Overview of the Huobi Global Exchange

Overview of the Huobi Global Exchange

Brief description of Huobi Global

Founded in 2013, the Huobi Global Exchange is a centralized platform. According to the Coingecko resource, the exchange has an average (8) reliability rating. As of September 2021, 0 cryptocurrencies are traded on the exchange, the most active trading pair is ETH/USDT. The maximum trading volume for the last 30 days was reached on August 7 in the amount of 161,756 BTC.

  • Verification: Optional
  • Telegram /huobiglobalofficial
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  • Twitter /HuobiGlobal

Detailed review of the Huobi Global Exchange

Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in China in 2013. It is registered in the Seychelles. Link to the official website of the exchange — Huobi.com. It provides opportunities for spot, margin, futures (perpetual contracts, options) and OTC trading. Confidently enters the top-3 in terms of trading volume (turnover-over two billion dollars in 24 hours). It exists both in the web version, and in the form of desktop and mobile applications.

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We offer a detailed overview of the functionality of the Huobi exchange, its advantages and disadvantages.


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General description

Registration on the platform is available to users from more than 130 countries of the world - wherever transactions with cryptocurrencies are not prohibited by law. Huobi is a multilingual platform that supports such languages as Chinese, English, French; German, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish.


The founder and CEO of the Huobi Group is Leon Lee. Previously, he worked as a computer engineer at Oracle. He graduated from the Department of Automation of Tsinghua University and became a successful entrepreneur in the field of financial technologies.

Other team members:

  • The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is Robin Zhu. He has experience in the field of corporate governance and practical data analysis. He also worked at Oracle at one time. Initially, he was deeply interested in the blockchain industry and Big Data.
  • The head of the Security Department (CSO) is Simon Wu. He is responsible for risk management, previously worked in international consulting firms and government agencies, dealing with business security and management issues.
  • The technical director is Roy Zhu. He was a technical expert at Alibaba, a partner and senior vice president of Jinshan Cloud, and also held a management position at Taobao. Is responsible for the research and development of new functionality.


How to trade on Huobi

The Huobi exchange is designed to manage cryptocurrency assets in the following ways:

  • Spot trading. Trading with instant settlement, when funds are transferred between the buyer and the seller here and now, based on the current market value of the asset.
  • Futures trading. Trading contracts containing information about the value of the currency and the time of sale. By entering into such a contract, the buyer and the seller undertake to transfer funds at a specific rate and at a specific time. An effective tool for hedging risks.
  • Margin trading. Trading with leverage — the user takes a certain amount of credit funds secured by the assets available to him and thereby can use a larger amount in trading than he has. This increases the potential profit, but also the risks. The available leverage level is individual for each currency.
  • OTC. A P2P exchange platform that connects fiat money and digital assets. It is intended for institutional investors who make large transactions and want to do it completely in the legal field.
  • The index is HB10. It includes 10 top cryptocurrencies, works in conjunction with an investment product that helps to invest funds in the entire basket of promising assets at once.
  • Fiat. Quick purchase or sale of cryptocurrency for fiat money. Supported payment methods: VISA/Mastercard bank cards, Western Union, e-wallets.

Huobi Global currently works with 286 coins (770 trading pairs).

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To start trading, you do not need to verify your identity, but you can pass it to expand the withdrawal limits and get access to additional functions. Go to the "Verification" section and enter the necessary information — passport or driver's license number, first name, last name, upload a scanned passport in JPG or PNG.

Verification on the exchange is not required, but it gives additional advantages when using the platform

The information is manually confirmed by the exchange's employees, usually it takes no more than two days.

How to trade on the Huobi exchange

Let's look at how to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens using the Huobi platform.

In the central part of the screen, under the chart, there is a section for creating buy or sell orders. Huobi supports the following main types of orders:

  • Market. The user specifies only the desired amount of cryptocurrency. The transaction is made instantly and at the market price that is at that moment.
  • Limit. The user specifies both the amount and the cost of the cryptocurrency. As soon as a counteroffer appears, the order is automatically executed. All created limit orders are located in the so-called glass (or orderbook).
  • Stop limit. A subspecies of a limit order. While a regular limit order is executed when the specified price is reached or better, the stop limit is executed at the specified price or worse.
  • Trigger-an order (by limit or by market).

Advanced tool-creates an order that is executed automatically immediately after the execution of another order. In the right part of the trading terminal interface, there is a history of all completed orders — date, volume and price. And at the very bottom — information about active and completed transactions of a particular trader.

Money management

Huobi Global includes a number of opportunities for managing funds for investors. After entering the exchange, the following tools are available:

  • Blocking and mining HT. Holders of the exchange token (HT) can participate in the airdrop. To do this, they need to block at least 100 HT on their account for a period of 7 to 90 days. After the expiration of the period, a bonus is awarded in the form of a certain amount of Huobi Pool Token (HPT).
  • Landing page. Investment of USDT or BTC at interest for 10, 20, 30 days. The interest rate can be entered manually (from 0.01 to 0.09% per day) or set the optimal one. 
    Other users then select suitable options from the entire pool of available offers.
  • Storage of assets. Professional asset storage services for companies and institutions. 
    Clearing and detailed reports are included in the price.
  • Asset management. A digital asset service platform for professional users. 
    There is a choice of three investment strategies with different levels of risk and profitability.
  • Savings (available only after verification). A deposit account with an interest income. The interest is periodically adjusted, at the moment it is 7.28% per annum for USDT and 3.5% for BTC.

A new Pool Savings section was also recently opened. This is a tool for working with DeFi tokens. It includes profitable farming of new and promising tokens.

HT Token - description of the cryptocurrency from Huobi

HT is a token, a cryptocurrency officially launched by the Huobi exchange in 2018. Functional purpose and why it is needed:

  • Discounts from 10% to 95.15% on trading fees (depending on the number of tokens held).
  • Participation in events and events held by Huobi.
  • Farming of the HPT token.
  • VIP status.
  • Use as a guaranteed asset with a cross-margin.

Deflationary burning scheme to maintain the value of the asset:

Asset allocation scheme

Today, there are HT holders in more than 180 countries around the world. It is traded, in addition to Huobi, on the Bibox, Bitforex, Coinsbit, HitBTC, MXC, etc. exchanges.

Huobi Wallet

The universal multi-currency wallet from Huobi Global can be downloaded from the links:

The application supports most major cryptocurrencies (BTC,ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, etc.), stablecoins (USDT, USDC, TUSD, DAI, PAX), most tokens on the Ethereum, Ontology, TRON, EOS blockchains.

The main features of the crypto wallet include independent management of private keys, personal control over assets, data encryption, support for multi-signature and the ability to organize joint asset management. The simple interface allows you to perform operations in one click.

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Huobi Input and Output

To deposit funds to the Huobi Global exchange, you need to go to the Currency Account section, select the cryptocurrency of interest, for example, Bitcoin, and click Deposit.

Copy the address and transfer the cryptocurrency to it from an external wallet (you can use a QR code for a quick transfer from a mobile application).

The funds are credited to the exchange account after one confirmation by the miners, and after two confirmations they will be available for withdrawal.

The minimum deposit amount is 0.001 BTC. The deposit address does not change every time, but only sometimes, the exchange notifies about this by email.

To withdraw cryptocurrency, you need to go to the same section, but this time select the Withdraw button.

Specify the address to which the coins should be transferred, and the required amount. The commission is indicated in the same window and covers the transaction costs, providing a quick transfer.

The minimum withdrawal amount is also 0.001 BTC.

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Type of operation Commission fee

  • Spot trading 0.2% maker and 0.2% taker
  • Margin interest 0.098%
  • OTC trades 0.1-0.2% maker (depending on the currency), 0% taker
  • Contract trades 0.02% maker, 0.04% taker
  • Entry without commission
  • The withdrawal is individual for each coin, indicated at the time of withdrawal (for example, for BTC — 0.0005 BTC).

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The table shows the standard indicators. Holders of HT tokens can reduce them. With a deduction, the fees look like this:


The Huobi exchange uses cold wallets, secure connection and data encryption to protect user funds. In addition, the user can independently increase the security level of the account if he performs the following actions:

  • It will enable two-factor authentication — a simple and effective way to confirm login using the Google Authenticator application.
  • It will link the phone number and confirm the email address.
  • Associates accounts in other networks (Google, Facebook, Apple) with the Huobi account.
  • It will set a complex password and an anti-phishing code.

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Tech. Huobi support

You can contact Huobi technical support via an online chat on the website. Other contacts and social networks of the project:

API Huobi

The Huobi Exchange provides documentation for developers (API) for free. It can be found at https://huobiapi.github.io/docs/spot/v1/en/#change-log

In the top menu, you can switch to another type of trading (spot, futures, options, margin swaps). Information on all categories is constantly updated. The developer can subscribe to email notifications to keep everyone up to date with the latest changes.

Huobi Reviews

The site has both positive and negative reviews, there are about the same number of them. Users complain about high commissions, problems with the NEM cryptocurrency, as well as insufficient functionality — despite the fact that the platform keeps up with the times and regularly introduces new features, it is not yet possible to work only with it without resorting to the help of other large trading platforms.

Nevertheless, trading volumes show that most users consider the platform to be the best option for exchanging certain currency pairs (the most popular is BTC/USDT).

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The exchange is in the top in terms of trading volume and liquidity
  • Own functional token
  • Developing functionality
  • Positive feedback
  • Optional verification
  • A large selection of trading pairs
  • Mobile and desktop wallets
  • Referral program


  • Some functionality has been cut for popular cryptocurrencies. For example Bitcoin and USDT


The Huobi cryptocurrency exchange is actively developing and tracking current trends, such as earnings on DeFi tokens. A strong team, the introduction of new options, adequate commissions-all this speaks in favor of the site and adds respectability to it. Now there is such a time in the cryptosphere that it is impossible to keep up with trends, otherwise the project will instantly lose part of the market.

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Another articles

SailPoint is in the process of "cloud" transformation
SailPoint is in the process of SailPoint shares are trading 14% below the level of the beginning of 2021. The company provides services in the field of cybersecurity, which allow for reliable identification of users of corporate networks by automating the administration of access levels. It is important to understand that these services are not some kind of niche and companies from completely different industries and industries are in demand for them. In other words, all relatively large firms, where there is a need for differentiation of access rights.The service is available by subscription — a favorite format of investment bankers. As practice shows, the SaaS model allows developers to demonstrate excellent results in terms of monetization of their customer base. The ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) metric shows growth of 40% YoY — extremely high growth rates for a company of this kind. At the same time, the gross margin of the SaaS segment exceeds 80%, which means that further development of the direction will significantly increase the amount of profit.At the end of the second quarter, revenue increased by 11% YoY, to $102.5 million. Subscriptions now account for 63% of SailPoint's revenue, and with the growth of this figure, the overall growth rate will have to accelerate. Next year, Wall Street expects revenue of $475.3 million (+16% YoY), so at the moment the EV/S ratio (for 2022) is only 8.5x. Thus, the current prices look attractive for investors who want to add promising stocks to the portfolio with a significant discount from the maximum value.Read more: SaaS - Software as a Service
Oct 15, 2021
Zscaler is a first-class company with excellent potential
Zscaler is a first-class company with excellent potential Zscaler shares are trading 44% higher than the marks of the beginning of 2021. The company develops cloud technologies for protecting web traffic. Zscaler solutions mainly inspect the traffic of end users - employees who use the corporate network and often become the culprits of its infection.A distinctive feature of the company is the fact that even after the annual revenue exceeded $1 billion, the indicator continues to grow at an extremely high rate. At the end of the fourth quarter, revenue increased by 57% YoY, to $197.1 million, while the consensus forecast assumed an increase of 49% YoY. Compared to the previous quarter, the pace decreased by only 3 percent.The main driver of growth is the massive withdrawal of applications to the "cloud". If earlier developers hosted their applications locally, then in recent years the situation has begun to change dramatically, as a result of which the demand for cybersecurity in this direction is also growing. Zscaler estimates the size of the address market at $72 billion, which means that at the moment the company was able to master only about one percent of the possible. According to the results of the entire fiscal year 2021 (report dated September 9), the operating margin increased by 3 percentage points to 12%.The only drawback is expensive stocks: the EV/S ratio (projected revenue for the next year) is 38x. They should definitely be added to the "list of observations” and consider buying after the price reduction.
Oct 14, 2021
Bitcoin: possible ETF launch and retail demand
Bitcoin: possible ETF launch and retail demand The main cryptocurrency started the fourth quarter extremely positively: since the beginning of October, quotes have increased by almost 20%. Moreover, this happened despite concerns about the actions of Chinese regulators, who decided to completely ban transactions with cryptocurrencies.In general, it is quite difficult to find at least some positive information guides. On the one hand, Bakkt research shows that 48% of American consumers have invested in bitcoin in the last 6 months. However, it turns out that most of them spent no more than $100 on the purchase. An article was published in the Wall Street Journal, where they talk about the active advertising of a cue ball by financial advisers to their clients. At the same time, if you study the news in more detail, it turns out that they offer them to buy a little cryptocurrency so that the loss on it will mitigate the overall losses of the portfolio through a tax deduction.Perhaps of all the news, it is worth highlighting the expected launch of an ETF that will track the prices of bitcoin futures traded on CME. A lot will depend on how the information machine presents the event: this news can bring as much negativity as positivity.The mark of $100 thousand per BTC may well be seen in the coming months. That's just in the cryptocurrency market, you should not be overly optimistic. Before further upward hikes, a correction to $50 thousand and below may well occur.
Oct 14, 2021
Review of Citigroup and Goldman Sachs banks
Review of Citigroup and Goldman Sachs banks CitigroupHistorically, Citigroup's profit remains at a low level relative to the same indicator of its main competitors such as JP Morgan, Bank of America and Wells Fargo. The financial crisis has severely battered this issuer, it has not managed to completely get rid of its negative consequences. In addition, Citigroup is accused by regulators of poor risk management.Against the background of all of the above, Citigroup shares are trading at a lower value relative to other assets of American banks. The material balance sheet price of the corporation is 86%, while the value of the JP Morgan and BoA indicator reaches 200%.Citigroup is one of the most famous banks in the United States. He plays one of the key roles in the banking system of this country.A financial company offers a wide variety of services to individuals, businesses and states. These include the issuance of loans, investment and asset management.The issuer operates in the following areas:Global consumer banking. It accounts for 46% of the total revenue. This segment includes traditional banking services and debit card services. The total number of branches is about 2,400 units. They are located in 19 countries. The main markets are North America, Mexico and Asia.Institutional clients. This direction accounts for 51% of the total proceeds. It provides services and financial products for corporations and state-owned companies. Branches of this division are located in 98 countries.Other services. They make up 3% of revenue.Basically, the bank is financed by deposits, they are a reliable source of long-term profit. Also, finances come from long-term debts, subsidiary banks and equity.New CEO of CitigroupAfter Jane Fraser took over the post of Chief Executive Officer, Citigroup Bank began to show growth in key financial indicators. Thus, in the current year, an increase in quotations was recorded for the issuer's securities. Despite the fact that the holding is still behind competitive concerns in many respects, it should be considered as a good alternative for investment.Citigroup shares, as of today, are trading with P/E and P/B ratios at 8.7 and 0.77, respectively. Such values of indicators indicate the attractiveness of securities for acquisitions.In addition, the value of the corporation is below the projected growth rate, as indicated by the PEG ratio, which reached 0.98. The bank's operating margin is at the level of 37.7%, which means that the efficiency of the corporation is quite high. The value of return on equity in the 2nd quarter was 13%.Analysts believe that this growth of the company is associated with several prerequisites. They attribute this to an improved marketing strategy and a new CEO who has invested more than $1 billion in the company's internal control.Sale of the Australian franchiseIn the summer, it was reported that Citigroup plans to sell its retail units in Australia. The deal will be concluded with the Central Bank of the country, it will receive $9 billion of deposits and $12.2 billion of loans (7.9 billion is housing mortgages, and 4.3 billion is for unsecured loans). According to a verified source, the Central Bank of Australia paid the bank $885 million in advance.The Australian franchise is not the only one that the issuer had to say goodbye to. The bank's managers decided to get rid of consumer divisions in 13 markets against the background of their low productivity.Thus, Citigroup got rid of weak branches and received additional funds to invest in a new strategy and the organization of securities repurchase.Key areas and their growthThe Corporation has become more active in reinvesting capital in the last 9 months. Now the bank pays attention only to those sectors in which it is a leader: securities, investment banking, treasury and trading solutions.The TTS segment, which is in high demand nowadays, is being developed by the holding in full step. His task is to help users with import and export operations, and he is also responsible for liquidity management and payment processing. The segment operates in 150 states and processes trillions of transactions every day. According to the results of last year, the revenue from this direction exceeded the mark of $9 billion.In the summer, the bank launched a new service - a digital account. Now it is available only in Latin America. It allows customers to digitize all transactions in the bank. This account integrates with other programs provided by Citigroup digital banking.Dividend paymentsThe concern tries to pay higher dividends than its competitors. The payout ratio of Citigroup is similar to other banks, that is, it is low. We believe that this is a significant positive side of the company, which will affect the increase in dividends in the future.Buying or selling Citigroup securities?Last month, Citigroup's securities declined by 6%, but by this time the financial instrument had recovered its losses. After testing the $74 resistance level, the stock dropped to $66. There was a rebound at this level, the bulls helped the paper to rise to the area of $73.This indicates that buyers are interested in the asset. The concern had a good update in 2021, it is expected that everything will only get better in the future. Note that the lag of the issuer from competitors in terms of profit should be perceived not as a minus, but as a plus. When other corporations face a financial ceiling, Citigroup will show growth.If the market remains under the control of bulls, we should expect the growth of the paper to 80-82 dollars. In the future, the price will move into the $100 resistance area.Read more: What does the Fed rate affect?Goldman SachsThe company, like the previous issuer, is the leader of the US banking segment. This holding works with investment banking, institutional clients, lending and investing. The Corporation ranks third among the world's major banks in terms of securities underwriting.Goldman Sachs is mainly developing Marcus digital consumer banking, which is a savings and loan platform. The Bank also has its own digital portal for transactions, operating according to the Baas concept. Thanks to these factors, the bank 's further growth is ensured in four directions:Investment. Provision of services for raising capital.Market maker. This service is available only for institutional clients.Management. The company is also engaged in trust management.For consumers. An individual who has applied to a bank can receive assistance in issuing and servicing bank cards.Unlike other companies, consumer banking is not represented by physical branches, and all services are available on the Marcus platform. So far it is available in the UK and the States.Goldman Sachs is particularly attentive to dividend payments, their amount increased by 60% at the end of the quarter. However, the income on securities is below average.Stock market growthThe issuer's shares have jumped by 50% since January 2021. While many companies with the same growth are seeing a correction in their securities, Goldman Sachs is not among them. Although there was a significant increase in the asset, experts do not consider it overvalued. Moreover, they believe that the bank's shares will continue to show an increase.At the end of the second quarter, revenue jumped by 16% to $15.4 billion, and net profit reached $5.35 billion. The return on capital reached 23.7%, which is significantly higher than the industry average.The revenue value of the segment that works with global markets has decreased. However, other areas showed growth. Investment banking brought in 36% more revenue compared to last year. The asset management segment grew by 140%, and the consumer division increased by 28%. In addition, the corporation is in the first place in terms of M&A transactions.Marcus Retail BankAfter the outbreak of the pandemic, there was an increased demand for online services. Tourism, retail and other sectors are rapidly developing the digital space. Undoubtedly, this has also affected the banking environment.Goldman Sachs even before the coronavirus began to engage in digital retail banking, creating a platform called Marcus for these purposes. The Internet Bank provides high-yield savings accounts, loans and loans.Developing the digital technology business, the company recently announced that it plans to buy GreenSky, a firm that develops cloud platforms for lending. This will help to expand Marcus credit products and increase the customer base.As of today, the digital banking platform serves about 8 million users. Since GreenSky boasts experience in attracting customers, after a short period of time this value can reach 11 million.As the forecasts of the bank's executives show, the deal will open access to the construction business, which is estimated at $430 billion.Financial statementsThe coronacrisis for Goldman Sachs passed almost unnoticed. This is due to the focus on investment banking and asset management. In addition, this was facilitated by a weak dependence on classical banking. According to the results of last year, the concern even recorded an increase in its main financial indicators.In 2021, things are no worse. The amount of net profit in the second quarter of this year amounted to $5.35 billion. The value reached $15.02. The indicator exceeded the average estimate of experts who expected earnings per share to be $10.3.Quarterly revenue jumped to 15.7%, amounting to $15.4 billion against the forecast of $12.3 billion. A strong reduction in interest expenses provoked an increase in similar income to $1.63 billion.Buying or selling Goldman Sachs securities?Two years ago, the corporation was headed by a new CEO, which led to the reorganization of all business segments. The management took the right new course, which contributed to the growth of the bank and the preservation of leading positions in a difficult 2020. Market participants expect that Goldman Sachs will continue to review its business and improve its offerings.The financial instrument may show growth again after an unsuccessful attempt to break through the $420 area. Then buyers retreated to the $374 mark. The company's shares have recouped some of the losses, they are at the level of $390. So far, there is no reason for a downtrend, we predict an increase to $460.
Oct 14, 2021
ExxonMobil and Chevron shares: the impact of higher prices on the oil market
ExxonMobil and Chevron shares: the impact of higher prices on the oil market The increase in the cost of crude oil at the end of this year is due to an increase in demand, which is provoked by the recovery of the global economy, as well as restrictions on supplies to the United States amid hurricanes. Concern about the coronavirus pandemic has led to a reduction in investments in this area. According to Reuters experts, crude oil prices have increased by 50% since the beginning of the year. As a result, the pressure of inflation has increased, and in the future, an increase in the cost may destroy the economic recovery.Following the results of the last meeting of representatives of the main oil exporting countries, they decided to gradually increase production volumes. It should be noted that the energy ministers of India and the United States wanted to dramatically increase the supply of raw materials. As Bank of America's September forecast shows, oil prices may rise to $100 per barrel in winter. Brent quotes as of October 6 were at the level of 83.40 dollars. In the future, the growing demand and the cold season will provoke an increase in the cost of oil.Analysts worry that oil futures may be affected by the pressure of factors such as the bankruptcy of Evergrande. If this happens, China's economy will decline. In addition, the cost of raw materials is negatively affected by disagreements over production among hydrocarbon exporting countries, as well as supply disruptions due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, the increase in the cost of oil allowed suppliers to take a break, since this industry is considered one of the most affected by losses against the background of the coronavirus.According to the IEA forecast, global oil demand will grow to 104.1 million barrels per day in 2026. To date, the value of the indicator is at the level of 96.5 million b/d. Demand is expected to level off in 2030. In addition, according to the results of the last 10 years, 60% of oil demand was accounted for by cars, but electric cars will be more popular in the future.According to hedge funds, the priority solution is to purchase a small number of securities of oil issuers, for example, Exxon Mobil and Chevron. These corporations have experienced the negative effects of the coronavirus, as well as pressure from environmentalists, which has made them even stronger.ExxonMobilFor many years, the holders of ExxonMobil securities have been making a profit, so the lack of high dynamics of the shares did not become a reason to abandon them. The total return on assets for the last 10 years was 11.6% compared to 372% for the S&P 500 index.There is a downward trend in the financial instrument, it indicates a reduction in net profit and the P/E ratio. In addition, investors are concerned about the decline in investment efficiency and the growth of debt obligations.As you know, the cost of commodities, i.e. gas and oil, is subject to strong volatility. At the same time, it holds a high or low position for a long period. This is facilitated by various factors, including political and economic. This has a significant impact on ExxonMobil's profits. For example, according to the results of the second quarter of 2021, it reached $4.7 billion, while in the first quarter a loss of $1.1 billion was recorded.Since the end of 2020, the issuer has managed to reduce the debt burden by $7 billion. Structuring expenses allowed the corporation to save $4 billion in 18 months. Two years later, the total amount of money saved will be $6 billion. In addition, the company has reduced the amount of capital expenditures. The capex projected by the heads of the concern this year will amount to $19-16 billion.Read more: OPEC: history, goals and functionsChevronChevron is the largest energy company. The size of its profit depends on the prices of hydrocarbon resources. Despite the fact that traditional gas and oil are gradually being replaced by alternative energy sources, they will be relevant for a long time, since this process is very slow. As of today, the corporation's dividends bring a yield of 5.5%, which is considered a historical maximum.The increase in consumer prices may become a reason for an increase in oil and natural gas quotations, which will have a good effect on the financial position of the issuer. So far, Chevron is completely focused on the energy sector. In addition, the issuer's managers are investing in new technologies with minimal carbon pollution.We believe that the company has enough time to adapt to a changing world. Therefore, you can buy securities, counting on inflation in the future.Chevron Corporation is called a dividend aristocrat, it regularly makes payments regardless of economic conditions. The issuer has the strongest balance sheet in the sector, as well as a moderate debt-to-equity ratio. The ratio is approximately 0.33, which makes the concern unshakable to crisis situations, so that it can continue to pay dividends to holders of securities.Although there is a trend for green energy everywhere, the concern is not under threat because of this. According to data from the Energy Information Administration, hydrocarbons account for 69% of the total energy.According to the results of the first half of this year, the issuer recorded revenue at $70 billion, which is only slightly less than in the first few quarters of 2019, when it reached $74 billion.The company's cash flow in the first six months of 2021 amounted to $7.7 billion. Thanks to this, it covered dividend expenses in the amount of $5 billion. The concern's shares continue to trade at a 14% discount compared to the beginning of last year.It should be understood that Chevron and ExxonMobil will never again be as important as the 80s and 90s, when hydrocarbons were the only sources of energy. Nowadays, green fuel is developing more and more, and after a decade the demand for classical raw materials will begin to fall. Therefore, all corporations in the oil sector are already developing strategies in the direction of alternative energy sources. Nevertheless, they are expected to face tough competitive conditions, as the market will have to be shared with a huge number of companies.
Oct 14, 2021
Chewy: a favorite online store of pet products
Chewy: a favorite online store of pet products Chewy is an online store of pet products, whose shares are currently trading 30% below the marks of the beginning of 2021. The reason for such dynamics is a decrease in the growth rate of the active customer base compared to last year's values.In fact, there is no reason for serious concern, because the company did not just get one-time customers who purchased goods on the platform because of closed offline stores. Many users appreciated the convenience of such a function as “autoship” - regular delivery of the necessary items. According to management estimates, in the second year of using this subscription, customers tend to spend about $400 per year, in the third — $700, and in the fourth - $900. Thus, having acquired a base of loyal users, Chewy has all the possibilities for its further monetization.The company pays great attention to the development of its own brands, which allows to increase the marginality of the business. In the second quarter, the gross margin increased by 200 basis points to 27.5%. Revenue increased by 27% YoY to $2.16 billion. At the same time, the revenue from the "autoship" segment increased by 30%, to $1.51 billion and amounted to about 70% of the total figures. The number of active users reached 20.1 million people (+20% YoY). The target targeted market is estimated at $100 billion. Chewy has started to develop a veterinary direction, which increases this figure by another $35 billion.
Oct 13, 2021
Polygon: Why does Ethereum need "second layers"?
Polygon: Why does Ethereum need The problems with the scalability of Ethereum are known, perhaps, to everyone who is somehow familiar with cryptocurrencies. At the moment, the network is going through a transformation that should allow it to increase its efficiency, but it is difficult to predict when exactly it will end, since this process is extremely complex and responsible. In order not to wait for the weather by the sea, representatives of the crypto community come up with their own ways out of a problematic situation. One of the projects that decided to make life easier for users was Polygon.Polygon is a so-called Layer-2 solution for the Ethereum network. The main component of Polygon is an adapted version of the Plasma protocol, with which a copy of the Ethereum blockchain was created - the child chain. Periodically, the system photographs its condition and transmits the impression to the Ethereum blockchain. This is done so that in case of conflicting transactions, users have the opportunity to "roll back” to an earlier version of Plasma (”checkpoint") stored on the Ethereum network.Polygon consists of three levels. The first is where smart contracts work, connecting the Polygon architecture with Ethereum. At the second level, validators function that transmit PoS network information to Ethereum. At the last level, blocks are formed based on transactions occurring on Plasma. This is where developers can place their applications initially running on Ethereum.Lower fees and faster Polygon transactions led not only to the rapid development of the network, but also contributed to the soaring cost of the native MATIC token. Since the beginning of the year, it has grown by 4900%.
Oct 13, 2021
Lenovo shares have fallen to the lowest in 10 years
Lenovo shares have fallen to the lowest in 10 years The value of the securities of the Chinese computer equipment manufacturer Lenovo collapsed by more than 17% after the company canceled an application for listing its shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange STAR Market. This is evidenced by the auction data.The stock drop was Lenovo's biggest daily price collapse in the last ten years.The company's representatives were going to place securities worth ¥10 billion (around $1.55 billion) on the Shanghai stock Exchange. However, on October 8, Lenovo announced that they would cancel the planned listing. This happened a few days after the STAR Market exchange approved the application for the placement of shares.On October 10, Lenovo reported that the cancellation of the listing was due to a possible error in the financial indicators indicated in the documents. No further details were provided.Lenovo is one of the world's largest manufacturers of personal computers. The company accounts for 20% of the PC market. The manufacturer's shares are listed on exchanges in Hong Kong and New York.At the close of trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Lenovo securities were trading at 7.6 HKD.
Oct 13, 2021
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