. But the strongest impact was made by the speech of Ostan Goolsby, head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, who said that the current tight monetary policy is not justified, since inflation has decreased and real rates have increased. In the context of a slowdown in the labor market and the economy, an easing policy is needed.This scenario could weaken the US dollar, but it is supported by Trump. After the assassination attempt, Trump's chances of returning to the White House increased from 60% to 67%.Analysts expect Trump to cut taxes and raise customs tariffs, which could accelerate inflation and force the Fed to delay monetary easing, returning interest in the dollar. The drop in volatility in the stock market indicates confidence in Trump's victory. But much will depend on whether Republicans can control the House of Representatives. UBS estimates the probability of this at 45%.We can say that the market continues to balance between political and economic factors. A drop in EUR/USD below the support level of 1.088 will increase the probability of a pullback to the 1.0845-1.086 zone. A rebound from this level will allow you to open long positions.
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AUD/USD: the Australian economy is recovering steadily
AUD/USD, currency, AUD/USD: the Australian economy is recovering steadily AUD/USD analysis on July 15, 2024The AUD/USD pair is correcting upwards to the level of 0.6775. The strengthening is carried out against the background of the weakening of the US dollar, although the Australian currency remained almost at the same positions.In May, tourism in Australia showed growth for the first time in five months. The number of short-term arrivals reached 600.78 thousand, which is 17.3% more than last year, and the total number of arrivals of residents and non-residents amounted to 1.478 million, an increase of 14%. According to forecasts by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the total number of arrivals may exceed 1.530 million in June. If this trend continues, the pressure on the economy will decrease by the end of the third quarter. Labor market data will be released on Thursday at 03:30 (GMT+2). According to forecasts, unemployment is expected to rise from 4.0% to 4.1% and full-time employment growth will slow from 39.7 thousand to 20.0 thousand. The stability of the sector in the context of tight monetary policy of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) reduces the likelihood of interest rate changes this year.The US dollar is trading at 103.80 on the DXY index. In June, the producer price index increased by 0.2% month-on-month and from 2.4% to 2.6% year-on-year, which may contribute to an increase in consumer inflation. Additionally, data from the University of Michigan put pressure on the USD: in July, the consumer expectations index fell from 69.6 to 67.2 points, and the consumer sentiment index — from 68.2 to 66.0 points.AUD/USD Technical analysis for todayOn the daily chart, the pair is approaching the resistance line of the ascending channel with dynamic boundaries of 0.6870–0.6720.Technical indicators give buy signals: fast EMAs on the Alligator are moving away from the signal line, expanding the range of fluctuations, and the histogram of the awesome oscillator indicator is growing in the buy zone.Long positions can be opened when the price rises and fixes above the level of 0.6790 with a target of 0.6870. We recommend setting the stop loss at 0.6750.Sales are advisable when the price is reduced and fixed below the level of 0.6750. The nearest target is at 0.6680. We will place the stop loss at 0.6800.
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Forex analysis and forecast for USD/CAD for today, July 15, 2024
USD/CAD, currency, Forex analysis and forecast for USD/CAD for today, July 15, 2024 USD/CAD is testing the 1.3657 level to break down before the release of important macroeconomic data from Canada.Tomorrow at 14:30 (GMT+2), the June inflation report will be published, which will play a key role in the Bank of Canada's monetary policy decisions. The annual consumer price index is expected to decrease from 2.9% to 2.6%, and the monthly indicator will accelerate from 0.1% to 0.3%. Core inflation is projected to decrease from 1.8% to 1.6% on a monthly basis and from 0.6% to 0.4% on an annual basis. This may allow the Bank of Canada to move to a more lenient policy, which will support the economic recovery by lowering interest rates, stimulating consumer spending and investment. On the same day, data on the volume of new home construction will be published, the indicator of which is likely to decrease from 264.5 thousand to 260.0 thousand, which may put pressure on the Canadian dollar.Analysts believe that the Bank of Canada will act more decisively than the US Federal Reserve on the issue of lowering rates. The Fed is expected to start cutting rates in September, with two adjustments before the end of the year, while the Canadian regulator will reach the level of 3.00% by the end of next year, while in the United States only by the beginning of 2026.On the daily chart, technical indicators give preference to sales. The Alligator indicator turns the moving averages down. Awesome oscillator forms descending bars in a negative rangeShort positions can be opened with a confident breakdown down to the 1.3600 level with a target of 1.3480. We will place the stop loss at 1.3680.Purchases will be relevant when the 1.3680 level breaks up. The target is -1.3780. We will make a stop loss of 1.3620.
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EUR/USD: an attempt on Trump could strengthen the dollar
EUR/USD, currency, EUR/USD: an attempt on Trump could strengthen the dollar FOREX Fundamental analysis for EUR/USD on July 15, 2024The question of whether EURUSD buyers have time is becoming relevant. While they are wondering why the Fed is waiting until September, the assassination attempt on Donald Trump is making adjustments to forex currency trading it was assumed that political instability would begin in the fall, but shots at the Republican and Trump's spectacular behavior at the time of the assassination could revive the US dollar much earlier.Donald Trump is showing excellent political form. Not many 78-year-old men would be able to get out of the situation so effectively after being injured. His ratings are rising, and with them the yield of Treasury bonds is strengthening, and the dollar Market reaction resembles the situation after the first presidential debate.The prospects of a November Trump victory and possible Republican dominance could accelerate inflation. New tariffs and trade wars will disrupt supply chains and, for sure, raise prices. Additional fiscal incentives, likely approved by the Republican Congress, will also contribute to this scenario. Rising inflation will keep the Fed from cutting rates, which will raise Treasury yields and strengthen the dollar's position.The situation was going well for the Fed. The cooling of the labor market and the reduction of inflation to the lowest levels of the last three years opened the way for monetary policy easing. The probability of a rate cut in September is 92%, and investors are wondering why they have to wait so long? This is reminiscent of the end of 2023, when the Fed's "dovish" reversal with the projected three acts of monetary expansion in 2024 collapsed the dollar.The EURUSD's rise to 1.091 in recent weeks has been supported by expectations of a rate cut. The statement by the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Austan Goolsby, that the Fed has waited too long, underscores the need to normalize monetary policy.If the ECB does not hint at a reduction in the deposit rate in September at the July meeting, and American retail sales disappoint, EURUSD may soar to 1.1. But! The Trump factor remains a key obstacle for dollar sellers. Increased volatility awaits the main currency pair, and testing previously set targets at 1.09 and 1.0935 may be a signal for profit-taking.US retail sales data and Canadian inflation report (Tuesday, 15:30). UK Inflation Report (Wednesday, 09:00). The Australian Labor Market report and the European Central Bank meeting (Thursday, 04:30 and 15:15).
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Forex analysis and forecast for GBP/USD for today, July 12, 2024
GBP/USD, currency, Forex analysis and forecast for GBP/USD for today, July 12, 2024 On Friday, GBP/USD was trading steadily near the 1.2915 mark, consolidating after testing annual highs. The strengthening of the pair takes place against the background of the publication of inflation data in the United States, which increased expectations of an early Fed interest rate cut. The consumer price index in June slowed from 3.3% to 3.0% in annual terms, which was below forecasts of 3.1%. On a monthly basis, the indicator decreased by 0.1% after zero dynamics in the previous month, contrary to expectations of an increase of 0.1%. Core inflation also decreased, which disappointed investors along with the revision of the number of new jobs in May. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell stressed the need to take into account the overall economic situation, not just inflation, which increased the likelihood of a rate cut in September and expectations of two cuts by 25 basis points in 2024.Technical analysis for GBP/USD for todayData from the UK showed GDP growth of 0.4% in May after zero dynamics in April, which exceeded forecasts of 0.2%. Industrial production expanded by 0.4% year-on-year after declining by 0.7% a month earlier, with a forecast of 0.6%. On a monthly basis, the growth was 0.2%, as expected, after a decrease of 0.9%. The news reduces the likelihood of a rate cut by the Bank of England in August. Representatives of the regulator, including Catherine Mann and Hugh Pill, point to the persistence of price pressure and wage growth, which makes a change in monetary policy unlikely.On the daily chart, the Bollinger Bands indicator shows steady growth with an expanding price range. The MACD indicator retains a strong buy signal. Stochastic, which had previously declined from the maximum values, is turning up again, indicating the risk of overbought pound in the short term.Long positions can be opened after a confident breakdown and consolidation of the pair above the 1.2948 level with a target of 1.3050 and a stop loss at 1.2900.The breakdown and consolidation of the price below the 1.2900 level will indicate a return to the "bearish" dynamics. In this case, we get a sales signal with a target of 1.2817. We will put the stop loss at 1.2948.
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EURUSD: the market is talking about three Fed rate cuts
EUR/USD, currency, EURUSD: the market is talking about three Fed rate cuts FOREX Fundamental analysis for EUR/USD on July 12, 2024US economic data shows signs of cooling, which gives the Fed grounds for a possible cut in the federal funds rate in September. The slowdown in the labor market and inflation that occurred in June increased the probability of monetary policy easing in early autumn to 93%. This led to a drop in Treasury bond yields and, through currency correlation, to a weakening of the US dollar. However, the sell-off of shares of technology companies to redistribute portfolios kept the EURUSD from reaching the level of 1.09.Jerome Powell noted that the Fed does not have to wait for the 2% inflation target. If you wait too long, you can miss the right moment. He called the May CPI and PCE data good, and the June data even better. For the first time since the pandemic, consumer prices fell on a monthly basis and showed the smallest annual growth of 3% since March 2021. Only 4 out of 71 Bloomberg experts predicted that core inflation would rise by 0.1% per month, the rest expected more.The June statistics were the last before the FOMC meeting on July 30-31 and may be a signal for the beginning of monetary policy easing in September. Cooling inflation has brought back the likelihood of three federal funds rate cuts at the last three Fed meetings in 2024. This may lead to a sell-off of the US dollar, although at the beginning of the year the market expected six acts of monetary expansion.I believe that the issue of the September rate cut has already been resolved. If inflation in the United States continues to decline, the Fed will cut the rate to 5%, and possibly to 4.75%. If not, the Fed may pause, which will be beneficial for the dollar.The slowdown in consumer price growth in June is not the final blow to the US dollar. According to HSBC, the dollar will end 2025 at approximately current levels, as the US economy will outperform global counterparts, and Treasury bond yields will remain high even if the Fed cuts rates. HSBC believes that the dollar will remain influenced by American exceptionalism, and whether the rest of the world will be able to catch up with the United States is a big question.In my opinion, the EURUSD pair may continue to grow to 1.1-1.11 in the short term. However, the growing likelihood of Donald Trump's return to the White House with his pro-inflationary policies could weaken the euro. Currently, it makes sense to keep and periodically increase long positions on the pair, formed from the levels of 1,071-1,072 and 1.0835.EUR/USD Technical analysisThe short-term uptrend of EURUSD continued yesterday. The pair has approached the target zone of 1.0943 - 1.0918, but is currently correcting downwards. If the correction develops today, we will wait for testing of the support area (A) 1.0816 - 1.0807. From here, we plan to look for an entry into purchases with a goal at yesterday's maximum.If the support (A) is broken down, the correction will continue to the support area (B) 1.0774 - 1.0761. This is a stronger zone, as the trend line runs here. From here we also plan to form long positions.
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