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Daily forecast for January 17, 2022
EUR/USD, currency, GBP/USD, currency, Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Ethereum/USD, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Gold, mineral, Dogecoin, cryptocurrency, Shiba Inu, cryptocurrency, Daily forecast for January 17, 2022 Euro/DollarThe euro fell against the dollar, reaching the level of 1.1401. Trading Friday showed a trading range of 1.1480 – 1.1401.The yield on 10-year Treasury bonds stopped at 1.793%.Trading activity increased due to the news background.December showed a decrease in retail sales by 1.9% compared to the previous month, according to the US Department of Commerce. The maximum decline began in February 2021 against the background of rising consumer prices and the spread of a new strain of COVID-19 "omicron". In November, experts predicted sales growth of 0.3%. According to the latest data, sales increased by no more than 0.2%.Last week, the number of Americans who applied for unemployment benefits for the first time increased by 23 thousand. According to the US Department of Labor, this is the highest figure since mid-November 2021.Data on increased inflation in the US did not support the dollar. Experts predict a rise in the base interest rate by the Federal Reserve in March with a probability of 80%.This week, the US dollar may be affected by the volume of construction of new residential real estate, the number of initial applications for unemployment benefits, as well as the dynamics of sales in the secondary housing market.Pound/DollarAccording to the results of the last trading sessions, the pound/dollar exchange rate is held negatively.There is a fixation below the price resistance, at 1.3748. The strong position of the US dollar against other world currencies creates short positions on the pound, which ensures that the currency pair is located mainly in a downward direction.At the moment, the data on the yield of 10-year UK bonds is close to the value of October, and stopped at 1.1450%.At the end of the week, trading activity in the foreign exchange market increased.In the UK, in November 2021, the volume of industrial production increased by 1% compared to October of the same year, when the indicator fell to 0.5%.In December, UK GDP figures increased by 0.9% compared with November's growth of 0.2%.There are risks associated with the strengthening of the US dollar. The media reports on the continuation of active discussions on the topic of tightening monetary policy. The pound/dollar currency pair will show an increase in trading activity.This week in the UK, the following topics will be actively discussed: the average wage level, the unemployment rate, the consumer price index and the volume of retail sales.GoldFriday's trading showed a predominant decline in gold. There are attempts to turn around against the ascending channel and support at the level of $ 1,816 per ounce. Consumer interest in the precious metal decreased slightly compared to the previous month. Trading Friday showed a diverse trading dynamics due to the strengthening of the gas, oil, consumer goods and technology sectors. The market is sensitive to the negative dynamics of the financial, consumer services and industrial sectors.At the close on the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones declined by 0.56%, the S&P 500 index rose by 0.08%.The situation in foreign markets is positive.The media reported a record trade surplus in China in December, and in general for 2021, due to increased exports amid the coronavirus pandemic.According to statistics, in 2021, the trade surplus reached its historical maximum since 1950.Important economic statistics and information on the further reaction of gold are expected to be published this week.The markets will be sensitive to the number of construction permits issued, the volume of construction of new real estate, the number of initial applications for unemployment benefits, the dynamics of sales in the secondary housing market, the index of production activity from the Philadelphia Federal Reserve.CryptocurrenciesAfter reaching a new resistance level around $43820, bitcoin declined moderately. There is a possibility of profit taking after the growth over the past week. The digital currency is held back by support at the level of $ 42456.By the end of Sunday, the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market amounted to 2.06 trillion US dollars, Friday's figures were 2.01.According to media reports, in 2021, the share of bitcoin in cryptocurrency payments decreased to 65%. In 2020, the share of this digital currency accounted for 92%. This happened due to the more frequent use of other digital assets by retail customers and businesses in 2021. The share of Ethereum in 2021 was 15%, and "stablecoins– - 13%. Cryptocurrencies Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Litecoin accounted for 3%.The more frequent use of "stablecoins" by people and businesses explains their low volatility. The price of this digital currency is less susceptible to a strong decline due to the provision of real ...
Litecoin forecast for the week of July 19-25, 2021
Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Litecoin forecast for the week of July 19-25, 2021 Litecoin LTC/USD is trading at 126.99. Cryptocurrency quotes are trading below the level of the moving average with a period of 55. This indicates the presence of a bearish trend for Litecoin. At the moment, cryptocurrency quotes are moving near the average border of the bands of the Bollinger Bands indicator.As part of the Litecoin exchange rate forecast, a test of the level of 148.20 is expected. From where we should expect an attempt to continue the fall of LTC/USD and further development of the downward trend. The target of such a movement is the area near the level of 41.20. The conservative area for Litecoin sales is located near the upper border of the bands of the Bollinger Bands indicator at the level of 149.20.Litecoin signal for the week of July 19-25, 2021The cancellation of the option of continuing the decline of the Litecoin exchange rate will be a breakdown of the upper border of the bands of the Bollinger Bands indicator. As well as a moving average with a period of 55 and the closing of the pair's quotes above the area of 210.20. This will indicate a change in the current trend in favor of a bullish one for LTC/USD. In the event of a breakdown of the lower border of the bands of the Bollinger Bands indicator, we should expect an acceleration of the fall of the cryptocurrency.Litecoin forecast for the week of July 19 - 25, 2021 assumes a test of the level of 148.20. Then it is expected to continue falling to the area below the level of 41.20. The conservative selling zone is located near the area of 149.20. The breakdown of the level of 210.20 will act as a cancellation of the fall of the cryptocurrency. In this case, we should expect continued ...
Litecoin LTC/USD forecast for Today June 15, 2021
Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Litecoin LTC/USD forecast for Today June 15, 2021 Litecoin LTC/USD is trading at the level of 170.97. Cryptocurrency quotes are trading below the level of the moving average with a period of 55. This indicates the presence of a bearish trend for Litecoin. At the moment, the cryptocurrency quotes are moving near the average border of the bands of the Bollinger Bands indicator.As part of the Litecoin exchange rate forecast, a test of the 180.30 level is expected. Where to expect an attempt to continue the fall of LTC/USD and further development of the downward trend. The target of this movement is the area near the level of 130.20. The conservative area for Litecoin sales is located near the upper border of the Bollinger Bands indicator at the level of 181.00. Litecoin LTC/USD forecast for Today June 15, 2021 The cancellation of the option to continue the decline of the Litecoin rate will be a breakdown of the upper border of the Bollinger Bands indicator bands. As well as the moving average with a period of 55 and the closing of the pair's quotes above the area of 196.20. This will indicate a change in the current trend in favor of the bullish LTC/USD. In the event of a breakdown of the lower limit of the bands of the Bollinger Bands indicator, we should expect an acceleration in the fall of the cryptocurrency.Litecoin LTC/USD forecast for today, June 15, 2021 suggests a test of the level of 180.30. Further, it is expected to continue falling to the area below the level of 130.20. The conservative sales zone is located near the area of 181.00. The cancellation of the fall of the cryptocurrency will be a breakdown of the level of 196.20.In this case, we should expect continued ...
Litecoin trading forecast for the week June 7-13, 2021
Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Litecoin trading forecast for the week June 7-13, 2021 Litecoin LTC/USD is trading at the level of 181.70. Cryptocurrency quotes are trading below the level of the moving average with a period of 55. This indicates the presence of a bearish trend for Litecoin. At the moment, the cryptocurrency quotes are moving near the average border of the Bollinger Bands indicator bands.As part of the Litecoin exchange rate forecast, a test of the level of 230.60 is expected. Where to expect an attempt to continue the fall of LTC / USD and further development of the downward trend. The target of this movement is the area near the level of 88.20. The conservative area for Litecoin sales is located near the upper border of the Bollinger Bands indicator at the level of 280.20. Litecoin trading signal for the week June 7-13, 2021 The cancellation of the option to continue the decline of the Litecoin rate will be a breakdown of the upper border of the Bollinger Bands indicator bands. As well as the moving average with a period of 55 and the closing of the pair's quotes above the area of 290.20. This will indicate a change in the current trend in favor of the bullish LTC/USD. In the event of a breakdown of the lower limit of the bands of the Bollinger Bands indicator, we should expect an acceleration in the fall of the cryptocurrency.Litecoin forecast for the week of June 7-13, 2021 suggests a test of the level of 230.60. Further, it is expected to continue falling to the area below the level of 88.20. The conservative sales zone is located near the area of 280.20. The cancellation of the fall of the cryptocurrency will be a breakdown of the level of 290.20. In this case, we should expect continued ...
Litecoin LTC/USD forecast for today June 3, 2021
Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Litecoin LTC/USD forecast for today June 3, 2021 Litecoin LTC/USD is trading at the level of 182.97. Cryptocurrency quotes are trading below the level of the moving average with a period of 55. This indicates the presence of a bearish trend for Litecoin. At the moment, the cryptocurrency quotes are moving near the average border of the bands of the Bollinger Bands indicator.As part of the Litecoin exchange rate forecast, a test of the 196.80 level is expected. Where to expect an attempt to continue the fall of LTC/USD and further development of the downward trend. The target of this movement is the area near the level of 138.20. The conservative area for Litecoin sales is located near the upper border of the Bollinger Bands indicator at the level of 197.00. Litecoin LTC/USD forecast for today June 3, 2021 The cancellation of the option to continue the decline in the Litecoin rate will be a breakdown of the upper border of the Bollinger Bands indicator bands. As well as the moving average with a period of 55 and the closing of the pair's quotes above the area of 215.10. This will indicate a change in the current trend in favor of the bullish LTC/USD. In the event of a breakdown of the lower limit of the bands of the Bollinger Bands indicator, we should expect an acceleration in the fall of the cryptocurrency.Litecoin LTC/USD forecast for today, June 3, 2021 suggests a test of the level of 196.80. Further, it is expected to continue falling to the area below the level of 138.20. The conservative sales zone is located near the area of 197.00. The cancellation of the fall of the cryptocurrency will be a breakdown of the level of 215.10.In this case, we should expect continued ...
Litecoin LTC/USD trading forecast for June 2, 2021
Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Litecoin LTC/USD trading forecast for June 2, 2021 Litecoin LTC/USD is trading at the level of 182.56. Cryptocurrency quotes are trading below the level of the moving average with a period of 55. This indicates the presence of a bearish trend for Litecoin. At the moment, the cryptocurrency quotes are moving near the upper limit of the Bollinger Bands indicator bands.As part of the Litecoin exchange rate forecast, a test of the 200.50 level is expected. Where to expect an attempt to continue the fall of LTC/USD and further development of the downward trend. The target of this movement is the area near the level of 128.40. The conservative area for Litecoin sales is located near the upper border of the bands of the Bollinger Bands indicator at the level of 201.20. Litecoin LTC/USD trading forecast for June 2, 2021The cancellation of the option to continue the decline in the Litecoin rate will be a breakdown of the upper border of the Bollinger Bands indicator bands. As well as the moving average with a period of 55 and the closing of the pair's quotes above the area of 215.20. This will indicate a change in the current trend in favor of the bullish LTC/USD. In the event of a breakdown of the lower limit of the bands of the Bollinger Bands indicator, we should expect an acceleration in the fall of the cryptocurrency.Litecoin LTC/USD forecast for today, June 2, 2021 suggests a test of the level of 200.50. Then it is expected to continue falling to the area below the level of 128.40. The conservative selling zone is located near the area of 201.20. The cancellation of the fall of the cryptocurrency will be a breakdown of the level of 215.20. In this case, we should expect continued ...
Litecoin LTC/USD forecast for today, May 25, 2021
Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Litecoin LTC/USD forecast for today, May 25, 2021 Litecoin LTC/USD is trading at 151.63. The cryptocurrency quotes are trading below the level of the moving average with a period of 55. This indicates the presence of a bearish trend for Litecoin. At the moment, the cryptocurrency quotes are moving near the average border of the bands of the Bollinger Bands indicator.Litecoin LTC/USD forecast for today, May 25, 2021As part of the forecast of the Litecoin exchange rate, a test of the level of 170.20 is expected. From where we should expect an attempt to continue the fall of LTC/USD and further development of the downward trend. The target of this movement is the area near the level of 62.60. The conservative area for Litecoin sales is located near the upper border of the bands of the Bollinger Bands indicator at the level of 220.80. Litecoin LTC/USD forecast for today, May 25, 2021 The cancellation of the option to continue the decline of the Litecoin rate will be a breakdown of the upper border of the Bollinger Bands indicator bands. As well as the moving average with a period of 55 and the closing of the pair's quotes above the area of 225.20. This will indicate a change in the current trend in favor of the bullish LTC/USD. In the event of a breakdown of the lower limit of the bands of the Bollinger Bands indicator, we should expect an acceleration in the fall of the cryptocurrency.Litecoin LTC/USD forecast for today, May 25, 2021 suggests a test of the level of 170.20. Further, it is expected to continue falling to the area below the level of 62.60. The conservative selling zone is located near the area of 220.80. The cancellation of the fall of the cryptocurrency will be the breakdown of the level of 225.20. In this case, we should expect continued ...
The cryptocurrency market is plunging into a "rypto winter"?
Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Monero/Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Ethereum/USD, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin/USD, cryptocurrency, XRP/USD, cryptocurrency, The cryptocurrency market is plunging into a \ The past week was the worst for the crypto market in history amid negative news.Bitcoin has fallen by 24% in a week, and altcoins from the top ten have lost from 41% to 60%.The total capitalization of the crypto market, according to CoinGecko, has sunk by 38% over the week.To the criticism of Bitcoin from Elon Musk, the actions of the Chinese authorities were added, which announced on Friday that it would fight the mining of cryptocurrency in the country. The authorities are trying to protect the financial system and at the same time reduce carbon emissions.The ban on mining digital coins caught the industry by surprise. These measures may affect the entire cryptocurrency industry, as 65% of the Bitcoin hashrate is accounted for in China.Earlier last week, Chinese regulators announced their intention to ban the use of digital tokens in financial transactions.On May 20, the US Treasury Department announced a new proposal by the Joe Biden administration to strengthen tax compliance — to require Bitcoin exchanges to report transactions worth more than $10,000.According to the US authorities, digital assets are a serious problem. They promote illegal activities, including tax evasion. Presumably, the new measures will come into force from 2023.Gary Gensler, who heads the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), believes that it is necessary to develop a mechanism that will protect the interests of holders of digital currencies.The SEC recently urged investors to refrain from trading with Bitcoin-focused products.A possible SEC investigation into Tesla CEO Elon Musk on suspicion of manipulating the crypto market may become one of the negative impulses and lead to the fall of ...
About the trends of 2022
Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Ethereum/USD, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Pfizer, stock, Moderna, stock, About the trends of 2022 A couple of steps away from the new year, many are trying to predict the direction of market winds over the next year, and maybe several. We have also analyzed promising ideas of stock exchanges, and today we will share them with you. In general, everything promising in the coming year is connected with the healthcare sector. Next, let's talk about the two most promising companies in this segment.NovavaxNovavax company was one of the first to enter the championship in the development and creation of a vaccine, but in this case it is still far from the podium. Does the company have real prospects? Let's talk about this further.At the beginning of the year, many experts argued that it was simply not advisable to get involved in the company's struggle. This was due to the fact that there were already many manufacturers of similar drugs, and there was not enough space for new ones. As a result, the experts' "verdict" turned out to be reckless, and today many are confident that the company's assets are among the most attractive in the coming year.The vaccine was one of the first to be released in Europe. It is based on a protein, which in the future can become an alternative for patients who refuse to be vaccinated by Pfizer and Moderna, developed on the basis of RNA.In the spring of 2021, she presented the results of testing a new vaccine to the world, and in mid-summer, repeated tests were conducted in America. The effectiveness of the drug according to the test results ranges from 89.7% to 90.4%. This high indicator allowed the drug to get into the top three most effective, and the company to become a leader in the world market of manufacturers.Immediately after the publication of the results, it was expected that the company's assets should increase in value, but problems with bureaucratic hitches and permission to use the vaccine on world markets led to the fact that the share price remained in place, and subsequently even declined.Different sources explain this fall in different ways. Some argue that there are no special technological lines for the production of the drug in the United States. Others are sure that the drug simply does not meet the standards established in the state, contains unnecessary impurities that can cause a lot of side effects.Today, the drug is recognized in several countries of the world, including Indonesia, India. The vaccine has the permission of the WHO and the euroregulator, together with the submission of the application, it has received permission in several other countries.Today Novavax is awaiting regulatory approval in many countries around the world, including Australia, Canada, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. To accelerate the production of the drug, the company is sponsored by a number of large-scale organizations, including the Gates Foundation and even the American government.If new strains of coronavirus continue to appear, the disease will be transferred to the category of endemic. That is why vaccination will very soon become a routine procedure, and it is also likely that the demand for combined drugs will grow, which the company is currently testing.It is not enough to be able to treat well, you also need to correctly diagnose diseases. That is why next we will talk about the manufacturer of medical equipment for diagnostics.Thermo Fisher ScientificThermo Fisher Scientific is geographically located in Massachusetts. It is one of the leaders in the production of diagnostic tools and equipment used in laboratory and outpatient settings, as well as consumables. The production of coronavirus vaccines and medicines for this pathology is considered to be an equally significant area of activity of the enterprise. From the beginning of the pandemic to the present time, the demand for the company's products remains at a height, so the company today occupies a leading position in the field of medicine.In the spring of 2021, the International Health Association granted the company a license to produce SARS-CoV-2, a test for detecting covid-19. The volume of revenue received only from anti-weed products today has already amounted to $2.05 billion. With the emergence of new strains of coronavirus, the demand for the company's products will only grow.The TMO quarterly report, released on October 27, turned out to be quite strong. Revenue exceeded last year's figure by 15%, as well as by $ 1.2 billion in monetary terms. In total, it amounted to 37.1 billion dollars. According to forecasts, the amount of revenue will increase by $1 billion, and will amount to $7.7 billion.The forecast for this indicator was $40.5 billion, which shows the excellent position of the enterprise, especially for modern market realities. The growth of the company's asset price index exceeded the S&P 500, and reached 40%. With great probability, we can say that the group's positions will continue to be stable.Another trend of the century is electric carsThe vast majority of major analysts last year warned against acquiring Nio assets. At that moment, no one could have thought that the company's market capitalization could reach $90 billion. The volume of cars produced at the same time is 20 thousand units annually.However, over the past year, the company has managed to become an industry leader, and excellent financial results are expected in 2022. This is despite supply disruptions and other problems associated with the pandemic. The company has several new products that will help it increase its market share in China, and take a strong position on it.In the autumn of 2021, the number of cars produced by the company reached 10,900 units, which indicates an active growth in demand for cars with an engine capacity of more than 130,000 per year. The company is going to release about 600 thousand units of cars by the end of 2022. Nio's management plans to introduce three new electric cars to the world market. If the sales growth of cars remains at the planned indicators, then Nio may well have the opportunity to bypass Tesla by this parameter. At least in the Chinese market.An important advantage of the enterprise is the already launched Battery-as-a-service or BaaS program. It allows you to make a monthly payment, which allows you to change the battery on an electric car in the future or update the battery charge. It will also be possible to buy a car without a battery, rearranging it from old equipment.This system will allow the company to receive high-margin revenue in the long term. In addition, we should expect an increase in customer loyalty to the products. The company's assets showed a 13% growth in 2020, but during 2021 they managed to fall by 44%. Today they are stable at around $30. We are waiting for strong growth.Basic Attention TokenIt is already impossible to imagine the financial world without cryptocurrency. How to choose correctly between all the options – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others, and not be left out? An interesting option is offered by the Basic Attention Token.Over the past six months, investors' attention has been focused on tokens supporting the application. If we take into account that since the beginning of the year, the growth of bitcoin has approached 73%, then this is a minuscule compared to the start of the Siba-anu meme token, which soared to 47000000%. However, the main investment flow today is considered to be directed to a cryptocurrency that provides support for applications.In the large list of tokens, the Basic Attention Token from Brave Software deserves special attention. In particular, the token is especially attractive for investing for a long period. The company is now managed by B. Eich is the founder of Mozilla and JavaScript.Coins are mined using the Brave browser, where they are obtained by viewing advertising content. The web browser provides a high degree of security due to the built-in ad blocker and functions to block the collection of user data. Allows you to personally view ads released by program partners, as well as earn tokens by viewing it.Throughout December, bears dominated the cryptocurrency market, which negatively affected the VAT. As a result, the price of the token fell by 30% from the historical highs seen at the end of autumn. However, Bravo is confident that the price will recover its indicators very ...
How to gift a cryptocurrency
Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Ethereum/USD, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin/USD, cryptocurrency, How to gift a cryptocurrency What should I give to a person who has everything? The most obvious solution is money. But a more original option is a cryptocurrency: ether, a share of bitcoin or a meme token. You can get a gift remotely, and watching the growth and fall of the crypt will turn into a new hobby.  We tell you what methods of giving exist and which digital currencies to choose as a gift.ContentTo gift a virtual crypto walletTo gift a cold wallet with cryptocurrencyTo gift a voucher for cryptocurrencyDonate cryptocurrency to charityWhich cryptocurrencies to choose as a giftTo gift a virtual crypto walletIf the recipient of the gift already has a cryptocurrency wallet, the issue is solved: it is enough to find out the account number (or by email address) and transfer the necessary amount from their own crypto wallet to the account. Such operations are absolutely legal — individuals in Belarus can buy, sell, exchange, store and send any cryptocurrencies using crypto wallets, exchanges and exchangers. At the same time, the cryptocurrency received as a gift and the income on it is not taxed until 2023.If a friend does not have an account, then you can create a new account, transfer cryptocurrency there and transfer access to it to the recipient.Many popular crypto wallets, for example, exodus or mycelium, do not require an email address when registering — it is easier to transfer such an account, because it is not tied to your personal data. The role of the access key is performed by a code phrase (a mnemonic phrase, a phrase or a seed) — a set of 12-24 words that must be entered in a certain order to gain access to the wallet. This key must be passed to the recipient — for example, to rewrite the phrase in a greeting card.There are three important nuances in this method of giving cryptocurrency:Don't forget to warn the recipient that the passphrase is extremely important. If the owner loses it, he will lose access to the crypto wallet and will not be able to restore it.You cannot change the passphrase or generate a new one for an existing wallet — the text key always remains unchanged. Therefore, in theory, the donor can use it after a while, which creates risks. The best option is to give a friend a temporary wallet (temporary wallet), from which he will transfer money to a personal account. Whether a friend wants to carry out all these manipulations is another question. And it is better to make sure in advance that a person is interested in the crypto market and trading — otherwise the gift is unlikely to please him.Regional restrictions. Many American and European services are not yet available in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. For example, Coinbase does not officially work in these countries. Sometimes restrictions can be circumvented using a VPN, but the method does not always work. Therefore, you will have to choose from a limited number of services. In Belarus, it will not be possible to buy cryptocurrency without providing personal data, since crypto exchanges are required to verify each client — and this usually requires a passport scan. By the way, you can use not only wallets, but also exchanges for donation — in this case, you give access to an account that already has tokens stored on its account.Read more: What is Bitcoin Core? A simple guideTo gift a cold wallet with cryptocurrencyA cold wallet is a hardware device for storing crypto currency, which is something like a flash drive. This is the safest, but not the most convenient option. If you forget the password or lose the carrier itself, the cryptocurrency will be lost forever. For example, an American Stefan Thomas forgot the password from a flash drive that stores more than 7000 bitcoins, and lost access to crypto accumulations — and this is not the only case. In total, about $140 billion is stored in bitcoin wallets with forgotten passwords.When donating, the risks are about the same as in the case of an electronic wallet. When registering, you will need to create and remember a PIN code-a code and a phrase for restoring access (a phrase for restoring).You can order a wallet only on large marketplaces: the price for the most popular models (for example, Ledger and Trezor) varies from $60 to $260. It depends on how many different accounts the device allows you to have (for example, the Ledger nano c model supports 5-6 accounts, while the Ledger nano x supports up to 100), whether the device has an information display and a battery, whether it supports Bluetooth, and so on. In any case, such a gift will cost more than a virtual wallet with cryptocurrency.Read more: Bitcoin on a flash drive? How to store cryptocurrency correctlyTop hardware wallets for cryptocurrenciesLedger Nano SLedger Nano XTresorTrezor Model TRead more: Crypto wallet: the most important & practical tipsTo gift a voucher for cryptocurrencyA voucher is a kind of gift certificate for the purchase of a crypt. You buy a voucher for a certain amount (for example, 50 euros) and specify the email address of the gift recipient. A special code will be specified in the voucher that will be sent to the post office. The recipient must enter it on the website where the voucher was purchased and specify the wallet address to which the amount in cryptocurrency equivalent to the value of this voucher will be transferred.One of the disadvantages of such a gift is that its recipient will eventually have to deal with the registration of the wallet himself in order to receive cryptocurrency. Also, vouchers are usually available only for the most common cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. But this is the easiest way to give a cryptocurrency.Where to buy cryptocurrency vouchers:CryptovucherRechargeBit4coinBitnovoCoinsbyDonate cryptocurrency to charityCryptocurrencies can not only be given, but also donated to a charitable foundation. Therefore, if there is a desire to share ether or bitcoin with an NGO or a human rights organization, there are several options:Human Rights FoundationSave the childrenMATTERRainforest FoundationThe Water ProjectTor ProjectAnother option with the support of charity is the creation of an NFT token and its subsequent sale on platforms, for example, Rare. But in this case, you need to create a digital object and find a specialist who knows how to work with NFT platforms. You can attract 500-1000 dollars to Ethereum, even if you do not invest in promotion. And you can transfer the collected money to the fund, if it accepts the crypt, or convert it into fiat and credit it to the organization's account.Read more: What is NFT and why are they worth millions?Which cryptocurrencies to choose as a giftGiving cryptocurrency remotely resembles a long-standing trend in the United States, when people began to give shares of large companies to their loved ones. But the crypto market is not yet so popular among the mass audience. People have heard about it, but they don't quite understand how it works and what principles it works on. With this in mind, even bitcoin is still an unusual and original gift. If you look with an eye to the future, then a good gift option is Ethereum. Another popular project is the Polkado. He has revolutionary prospects and grandiose plans that are being implemented at the same time, which is rare for crypto projects. If a person understands the topic, you can give him an NFT token: for example, a picture or a meme registered as an NFT. But we must be prepared that NFT tokens are very ...
Overview of the Huobi Global Exchange
Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Ethereum/USD, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin/USD, cryptocurrency, XRP/USD, cryptocurrency, Overview of the Huobi Global Exchange Brief description of Huobi GlobalFounded in 2013, the Huobi Global Exchange is a centralized platform. According to the Coingecko resource, the exchange has an average (8) reliability rating. As of September 2021, 0 cryptocurrencies are traded on the exchange, the most active trading pair is ETH/USDT. The maximum trading volume for the last 30 days was reached on August 7 in the amount of 161,756 BTC.Verification: OptionalTelegram /huobiglobalofficialFaceBook /huobiglobalofficialTwitter /HuobiGlobalDetailed review of the Huobi Global ExchangeHuobi is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in China in 2013. It is registered in the Seychelles. Link to the official website of the exchange — Huobi.com. It provides opportunities for spot, margin, futures (perpetual contracts, options) and OTC trading. Confidently enters the top-3 in terms of trading volume (turnover-over two billion dollars in 24 hours). It exists both in the web version, and in the form of desktop and mobile applications.Read more: What are futures: types, features, advantages and risksWe offer a detailed overview of the functionality of the Huobi exchange, its advantages and disadvantages.ContentGeneral descriptionTeamFunctionalHow to trade on HuobiVerificationHow to trade on the Huobi exchangeMoney managementHT Token - description of the cryptocurrency from HuobiHuobi WalletHuobi Input and OutputCommissionsSafetyTech. Huobi supportComparison with other top exchangesAPI HuobiHuobi ReviewsAdvantages and disadvantagesConclusionGeneral descriptionRegistration on the platform is available to users from more than 130 countries of the world - wherever transactions with cryptocurrencies are not prohibited by law. Huobi is a multilingual platform that supports such languages as Chinese, English, French; German, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish.TeamThe founder and CEO of the Huobi Group is Leon Lee. Previously, he worked as a computer engineer at Oracle. He graduated from the Department of Automation of Tsinghua University and became a successful entrepreneur in the field of financial technologies.Other team members:The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is Robin Zhu. He has experience in the field of corporate governance and practical data analysis. He also worked at Oracle at one time. Initially, he was deeply interested in the blockchain industry and Big Data.The head of the Security Department (CSO) is Simon Wu. He is responsible for risk management, previously worked in international consulting firms and government agencies, dealing with business security and management issues.The technical director is Roy Zhu. He was a technical expert at Alibaba, a partner and senior vice president of Jinshan Cloud, and also held a management position at Taobao. Is responsible for the research and development of new functionality.FunctionalHow to trade on HuobiThe Huobi exchange is designed to manage cryptocurrency assets in the following ways:Spot trading. Trading with instant settlement, when funds are transferred between the buyer and the seller here and now, based on the current market value of the asset.Futures trading. Trading contracts containing information about the value of the currency and the time of sale. By entering into such a contract, the buyer and the seller undertake to transfer funds at a specific rate and at a specific time. An effective tool for hedging risks.Margin trading. Trading with leverage — the user takes a certain amount of credit funds secured by the assets available to him and thereby can use a larger amount in trading than he has. This increases the potential profit, but also the risks. The available leverage level is individual for each currency.OTC. A P2P exchange platform that connects fiat money and digital assets. It is intended for institutional investors who make large transactions and want to do it completely in the legal field.The index is HB10. It includes 10 top cryptocurrencies, works in conjunction with an investment product that helps to invest funds in the entire basket of promising assets at once.Fiat. Quick purchase or sale of cryptocurrency for fiat money. Supported payment methods: VISA/Mastercard bank cards, Western Union, e-wallets.Huobi Global currently works with 286 coins (770 trading pairs).Read more: P2P: where peer-to-peer networks are usedVerificationTo start trading, you do not need to verify your identity, but you can pass it to expand the withdrawal limits and get access to additional functions. Go to the "Verification" section and enter the necessary information — passport or driver's license number, first name, last name, upload a scanned passport in JPG or PNG.Verification on the exchange is not required, but it gives additional advantages when using the platformThe information is manually confirmed by the exchange's employees, usually it takes no more than two days.How to trade on the Huobi exchangeLet's look at how to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens using the Huobi platform.In the central part of the screen, under the chart, there is a section for creating buy or sell orders. Huobi supports the following main types of orders:Market. The user specifies only the desired amount of cryptocurrency. The transaction is made instantly and at the market price that is at that moment.Limit. The user specifies both the amount and the cost of the cryptocurrency. As soon as a counteroffer appears, the order is automatically executed. All created limit orders are located in the so-called glass (or orderbook).Stop limit. A subspecies of a limit order. While a regular limit order is executed when the specified price is reached or better, the stop limit is executed at the specified price or worse.Trigger-an order (by limit or by market).Advanced tool-creates an order that is executed automatically immediately after the execution of another order. In the right part of the trading terminal interface, there is a history of all completed orders — date, volume and price. And at the very bottom — information about active and completed transactions of a particular trader.Money managementHuobi Global includes a number of opportunities for managing funds for investors. After entering the exchange, the following tools are available:Blocking and mining HT. Holders of the exchange token (HT) can participate in the airdrop. To do this, they need to block at least 100 HT on their account for a period of 7 to 90 days. After the expiration of the period, a bonus is awarded in the form of a certain amount of Huobi Pool Token (HPT).Landing page. Investment of USDT or BTC at interest for 10, 20, 30 days. The interest rate can be entered manually (from 0.01 to 0.09% per day) or set the optimal one. Other users then select suitable options from the entire pool of available offers.Storage of assets. Professional asset storage services for companies and institutions. Clearing and detailed reports are included in the price.Asset management. A digital asset service platform for professional users. There is a choice of three investment strategies with different levels of risk and profitability.Savings (available only after verification). A deposit account with an interest income. The interest is periodically adjusted, at the moment it is 7.28% per annum for USDT and 3.5% for BTC.A new Pool Savings section was also recently opened. This is a tool for working with DeFi tokens. It includes profitable farming of new and promising tokens.Read more: What is an airdrop of cryptocurrencies - is the game worth the candleHT Token - description of the cryptocurrency from HuobiHT is a token, a cryptocurrency officially launched by the Huobi exchange in 2018. Functional purpose and why it is needed:Discounts from 10% to 95.15% on trading fees (depending on the number of tokens held).Participation in events and events held by Huobi.Farming of the HPT token.VIP status.Use as a guaranteed asset with a cross-margin.Deflationary burning scheme to maintain the value of the asset:Asset allocation schemeToday, there are HT holders in more than 180 countries around the world. It is traded, in addition to Huobi, on the Bibox, Bitforex, Coinsbit, HitBTC, MXC, etc. exchanges.Huobi WalletThe universal multi-currency wallet from Huobi Global can be downloaded from the links:For Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.huobionchainwallet.gpFor iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/id1433883012?mt=8The application supports most major cryptocurrencies (BTC,ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, etc.), stablecoins (USDT, USDC, TUSD, DAI, PAX), most tokens on the Ethereum, Ontology, TRON, EOS blockchains.The main features of the crypto wallet include independent management of private keys, personal control over assets, data encryption, support for multi-signature and the ability to organize joint asset management. The simple interface allows you to perform operations in one click.Read more: What are Stablecoins and how do they differ from other cryptocurrenciesHuobi Input and OutputTo deposit funds to the Huobi Global exchange, you need to go to the Currency Account section, select the cryptocurrency of interest, for example, Bitcoin, and click Deposit.Copy the address and transfer the cryptocurrency to it from an external wallet (you can use a QR code for a quick transfer from a mobile application).The funds are credited to the exchange account after one confirmation by the miners, and after two confirmations they will be available for withdrawal.The minimum deposit amount is 0.001 BTC. The deposit address does not change every time, but only sometimes, the exchange notifies about this by email.To withdraw cryptocurrency, you need to go to the same section, but this time select the Withdraw button.Specify the address to which the coins should be transferred, and the required amount. The commission is indicated in the same window and covers the transaction costs, providing a quick transfer.The minimum withdrawal amount is also 0.001 BTC.Read more When Bitcoin appeared: telling the story of BTCCommissionsType of operation Commission feeSpot trading 0.2% maker and 0.2% takerMargin interest 0.098%OTC trades 0.1-0.2% maker (depending on the currency), 0% takerContract trades 0.02% maker, 0.04% takerEntry without commissionThe withdrawal is individual for each coin, indicated at the time of withdrawal (for example, for BTC — 0.0005 BTC).Read more: What is OTC and what are its featuresThe table shows the standard indicators. Holders of HT tokens can reduce them. With a deduction, the fees look like this:SafetyThe Huobi exchange uses cold wallets, secure connection and data encryption to protect user funds. In addition, the user can independently increase the security level of the account if he performs the following actions:It will enable two-factor authentication — a simple and effective way to confirm login using the Google Authenticator application.It will link the phone number and confirm the email address.Associates accounts in other networks (Google, Facebook, Apple) with the Huobi account.It will set a complex password and an anti-phishing code.Read more: Network security. 2FA - two-factor identification methodsTech. Huobi supportYou can contact Huobi technical support via an online chat on the website. Other contacts and social networks of the project:Telegram https://t.me/huobiglobalofficialFacebook https://www.facebook.com/huobiglobalofficialTwitter https://twitter.com/HuobiGlobalBlog on Medium https://medium.com/@huobiglobalInstargam https://www.instagram.com/huobiglobalofficial/YouTube https://www.youtube.com/HuobiGlobalAPI HuobiThe Huobi Exchange provides documentation for developers (API) for free. It can be found at https://huobiapi.github.io/docs/spot/v1/en/#change-logIn the top menu, you can switch to another type of trading (spot, futures, options, margin swaps). Information on all categories is constantly updated. The developer can subscribe to email notifications to keep everyone up to date with the latest changes.Huobi ReviewsThe site has both positive and negative reviews, there are about the same number of them. Users complain about high commissions, problems with the NEM cryptocurrency, as well as insufficient functionality — despite the fact that the platform keeps up with the times and regularly introduces new features, it is not yet possible to work only with it without resorting to the help of other large trading platforms.Nevertheless, trading volumes show that most users consider the platform to be the best option for exchanging certain currency pairs (the most popular is BTC/USDT).Advantages and disadvantagesAdvantages:The exchange is in the top in terms of trading volume and liquidityOwn functional tokenDeveloping functionalityPositive feedbackOptional verificationA large selection of trading pairsMobile and desktop walletsReferral programDisadvantages:Some functionality has been cut for popular cryptocurrencies. For example Bitcoin and USDTConclusionThe Huobi cryptocurrency exchange is actively developing and tracking current trends, such as earnings on DeFi tokens. A strong team, the introduction of new options, adequate commissions-all this speaks in favor of the site and adds respectability to it. Now there is such a time in the cryptosphere that it is impossible to keep up with trends, otherwise the project will instantly lose part of the market.Read more: What is decentralized finance ...
TOP 5 cryptocurrencies of crypto market
Stellar/USD, cryptocurrency, Cardano/USD, cryptocurrency, Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Tether, cryptocurrency, Binance Coin, cryptocurrency, TOP 5 cryptocurrencies of crypto market Today, few people have not heard about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology due to the activity of the media and social networks. The CoinMarketCap rating is regularly updated with new coins.However, investors need to remember one important point when compiling a portfolio. Despite the fact that 2212 coins have been added to CoinMarketCap at the moment, only the TOP 5 cryptocurrencies account for about 95% of the total capitalization, while the rest account for no more than 5%. That is why coins from the TOP 5 should make up a large part of the investment portfolio.Litecoin (LTC)Binance Coin (BNB)Tether (USDT)Stellar (XLM)Cardano (ADA)Litecoin (LTC)The Litecoin cryptocurrency is one of the oldest coins, which originated in 2011 as a fork of bitcoin. The founder is a well-known person in the crypto world named Charlie Lee. Like bitcoin, Litecoin provided a peer-to-peer environment for making direct payments. From the very beginning, the cryptocurrency was called "digital silver", again, by analogy with Bitcoin.  In the first years of its existence, the Litecoin code was practically no different from Bitcoin, except that the SHA-256 encryption algorithm was replaced by Scrypt, which at first allowed the cryptocurrency to be "asic-resistant", and miners to use central and graphics processors to participate in mining. The issue was also increased fourfold (up to 84 million LTC) and the time for creating a new block was reduced (up to 2.5 minutes). This made it possible to make the Litecoin blockchain faster.Read more: What is SHA-256However, over the past few days, Litecoin has increasingly deviated from the original code due to the introduction of new technologies and improvements:Lightning Network to improve the scalability of the network and increase the speed of payments;SegWit, which increased the block size and reduced the transaction delivery time;Atomic swaps with three cryptocurrencies at once Decred( DCR), Vertcoin (VTC) and Bitcoin (BTC). In addition, the developers have expanded the capabilities by adding a hashed contract function.Despite the fact that Litecoin does not represent any radically new technologies, the cryptocurrency is already used on many platforms as a means of payment. And the fact that you can buy it on almost any exchange, including on large exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex or Huobi, is not even worth talking about.Read more: Overview of the Huobi Global ExchangeBinance Coin (BNB)The Binance Coin cryptocurrency is an internal token of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. It is used for conducting operations on the site: payment of commission when executing transactions, it is traded in pairs with all coins added to Binance, provides traders with additional opportunities for long-term storage of BNB. In addition, some services accept Binance tokens as a means of payment.  It was originally created on the Ethereum blockchain according to the ERC-20 token standard. However, in the winter of 2019, Binance launched its own Binance Chain network, after which Binance Coin was transferred to the "native " blockchain.Over the past few months, the Binance Coin cryptocurrency has shown good growth, especially against the background of the prolonged crypto winter. This was facilitated by several events at once.First, Binance offered a new ICO model on its Binance Launchpad platform-IEO, where BNB was, if not the only coin for which you could buy tokens, then always one of several. In addition, on the Binance DEX decentralized exchange, the BNB coin will act as a "native" coin, just like on Binance. Among other things, the founders continue to regularly "burn" BNB tokens, which positively affects the price of Binance Coin.        Looking at the BNB exchange rate chart, it is worth saying that Binance Coin is deservedly included in our TOP 10 cryptocurrencies, because its value has almost doubled over the past few weeks. In addition, the current price even exceeds the indicator of the winter of 2018, when absolutely all cryptocurrencies grew. Read more: What is an ICO?             Tether (USDT)The Tether cryptocurrency is a coin that became the first stablecoin that gained popularity in the crypto world. The Realcoin project, launched in July 2014 by the vice president of the world-famous Starbucks company, marked the beginning of this coin. The idea was to create a cryptocurrency, the price of which would be pegged to the dollar exchange rate. However, this cryptocurrency was not in demand, and therefore a full rebranding was carried out a couple of months later. Immediately after that, Tether was added to one of the largest exchanges, Bitfinex.    Tether is one of the most scandalous cryptocurrencies in the entire crypto world. The coin has earned this reputation from the very beginning. The creators said that Tether and the Bitfinex crypto exchange are not connected in any way, but later the Paradise Papers documents surfaced, which confirmed the connection between the companies.Another scandal is related to the fact that Tether Limited could not prove the security of tokens with fiat assets, since it never conducted open audits. And in the spring of 2019, information surfaced on the network that some of the coins are provided with bitcoin.Tether is a fully centralized cryptocurrency. The issue of tokens and verification of payments is handled by Tether Limited, and to work with tokens, you need to pass verification.However, despite all the disadvantages described above and the presence of promising competitors in the face of younger stablecoins, Tether still remains the leader in this category of cryptocurrencies. At the time of writing, the cost of one token is $1 with a capitalization of almost $3.4 billion. However, over the entire history of the coin's existence, its value has varied between $0.91- $1.06.Read more: What are Stablecoins and how do they differ from other cryptocurrenciesStellar (XLM)The next is Stellar, which was created under the slogan "people's cryptocurrency", in contrast to the XRP cryptocurrency, on the basis of which it was originally launched.To be more precise, Jed McCaleb, one of the founders of Ripple, left the project in 2014, deciding to launch his own crypto product. From the very beginning, the Stellar cryptocurrency worked on the Ripple blockchain, but in 2015 the team rebranded and transferred the coin to its own blockchain called the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP). The tokens also received a new name-Lumens.The creators did not conduct an ICO, but the project has a major investor - the Stripe company, which invested $3 million in Stellar. The coin confirmed its status as a "people's cryptocurrency" by the fact that, unlike Ripple, it made mining available to everyone. However, as a reward, nodes receive only small commissions, which does not greatly encourage users to become miners.The goal of creating the Stellar cryptocurrency is to create a network for fast and cheap payments that are accessible to ordinary users, and not banks, as in the case of Ripple. Regardless of the transfer amount, you need to pay a commission of 0.00001 XLM (~$0.00000126 at the exchange rate at the time of writing this article). One of the huge advantages of this coin is the support of fiat currencies, thanks to which you can make cheap transfers even to countries where there is no technical possibility to use cryptocurrencies.The Stellar protocol initially includes an annual inflation rate of 1%, so 1 billion new XLMs are issued every year.Read more: Causes of inflation and scientific approaches to their studyCardano (ADA)This is a new generation cryptocurrency, which the developers themselves position as "Blockchain 3.0". The idea of creating this coin belongs to one person named Chals Hoskins, but there are three companies behind the creation and development of Cardano — IOHK, Emurgo and the Cardano Foundation.Work on the Cardano cryptocurrency began back in 2015, but the coin was presented to the crypto world only in 2017. The development was carried out with the money raised through the ICO - a total of $63 million was raised after the sale of almost 60% of the tokens from the total amount of 45 billion ADA. Interestingly, 95% of all tokens at the ICO were purchased by Japanese investors.    Cardano is not just a cryptocurrency for making payments in a decentralized environment, it is a whole ecosystem for creating dApps, conducting voting and many other functions. It is a direct competitor to Ethereum, but Cardano offers anonymity, higher speed of payments, advanced smart contracts. In addition, according to the developers, the cryptocurrency offers the user a higher level of security by working on the Ouroboros consensus algorithm — the first and so far the only protocol with mathematically proven security. In addition, according to the "roadmap", developers will implement algorithms for protection against quantum attack.  But despite such innovative solutions and ambitious plans, Cardano is currently experiencing difficult times in the cryptocurrency market. The price of one coin is now $0.09 compared to the peak of $1.15 in January 2018. At the same time, the current capitalization is $ 2.35 billion:       ...
Is it worth investing in cryptocurrency
Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Ethereum/USD, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin/USD, cryptocurrency, S&P 500, index, PayPal, stock, Coinbase, stock, Advanced Micro Devices, stock, Is it worth investing in cryptocurrency Over the past few decades, the world has been rapidly moving from fiat money to digital money. Our settlement means are not unique metal disks with stamped portraits, and not paper rectangles with watermarks and unique numbers. Today, the means of settlement in transactions is a set of zeros and ones stored in a certain memory cell on the bank's server. At the same time, two main parameters are preserved: each digital ruble/dollar/yuan is unique and can be identified and accounted for, and there is a high level of trust in the electronic settlement system of settlement participants, since it is regulated by governments, federal systems and central banks.The emergence of blockchain technology, a decentralized continuous sequential chain of blocks with unique data in each, made it possible to create digital units that meet the requirements for monetary signs regarding the uniqueness of each unit. They are created using a special cryptographic cipher, therefore they are called a cryptocurrency. Their main difference from other digital money is that their "issuer" can be not banks authorized by the Government, but almost everyone. The question of trust in such money, and, therefore, the final acceptance of it as money or recognition of it as a big fake of our time, has been solved right before our eyes over the past few years. Many analysts say that cryptocurrency is the currency of the future. The only question is when exactly this future will come. The first Bitcoin crypto coin already has in its history periods of enchanting take-off, and no less loud falls. In this article, we will try to understand the main questions that investors need to know the answers to when making a decision to invest in cryptocurrency or not:Blockchain technology and how it is used in cryptocurrencies.Pros and cons of cryptocurrencies.Trends and prospects of cryptocurrency.Ways to invest in cryptocurrencies.How to invest in cryptocurrency on the stock market.Blockchain technology and how it is used in cryptocurrenciesBlockchain is a decentralized database that is designed to store sequentially connected blocks with a set of characteristics (version, creation date, information about previous actions in the network). A simplified example of such a structure is a metal chain in which you can not break or swap the links, you can only add one new one to it; then another, and another, ad infinitum. It is important that the links are added one by one and always have the "imprint" of the previous link, the one to which they are attached. Also, the blockchain chain can be represented as a book with the ability to add pages, but without the ability to delete or change existing ones.Movement in such a system, or calculations, occur through transactions. In this case, the transaction, despite the similarity of the terms, is not what is meant by a simple money transfer. When we make payments using a bank card, information is received from the data warehouse of one bank to the storage of another – such and such a person has enough funds in his account and is currently performing a transfer operation of a certain amount. At the same time, physical paper money confirming the possibility of such a transfer should lie in the vault of the first bank and at some point move to the vault of the second. During a transaction, a special script is executed in the blockchain system, a certain note with data is written, information is processed inside the network. As if on the last page of our book, at the moment of writing, the following information appeared sequentially: "Mike transferred to Nick 70 euro"; "John transferred to Joanna 25 cents"... Several thousand such records can be stored within one block. When the memory in a block runs out, it is closed, signed and transferred to a new block in the form of a hash or "fingerprint". A hash is a certain set of characters that carries a unique fingerprint. It is formed based on what transactions and in what quantity each block stores in itself. During each transaction, the system checks the entire sequence of hashes for their integrity and immutability. After going through the entire chain, the system returns to the final block and confirms the correctness of the data so that this block can also be closed.The chain data is stored simultaneously on a large number of individual computers and is checked by the system during transactions for identity. If someone wants to make changes to the cell by adding an additional couple of hundred coins to themselves, then the other participants of the system will not confirm such a block change, and the data will simply not be recorded. And since the number of users in these systems is several million, even if you agree with a couple of hundred of them, you will not be able to make changes. You can only change the block that is written here and now; no postings are "retroactively" possible.At any given time, hundreds, if not thousands of people participate in the process of buying and selling crypto coins. A special miner program on one of the computers analyzes the applications in the queue, processes them and writes them to the block. In order for this data to be accepted by the system, the miner sends the final decision, that is, the calculated hashes, to the network, where the result is checked and confirmed by other miners. If the calculations are accepted by the majority, the block receives a mark confirming its correctness.Since the basis of the reliability of the blockchain system is a cryptographic cipher, cryptographic keys are required for conducting transactions. These are unique sets of characters and numbers that the system will generate independently and present to any participant of the blockchain at the time of registration. Each participant has a public key and a private key. The public key allows all network participants to see data that is not private. By analogy with digital payments, this is like the number of a digital wallet or a bank account that everyone can know. In this case, the private key is similar to the password from the wallet or from the online banking system, according to which all actions are performed with the account or wallet.It is worth noting that blockchain is a technology that was created not only for use in cryptocurrencies.Cryptocurrency and transactions with it are just one of the ways to use it, but its possibilities are much wider.Read more: What are AltcoinsPros and cons of cryptocurrenciesDespite the fact that crypto coins are not coins in the literal sense of the word – they simply do not have a material embodiment, they still have "two sides of the coin". Let's start with the advantages:Anonymity. When crediting money to a bank account, any user provides the bank and all related systems with a lot of information about himself, without which the account simply will not be opened, and the money will not be credited.  When making calculations, the banking structure analyzes a lot of information about us: passport data, registration address, family composition, sources of our income, the presence of debts… We provide this data ourselves by signing an agreement on the processing of personal data. Then our data gets into the database, and leaks often occur from there. In addition, a number of bank employees have access to the database, which is not pleasant for everyone. There is no such thing in cryptocurrency. All that is known about the participant of the chain is the digits of its public key. No personal data is transferred anywhere, and it is not requested; there is simply no need for them. This quality of the crypt is very valuable in our age, when information has become the "oil of the 21st century".No intermediaries in transactions. Since all data changes are made programmatically, no bank employees, employees of depositories and other "third parties" are required in the process. Unlike, say, bank transfers: when transferring money, the client should not blindly rely on the quality of the banking system and the integrity of all participants; it does not take a long time for the process itself (with bank transfers, sometimes the crediting period is 3-5 working days due to verification procedures). You do not need to open additional accounts for transfers to other countries; calculations in cryptocurrency have no boundaries.The impossibility of falsification and theft. The simultaneous storage of data on many computers in different parts of the world and the transparency of exchange operations makes it impossible for any forgeries, as well as transfers without confirmation by all participants. Moreover, the more participants are involved in the process, the more reliable the system becomes; such a "snake biting its tail": the more reliable the coin, the more users it attracts, the more reliable it becomes.The issue limit. There are two limiters here. The first, simple, is set by the author of the coin, and can be changed only by agreement of the majority of network participants. For example, Bitcoin has an issue limit of 21 million units. This information is also contained in the block data. But there are coins without a preset limit. For example, the currently popular Ethereum does not have a certain release limit. However, for any crypto coin, there is a release limit associated with the computing power of the network. As follows from the process of adding blocks to the chain described above (and the appearance of a new volume of coins is carried out in the same way), it takes quite a lot of energy and a certain period of time. As the chain grows, each subsequent block takes longer and more difficult to form. By the way, this aspect indirectly affects the increase in the value of coins with a large number of participants. In addition, for the "extraction" of each subsequent coin, a higher computing power of the equipment is required, which means that the financial costs for its acquisition are higher.Decentralization. The process of the emergence of cryptocurrencies is not regulated by any banks, reserve systems or governments. Even the creators themselves cannot control this process. A lot of people included in the chain issue and manage the movement of crypto coins. In such a situation, it is impossible to introduce restrictions on the distribution of coins. The absence of a single central data custodian (for example, a central server in a bank) also excludes a situation in which one accident will disable the entire payment system.But crypto also has its drawbacksThe absence of "responsible persons" and the possibility of insurance. When opening a bank deposit, you can insure it. If your funds in the bank account are attacked by intruders, the banking security system will be responsible for your funds. This is impossible with cryptocurrency. De-personification of stored data automatically makes it impossible to recover digital keys; if the owner of the key (and the cryptocurrency) did not hide the key carefully enough, or, on the contrary, too carefully and eventually lost it himself, it is impossible to restore the key.All coins belonging to this owner will automatically disappear from circulation. It is also impossible to cancel transactions carried out by scammers who have gained access to the private key. Full responsibility for the safety of funds lies only with the owner.High volatility. The chart below shows the four most popular cryptocurrencies in comparison with the S&P 500 index. The exchange rate of each of the currencies is influenced by a lot of factors that do not matter for the rates of major currencies or, for example, securities ("What affects the value of shares"). A new company or even the smallest state that has announced the possibility of settlements in a particular cryptocurrency raises quotes up with the speed of a rocket. Negative news drops them down with the same speed. We can say that the main factor of any money – the degree of trust in it by those who actually use it-is being formed right now, before our eyes. The statements of media personalities, authors of literary bestsellers, financial gurus-everything affects the change of course. One of the most popular "crypto trolls" has recently become Elon Musk. As a result of one of his tweets in January of this year, the exchange rate of the coin jumped by almost 20%.A few months after Tesla promised to start accepting tokens as payment, the company abruptly abandoned this idea. Elon Musk wrote about this decision on his page in mid-May, and this brought down the bitcoin exchange rate by 15%.Lack of a legal basis. This is probably the "weakest point" of all cryptocurrencies. At the moment, there are a number of positive facts: in Germany, bitcoins are recognized as a settlement currency, in Japan, Bitcoin is a legal tender with a purchase tax. Switzerland is subject to the same rules for cryptocurrencies as for foreign currencies, and this country is one of the most favorable jurisdictions for Bitcoin startups. The Singapore authorities consider cryptocurrency as a cross between an exchange-traded asset and ordinary money; crypto coins can be exchanged for goods and services, activities with them are taxed on a par with investment instruments. Cryptocurrency has also been legalized in the United States; as follows from the conclusion of the Supreme Court of 2016, "Bitcoin is money in the literal sense of this term.". It would seem that global trends support the development of the crypto market. But recent events in China have shown the fragility of the current position of “people's” money. By one legislative act, the Chinese government banned banks and financial organizations from dealing with cryptocurrency, citing its high volatility and unpredictability, and therefore a danger to large financial structures. Negative statements were made at the beginning of 2021 from other governments, including the United States and Canada. The instability and inability to influence the exchange rate of digital coins cause concern for the safety of the well-being of people investing in them. There was talk of creating internal crypto coins at the state level. If this happens, there is a high probability of banning the "people's" crypt at all levels in support of the "state" crypt.Read more: Blockchain technology: how it works and where it is usedCryptocurrency trends and prospectsAt the moment, cryptocurrencies obey the standard laws of the market and are regulated by the simple impact of supply and demand on them. The number of participants in the crypto market has long exceeded the limit of a million people, so this market cannot simply disappear in the near future. Looking at what is happening now in this market, we can identify the main trends for the near future:Increase in the number of users. With the increase in the number of manufacturers accepting bitcoin and altcoins as a means of payment, the number of users who are ready to try the new currency both as a settlement tool and as an investment option, at least in small, cautious volumes, is also increasing;Tightening of regulation of the cryptocurrency market by states. Similar bills are being prepared now in many countries, including those who were leaders in the adoption of cryptocurrency as a means of payment: Canada, the United States, Switzerland;An increase in the number of cryptocurrencies, the development of "young" cryptocoins and the expansion of infrastructure opportunities due to competition. Technologies in the modern world are developing at an insane speed. Blockchain technology is no different from the rest; and already today, the system on which the "old man" Bitcoin was founded and continues to develop is significantly inferior to the newly emerging coins in terms of security, transparency and infrastructure convenience. This situation, coupled with a large number of coins on the crypto market, will sooner or later lead to increased competition between systems and, consequently, to the modernization and expansion of the capabilities of the systems themselves, as well as to a decrease in the level of transaction fees.Ways to invest in cryptocurrenciesIt is possible to invest in the crypto market both directly, by buying cryptocoins directly, and indirectly in various ways: by purchasing ETFs (ETF funds), buying futures contracts for Bitcoin, or by purchasing shares of companies related to cryptocurrencies. Both direct and indirect investments have their advantages and disadvantages.Read more: What are futures: types, features, advantages and risksThe advantages of direct investment include the following:By buying Bitcoin or another crypto coin, an investor acquires a kind of currency that has solvency in the market. In other words, having a cryptocoin in your wallet, in a number of countries you can purchase goods or pay for services with these units, without exchanging them for fiat money;As an object of investment, most of the cryptocoins, especially if you choose the most popular ones for investment, have high liquidity. Even if there is no possibility of direct payment for goods and services, you can exchange the crypt and get electronic money into your wallet in a very short time;Given the high volatility of cryptocoins, a good entry point can provide an investor with a very high level of income. In this case, it is important not to miss the right exit point for fixing this income.Among the disadvantages of directly buying cryptocurrency as an investment, the following should be noted:The low level of the possibility of forecasts. Given the large number of factors affecting the crypt, it is very difficult to assess the probability of a coin rising and falling; the risk level is close to the banal casino;The possibility of losing all invested funds. If the world governments still come to the conclusion about the rejection of the "people's currency" as a settlement tool and decide to ban it as a financial settlement tool, there are risks that all the funds invested by investors will turn into zero;The complexity of choosing an investment cryptocoin. Bitcoin and Ethereum, due to their high popularity, are approaching the limit of their possible profitability. Those who did not have time to buy them at the start, now they can no longer count on serious profits. Other, less popular coins still retain this possibility. However, it is very, very difficult to understand this variety and guess which of them will "work";The need to enter specialized exchanges to buy an asset and create special wallets for storing it. A high level of digital security is required to ensure the safety of;Among the disadvantages of directly buying cryptocurrency as an investment, the following should be noted:The low level of the possibility of forecasts. Given the large number of factors affecting the crypt, it is very difficult to assess the probability of a coin rising and falling; the risk level is close to the banal casino;The possibility of losing all invested funds. If the world governments still come to the conclusion about the rejection of the "people's currency" as a settlement tool and decide to ban it as a financial settlement tool, there are risks that all the funds invested by investors will turn into zero;The complexity of choosing an investment crypto coin. Bitcoin and Ethereum, due to their high popularity, are approaching the limit of their possible profitability. Those who did not have time to buy them at the start, now they can no longer count on serious profits. Other, less popular coins still retain this possibility. However, it is very, very difficult to understand this variety and guess which of them will "work";The need to enter specialized exchanges to buy an asset and create special wallets for storing it. A high level of digital security is required to ensure the safety of;The presence of a spread between the purchase price and the sale price and the commission for the purchase. To make a profit, you need to wait for the sale price for the volume available in the wallet to exceed both of these cost factors.Investments in ETFs, ETP and ETN on bitcoin have the following advantages:The volatility of such funds is somewhat lower than the volatility of the coin itself. Diversification of assets within funds somewhat smooths out price fluctuations;When buying fund units, the investor avoids the issues of purchasing and storing cryptocoins, issues of spreads and commissions. The only additional expenditure component in this case will be the commission of the fund itself. For different funds, the commission is from 0.4 to 2.5%;A number of funds (but not all) have insurance against risks.Read more: Exchange Trade Funds (ETF)Unfortunately, there are more disadvantages:All traded funds are quite young, and most of them appeared on the markets only a year or two ago, so they do not have historical returns, based on which it would be possible to assess their investment prospects;At the time of writing, there are only four ETF funds for cryptocurrency on the world markets; the remaining funds are of the ETN type. ETN funds, having similarities with ETFs, have a different internal essence; they are not backed by physical assets, and are debt obligations issued by a large bank or other financial institution. In the event of an ETF bankruptcy, the fund's management has the opportunity to sell off assets and return some of the funds to investors; in the event of an ETN bankruptcy, the investor completely loses his investments;A number of funds, in addition to the management fee, take a premium for profitability, sometimes reaching 20%;The composition of the funds is not determined by the investor. When buying shares of the fund, it is necessary, along with assets in which there is a desire to invest, to acquire other assets in which there may be great doubts.How to invest in cryptocurrency on the stock marketAnother type of indirect investment in cryptocurrency is the purchase of shares of companies related to cryptocurrency. This type is devoid of the disadvantages of direct investment, since the procedures for buying and storing shares are long-established and understandable, and the volatility of stock prices of companies associated with the crypto market is not as high as that of the cryptocurrency itself, since these companies are engaged in the production of products and services of various types, and therefore are to some extent stabilized by these additional goods and services. Shares can be selected point-by-point, and no additional commissions are required for their purchase. Therefore, there are also no disadvantages of investments that are typical for cryptocurrency ETFs in this type of investment.A precise selection of high-quality assets allows a competent investor, on the one hand, to invest in such a highly interesting market as cryptocurrencies, and on the other, a careful choice of specific stocks will allow avoiding the huge risks associated with the world of tokenized money.Coinbase (COIN)Coinbase Global is one of the leading providers of complex financial infrastructure and technologies for the crypto market, and at the time of writing, it owns one of the first crypto platforms created that allow customers to store their savings in a wide range of crypto assets – more than 50 types of crypto coins. The company is the leader in trading volumes among American exchanges that trade crypto: $3.33 billion worth of cryptocurrency is sold and bought on Coinbase per day. The platform ranks eighth among the world's cryptocurrency exchanges. This is the first cryptocurrency exchange traded on the stock market. Coinbase was founded in 2012, went public on April 14 of this year with a share price of $ 250; in a short time, the price soared by 70% to$ 429, and then fell to the level of $ 228 per share and remains approximately at this level for several months. Meanwhile, the company's financial indicators are excellent. In the first quarter of 2021, the exchange's revenue soared 9.5 times compared to the same quarter last year — from $190 million to $1.8 billion. The result exceeded the entire revenue of Coinbase for 2020 ($1.14 billion). Net profit was $730-800 million, which is also much higher than earnings for the whole of 2020 ($322 million). In the first quarter of 2021 alone, Coinbase attracted 13 million users. Despite the fact that the company currently has 56 million customers in total. Monthly users  that is, those who performed at least one operation during the month were 6.1 million people in the first quarter, twice as many as in the previous quarter (2.8 million). The P/E multiplier is about 9 times higher than the average for the sector, but at the same time the PEG is only 0.6, which indicates not overheated growth.Read more: The history of the Coinbase exchangeSquare (SQ)Square is an American company of the technology sector, founded in 2009 and developing equipment and software for receiving and processing electronic payments. The company was one of the first to actively develop and implement specialized applications for payments and cryptocurrency trading. By the end of 2020, more than half of the company's revenue was generated from the direction of cryptocurrencies. This company earns both on the growth of cryptocurrency prices, when a large number of investors buy it, and on the fall, when many sell their assets. The company's financial indicators are growing from quarter to quarter. Similar to the previous company, the P/E of the shares is quite high and is 309, which is about 8.8 times higher than the average for the sector, but the growth of the shares is provided by a more rapid growth in revenue and profit, as a result of which the PEG multiplier of 0.7 indicates a non-overheated growth in the share price.Advanced Micro Device (AMD)Advanced Micro Devices is engaged in the development, production and sale of microprocessors, chipsets, chipset motherboards, discrete and integrated graphics processors, etc. In particular, it produces a line of high-performance video cards that are designed directly for mining cryptocurrencies. The company has been operating since 1969. The production of products is completely carried out by third-party contractors located in different countries of the world. The growth in the number of cryptocurrency miners, among other things, affects a significant increase in the demand for the company's products; its chips and video cards. At the time of writing, the company holds a 29% share of the video card market. The company's financial indicators are steadily growing. The P/E multiplier corresponds to the market value.PayPal Holding Company (PYPL)PayPal Holdings is an American company that manages a worldwide online payment system. PayPal Holdings operates almost all over the world, the operation of the payment system allows customers to send, receive and store funds in 25 currencies of the world. PayPal Holdings competes with all forms of payment: cash and checks; payment platforms for electronic, mobile and e-commerce; blockchain technologies and digital currencies. The competitive advantages of PayPal are the global scale of its activities, the ability to make uninterrupted transactions in different markets and in different networks, the reliability of the system and data security, the ease of integration into mobile applications and operating systems. The payment system provided access to cryptocurrency back in November 2020, and in April of this year, the Checkout with Crypto Service was launched, allowing users to pay with cryptocurrency around the world. Now it is possible to convert bitcoins, ether, bitcoin cash and litecoins into fiat currencies for making purchases without a commission from the company, as well as without paying for storing cryptomonets. At the same time, the company itself has existed since 2002 and has long held a strong position on the stock market. The stable growth of indicators, which cannot be affected even by serious crises, speaks for itself.From the point of view of investment valuation, the company is valued significantly more expensive than the average sector level. However, in the current situation, this should be regarded as a persistent expectation of participants for a significant increase in revenue and profit of the company.ConclusionNewly emerging technologies in the stock market cause a stir among investors. Each novelty that has attracted enough attention and received a credit of trust from market participants can soar high in a short time and create a couple of dozen new millionaires and billionaires. At the same time, a reasonable investor is far from the "casino principle" and understands that creating a serious state and preserving it requires deliberate steps and investments in truly promising technologies for a long period.Observing the newly appeared and so far extremely unstable cryptocurrency in its trend, for the current day it seems that the safest investments are in those instruments that will grow both on the wave of rising interest in the crypt, and during periods of recession and "sell-off". These are shares of companies that are somehow connected with the crypto market, but thanks to the wide diversification of activities, they are able to maintain their financial stability even in the event of a failure of the "crypto idea".In addition, the crypto market is an area that is already at the stage of overheating, so there is a risk that investments in this area in the short term will not bring investors super profits similar to those received by investors who became owners of cryptocurrency a year or more ago. However, this is not the only area that opens up wide opportunities for investors. But the list of industries that can radically change our lives tomorrow is far from being limited to those considered. In addition, we must always remember that the prospects of the industry does not directly determine the prospects of all the companies that form it. The investment value of a company is determined, in addition to the activity profile, by fundamental factors that can be identified only on the basis of an in-depth ...
The SEC fined the crypto exchange Poloniex for $10 million
EOS/USD, cryptocurrency, Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, IOTA/USD, cryptocurrency, NEO/USD, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Nem/USD, cryptocurrency, The SEC fined the crypto exchange Poloniex for $10 million The regulator believes that the crypto exchange traded securities in the United States without a corresponding licenseSEC fined the crypto exchange Poloniex for $10 millionThe Poloniex crypto exchange registered in the Seychelles received a fine of more than $10 million from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).The SEC issued a fine for the operation of an "unregistered online digital asset exchange" in the period from July 2017 to November 2019.According to the regulator, Poloniex traded digital assets that were securities. For these operations, the crypto exchange needed to obtain a special license, which it did not do, according to the SEC.The Commission clarifies that in 2017, the management of Poloniex decided to "aggressively" increase its market share by listing digital assets. Such assets are essentially investment contracts, which means that they are securities, the regulator explains.The SEC notes that Poloniex gradually got rid of such assets, but until November 2019, it continued to trade them in limited quantities. Such operations continued until the crypto exchange sold its trading platform.Poloniex agreed to pay a fine of $10.3 million, while not denying or admitting their guilt.Read more: Listing of securities on the stock ...
How to start trading cryptocurrencies
Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Ethereum/USD, cryptocurrency, Monero/USD, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin/USD, cryptocurrency, How to start trading cryptocurrencies Working with virtual currency is somewhat different from conventional trading and has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Having completed training in cryptocurrency trading, you can eventually make a profit incomparable with that offered by many popular types of online earnings. However, starting such an activity, you need to be prepared for losses, especially on the first pairs. If you start working without understanding the intricacies of financial market analysis and using only price movement indicators, trading on cryptocurrency can become a real disaster. To minimize such an outcome, it is important to understand how the cryptocurrency market works and what factors should be taken into account in their activities.Types of cryptocurrencies and their featuresDue to its features, cryptocurrency is a popular tool for trading and exchanging virtual money. Crypto trading courses allow beginners in this field to understand how to make money on this type of currency and increase the available capital. To understand the basics of trading cryptocurrencies, it is worth first considering their features and varieties:Bitcoin is an independent currency that is not controlled by any country in the world. Those who want to understand where to start trading cryptocurrencies should clearly understand what bitcoin is. The exchange rate of this currency is influenced by any facts and actions taking place in the global economy, so if there is a crisis somewhere, it can be unequivocally stated that the bitcoin exchange rate will change.Ethereum is a decentralized computing platform created on the basis of its own blockchain. Its work is based on complex smart contracts. The currency of the same name is traded on exchanges, is used inside the system and allows you to transfer virtual money cheaply. The adaptability of Ethereum makes it an indispensable tool for blockchain applications.Litecoin is a popular digital currency created on the code base of bitcoin. The advantages of Litecoins include its high liquidity, as well as the ability to mine cryptocurrency. It is faster than bitcoin and has a large number of algorithms, which makes Litecoin easy to use.Monero is a currency based on the CryptoNote protocol, which ensures maximum security and confidentiality of transactions. CryptoNote does not allow you to trace transaction blocks, thanks to ring signatures that exclude such a possibility.In addition to these, there are other options. Most of them are an attempt to capitalize on demand and attract new investors. Learning how to trade cryptocurrencies will help you figure out which ones are worth paying attention to, and which ones are better left aside.The price of cryptocurrencies is highly variable. This creates favorable conditions for trading and allows you to quickly earn impressive capital by closing only a few successful transactions. But the risks in this direction are much higher. To do this, you need to clearly understand the intricacies of the process and spend some time on training. We highly do not recommend "stuffing bumps" on your mistakes. A good course will save a few lost deposits.Read more When Bitcoin appeared: telling the story of BTCCryptocurrency trading strategies allow you to trade around the clock. There are no time-limited exchanges here, and there is no centrally set exchange rate either. This situation creates ideal prerequisites for earning money, and cryptocurrency trading lessons will help to understand the intricacies of the process.How to invest in cryptocurrencies with the least risk?Training in crypto trading helps to place investments correctly and understand how not to lose the invested funds. If you decide to start crypto trading from scratch, you should use simple tips that will help you save your invested money and increase it as much as possible:Control the size of the investment – you should not invest more than you are willing to lose.Invest not only in Bitcoin. There are a lot of virtual currencies on the market that also have a certain value. It is better to choose 3-5 options at the same time, so you can insure yourself if one of the types of crypts suddenly subsides. Among successful traders there is an unspoken rule "do not put eggs in one basket" – follow it and you.Use hedging. To minimize price risks at the time of opening a position in one market, open an equal, but opposite-directed transaction in another. Precious metals and stocks of stable companies will be a great help and reduce the risk associated with investing only in crypto assets.Learning to earn money on cryptocurrency will help you understand the subtleties of the process and minimize actions that can lead to the loss of invested funds. In any case, this is just the beginning of the way, but having figured out how to learn how to trade on the cryptocurrency exchange, you will be able to develop your own strategies in the process that can protect you from the loss of invested capital.Read more: Everything you need to know about Ethereum (ETH)The basics that a trader cannot do without.Learning to trade cryptocurrencies from scratch begins with an analysis of the basic concepts, without which it will not be possible to do in the future.Among the key aspects , it is worth highlighting the following:Cryptocurrency. This is the name given to the form of electronic money, for the storage of which not centralized accounts are used, but a blockchain network. Cryptocurrencies are variable – some are quite popular and cause increased interest among traders, others have only recently appeared and should be treated with caution. No one knows how this or that currency will "shoot" over time. For example, those who were not afraid to invest in bitcoin at the dawn of its formation, managed to "raise" about 800% of profits in just a year.Block. Every operation that takes place on the bitcoin network is recorded in a 1 MB file called a block. We can say that this is a kind of registry that contains information about the last few transactions made on the bitcoin network.Blockchain. This is a virtual database in the form of blocks containing data on the number of coins stored in the account and transactions with them. The information that is recorded in the blockchain is either a list of transactions or a time frame for registering wallets. You can view the necessary information at the wallet address, if it is known.Trading cryptocurrency on the stock exchange is an exciting business, but not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Therefore, before you start, you should learn as much as possible about the process and undergo special training.Read more: What is Litecoin?Why do I need to learn cryptotrading?Newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies often do not think about how much they need to know and take into account in their activities so that trading on the stock exchange brings profit. Studying cryptocurrency trading for beginners, you can understand:what are the different types of crypto trading and identify the pros and cons of each of them;how and what can be traded on the crypto exchange;what kind of profit can you get in the end, and how to achieve it;how to effectively manage the invested capital so as not to burn out;risk management rules;what is the difference between short-term and long-term trading plans, and how to make each of them.After taking courses under the guidance of an experienced trader, you will be able to understand what stage the cryptocurrency market is at at the moment and how to determine with the greatest probability what will happen next. This knowledge will be useful not only for beginners, but also for those who already have minimal experience in working with the crypt.Read more: Crypto wallet: the most important & practical tipsHow to start studying cryptotrading?Earning on cryptocurrency does not require large investments of time and money, but to get started, you will have to undergo special training.Please note that cryptocurrency is a high-risk asset. The level of risks is incomparable with trading, for example, on stock exchanges.It is best to use the help of professionals, because each cryptocurrency trading course has its own characteristics.Based on their professional experience, successful traders create their own and adapt existing strategies taking into account current trends. After completing a good course of study, beginners receive a detailed "roadmap" that allows them to start their own path in the world of cryptocurrency trading from beginner to pro ...
What are Altcoins
Cardano/USD, cryptocurrency, Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Ethereum/USD, cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, cryptocurrency, Shiba Inu, cryptocurrency, Binance Coin, cryptocurrency, Polkadot, cryptocurrency, What are Altcoins The crypto industry continues to develop rapidly and the total number of virtual coins has exceeded the mark of 10,000 projects. The main goal of the release of a new digital asset is the desire of developers to create an independent payment network for fast and secure mutual settlements.The most popular crypto coin is still considered to be the patriarch of blockchain assets Bitcoin. This is the universally recognized king of cryptography, maintaining its status as the first and most expensive cryptocurrency on the market. Its name has become synonymous with the term cryptocurrency, but there are also many alternative projects.Read more: When Bitcoin appeared: telling the story of BTCPeople who do not have practical skills in working with virtual financial instruments are poorly versed in all the nuances of this area. Therefore, they often know almost nothing about the existence of other digital currencies with high potential. Having scrupulously studied the innovative sphere of blockchain technologies and digital payments, the user will learn about alternative cryptocurrencies to bitcoin, belonging to the altcoin category.Before investing money in any crypto project, you need to understand what this digital currency is. We will now present you a detailed overview of the characteristic features of violas and brief stories of the most popular projects.ContentWhat is Altcoin?Feature of coinsTypes of altcoins and mining methodsTOP 10 popular altcoinsWhat do you need to know before investing?Where can I buy altcoins?Where to store altcoins?ConclusionWhat is Altcoin?In simple words, alcoins are all cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin. The first Bitcoin virtual coin, created in 2008 by the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto, remains unique and unrepeatable, but progress cannot be stopped and inspired by the success of the first blockchain project, cryptographers began to develop alternative payment networks. They strive to make cryptocurrency payments even faster and more reliable, introduce innovative technologies in all spheres of life, and transfer the world economy to cyberspace.Read more: Who is Satoshi Nakamoto This is how modified digital coins with different purposes appeared. They use their own unique blockchain networks for their work, and are not copies of the first cryptocurrency. Of course, there are virtual coins that have arisen as a result of a branch of the main Bitcoin chain, that is, modified copies, or as they are also called in another way, hard forks, but this is still a separate category. We are now talking about completely new resources created on an individual basis. New altcoins can either directly compete with bitcoin as a means of payment, or be created for other purposes. All this abundance of virtual payment assets can be designated by the term altcoin, which means "alternative coin" in translation.Many altcoins are very similar to bitcoin in that they:They are created during the mining processThey are based on a peer-to-peer network, and, therefore, are completely decentralizedThey strive to offer a cheaper and more efficient way to make transactions and purchases on the Internet.Altcoins have become extremely popular recently due to the rise in Bitcoin prices and the expensive mining process. Bitcoin mining has become almost inaccessible for most users, so crypto enthusiasts choose more economical options. Some altcoins do not represent anything special at all, but only try to replace Bitcoin. Others, such as the same Ether, were developed with the goal of becoming a worldwide computer and can be used as a platform for creating decentralized applications. Some alternative crypto projects are experimenting with code or new security features that can later be implemented in the bitcoin protocol.There are also fundamentally other types of altcoins, these are stable coins, security tokens and service tokens.Stablecoins are coins tied to an existing asset, such as the US dollar or euro. The meaning of linking a virtual coin to a traditional financial asset is a real reduction in the volatility of the exchange rateSecurity tokens are a form of investment contract that gives the consumer the right to participate in the management of the company and the distribution of profits. They are usually related to business, so there are stricter rules for the purchase and transfer of security tokens.Service tokens provide the user with access to a particular web service. For example, Filecoin token holders can spend cryptocurrency to gain access to the Filecoin decentralized peer-to-peer network, which stores files on the Internet.Not all altcoins were created with serious intentions. There are coins dedicated to dogs (Dogecoin), potatoes (Potatocoin) or Kanye West (Coinye). But, even such "comic" cryptocurrencies, under certain conditions, can get into the TOP 10 of the rating by capitalization, which was demonstrated this year by the digital asset Dogecoin. One video on the social network Tiktok and a couple of tweets from Elon Musk was enough for a native. The meme cryptocurrency, which had not previously risen above $ 0.01, suddenly rose sharply to $ 0.731578 in 2021. However, then the exchange rate fell somewhat, nevertheless, the Great Dane is ahead of such well-known altos as Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin in terms of capitalization. The dog coin has copycat projects, the most famous of them is the Shiba Inu token issued according to the ERC-20 standard.Read more: What is Litecoin?This year, the alternative coins Polygon (MATIC), Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA) and a number of other young projects also showed quite high growth. Of course, not in every case, altcoin becomes more expensive only because a certain group of major market players showed a purely speculative interest in it. Many promising coins have been issued that are really trying to compete with bitcoin and offer very interesting solutions to the problems of practical use of distributed ledger technology. But at a time when the market is so-called "overheated" and the sharks of crypto trading are in a hurry to increase their capital, such projects often fall into the category of undeservedly forgotten. It happens that this is facilitated by a weak marketing policy of the team.Formally, altcoins do not depend on the state of affairs of the main cryptocurrency BTC, their value is regulated by the law of supply and demand. But this rule partially works with respect to well-known and well-promoted blockchain projects. Young cryptocurrencies and underdeveloped systems that have failed to withstand competition and occupy a worthy niche in cyberspace react harshly to the fluctuations in the exchange rate of digital gold – Bitcoin. However, to one degree or another, the volatility of bitcoin affects the entire cryptocurrency market.Read more: What are Stablecoins and how do they differ from other cryptocurrenciesFeature of coinsCompared to fiat money or bitcoin, altos have a number of positive aspects that arouse the interest of large investors and ordinary users.Altcoins are:Convenience and accessibility in use;Good liquidity;Higher execution speed than Bitcoin transactions;Cheap mining equipment;High level of privacy;Stable access to financial instruments.Altcoins have an improved program code that allows you to expand the possibilities of using cryptocurrency.Of course, altcoins are not without drawbacks. First of all, it should be noted:Abrupt fluctuations in the exchange rate. Investors react violently to the news of the crypto market, statements of politicians and business sharks. Fluctuations in quotations and prices provoke the most insignificant changes and innovations of the blockchain industry. One or two comments from influential people on Facebook or Twitter can seriously affect the course of altcoins and decide the fate of a young project.There is a high risk of losing the trust of the community. Promising altcoins are growing in price due to the increased interest of depositors. But their position is unstable and at the first error, investors can panic and literally bury a very promising altcoin.Transactions in any cryptocurrency are irreversible. Having taken possession of the private keys from the wallet of a careless investor, a fraudster will easily steal funds. Even if the private key is simply lost due to carelessness, the money will be frozen forever.A certain part of the new altcoins, in general, belongs to the category of coins that have no value. They are created only to lure money from potential investors, taking advantage of the low media literacy of society and the reluctance of users to study the basics of blockchain technology and the distinctive features of a particular crypto project.Read more: Mining farm for cryptocurrencies. How to build a farmTypes of altcoins and mining methodsAll altcoins can be divided into groups according to their hashing algorithm and the method of protecting the network. Blockchain engineers have developed dozens of hash algorithms, the most common are:SHA-256;Ethash;Scrypt;Equihash;CryptoNight;X11;X17/X15/X13/X21S/X25X;X16Rv2/X16R;Neoscrypt;Lyra2REv2;Blake256/Blake2S/Kessak.RandomX;Octopus;Autolykos;Vetchain.KawPow.ProgPow;BeamHash;Cukatoo;CukooCucle;MTP.Read more: What is SHA-256The vast majority of altcoins have been created on the basis of these cryptographic hash functions.According to the method of network protection, or to put it another way, according to the consensus algorithm, alcoins are divided into Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS).In networks that use the proof-of-work algorithm, miners are engaged in verifying transactions and creating new blocks. This is the name of the owners of computing power involved in the process called mining. Altcoin earned in the process of mining, they sell on exchanges or postpone for a long time in anticipation of the take-off of the course. Miners are constantly looking for promising altcoins to earn money, most popular crypto networks can not do without their participation.Systems running on the proof of ownership (PoS) algorithm delegate the authority to verify transactions and create new blocks to validators. To become a validator, you need to have a certain number of network tokens on your wallet and install a special program on your PC. In some cryptosystems, validators are elected by universal suffrage or appointed by the project administration.Some cryptosets use other security algorithms, which by and large are modifications of Proof-of-Stake, or integrate both methods of achieving consensus at the same time.The issue of tokens and the method of issue depends on the program code of the cryptocurrency. For example, in the second most powerful blockchain ecosystem after bitcoin, Ethereum, there is no limit on the maximum number of coins issued. In many other systems, the number of coins is limited. At the same time, they can be extracted gradually in the process of PoW or PoS mining, or they can be issued at the same time when the network is launched. In this case, the reward for generating blocks and processing transactions is paid exclusively at the expense of commissions for payment operations.Read more: Guide to PoW, PoS, PoA: how consensus algorithms work in blockchainsTOP 10 popular altcoinsWhen compiling the rating of alternative cryptomonets, the following characteristics are taken into account:Coin prices on exchanges and the market capitalization of the network.Ease to use.The dynamics of the course and the prospects for the development of the project.If the list of leaders has been almost unchanged over the past three years, then in 2021 there were serious changes in the market of alternative coins. The top ten largest altos by capitalization included Dogecoin and Cardano cryptomonets, Binance Coin and Uniswap exchange tokens, as well as new-generation blockchain projects Polkadot and Internet Computer (ICP).If the success of Binance Coin was well deserved and expected, then the rest of the projects still need to prove that they rightfully took their place at the top. Cryptocurrencies came very close to them: Chainlink, Solana, Polygon, Theta, Vechain and Filecoin.Read more: Binance: history, features, coins and verificationBut the cryptocurrencies Dash, Monero, ETC, XML, Tron and EOS have significantly decreased in the rating. Nevertheless, it is too early to discount these blockchain projects, each of them may well return to the top ten.So, the TOP 10 altcoins:Ethereum;Binance Coin;Cardano;Doge coin;Ripple;Polcadot;Uniswap;ICP;Litecoin;Bitcoin Cash.You can talk for a long time about the advantages of using each of the coins, but if you talk briefly, it should be noted:The market capitalization of most of the above-mentioned blockchain projects exceeds a billion dollars. However, in the current period, 71 cryptocurrencies have such a level of capitalization.All coins have good liquidity, are traded on popular crypto exchanges and in online exchangers. Each of them can be easily exchanged for bitcoin or withdrawn to fiat.The owners have no problems with storing cryptocurrency data. Official and multi-currency altcoin wallets are supported, each of the tokens can be stored in a Ledger hardware safe.Project developers do not sit idly by, each of the networks is dynamically developing and finding application in real life.It is not yet possible to exchange Cardano, Binance Coin, Polcadot, Uniswap and ICP coins that have recently entered the top ten for ordinary money in online exchanges. At least, in those that are on the list Bestchange.ru. To buy, we recommend using the Binance exchange.You can read more about the characteristics of each of the 10 cryptocurrencies in the thematic reviews on our website.Read more: Blockchain technology: how it works and where it is usedWhat do you need to know before investing?An inexperienced investor can easily get lost from the wealth of choosing alternative cryptocurrencies. As a result, he will either invest money in some scam project, or he will not pay attention to the altos at all, investing everything in Bitcoin. In the first case, he will simply lose money. And in the second, not wanting to buy an altcoin, which will soon rise in price, may miss the maximum benefit and wait a very long time for the rise in the value of digital gold. However, the second option is not hopeless at all, the cost of the BTC cryptocurrency will increase, but successfully investing in altos, you can earn more and much faster. At the same time, you should pay attention to the following criteria:The goals of creating a cryptocurrency and technical parameters.If you want to invest in a particular project, read the white paper and the roadmap, evaluate the prospects.The reputation of the founders and partners of the project.The liquidity of the coin on the exchanges.Reviews in social networks and comments from recognized experts.And most importantly, weigh the risks and do not get into debt, hoping for a quick profit. Invest exactly as much as you are afraid of losing.Read more: Everything you need to know about Ethereum (ETH)Where to buy altcoins?Each of the altcoins undergoes the listing procedure at least on one cryptoplatform of digital money exchange at launch. As the popularity grows, other exchanges include the coin in the number of trading pairs.We recommend using only popular exchanges for buying coins that have earned a good reputation: Binance, Huobi Global, Bittrex, Exmo or ProBit Exchange.After a simple registration on the Binance exchange, install additional account protection. For full-fledged trading, go through account verification and download the app to your phone. This exchange is considered the best trading platform in the world, fast support solves any problems of users.Read more: Overview of the Huobi Global ExchangeWhere to store altcoins?The presence of an official wallet is one of the signs of a reliable altcoin. Although such a well-known cryptocurrency as Ripple does not have an official wallet, and in principle, the most reliable way to store any cryptocurrency is Trezor or Ledger hardware safes.For a list of applications that work with a particular coin, see the developers ' website and in reviews dedicated to a specific digital currency. The most unreliable place for placing altcoins is the deposits of crypto exchanges. However, if you do not plan to keep the coin for a long time, then send it immediately to the exchange to put it up for auction.ConclusionIt is no secret that with the introduction of blockchain technology and the arrival of bitcoin, we came across a virtual portal leading to a completely new world of opportunities not only in the financial sector, but also in almost all spheres of life.Alternative coins have helped expand the cryptocurrency space. The growth of altcoins in the market over the past few years has significantly improved the perception of digital assets. Humanity is constantly working to create a new, more perfect system. With the appearance of new ideas and problems that arise every day, it is difficult to immediately get something ideal. The technology is constantly being improved, and altcoins help to find innovative and justified solutions.It is not difficult to make a general forecast of altcoins in principle, they will never disappear. Having appeared shortly after the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency, they competed with it and stimulated the development of the blockchain industry as a whole. Of course, all altcoins 2021 from the huge list of Coinmarketcap will not exist forever.Garbage projects will close quickly, those who can't stand the competition will also eventually go bankrupt. But, there will always be several alternative networks to the main cryptocurrency, as well as niche blockchain projects. It is difficult to say whether the altos will be able to displace bitcoin or not, but the emergence of a new leader will only increase competition and mark the beginning of the next stage of the technological ...
What is Litecoin?
Litecoin/Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Litecoin/Ethereum, cryptocurrency, Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, What is Litecoin? CryptocurrenciesCryptocurrencies can simply be defined as a digital or virtual currency that has been encrypted using computer software and protected by cryptography, hence the name given to them.Cryptocurrencies, unlike paper money or fiat currencies, cannot be forged, and also solve the problem of double spending, which is one of the reasons why digital assets are given such great importance.Cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology. The blockchain serves as a decentralized registry or DLT, which is distributed where transactions related to cryptocurrency are recorded.DLT ensures that the history of a digital currency or asset is unchangeable and transparent. Cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin cannot be issued by a bank and cannot be controlled by participants such as central banks or governments.Litecoin - introduction and historyToday, there are many cryptocurrencies, and Litecoin is only the sixth largest by market capitalization. The creation of Litecoin was inspired by the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Litecoin serves as a copy of it in many ways.However, instead of competing with Bitcoin, Litecoin complements it in many ways, and various references are made to it, as to silver compared to Bitcoin gold.Read more When Bitcoin appeared: telling the story of BTCHowever, there are also many differences that distinguish it from Bitcoin, for example, the Litecoin algorithm, the transaction processing speed and the coin limit.Litecoin, founded in 2011 by Charles Lee, who previously worked as an engineer at Google, experienced significant growth shortly after its foundation and launch.In 2017, there was a significant growth of cryptocurrencies, the market capitalization of which increased by more than 3,600%, which subsequently led to an increase in the price of Litecoin by 8,200%. During this time, Litecoin has surpassed Bitcoin in performance and increased its value by 2,000%.This case not only put Litecoin in the ranks of the leading cryptocurrencies, but also allowed the coin to achieve one of its main goals – to improve some areas of Bitcoin.The Bitcoin cryptocurrency was founded in 2009, and this laid the foundation for Litecoin and many other altcoins. Altcoins are alternative coins, and this is a general term used to refer to all coins except Bitcoin.In 2011, Charles Lee created Litecoin, changing the code associated with and attributed to Bitcoin.In 2013, Litecoin's market capitalization reached US $1 billion.In the period from 2013 to 2016, the Litecoin cryptocurrency continued to develop and grow steadily.By 2017, separate assurance was implemented in Litecoin, which led to the first lightning-fast transaction. By December of the same year, the Litecoin price peaked at about $ 366.In 2018, Litecoin prices declined, which subsequently reflected a broader trend identified in the cryptocurrency market.What are the goals of Litecoin?Litecoin was created to help users perform daily transactions using both cryptocurrencies and the "proof of work" consensus algorithm, or PoW. Bitcoin has a longer transaction time, whereas Litecoin is cheaper and faster.Although Litecoin is known as the notorious silver compared to Bitcoin gold, it should be noted that Litecoin has taken a lot from Bitcoin, changing and improving a lot.Bitcoin can be used as a means of saving, in addition to providing an ideal platform for long-term investments, whereas Litecoin is ideal for processing payments due to the speed with which transactions can be performed and the lower cost.Read more: When to buy Bitcoin. A few tipsBitcoin is widely used as a payment method in many stores and websites, and in addition, many of them are also starting to accept Litecoin. This allowed the cryptocurrency market to provide users with many solutions and opportunities.Future goals entail turning Litecoin into a peer-to-peer internet currency that offers low transaction fees and time, in addition to providing transactions to users that are almost instant and almost free.Blockchain overviewCryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology and contain blocks. These blocks store transaction information, such as the date, time, and amount associated with the transaction.These blocks also store information related to the participants of transactions. These blocks also contain information that distinguishes one from the other, as people differ by name.Each block has a hash that distinguishes it from other blocks. This is a unique cryptographic code created using a special algorithm.As soon as a block saves new data, this block is added to the block chain. There are many blocks in the chain, and four conditions must be met to add a new one, namely:The transaction must take place.The transaction must be confirmed.The transaction must be saved in the blockThe block must be assigned a hash.TransactionAny transaction made in cryptocurrency, for example, a purchase using Litecoin, will be saved in a new block containing the purchase, amount and other information, such as the seller's data.Transaction confirmationAfter making a purchase, the transaction is verified by a network of computers that rush to see that the transaction occurred in a legal and fair way. The details of the purchase, including the time, the amount in the currency and the participants, are checked.Saving a transaction in a new blockAfter verification, the transaction is approved, and the amount of the transaction currency, the buyer's digital signature, in addition to the seller's signature are stored in the block.Assigning a hash to a blockAfter verification and approval, the block receives a unique hash for it and is added to the blockchain.After a block has been added to the block chain, it can be available for public viewing. This is one of the greatest advantages of blockchain technology and is one of the reasons why blockchain technology is used in many industries around the world.Consensus methodsConsensus methods are an important part of the blockchain, regardless of the type of blockchain. These methods determine how fast, efficient, and secure a transaction is. The most common consensus methods used today include, but are not limited to:"Proof of Work", or PoW, which is used by the blockchain network, where there are miners who are responsible for verifying transactions. It is necessary to find the hash of the new block so that it can be added to the network, and the miner who finds the first one will receive a reward. PoW uses significant computing power."Proof of Ownership", or PoS, is used by second-generation blockchain networks. It uses a different approach than PoW and does not require as much power consumption as coins placed by nodes.The "delegated proof of Ownership" or DPoS involves choosing a node in a different way. The coin holders choose the nodes that are part of the consensus method, and subsequently these coin holders also vote for the selection or removal of the node.The implementation of the Byzantine Error-resistant Consensus Protocol or PBFT is used in solving the Byzantine Generals problem. Nodes have the ability to decide whether to accept or reject the sent information in order to maintain the internal state used to perform calculations based on new messages.Read more: Guide to PoW, PoS, PoA: how consensus algorithms work in blockchainsDifferences between Litecoin and BitcoinThe network that is used in Litecoin can process a block containing transactions in just 2.5 minutes, whereas Bitcoin takes about 10 minutes. This shows the lightning-fast speed at which Litecoin can process a transaction.In addition to the fact that Litecoin is faster and cheaper, Litecoin relies on miners to ensure that the network remains active and secure. The miners and the POW consensus method used consume a significant amount of energy/electricity to process these transactions.This is one of the main reasons why PoW is considered an inefficient and environmentally harmful way to protect crypto networks, and why cryptocurrencies face such hostility.There are many ways to reduce the impact of mining on the environment, and this is one of the reasons why Ethereum has moved from PoW to the proposed PoS.The Scrypt mining algorithm is considered to be much more efficient than that of the usual SHA-256. This allows more users to connect to the network and, as a result, requires a much smaller power source.Bitcoin miners consist of larger firms and companies, while Litecoin can still be mined by users who work independently and use specialized equipment.As for the overall limit on the number of coins, Bitcoin consists of only 21 million coins that can be mined, compared to 84 million for Litecoin. This is one of the most important differences when it comes to scarcity, price and availability in the market.This is also one of the reasons why Bitcoin is more expensive and why it is easier to get one Litecoin than a whole Bitcoin.One of the advantages associated with having a large number of coins and a subsequent lower price is related to the convenience of using coins. Users can trade a whole number of coins, not just parts of them.While Litecoin users can use 0.05 Litecoin, or LTC, or 10 LTC when making a payment, Bitcoin or BTC users can only make payments in fractional parts.A more detailed study of the Litecoin blockchainAs already mentioned, a block chain is a list of recorded information or blocks that are combined into a whole chain, with additional blocks that can be added. These blocks store important information about how Litecoin is sent, who sent it and who received it.Transactions of this type are added to blocks and recorded with the ability to be viewed by anyone at any time.There are two groups of people who are necessary for the transaction to be completed or verified, these are users and miners. Both groups use reference clients, such as Litecoin Core.After installation and synchronization with the Litecoin blockchain, the client becomes a User Full Node. Custom nodes are important, and they perform several functions, including, but not limited to:Relay stations, which include sending information to other network nodes about transactions that are trying to be processed.Blockchain protection.Validators that keep records as user nodes load the entire block chain. Each individual full node has a copy of the registry, which ensures the decentralized nature of the blockchain.They act as witnesses. Only one copy of the blockchain can remain valid through the use of a consensus-related process. If a block is added by two miners at the same time, these nodes will work together to choose which block is the real chain, and the one that lost is considered removed and subsequently forgotten.They are regulators, since the integrity of the blockchain is both implemented and maintained by the nodes. User nodes have the ability to make changes to the protocol. They can also adjust and create mathematical problems that must be solved in such a way that new blocks are added to the block chain.Litecoin miningLitecoin mining is carried out by miners who use specialized computers and equipment. Mining is performed for two main purposes, namely to protect the network and verify transactions, and to create new Litecoin coins, which are paid to miners as a reward for solving algorithms.What equipment is used for Litecoin mining?Although Litecoin mining is much less developed than Bitcoin mining, the same equipment is used in the mining process. ASICs are powerful computers that were designed and manufactured specifically to solve the Bitcoin PoW problem.They can also be used when mining Litecoin, but they are more difficult to purchase, since Litecoin uses a different PoW function, and Bitcoin miners will not be able to mine Litecoin.The best mining equipment, which is specially designed for Litecoin, includes video cards, although they are unprofitable. The only way to mine Litecoin is to buy hardware, such as the ASIC Antminer S7 for Bitcoin, and mine Bitcoin and convert it to Litecoin.Is it difficult to mine Litecoin?Cryptocurrencies have the main advantage that the currency supply can be programmed and distributed at certain intervals of time. Unlike gold, silver and other physical goods, which are subject to demand and include subsequent price increases.The complexity associated with Litecoin mining is one of its most important features. The coin has an algorithm that is updated depending on the total hashing power of the network. This ensures that Litecoin blocks are generated on average every 2.5 minutes.Comparing Litecoin with something like gold, it is easier to understand how mining works and the price. According to the proposed scenario, if the price of gold rises from US $1,000 per ounce to US $2,200 per ounce, the price increase will prompt and force gold miners to increase production.This may also lead to the emergence of more gold mining enterprises to guarantee an increase in supply. With an increase of $1,200, this will create so much new supply of gold that the price will fall when the supply exceeds the demand.However, Litecoin works differently. There is no price increase that could cause an increase in the speed of Litecoin mining. However, a sudden increase in the price may force more miners to direct hash power towards the Litecoin network.Due to the complexity associated with Litecoin mining, this ensures that the new hash power will simply be balanced with the increasing complexity of the PoW algorithm used. The Litecoin difficulty is adjusted every 2,016 blocks or 3.5 days.Litecoin profitability and block rewardTo calculate the potential profit that can be obtained from Litecoin mining, users can use various Litecoin mining calculators that determine profitability depending on the equipment used.Profitability depends on the price of Litecoin, the hash power of the equipment, the cost of electricity and the efficiency of the hardware.Charles Lee, the creator of Litecoin, copied Bitcoin in various ways and changed several parameters. The goal of Litecoin is to create faster confirmations, and thus the Litecoin transaction time per block was set to 2.5 minutes instead of the 10 minutes required to verify the transaction in Bitcoin.In addition, the block reward for Litecoin has been designed in such a way that the block is halved after every 840,000 blocks. With each new block, miners will be rewarded with 50 Litecoin. Over time, the block rewards will become so small that new Litecoin coins will not be created, since Litecoin has only 84,000,000.Examples of the use and application of LitecoinAs a tool for investmentThe popularity of the cryptocurrency market has increased in recent years and has become attractive for both beginners and more advanced professional traders. Investors were particularly intrigued by the growth of the market.Despite the fact that the market shows significant volatility, those who are willing to take risks and have the necessary risk tolerance have the opportunity to make significant profits.Compared to other cryptocurrencies, Litecoin demonstrates steady growth and has great potential in the foreseeable future.Read more: Volatility: types, how to track and how to useCross-border operationsLitecoin can be used in transactions, when sending money abroad. Transactions are fast, secure and more accessible compared to conventional payment methods, such as bank and electronic transfers.Daily payment methodOne of the goals of Litecoin is to become a viable digital currency that will eventually be able to replace fiat currencies in everyday purchases. Litecoin may be more limited in terms of its adoption, unlike Bitcoin, but this may change as popularity increases.Trading or exchanging LitecoinLitecoin can be bought, sold or exchanged in the following way:Trading through a regulated broker that offers cryptocurrency trading through contracts for difference or CFDs.Cryptocurrency exchanges that allow their purchase or sale, for example, Coinbase, Binance and many others. While cryptocurrency is decentralized,there are exchange platforms that can be centralized or decentralized.Peer-to-peer communication, which includes direct transactions between participants, the buyer and the seller, with or without minimal intervention from a third party. There are many cryptocurrency exchange platforms that offer this, and it makes the transaction very easy.Thanks to the use of a Bitcoin ATM - despite the name, there are 71 Bitcoin ATMs in major cities around the world that allow you to buy various cryptocurrencies.Read more: Binance: history, features, coins and verificationTrading/exchange via the cryptocurrency exchange platformThere is no single or official exchange through which you can buy or sell Litecoin, but there are many exchanges that serve such transactions. In recent years, more exchanges have appeared to facilitate the trading and exchange of Litecoin.However, despite the number of exchanges that have appeared, everything comes down to finding an exchange that offers services in a safe way, since the cryptocurrency market, for the most part, is not only unregulated, but is also under constant threat of cyber attacks.Regulatory bodies, such as those regulating brokers, can offer extremely little protection to those who use cryptocurrency exchange platforms, since many of them do not offer their own regulation.Therefore, it is extremely important that traders and investors carry out self-regulation, as far as it is practically possible, to ensure the protection of their funds and personal information. When evaluating exchange platforms, investors and traders need to take into account the following factors:The exchange and the liquidity it offers, in addition to the depth of the market. Their number should be equal, since this ensures that the exchange will be able to adequately fulfill orders. This also reduces the risk of a market crash, which can lead to losses.Fees charged for transactions compared to other exchanges and industry averages.The location of the exchange and the possibility of depositing and withdrawing funds in a fiat currency.Regulation, if any, in addition to reviews by other traders and investors.The history of the exchange, especially when it comes to security threats.Customer support and the exchange's working methods for solving queries, questions or problems that investors or traders may face.Trading through a brokerWhen trading through a regulated broker that offers cryptocurrency as a CFD financial instrument, traders are provided with much more peace of mind when it comes to the security of client funds, however, there may be other factors, such as commissions, that may make this opportunity a little less attractive.When choosing a broker to facilitate Litecoin trading, traders should consider some of the following factors to make sure that their choice is correct:Regulation – it not only ensures the protection of clients ' funds, but also ensures that trading is fair and legal, since these brokers are often under strict supervision and control.The proposed types of accounts are in accordance with the trading needs and goals of the trader and the corresponding trading conditions associated with the types of accounts.Commissions - which include both trading and non-trading fees, such as spread, commissions, inactivity fees, conversion fees, and many others.The type and number of financial instruments offered – how many cryptocurrency pairs can be traded, the presence of cross-pairs consisting of cryptocurrency and fiat currency, and much more.Liquidity - implies the ability of the broker to sell without a significant impact on the price. Increased liquidity also provides lower transaction costs.Trading platforms - through which you can make transactions. Traders need to study what the broker offers and assess whether it will meet their trading needs, goals and expectations.Methods of depositing and withdrawing funds, commissions and processing time.Customer service – the quality and efficiency of solving issues.Introduction to Crypto walletsLitecoin is a cryptocurrency, which means it is digital. Since it is impossible to work with it physically to conclude transactions, the user needs to have a digital or crypto wallet to store their Litecoin.While a physical wallet is used to store cash and cards, crypto wallets are used to store cryptocurrency, and also serve transaction-related purposes.There are many programs that serve as crypto wallets and even hardware that can store digital currencies. However, users need to ensure constant protection of their wallets, respectively, and funds.Users are provided with public and private keys, and they are both linked. The private key is an extremely large and very random number that is generated by the wallet program. This key gives the wallet user access to their funds and should never be transferred to other users.This key can also not be lost, because, like the PIN code of an ATM, it provides anyone who uses it with access to a cryptocurrency wallet. However, public keys can be transferred to other people on the network, in addition to the keys that are used to generate addresses and are used by others on the network to challenge the ownership of the cryptocurrency.Closing keys correspond to the user's wallet address. These wallets can be used when sending and receiving Litecoin. These wallets are not linked to only one platform, and users can access their wallet via a desktop PC, mobile device, web browser or other equipment that has been developed for use as a wallet.Different types of wallets availableWallets for PCThese types of wallets are software that can be downloaded and installed on any desktop or personal computer. Access to these wallets can be obtained regardless of the availability of an Internet connection, since this is a software application installed on a computer.These wallets are usually compatible with various operating systems, including Ubuntu, macOS, Windows, Linux and others.Wallets for mobile devicesThese wallets are designed for downloading, installing and using on smartphones. With the advent and spread of mobile phone technologies, there are more opportunities for trading and using software on phones to access applications that usually require a computer.Wallets for mobile devices can be easily found in Google Play or the App Store, depending on the device that the trader uses. However, caution should be exercised, since there are a large number of scammers and fraudulent applications in circulation.You should download and use only official and verified wallet applications.Offline and online walletsOffline wallets are so called because they work offline. This type of wallet is considered the most secure from the point of view of cyber attacks, since it is more difficult for hackers and others with malicious intent to gain access to it.On the other hand, online wallets are those wallets that require an Internet connection to work. They are often targeted by hackers.Users are often recommended to use an offline wallet for storing capital, and an online wallet for transactions and everyday payments. This ensures that most of the user's capital will not be a target and easy prey.Online walletsThese wallets work via the Internet and therefore require an Internet connection. They can be accessed through cloud services, through third-party software, and it provides users with access to their cryptocurrency wallets in the same way as for other wallets on this list.However, due to their online nature, these wallets can also be targeted by hackers, and users are advised to keep most of their capital in an offline or cold wallet to ensure additional security of their funds.Physical walletsAlthough this seems rather contradictory, given that Litecoin and cryptocurrencies are digital, Litecoin can be stored physically. You can do this by visiting Blockchain.info or Bitaddress.org, where you can get a physical or paper copy of the Litecoin address and print it on paper for storage.Hardware-based walletsThese are small portable devices that store digital currencies. They can also be used to send and receive Litecoin, as well as to make purchases.Tips and tricks for trading LitecoinSpot trading or derivative financial instrumentsTraders should understand that there are two general categories associated with cryptocurrency trading. Spot trading is the more common of the two, and involves the physical purchase of cryptocurrency tokens in a transaction that is calculated instantly.This allows the trader to withdraw his tokens from the exchange to his crypto wallet, where it can be used for payments or in dApps.Read more: What are decentralized applications DApps and what are they for?As for derivative financial instruments, they are not buying physical cryptocurrencies, but financial products that simulate the value of a certain asset. This means that the underlying asset, which is a cryptocurrency, is being bought.Derivatives are often sold at the same price as the coin itself, and they have an expiration date. This means that the derivative cryptocurrency will be calculated against the actual cryptocurrency on a date set in the future.Staking and DeFiMany traders either forget or do not know that an annual interest rate can be obtained for owning a cryptocurrency. When a cryptocurrency is bought on the spot market, traders can withdraw it from the exchange and fix it in a short-term DeFi contract.This allows the trader to profit from the movement of the currency price in order to get additional profit from his investments in DeFi.Read more: What is decentralized finance DeFi?When fixing cryptocurrency in DeFi, traders can get an annual interest rate of up to 10%. It depends on the coin that is blocked, and on the platform used.Hedging positionsAs for cryptocurrencies, traders can choose the level of risk that is convenient for them and that they can afford.Those with greater stability can use leverage, and to reduce the risk, traders can use a small part of their assets in cryptocurrency for trading and hedge the risk using staking or DeFi.Read more: Introduction to Forex hedging basics. Examples of hedgingStrategies for trading or exchanging LitecoinWhen trading, it is a mandatory requirement to have a trading plan, in addition to a strategy that has been tried and tested in a risk-free environment before using it in a real trading environment.There are many strategies that can be used, and everything depends on the trader's own preferences, his resistance to risk, the time he can devote to trading, the capital he has for trading, and many other factors that will determine which strategy will be ideal for them.Trading strategies are based on a set of predefined rules that determine the entry and exit points of a trade, and they must always be followed.Of the many trading strategies available for Litecoin trading, the most common is day trading. Day traders tend to quickly enter and exit trades during the trading day, and also tend to make a small profit on these trades.When trading Litecoin daily, traders should take note of some of the following tips that can provide them with a competitive advantage.Read more: The main components of a Trading StrategyMake sure that you have the necessary knowledgeThere are many training materials available for both beginners and more experienced traders. There are webinars, guides, seminars, training videos and much more that can help traders get all the necessary information before they start trading cryptocurrency.They can also teach traders a lot about the cryptocurrency they trade, since each currency works differently than the others. Despite the fact that Litecoin was created on the basis of Bitcoin, there are many differences between them.In addition, traders need to make sure that they are aware of news about the markets and current events that can potentially affect their trading.Consolidation of the daily chartTraders need to familiarize themselves with the use of both price charts and volume charts, since historical prices can show a trader why the Litecoin cryptocurrency was moving in a certain direction, why prices are rising, what volumes were during the period and much more.It also helps traders get an idea of where prices may move in the future, and gives an idea of what events could cause prices to rise or fall.It is known that cryptocurrencies reach a peak during periods of consolidation, when Litecoin, for example, tends to trade in a narrow price range. This makes Litecoin much more attractive, since it has a continuation after leaving the range.To get the best possible inputs, traders can try to match the patterns present on their daily candle charts, in addition to their intraday timeframes.Practice patienceIf a trader has identified and confirmed the presence of a breakout on the daily chart, it is recommended that he find a safe entry on a shorter timeframe, such as 15M.Traders are not recommended to buy where the resistance level has been broken, as they will see a breakout on the daily chart. It would be safer to enter if the trader has a pattern that supports his position.This may mean that the trader will have to wait for a pullback after the first push, as this will provide him with an improved risk-profit ratio and lower prices.It is easier to trade on pullbacks that follow a large movement than to try to anticipate a breakout. Litecoin, in particular, does not tend to move straight up without a preliminary break.Read more: What timeframe is the best to trade onMake sure you have a clear exit planOnce a trader has identified a profitable entry point, he must make sure that his exit point is just as effective. The outputs should be based on daily and intraday resistance levels.As for Litecoin, it helps a trader to build up strength, because due to market volatility, unrealized profits can turn into significant losses if you are not careful.Conclusion - advantages and disadvantages of LitecoinAdvantages Transaction processing speed 2.5 minutesThere are 84 million coins compared to 21 million Bitcoin coinsLitecoin was built using the Scrypt algorithm, which makes mining more accessibleTransaction costs are significantly lowerDisadvantages Litecoin is not as widely accepted as BitcoinSubject to regulation that may restrict use and cause a sharp drop in pricesLitecoin is not completely resistant to ASIC, which makes mining difficultLitecoin may have been created as an addition to Bitcoin, but the more Bitcoin is used and accepted, the more it limits the potential of ...
Binance: history, features, coins and verification
Litecoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Ethereum/USD, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin/USD, cryptocurrency, Binance: history, features, coins and verification Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange, which is now considered the largest and most popular in the world. There is one reason - it is Binance that offers the largest number of cryptocurrency pairs and trading tools.On April 14, 2020, Binance broke the record for daily trading volume. Its indicators are the highest in the world. Despite the fact that the platform has been operating for a little more than three years, it has established itself as one of the most innovative and open user exchanges for trading cryptocurrencies.Features:The Binance website is available in 23 languages.Multiple trading modesThe exchange reflects the market value of the cryptocurrency in the dollar and 45 other currenciesAvailable deposits and withdrawals to VISA/Mastercard cardsThe platform offers access to the service in three formats: for a mobile application, a desktop version and an API for integrating Binance payment means to other platforms.Binance historyThe exchange was founded by Changpeng Zhao, who is now the CEO of the platform. Zhao worked on software for exchanges and brokers, later he was a technical director Blockchain.com and he became a co-founder of the Chinese platform OKCoin. In 2017, Changpen opens its own exchange.The initial placement of coins for the new project has become one of the most successful ICOs in history. The idea of the startup was quite simple - to develop the most convenient and reliable interface for both beginners and professional traders. In just twenty days of the ICO, the exchange team collected about $15 million in exchange for Binance Coin (BNB). In just six months, Binance has become the largest exchange in the world in terms of trading volumes.Binance both exchanges cryptocurrencies for fiat, and conducts operations between cryptocurrencies. In the United States, there is a service only for American users - Binance US. The company's headquarters was registered in Hong Kong, but after the Chinese government's demands to close all cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance was transferred to an offshore company in Bermuda.Binance verificationVerification on the exchange is not required for purely cryptocurrency transactions. However, if a user performs operations with fiat currencies and withdraws more than 2 bitcoins in total per day, he will need to fulfill several conditions:Standard. The user must fill out a form, send photos and documents - after that, he can withdraw up to 100 bitcoins per day.Pro. The user must pass an interview with an employee of the exchange. This will allow him to withdraw an unlimited amount of currency.Binance trading pairsBinance has three versions: a simple exchange, basic (classic) and advanced (advanced). Their difference lies in the fact that Binance Advanced offers higher-quality charts and a larger range of technological tools. With a large number of users and available altcoins, the exchange offers a huge number of trading pairs.Among the most popular are BNB/BTC, ETH/BTC and USDT/BTCBinance offers three types of trading: spot (urgent), margin and futures.Spot trading is carried out according to limits. Margin trading is characterized by the fact that trading is carried out under a certain pledge - this operation is speculative, because if a participant buys Etherium for USDT, then after a certain period of time he must sell these Etherium. Futures transactions are concluded when the partners agree on a fixed price and a deadline for the sale of a currency.Read more: What are futures: types, features, advantages and risksThere are three ways to buy cryptocurrency on the exchange: through P2P (peer-to-peer) trading, using credit cards and electronic payments. The exchange also integrates its service through cooperation with Visa - the Binance Visa card allows you to pay with cryptocurrency in the usual way, imperceptibly exchanging it for fiat during payment.In the summer of 2020, Binance announced the launch of electronic transfers thanks to the exchange's partnership with Clear Junction. This means that from now on the exchange accepts direct bank payments in euros and pounds sterling through SEPA (the Unified European Settlement Network) and Faster Payments (the UK payment system).The exchange also offers services for lending "Binance Lending Products". They offer the user to "freeze" their cryptocurrency assets for a certain period of time, during which you will receive interest on the total amount. In 2019, it offered a short-term landing system for 14 days.Read more: P2P: where peer-to-peer networks are usedBinance CoinThe birthday of the Binance Coin (BNB) can be considered July 25, 2017, when the coin became publicly available for purchase. The project was released on the Ethereum blockchain. The cryptocurrency is centralized (like most coins issued by exchanges), which means that a third party controls the issue of new coins. However, BNB has a limit of more than 176 million. Tokens are regularly "burned", which supports the price and balance of this ecosystem.For BNB, you can buy other cryptocurrencies on the exchange. As of now, the price of BNB is approximately $38, and it occupies an honorable eighth place on Coinmarketcap.Binance also has its own stebcoin - Binance USD (BUSD) with a reference to the US dollar. In the rating of cryptocurrencies, the coin takes the 33rd place.Stebcoin Binance USD (BUSD)Despite the positive reputation of the most popular exchange, it is not considered reliable. The exchange has been attacked by hackers several times and periodically (during peak trading volumes) dirties the trading interface. The first significant attack occurred in 2018, when hackers failed to withdraw money from their accounts. Nevertheless, this was the impetus for a competitive program for white hat (fair) hackers - Binance offered a monetary reward to those who find software vulnerabilities in the system.In 2019, the exchange was broken again - and about $40 million was withdrawn from user accounts into cryptocurrency. Binance compensated for all the losses of users. In the same year, an unknown user posted confidential information of 10,000 users, which the victims indicated in their KYC verification (Know Your Customer). After each hacker attack, the exchange returned funds to customers from its own reserve.Read more: What is KYC & the registration procedure on the cryptocurrency exchangeAdvantages of BinanceTwo-factor authentication. As the largest exchange in the world, Binance also provides additional services to protect users - for this you need to configure two-factor authentication during registration.A large selection of altcoins. One of the reasons for the popularity of this exchange is the huge number of trading pairs and cryptocurrencies. On the exchange, you can buy both ether and litecoin, as well as very little-known cryptocurrencies like CyberMiles (CMT), BakeryToken (BAKE) or STRAX Token.Low commissions. The number of cryptocurrencies available for exchange on the exchange reaches almost 200 As for the commission-the exchange offers an attractive rate of 0.1% or 0.075% if you pay a commission with BNB coins for each transaction. It is even lower for traders trading Binance futures - 0.02% for senders and 0.04% for recipients. For comparison, the main competitor Kraken sets a commission depending on the size of each transaction, sometimes reaching 0.15-0.2%. Coinbase charges 0.5% per transaction, although the commission may vary depending on market prices. Deposits in cryptocurrency are commission-free for all coins.A large audience. The popularity of the exchange is an advantage not only for itself, but also for users, because if you need to sell a cryptocurrency with a low trading volume , there is a chance to do it in a few seconds.Binance Launchpad. The exchange places new cryptocurrencies immediately after the completion of their ICO, which is a significant advantage for companies issuing cryptocurrency. At the same time, the cryptocurrency is carefully checked for listing - which is an advantage for those who invest in it.The ability to lend your currency at an interest rate.Disadvantages of BinanceHacker attacks. As the largest exchange, Binance is most often attacked by hackers. At the same time, in 2018, the platform founded a Fund of safe assets for users. The company transfers 10% of its income to a reserve account, which allows you to compensate for the lost funds in the event of another hacker attack.Limited support service. Unlike other exchanges (such as Coinbase), Binance does not offer a phone support service. We hope you won't need this ...
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