Which stocks to invest in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic that struck the world in 2020 illustrated the reality of the marketplace. Companies that were able to demonstrate their strength even in the face of global change immediately emerged as leaders.

Investors planning to invest in long-term investment assets to increase their returns over time are opting for companies that continue to expand and pay dividends to shareholders which can then be used as an investment vehicle.

Analysts, having monitored the market, have compiled a list of organisations whose businesses have proved to be as sustainable as possible, hence we can now tell you which stocks to invest in in 2021. These are the companies that experts believe will be the most promising over the next 10 years.


Starbucks (SBUX) is the best-known coffee brand, with a chain of locations almost all over the world. In January 2021, there were 33,000 shops on the planet, and the company plans to open another 22,000 coffee shops by 2030, after which it will boast the largest international coffee and coffee drinks chain.

In addition to its impressive organisational scale, Starbucks has been remarkably stable. Since the company first went public 30 years ago, Starbucks has experienced more than one crisis, but this has had no effect on its market position, profitability or sales numbers, which have been growing for 27 years!

Note that only 3 years in the company's 30-year history have not been very good! Even in the "fateful" for many such institutions in 2020, despite the introduction of quarantines and a reduction in customer numbers, the company was able to go "in the plus" - the average purchase check went up slightly, and the coffee shop began working "to take away".

An additional "plus" for the company's stock is the fact that dividends are rising in value, but Starbucks continues to pay them out to shareholders. For example, Starbucks shares are up 33.26% in 6 months.

This shows the popularity of Starbucks coffee, the company's skillful management, and the opportunity to increase your income by investing in Starbucks stock.


PayPal Holdings (PYPL for short) is a successful international payment corporation that most people in Russia are likely to have used. The company has only benefited from the coronavirus, or more precisely, from the transition of private consumers and businesses from cash payments to a cashless payment system.

In 2015. PayPal evolved into a separate company whose total payment volume increased 3.5 times in 5 years. In January 2021, that figure stood at $936 billion and PayPal can compete on an equal footing with international brands such as Visa and Mastercard. The money earned by the company is invested in its own shares - management buys them back from individuals to add value for investors.

Experts believe the e-transaction system is one of the market leaders in digital payments, but it is not the limit - PayPal's management has officially said it plans to triple its payment volumes by 2025, launching new financial services and expanding its cryptocurrency service. It also plans to double the free cash flow indicator, which will open up new opportunities for investors.

PayPal has not yet paid any dividends to its shareholders in 2021, investing all of its money in its growth, but by 2025 it will return $12bn to $16bn to its shareholders through a share buyback, which has seen a 147.6% increase in value in one year alone.

The US retail giant has suffered in recent years from competition from Amazon, the biggest online retailer. Despite the challenges, the supermarket chain has managed to hold its own. Now Walmart is delighting investors with a rapid move in the right direction.

The retailer's new business model successfully combines online and offline commerce. With a wide network of shops at its disposal, Walmart can use them as pick-up points. At the same time, each supermarket becomes a processing centre for online orders and a dispatch point for parcels.

Another innovation that the retailer has tested is the Walmart+ subscription program. It is designed to capture the value of the retail giant's offerings for consumers.

In addition to its traditional role as a retailer, Walmart is preparing to become a healthcare provider. Plans include creating a network of clinics that will be located in close proximity to existing supermarkets. Along with gas stations already operating next to shops, Walmart will focus on mixed-use spaces where consumers can buy goods and receive services.

The market believes in the retail giant's new vision: the company's share price has risen by almost a quarter in the past 12 months. However, Walmart's growth momentum has lagged behind the market as a whole. However, the company's success demonstrates that it has not exhausted its potential.



The Walt Disney Company has become a textbook example of the main principle of success in the current era. The ability to change by quickly adapting to consumer demands and new realities has helped Disney to maintain its leading position in the film and entertainment industry.

The Disney+ streaming service brought the company the lion's share of its revenue during the pandemic. The platform allows users to enjoy content created by industry giants such as:

  • Disney;
  • Marvel;
  • LucasFilm;
  • Pixar;
  • 20th Century Fox.

After the closure of cinemas and theme parks, the streaming service continued to generate revenue for Disney. Its size even allowed the company to make up for the losses caused by the temporary shutdown of Disneyland. Before the pandemic, theme parks were Disney's main revenue stream.

The entertainment giant recently released a report which revealed that the streaming service was able to attract more than 146 million paid subscribers. The company plans to increase this figure to 230-260 million by 2024, and to 300-350 million by global subscriptions. However, the current number of subscribers is also staggering: by comparison, streaming industry veteran Netflix boasts a figure of 195 million.

Prospects for other lines of business should also inspire optimism in Disney's investors. Vaccination is gaining momentum around the world, which means the end of the epidemic is near. Once the restrictions are lifted, the company's films will return to the box office and the theme parks will be able to welcome guests again.


The pandemic took a heavy toll on the accommodation rental platform. Despite this, Airbnb is well-positioned to make a comeback. The company offers services that are in high demand and trusted by its customers.

During the first nine months of 2020, Airbnb suffered losses but managed to turn a profit in the last quarter. The platform had 54 million registered users in 2019. Analysts agree that this is not the limit for growth and development.



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