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What a surprise! Space X also owns Bitcoin!
What a surprise! Space X also owns Bitcoin! The quotes of the main cryptocurrency are still very low relative to their absolute highs. The fundamental background for bitcoin remains very negative, but! Recently, Elon Musk has become more active, who changes his opinion about bitcoin more often than gloves. Recall that at the beginning of the year, his company Tesla announced investments in bitcoin in the amount of $1.5 billion. Then Tesla added the ability to buy its electric cars for bitcoins. And a month later, she canceled this opportunity, and Elon Musk himself began to criticize the main cryptocurrency. According to him, bitcoin is too non-energy efficient, a huge number of coins are mined using non-renewable energy sources, and in general, bitcoin is too harmful to the environment. However, this week Musk first said that his Tesla is again considering the possibility of paying for electric cars for cryptocurrency, and yesterday it became known that not only Musk and his Tesla own bitcoin, but also one of his companies, Space X, which is engaged in space flights, also invested in cryptocurrency. However, the head of Tesla did not say anything about the size of the investment. Thus, the markets once again found themselves in a difficult situation. On the one hand, Musk has been accused of market manipulation many times. At the same time, both stock and cryptocurrency. He also changes his rhetoric about bitcoin too often. On the other hand, if such an influential businessman says that his two main companies own cryptocurrency, like himself, then he clearly expects its growth and believes that digital assets are the future. Thus, bitcoin began to grow again, having received quite unexpected support. Another question is, how long will this growth continue? Recall that the vast majority of experts believe that in the coming months and until the end of 2021, "digital gold" will become cheaper. This is due to a huge list of reasons and fundamental factors, against which any statement by Musk looks like an inscription on a fence. However, we should pay tribute to the fact that Ilon once again managed to force investors and traders to buy a "cue ball".As for us, we continue to believe that bitcoin will continue to decline further. There is too much talking against him now. China's actions against miners will be "exposed" to the cryptocurrency market at least until the end of the year, until all repressed businessmen place and launch their equipment in other countries. The market is also waiting for news from the United States, where the authorities also want to seriously tighten the regulation of the cryptocurrency segment. And in any case, it is unlikely that bitcoin will be able to add$ 10,000 on one statement by Musk about Space X investments. Most likely, in the coming days, the growth will be replaced by a new fall. Although no one forbids the Mask to distribute comments at least every day...In technical terms, bitcoin worked out the level of $29,700, but failed to overcome it. Thus, a round of upward correction has now begun, which may end in the near future. There is practically no fundamental support for bitcoin now, so we expect a resumption of the fall in quotations and the return of BTC to the level of $29,700. We also expect that this level will be overcome, and the main cryptocurrency will continue its decline to the level of $24,000, at least.
24.07.2021 Read
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